65 to watch the sunrise

65 to watch the sunrise

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A level of frankness even asked Xiao Di does not like him?

I do not know Xiao Di ashamed or scared, the body of a plant, almost falling from a horse. She can not imagine how he would suddenly ask out of this sentence, they know only a few days? But look at his sincere way, not like to take their own make fun of.

See Xiao Di reaction, a level not seem surprised, he quickly put his arm firmly grabbed her. Eyes still staring at her face and eyes, waiting for her answer. She felt his face was fiery eyes burning was burning, subconsciously he hung his head and did not dare to look at him.

A flat and my heart a little trepidation, she in the end is like it or not yourself? See her shyness panic and some frightened look, he could not bear to pursue further, silence is acquiescence, when she was just like his.

He is still not sure of the other horses turned on relatively tall fat mare, hands still holding the reins of the horse Xiao Di, allowing two horses side by side and slowly walk forward ......

"Xiao Di, you really are first ride? Riding so well? I let the horse go faster you afraid of it?" The eyes of a flat, she is so different, so even riding posture the graceful and charming.

"Not afraid, I wanted to gallop on the grasslands feel good freedom, good relaxed, uninhibited good I've seen on TV, after you have been thinking -!!" Xiao Di break free from shyness in the face with longing, with a pleasant, but also with a sweet smile, cheerful replied.

A flat suddenly been lost this glamorous faces stayed, he kissed think this pure and beautiful faces! Daileng slight moment, then he gently patted his horse, the horse began jogging up, Xiao Di Ma also with black running up together.

A horse running backs who like the same boat, with a V body, the girl was very proud of ridges and peaks along with the fluctuations, the vagaries of her face like a cloud, a surprise for a moment of fear, while a sweet smile, a moment such as smoke shrouded! A flat side seen as mad as epilepsy.

Ran for a while, a flat considerate said: "You first time riding, not riding too long, otherwise it will be worn with thigh, and all for today, tomorrow and then practice it!"

Then he extended a long arm, has put her whole person hold under horseback: "? We walk it."

Walking through the vast grassland, Xiao Di always felt a kind of dreamy untrue. She looked at one level: "how I feel in a dream you pinch me, I see no sense?!"

A flat innocent smile, grabbed her soft hands, as smooth as a baby's delicate little hand in the palm, he suddenly felt his heart flag sway, as if there are shares of current flow to the heart directly from the palm of the hand, he outlet uneven and would like to the front of the girl in his arms, afraid to scare her, he looked at her timidly, as if dreaming is like him.

See his appearance, Xiao Di's heart also will be rapid fluctuations, after all, she had experienced woman, she understood his consciousness. She hurried out of his hand, as if nothing had happened: "So soft grass, lying on top of some particularly comfortable, right?"

She said, lying on his back on the grass, some deliberately do not see the body of a stiff flat.Lower body is satin, like son carpets, cordial beautiful, the head of the blue sky and white clouds of smoke Si Wu in the shade, different patterns, free easy. At this time, a level also lie down next to her, she is more practical kind of comforting happy.

She lay there quietly, my heart can not tell the meet. If you can never lie and, not have to think or gripped many heartbreaking things, do not think about those unbearable memories, many terrible unknown do not think about going to face, this is the only genuine enthusiasm around the boy, the how good!

They went back to the yurt before noon, she made lunch and then feed the two big dogs stay home housekeeping. Here the dogs seem particularly sensible, since they are surrounded by their own strange barking once that day, seems to have put her as one of us, she was always chasing its tail to be friendly, in her feed them when it comes to friendship interaction with her and licked her hand in her body or Cengceng affectionate.

Always at the side of a flat happily watching her do everything, like a loving parent always afraid of the child fell, with the side ready to put his arm is about to fall to the arm of a child. She was really fond of his gaze, like his inseparable.

In the evening, the West a shiny red, the yurts are silhouetted against the red, a flat cheerful shouted: "!!! There Huoshao Huoshao fast" without any explanation he pulled out of the Xiao Di yurt.

Glowing red sun slowly moving back towards the horizon is moving, he is trying to put the last vestiges of twilight to leave this land. Clouds in the sky is dyed a bright fiery red color, even given the entire prairie golden light against the background in the red.

Watching the sky changing clouds, the charming scenery make the two young hearts, but also shorten the distance between us suddenly, so close to their hearts away, and seems to have fused their breath tightly intertwined.

Such as red disc completely disappeared in the air, his head will be dispelled by rays of darkness, a level of excitement, said: "Today there are Huoshao, tomorrow is another sunny day to see the sunrise tomorrow morning we have a place to watch the sunrise it!? particularly good, I'll take you tomorrow! "

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