34 the opportunity to come

34 the opportunity to come

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Day total near misses in the past, though subject to a number of grievances, Xiao Di, or both

Forbearance over, even the boss had to admire her.

"I did not see it, the submissive bumpkin, even so tough! You said she was not intentional and I make life difficult ah? So not liking here, why did not she do somewhere else?" The owner really do not understand ask around Sun clean.

"Do not worry boss ah! That how long? Good show has only just begun, you're waiting to be spectacular it! I'm sure there is a chance to let her disappear at once!" Su Jie authentic subservient phase.

"Good work, sister definitely not ill-treat you!" The owner, though not very satisfied with the attitude of the next opponent is still positive.

It arrived on the eve of the Spring Festival, this afternoon, to a group of different forms, but it is very assertive, arrogant, brutal unreasonable man. Sun Jie laughing on the boss said: "Opportunities come, and today there looked good!" Duo knowing smile.

Sun Jie lazy shouted: "Ji Xiaodi, you are responsible for today's 201 large rooms that guests remember this house, but our god of wealth, should you have to wait, and must not appear a little flawed.!"

Xiao Di has become accustomed to her this arrangement, she can only be silent resentment. Who care about their own job? Who they are in short eaves? All grievances she can endure!

Xiao Di deft makes tea, holding tea to large rooms, this house dining tables may be accommodated twenty people, some space is relatively spacious, seating at this time almost filled with people. Originally tea are placed on the table by the guests themselves a tea. She again put Theme recipes on the table, then stood behind the man's waiting for his order.

Then a voice laughing joking caused the concern of everyone: "Hey, new to a pretty girl, very energetic, really ****** seduce people, my little two are not law-abiding stood up!"

In a burst of laughter in the crowd all eyes are focused to this pretty girl's body, only to feel a sharp knife Xiao Di whole body was tingling a road, those wretched immorality eyes as if stripped of her clothes, she was a kind of public humiliation is everyone see the light feeling!

"Chao Jue, since then the brother can not wait to see the world wants to see, you put him out please chant! Let this beautiful girl but also to experience! Maybe she just gently glance, you do not live up to expectations and that buddy said Indefinite then piled up! Ha! "a shrill voice with waves laugh.

Xiao Di people want to escape this unbearable evil room, before she could move, next to a loud voice: "? Way trouble you something chanting"

Xiao Di hurried look to the speaker, it was a plump young twenties, looks ordinary facial features, expressions and well behaved, and did not look very serious molested or insulted meaning.

Xiao Di looked puzzled him: "What can I do for you?"

"Your labor flourishing the hand, drink a cup of tea to his brother! Thank Way up!" The man is still very polite, very serious, very sincere way.

Now that people have been so kind, Xiao Di, of course can not refuse, she gently walked in front of the man, picked up the teapot gave the cup before pouring the man, she is concentrating on the water upside down,Then, behind a groping in the dawn tai very hard buttocks of a pinch.

Unexpected pain, moreover it is very sensitive woman, who can not be easily touched the site, plus Xiao Di defenseless, her body forward a conditioned reflex to hide, hands forward along with the water tossed away. Tea just to come and collect the fat man was reaching the cup, Xiao Di water poured completely hands on the white fat in his hands.

The man butcher like "ah -" a cry, the arm has been retracted, who has also long been on the rampage. His pain dumped several hands, then take a closer look at their hands, has a large bright red. He suddenly anger from the heart, eyes congestion, he grabbed a collar Xiao Di: "show bitch you intentionally harm me!?"

Mouth swore, raised his hand will beat the other, next to the fat man was a tall young men, thick eyebrows, small eyes, flat on his nose, hooked nose bent inward, on lips tight, lower lip slightly thick, reveals a red, feels very soft.

Bird hand is not to be beating down next to the man hurried stop: "! Well four - wide, do not blame the girl, Chao Jue is behind the pound's ghost"

Fat man - should be called four-wide, half-hearted look to have spoken man. Chao Jue tall, burly, square face, a wheat-colored skin, a pair of semi-blind Taohua Yan, a look of treacherous grinning. See the fat man watching him, he winked to him: "Do not listen ass Zhu Shixiao, I just touched the beauty, ye 老虎屁股摸不得??"

Four full-course, refused to eat this Yaba Kui, he did not dare to Chao Jue angry, but to the whole body of anger against Xiao Di out:!! "I do not care today, I know this is me today, or else burn **** give me an idea, who is not so! "Then he will dawn a di hug to his breast.

Xiao Di early terrified, she pleaded with: "!! Brother Give me a break I really did not mean, give me a break I'm not the next!"

"? So next time you want to have spared you hate me is not impossible -???! But you can not just look at my hand over it Chengshayang hot you have to give me compensation" Four whole seems suddenly With great interest in the immediate beauty. His eyes turned a sullen interesting, hot.

Xiao Di seeking to extricate himself, but how could not move, she was afraid of vexation warble shouted: "! Let go ah."

"I want to let go? Sure! Unless you do me a woman!" Four in his arms full of struggling small meat, all of a sudden on large animal hair. He Coushang his fat face began to turn pro and lick the hand does not hurt, and began to fumble tamper with them.

Xiao Di shame and brain, she desperately shouted: "Come help ah!!"

Four hands already full of clothes out into Xiao Di, he gasped: "I now do you, you leave a mark, after you are the father of a woman!"

Next to a group of people, some shouting obscenities, and some are just around the corner. Xiao Di grief despair, she cried in sorrow, a pair of eyes overflow turning dull looking.

"Four whole, what are you doing? Large crowd, and this is the hotel! Do not be too much!" The speaker was Zhu Shixiao, he threw his arms come,Xiao Di wanted to pull out.

Then Chao Jue quit: "! Where I do not care, today I was first spotted this bitch, I also have to do first, you have it in the back row of the" dawn he has come Cindy's in front, took a dawn di fish out from the fourth all-arms.

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