84 love at first sight

84 love at first sight

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Yue Chunsheng chagrin added: "Strange I thought something ill, I even gave her some money for her to live in a hotel, said a few days to pick her up to her into a job I really want to wait a May thing! finished, I immediately arranged for her. at that time, if I would let her into a job just fine! I did not expect, so I was busy working the thing back and look for her and found that she did not even wait for me in , one asked the hotel there is no such person lived in. I was like crazy, I kept looking around that I'm really afraid to see her body. found a few days did not find trace of her! you know how upset I was that, even more than I wanted to blame:! even if I find her, even hurt, crippled, I have dedicated to the care of her but I did not find, I can! silently praying that she can without incident, can live well! I do not know in the end is how is it? probably out of penance for their despicable behavior, right? I always appear in front of her sad eyes, it is always delicate and charming look I'm not myself! She appeared from time to time in my eyes, she looks like in my mind is getting clearer. "

"Uncle, you would not love at first sight for her, right?" Asked one level.

He nodded somewhat woodenly, some bleak continued:! "Then I thought, if I could meet her again, I'll be desperate to love her and protect her, I do not even care about how she kind of person , even if she is a bad woman, I also want to be close to her, with her, even if she was hurt by her deception, I willingly! I really have hopeless! "

A level some regret: "on this end?"

Yue Chunsheng looked at him, some guilt, said:!!? "If so ended perhaps just fine but why we met again I thought I would never see her again I've been calm, in addition to her deep guilt and memories, I thought she and I never missed the meet up! I have been on their own do not have any hope in the future, without her, I felt so empty hole, as if what is missing? or I do not know alive for what? I do not even feel lonely respect, he was lost their favorite woman, this is God's punishment for me? but I've just totally frustrated not have any hope, I actually unexpected, totally unexpectedly saw her. "

"You met her? She is not even dead? Then how about you?" A flat do not know is happy or uncle worried about him?

"Once again, I see her, my whole heart fibrillation whom, I almost did not surprise cry out! But, when I saw her look when it is a moment, I immediately resumed reason, because she is something I can not imagine the identity, in my eyes, which is tantamount to announce my death, other than the death penalty also I can not accept! "

"In the end how is it?" Asked a shocked flat

Yue Chunsheng recalled in a flat at home, see Xiao Di is the scene again, his heart is very complex, like all flavors Chen.

He was silent, asked one level this way: "Do you remember you and Xiao Di togetherThe first time I went to your family situation do? "

"You were like a cold, not feeling very well." Recalls a flat.

"You did not think Xiao Di anything unusual?" Yue Chunsheng directly asked.

"She was With shiny, seems a bit confused?" A flat course, can only think of these, he simply can not get any place else wanted.

"Of course you can not think, Xiao Di was to see me because when frightened, so have a strong reaction. She is not the kind of people who hide their own feelings, she saw my first reaction was, thought I was a break up you this loving mandarin ducks ruthless iron bar, she thought she would lose you, lose all her happiness and joy! "

A flat surprised: "Why?"

"Because she knows I'm a bad person, even despicable bad guys! I will take away everything she thought her so she will be shocked, even despair of her heart already!" Di Xiao Yue Chunsheng speculate on the time of helplessness , the mood of pessimism.

"My uncle is so good people, so how could she think of you? Will not!" A flat course, can not understand, because he has been kept in the dark.

"Because she knew me and remember particularly deep, it can be said, in her the impression that I was a evil, and she hated bad guys!" Yue Chunsheng do not know how to think their image in the minds of Xiao Di? She should hate him, hate him?

"You know? How is it possible?" A level somewhat difficult to accept.

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