15 not think that report

15 not think that report

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Yonggang think for so many years for their own good, think Yonggang that look of despair, think of the coming days, two people can not be together it is hard to imagine how, Xiao Di really want to walk away. She turned down his clothes, put them together, put them in a pocket yard, waiting to start uneasy night.

I do not know Xiao Di nervous or excited, she did not know is some confusion flawless looking forward to quickly come to the night, or the fear of the arrival of that moment? She pins and needles, distraught.

Dinner is also symbolic ate ​​two, my father finally himself, he finally asked:? "Xiao Di ah, Bai Tianyong you just find what matter how I felt he came after you as if the whole person is different up? "

Although the eyes can not see my mother, and my heart than everyone knows, her remorse and said:! "Xiao Di, mom know you grew up together with Yonggang, good feelings you now to let you marry someone, you are not to blame mom? mom and Dad are not only resistant to compromise you, mama always feel sorry for you! "

Brother could not bear to hear, he is more shame: "Sister, you do not marry the father Fengying, I do not married, you together with Yonggang I see out of it, he is really like you!! and he studied so good, after a certain amount to anything, and you will enjoy a happy life with his designated! do not Guannameduo! "

Yonggang night and had meant to run away Xiao Di, I heard my parents and my brother to say, what they really leave? She gave her heart, Yonggang school there several years, to when people come across good in the city, how may also marry and poor, and no culture, but also rustic yourself?

At that time probably will miss his brother's marriage, are we going to regret his own life? Or the parents and brother of the important things that he marry all the same!

With this intention, she seems a lot of heart at ease, she quickly wrote a piece of paper: Yonggang brother, I'm sorry, I can not go with you.

She Ge Gela to the door, she knew that my brother does not read, he handed the note: "! Brother, you take this note to secretly Yonggang, to carrying people, what they do not say it back."

The neighbor went to his brother muffled, Xiao Di tears suddenly gushed. She cried for himself, but also to live up to Yonggang sad, her heart like a knife cut out the same pain!

The past few days, Xiao Di I always regret is Yonggang, she heard the faint of them about the good old days of the next day, Yonggang did not go to school, parents do not know how scared? Fortunately, two days later he was carrying a bag to go to school.

Xiao Di mind clear, because of their own, Yonggang certain special psychological upset, she did not know how to deal with him, how to comfort him? She wanted him to completely forget her, then concentrate on their studies, go to college, so that his heart might feel better.

That day happened to be Sunday, Xiao Di neighbor to see people go out, the family should be left in a person reading Yonggang. She suddenly wanted to see him, he thought so many years for their own good, he was so cruel to leave him to marry someone else, she suddenly did not know how to repay him?

Wrestling, she suddenly thought: Some own only the body!She instantly idea, she wants to use the body to repay Yonggang so many years to pay for their own good. She walked straight up the courage familiar three tile-roofed house in front, like a warrior unafraid of death, she does not hesitate to open the door into the house and lock belt.

House, Yonggang positive sit on the kang, his eyes looking at the roof, as if quietly thinking mind. Xiao Di stood silently his head straight position nearly two minutes, he suddenly felt as if the house more personal, quickly looked over and stood in front of none other than his own a few days to keep thoughts of a loved one.

He seemed a revelation, a Ji Ling to sit up, then jump to the ground barefoot, some excitement and some disbelief, he grabbed the shoulder Xiao Di, sounds dumb:? "Xiao Di, do you really you? I miss you! you and I finally figured out to be together? is it true? "

Xiao Di red eyes, she smiled sadly at him, then began to de-own clothes, she from outside to inside, from top to bottom, straight off the naked. She and Yonggang before and never had intimate relations, they are just pulling up to the hands, cuddle it, not even a formal kiss never happened.

Xiao Di due to shyness, face and body skin white glowing blush, supple even more attractive. Yonggang slow to respond at this time, a blank mind, only the whirring breathing heavily. Where was he seen such a battle? Blood direct irrigation forehead, his whole body were a little stiff.

Xiao Di has come to this step, also refused to take a shy, she was a hard-hearted, lamb, anyway, sorry for Yonggang, so many years for his own good, this life can not repay, and he really as there is no repay, simply put his body to give him in return.

She learned of the plot on TV and tried to hug Yonggang neck, right on his mouth, kissed her clumsy Yonggang, already unable to restrain the Yonggang where there is also fit into this? He's a conditioned reflex tightly around her, let out the TV drama sweet sucking mouth ...... thousand words omitted here.

Yonggang leave Xiao Di's body, beginning deviate, he was a kind of speechless feeling, then the mystery and fascination with ......

For Xiao Di, the removal of her a little nervous, some unspeakable pain seems there is a kind of indescribable joy, she seems to think so magnanimous heart to some, at least Yonggang feel less guilty, after all, his own first gave him.

Xiao Di dressed and ready to leave home Yonggang, then, Yonggang once again clinging to her:!? "Xiao Di, I love you you are not already and I decided to leave it together tonight we left, okay? I will give you happiness! "

Xiao Di bowed his head, whispering voice: "Yonggang, I'm sorry I can not go with you, if I go, my parents and my brother would be finished, I can not leave them behind!!"

"What? What did you say?" Yonggang brutal shouted:?? "Since you have decided not to be with me, why is not to mess with me I do not feel deeply hurt, my pain is not enough in the end you are What do you mean? you treat me like what sort of person? "

Yonggang hear Xiao Di can not say with him, suddenly furious,He of course, only from their own point of view, and did not want Xiao Di pain and frustration, he did not calm down and thought he had done everything for Xiao Di, perhaps man and his ideas are always different?

Xiao Di some sad desperation, she did not blame Yonggang, are bad yourself, how to stand Yonggang no position for him to think about it? Is he done wrong this time? Is Yonggang their feelings more can not extricate themselves? It is not hurt him?

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