40 credulity

40 credulity

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Listen Gu Xiao Di group said, It is not the place to stay, very puzzled, she should know that many mysteries?

Gu group solemnly replied:?!. "That you do not know this lady is pick up the privately they sleep with a man just wanted to do this sort of money in the end also forced into the water as long as you are in this kinds of places do, sooner or later have to do that line. "

Xiao Di is really unheard of, she certainly did not know this group is Gu trap set, he deliberately say, just to dispel the idea she continued to stay here in this.

Xiao Di suddenly panicked: "how do I not want to do that thing Gu Brother, you have no other job I'm doing all right, I'm not afraid of hardship tired long as they can support themselves on the line?!?!!"

This sentence comes to the hearts of Gu on base, he was this happy, beautiful heart like bees to eat feces, sweetness. He wanted to face toward the yearning of beauty, he deliberately thought for a moment: "!! Since it is opening sister, I will not live up to your expectations I read this, you'll pack up and come with me."

This is simply to say the wolf's den ventured, Xiao Di have wanted to stay. She quickly packed up their things, very simple, in addition to increasing her few seasonal clothes, nothing. She gave her things like bags stuffed in a large pocket and looked Gu group: "Gu Brother, I packed finished!"

Gu did not believe a little group: "Is that?"

Xiao Di embarrassed nod.

When two people ready to leave the hotel, and Xiao Di lived with several sisters are sent out. Allison look of dismay, her heart is very contradictory, she did not know and did not tell the truth Xiao Di is not harm her? However, she also really cowards say, is life, let it go!

Gu group through a series of painstaking arrangements, in front of Xiao Di staged a hero to the rescue, easy to deceive Xiao Di's trust, then smoothly took her to a very ordinary residents of the district, came to a two-bedroom s room.

The room is an ordinary room, live normal things people needed everything. Although very common, but it feels very safe and comfortable.

"!! Sister, after this is your accommodation you will feel at ease in this live Well, who is to say what" Gu group would not say: This house is designed to keep a woman I used.

Xiao Di course, very surprised and very curious: "? Why let this Whose house I live?"

Gu group of mysterious smile: "Of course, brother of the house, someone who will let you live?"

"Where do you live I live this way?" Xiao Di first thought is to add yourself to this person in trouble, she was speechless anxiety.

"I have some place to sleep, just go home to deal with what buddy night. You is not the same, brother can not watch you suffer hardship is not?" He lips to say, but my mind was laughing, this never seen the world silly woman, she sold her to also grateful for it!

Winter days are short and nights are long, at the moment, dark gray sky gray, the sun already hidden trail, north sandwiched sand grain swagger around.

Xiao Di after a disaster, although my heart still painful fear embarrassment,As if this vague day always makes my heart overshadowed. However, the thought that he left the dangerous place, seems to have its own safety, her mood slightly improved somewhat.

Things down, eyes shining with Gu group intoxicating light: "Sis, today too late, to accompany dinner with brother brother go tomorrow take you to buy several sets of clothes?."

"Big Brother do not care to buy clothes, I have clothes to wear." Xiao Di did not feel what they lack in her life as long as food and clothing have been very satisfied! She never thought, like many girls, dressed beautifully. And no one himself, so good to wear what's the use? It is the rich thing.

He looked at her, she's wearing is really too old, is simply the dregs of the earth. On her in front of the clothes, not the hotel where her stylish uniforms.

She wore a dark blue jacket big, black long pants, a pair of snow shoes, how to see how like a housewife in rural areas. Gu group mind: You never too ugly, I'm too ashamed, Lord went out with this stuff, people thought picking up trash picked up? Of course, fundamental, no matter what to wear Xiao Di, can not blocking her youth, her beauty!

In fact, Xiao Di just no money to dress himself, of course, she had the beauty of the pieces of the heart, the United States can not eat! Gotta feed and clothe can have other thoughts? But for natural beauty, she really want this pearl was buried.

Although Xiao Di wear some rustic, after all lilies and roses, Gu group Actually, it's close at hand that he fell to the militants. They ate dinner in the vicinity, then returned it together.

He gave her demonstration of how things inside the house with a bath ah, ah liquefied petroleum gas, as well as a variety of things with the usual location. Then he looked at her, got the message said: "My sister went out looking for places to go, you take a bath to sleep, the day tired of it.?" Then walk toward the door.

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