85 I drag you

85 I drag you

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A flat hard to believe uncle and Xiao Di originally know, he was incredible!

Yue Chunsheng sure, said: "We do know, and not on the general understanding of the surface I have not told you I have a strange woman, suddenly there is a feeling can not get rid of, I obsessed about her almost!? is possessed by the devil has come to the point where that woman - that had been insulted me more than once of a woman is the dawn tai. "

A flat petrified, he totally unacceptable: "???! How could how could this be that this is not really absolutely not true."

Yue Chunsheng look at one level, then stared into his eyes and said slowly:! "This is really really is her, when I first saw her in your house, I really thought it was God to me blessing, let me once again and met her! but I soon found out she was pregnant, I soon calm wake up, I immediately understand my relationship with her, she has become my niece, my one and only relatives, kissed his son than a nephew of the wife, and you've got children! I did not describe their ambivalence, I'm really desperate for their own pain, but immediately consoled himself, to see her alive, at least for me is not a small consolation! "

"How could this be? Why did not you tell me then?" A flat heavy doubts.

"The circumstances, how could I come clean with you? She was pregnant with your child, it is not you one thing. But, after all, she was a strange woman of unknown origin. I have a special affection for her, It can be said that love, I do not even willing to do anything for her, even if she cheated, she was hurt, I have no complaints! be, I can not let anyone, including the woman I love to hurt you! you know uncle feelings for you, if you live well, hurt, I think I will be more painful than you, I will blame life, not even forgive myself! of course, I can not abruptly destroy your happiness. "

"So you tell me nothing?" A level not tell my senses.

Yue Chunsheng looking at a flat, very candid and said:. "To find out the ins and outs Xiao Di, but also afraid you'll get hurt, I deliberately put you sent away."

"So my uncle let me Zhizou is trying to work?" By this time a flat realize.

"A flat, your uncle was sent away and no other meaning, I just want to find out the ins and outs of her, wondering what she attempted to you? I'm afraid she'll hurt you! Because I have seen from your conversation in : do you love her, and a deep love so I can not tell the whole story of temerity. ".

"I'm looking for an excuse to go after your expenses, take the opportunity to ask her all her things. I believe every word she says is true, I saw her sincerity in her eyes, her kindness, her the weak and helpless, she is so unfortunate, I even saw her eyes sad despair, from the conversation I am also very easy to find she really loves you, and the love deep! she is particularly dependent on you and there is your flesh and blood, I am sure you will be happy pair so I was and she said: Do not mention things before,So you do not know what may be very easy to very happy. In this way, at the time I had decided never to forget her, not like her! You two are people I love, I want you both happy! "

Then a flat completely understand: "Uncle, that you've been in love long before I knew her, but she did not you tell me why you always make the sacrifice you make I'll never feel about you??? owe!"

"A flat, do not say, uncle always wanted you safe and happy! So I can have face to see your mom and dad! Circumstances do not allow me to say anything, you so happy! If you continue like this, uncle really is you feel happy! uncle will be satisfied! I had to see you both so loving happy, I really have no choice but to read, your happiness is my happiness! I am very satisfied! but, but why do wish to violation, you even out of such a big thing. uncle never dreamed you will have an accident, then received a phone Xiao di, I really ignorant, and simply can not believe that this is true? how would my nephew the so Bitter? I would rather my accident, so at least the two of you are still happy! "

A flat once again burst into tears: "! Uncle, all my fault, let you dragged down, also gave a plum catch is I am sorry for you!"

Yue Chunsheng guilt, said: "a flat, uncle to do things that hurt you uncle really ashamed I did not even ask you to forgive my face really is not a person, I am a big jerk!!!!"

A flat worried console said: "Uncle, you can not say that this life is a flat sorry for you, you probably owe a flat a flat in this life can not be paid back!!!"

Yue Chunsheng more guilt: "a flat, you hear me out there I did not give it a lot of adversity, through you trouble, I feel more how deep you both how true love!! your first consideration is Xiao di's future will not be happy, but Xiao di is you staying with her pure and kind-hearted, which I have found! We can say that my strong feelings for her every day, I I wondered, and I will live with you, they see the two of you my heart comfortable, at ease, you two are my life the only fit man! I thought this kind of life is an ideal and well-being! I really want it so silently guarding the two of you. "

"Uncle, I drag you all!" Said a flat tears.

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