17 so unexpected

17 so unexpected

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Peng Jiafu, after all, were removed from the pleasure quarters for many years, though only pleasure, after all, know Lianxiangxiyu, he knows how to play with a woman. Especially in front of his daughter can do, but it did make him desire has long been pretty remarkable girl of his wife.

She looked so immaculate, so weak uneasy, even as an abandoned pup not their survival, is terrified waiting for fate.

He thirsty throat mouth spittle, forty years of age, this self-control is still there. He looked affectionately Xiao Di: "? I'm tired of it to wash a bath to relax."

Peng Jiafu with the greatest patience and tenderness, personally Xiao Di bathed, dry off, and then hold the **** out of the same naked girl gently on the bed, while his whole body to also cover her smooth on tender body.

He expanded **** to the limit, the mind seems to have a little bit of consciousness, he found his own skillful, gentle beginning, and slowly became wild and kiss him salivate goes on sexy lips, beautiful mouth charming, with a sort of tastes really fascinating flavor, people like to drink nectar!

His hands seemed not enough as from light to heavy, non-stop groping ...... from the collarbone to the beautiful mountains and to the plains, the soft and tender belly attractive, he slowly poured himself buckle rub the duck face down shift.

It is probably the mental stress, the girl's body under some stiff body, or she did not know such a thing, but do not cater to know. Her eyes closed, no sound despite his hands and mouth on her body parts sucking kneading.

The face of the girl did not respond, normally used to playing all kinds of woman he has never been more felt a fresh stimulus. He Lianxiangxiyu initial idea all behind us, at this moment, his eyes, and my heart there is only one thing -

He with the greatest enthusiasm and the greatest courage, this seems to have been directly through the numbness stiff girls, girls just make a slight noise muffled. It was enough to stimulate his every nervous excitement, his whole body plenty of inexhaustible energy. Like on the battlefield are desperately fighting warriors, not in addition to spare no effort to beat his opponent, he has no other choice.

After a violent impact, he bent over her body, body slightly shaking a few times, he was never the spirit waft! More unspeakable satisfaction and better!

Joy and satisfaction faded, he was a bit reluctantly left her body at the same time, easily tear the toilet paper and handed her, inadvertently swept under the eye of her body sheets -

Do not look good, the results of this one too much to his surprise, he did not think the sheets, but also should appear little plum. He has satisfied this goes face to cast a heavy pall in an instant, his heart is even more suspicions clouds.

How he could not think, in his heart, eyes like pure fairy like pure girl, he contrived to spend the original capital marry the girl home, he did not even think of pure matter of course, she gave him, it is not the most valuable the first time,Obviously, she was not, it looks so pure.

He seemed to spend a higher price exquisite pieces of merchandise, we came home, it turned out to be fake merchandise! He kind of people feel cheated, like a fool's easy to believe the liar, he was kind of played out angry! He kind of person willing to be laughed at!

Although he was as dumb tightness mind eating the same berberine, he can only unwilling to swallow the breath. Because he knew that after all he is older than her mid-twenties, after all, she was so young and beautiful, after all, their trading on the pole.

His eyes filled with confusion and disappointment, or anger and more angry heart can not let go. Zhang Chunjie stared at him coldly beautiful face, an indescribable hatred welled up, he had not any sensible, generous man.

He did not say anything, or strenuous exercise just spent all his physical strength, or deliberately this time so that he has exhausted? At the moment he was not even the strength to speak as well. He was more angry is unable to return to!

He quietly left turn and turned back to Xiao Di, Xiao Di seems to have felt what? Or all her fear afraid of what eventually happened? She did not know what to do? But do not know the future life will not be affected? Although she is upset and worried, but she did not seem to feel regret?

Peng Jiafu seems a bad mood, rarely saw him smile, he often sullen face, cold look at Xiao Di, gaze like a sword tied, stabbed Xiao Di covered with stinging. Unless arrangements for what she does, or even the words do not bother to tell her. Xiao Di just seems his family nanny or just a tool he used to vent.

Although he was very angry Xiao Di's infidelity, but also know she is not the kind of skittish, slutty girl, he just felt cheated. Indeed, he did not really care for the first time, if he married a divorced woman, as he would be happy with! The difference is so he kind of unexpected Xiao Di, a kind of feeling of frustration, she probably hold too much hope, only lead to disappointment too?

In his mind: should not there is such a thing happens, he is unclear Chu Xiaodi psychology is not still thinking about her first man? He grew more and more angry sometimes, but for also obsessed with her supple and smooth sexy body, he will really take some punishment she even let her thoroughly discredited, then sent back to her parents.

He has not had fresh enthusiasm for her, his heart how much to her dismay and some even saw her thin thin figure silent doing housework, or bullied a small daughter like his somewhat reluctant to let her be too many grievances. Especially at night, in her request to vent any feelings always very heart waves.

For their own comfort and joy, eventually he Renxia heart all the discontent, though do not want to talk to her, not even a smile can not fake it.

Xiao Di also accustomed to this silent understanding between the two, she, like all housewives around the house to clean up timely and properly affixed, every detail even humble life, but also to do impeccable, or she thought need for better communication between husband and wife from the heart,Also need emotional bond.

Occasionally Peng Jiafu also happy, he even sent Xiao Di beautiful clothes, there will be warmth when sleeping at night, and occasionally put her in his arms, her sweet sleep in his arms.

But most of the time he is put Xiao Di as his property, his accessories. In order to marry his daughter Xiao Di all take in, in order to marry Xiao Di, he really pains and out of the original capital.

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