37 my woman

37 my woman

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Gu Xiao Di group want to take away, he saw Xiao Di surprised expression, thought she was shy or do not believe in yourself?

Was also the first time we met wanted so pure and beautiful girls voluntarily go with their own, there are some unrealistic. For his own means, he is very confident, he also worries about a few days late, are not afraid of a good meal late.

He deliberately very serious replied: "Come with me, of course I help you arrange a better job ah does not matter if you do not want, at this, after anyone who dares to bully you, I took the family to bury him!. "

Pro out of the hotel, he deliberately called the boss, the boss wife have come, although today it is too late, but the couple did not dare leave for fear of what the Lord has upset unitary moths? Fears that keep them in there, see call, hurried over.

Gu look of dignified group, although he was laughing, but people laughed very Shen, with a nose as sharp voice said: "!! Disturb the two checkout"

Two bowing hastily: "Gu boss can come to our little place is the reward we face, is our pleasure to welcome often come later today when we ask Gu boss!!!"

Gu look of the group smirk: "You see me as what people eat what you do not give money this is the meal, enough???" I pull it out one thousand Yuan to throw on the table.

Proprietress quickly stepped forward to: "take so much, two is enough!"

Gu uninhibited group: "! Do not look more thing bother you too!"

The couple face scared green, but also not neglect: "What trouble is not trouble Gu boss say something even though we are willing to effect the couple Quanma?!"

Gu Xiao Di group eyes fell upon the body, it is natural, he said: "This is mine! A woman, let her stay here temporarily while you help take care of the point."

Two exchanged glances, the wife suddenly wreathed in smiles: "This is a small matter, Gu boss assured that we take care of her for sure firmly Dangdang!"

Xiao Di not far from here to see a few people are looking at themselves, they say that they feel, but too timid, and my heart feel uneasy. Fortunately, the boss ordered closed.

Boss deliberately walked in front of her, enraptured, said: "Xiao Di ah, today tired of it quickly go back and rest, do not get up early tomorrow busy, every day you see a person always busy, used to give to others? Something is wrong! this can not, since you do not be so hard! just go! "

Xiao Di is a strange and wife had not been so good to her attitude, and today the sun from the west? She still want to catch me go? Xiao Di think this somewhat panicked, quickly said: "!! Madame, I'm not tired, do some work or have long been accustomed to pack finished and then the rest of it."

See her boss refused to leave and shouted:! "Allison, you and Xiao Xiao Di Di together back and rest are young, you take care of her later point, not allowed to let her do what live, bullying a little girl, I you can not forgive! "

Allison wink pulled over to Xiao Di's hand away: "Well Xiao Di and wife are able to see your duty, you fear hardship involved, we will first go back and rest!"Xiao Di is very puzzling, but feel anxious, do not know in the end is a blessing or a curse? To a place where no one, Xiao Di finally board could not curious: "Allison sister and wife why suddenly between my attitude to a sharp turn 360 degrees Editor's Note??"

Allison did not know for Xiao Di worry sad, or how to run? Of course she also heard people say how much, as long as the group Gu saw the woman, can not escape his hand, of course, rarely end well.

Although she rarely and Xiao Di dealings of some of her knowledge of the circumstances is not much, but she felt Xiao Di was a hard-working, kind-hearted, simple girl, very often she was very sympathetic to her, pity her, but not I dare show it, she was afraid of the boss to find their own feet.

She thought for a few seconds, decided not to saying too straightforward, she was worried and said: "? Xiao Di, do you know today who do this to eat"

Xiao Di honest shook her head, her time so short, but very few people told her the gossip, she was new to the community, do not know this complicated chaotic world in the end is how is it? Of course she could not know many things.

"He called Gu group, is a big boss, especially the powerful. We heard that he is very famous in this place, the average person should be did not dare to offend him!" Allison said.

"This has anything to do with me?" Xiao Di more Joji monk puzzled.

Allison really want to scold her meal, the child did not understand how what really Simpleton. She was a little frustration, he said: "It does not matter how he is so good for you, and went away, especially your boss asked you to take care of the couple they dare not take care of it?!?"

Xiao Di does not understand the meaning, she poured some gratitude, and thought: meet by chance, he went so far so good for their own sake, it appears that they really met a good man.

See Xiao Di wife after leaving her a look of pride, with a sneer: "Dispensers, this time you damn right mind want this old robber take your gall bladder you dare, right??? "

The heart can not tell the boss useless anguish, his face somewhat unnatural:? "What nonsense she came so long, do you think I set eyes on her it was just great benevolence, looked at her helpless? , just take her nowhere to go. Do not you people all went wrong! "

Boss mad with a smile: "I hope that people went wrong haha ​​I put you went wrong you originally gentleman Ha -?!!!!"

Boss dissatisfaction stare at her, he turned to leave, the boss smile suddenly restrained. She did not leave the Sun Jie said:! "Sun Jie, did not have deliberately arranged for her to live, let her leisure comfortable stay a few days and if it's good I guess, then, a few days later she went with surname Gu leave ! "

Sun Jie thought he had been so mean to treat Xiao Di, was somewhat frightened, if she climbed on the Hunshimowang, told him that his ill, it is estimated that she has a bother to learn. She worried asked: "boss, you said she would not retaliate we ah?"

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