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13 consensus

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Fengying bent just want to hear the young girl to marry Ji, Peng Jiafu look more relaxed, too many voice calm: "I tell you, I've let you Mrs. Zou Ji to propose marriage to go home!"

Fengying not believe surprise: "Really? Dad you agree with us his home Zhashui certainly music blossomed back of the head, right???"

Peng Jiafu to see her daughter: "His family was poor house you can live in your marriage how to live in that house suddenly collapsed, you thought about it I can not bear the consequences of my baby daughter a marriage in trouble me waiting???! you give me a pension nail in the coffin of it! "

Fengying surprised a moment, she had never thought about that, of course she is not unconscious thought: My father has so much money, how he looked at his only daughter could suffer suffer it? So my father invested to build a house that's what she's Zaozaowanwan.

But she did not think my father would be so smooth, easy and promised her sister together, she has already done a long-term and father fight in the end the prepared mind, she even thought of uncooked rice do mature rice, it is impossible to come to a shotgun married, now that things are not new, but it seems as less than the.

However, she still did not dare believe my father said is true! Blame yourself think things are too bad? Or they do not fully understand the father? Evidently distressed that their father was, her heart had a little pride, but also a kind of deeply touched.

Peng Jiafu helplessly looked grew up not listen to his words of her daughter, some emotion, said:?! "My father a daughter you so, how can I bear to watch you suffer from poverty too, my father decided to flip the house so that the old Yoshiie my daughter married in the past there is a bright and spacious new house to live! so I dare to rest assured that baby daughter live in the past ah! "

Listen to understand my father say so directly, Fengying suddenly moved not control, she grabbed his father's neck, a kiss on his face:! "Dad, you are so good I knew my father Who Loved me! Thank you, Dad! "

Peng Jiafu of course, say, the excitement in his voice as cheerful: "My darling daughter married the daughter actually happy, I have only poor lonely loner stand alone, her father really have the heart to throw yourself at home ? "

"So close, I could have come back every day to accompany my father ah!" Fengying said from the heart.

"You come to the ground and then what's the use? Our family now is the lack of a woman, supposedly, your mother left so many years, I might have to give you to find a stepmother, and not to be afraid for my daughter marry a woman gas by, it has been so confusedly Xiahun! "

Fengying father seemed to understand the meaning, of course, she had no objection to my father remarried, she always wanted to father so many years to find a woman to live a decent, good live together. She looked at his father, waiting for him to go on.

Peng Jiafu sighed, "hey -" then went on: "the good old saying: his wife his wife, children and old to have a partner no matter how well smaller than halfway husband and wife and now my daughter getting married soon, and my father wanted to!! give you to find a stepmother! you will not oppose it? "even with his daughter,He also resorted to small businessmen means.

Fengying not thought to find a stepmother to his father, she had gone there for a long time wanted to have a mother to care for her mother, and later, she really wants to have a father fixed a woman, and that he would not many women fucks, people in the village would not have pointed to his own little bit.

"Dad can find a fixed duty of a woman to live, of course, could not be better! I am very much in favor! You should have gone looking for!" Fengying said sincerely. She certainly hope my father can live happy happy!

"If my father to find some of the younger woman, you will not oppose it?" The last step, he wants some careful.

"I think young is not so important as long as you all treat each other sincerely, feel fit, I certainly would not oppose it!" At this point of Fengying have been happy dazzled, of course, she would not dream of his own father to looking for a woman, I want to marry men of their own sister!

"That's settled, we are father and daughter together two wedding!" Peng Jiafu hastily announced that he was afraid to talk to his daughter remembered what his own work against.

"Dad, are you already have a target? You did not say Who is that woman? I know you?" Fengying curiosity has not been satisfied, she wanted to know his father to marry the little woman in the end Who?

"Of course you know, with your future husband has relatives." Although the word has been said on this sake, he was somewhat hard to tell at this time just want to deal with her past.

"There is a young girl with relatives? He has not heard relatives ah?" Fengying thin thinking.

"Fengying, honestly tell you the truth, I want to marry the young girl's sister Xiao Di, on the other other woman I really have no intention of getting married!" He had to tell the truth, sooner or later have to face, or赶早不赶晚.

"What? You want to marry Xiao Di? It does not mess it? I told her to call her mother or sister son? This is not a joke die? No, it is simply impossible! In addition to her, marry who you love who married! "Fengying simply can not accept this messy relationship.

"If you can not accept, even if you and your sister do it! Anyway, I want to marry Xiao Di, their home has been promised!" Peng Jiafu certainly put their own thing in the first place, even if his own daughter too.

"Why sister and I forget? You Xiao Di and simply inappropriate! Sister two years younger than I am, what with you into it?" Fengying could be crazy, yelling as she.

"Kyrgyzstan is already home to two marriage should be lower, and if you do not agree to just do my wedding and Xiao Di, yourself wondering now! If you do not marry the young girl with the best, I really do not agree with you both together! the reason I promised you two, is to Xiao di, do you agree not important! "

"We told how outsiders say? We do not become everyone's jokes yet?" Fengying really do not want to accept this unusual arrangement.

"It's not a shameful thing, afraid of? Listening assassination assassination mantis farming is not called the? Mouth long on them, they are willing to say whatever chant! We had our own day! If you are afraid of others do not make irresponsible remarks and sister got married! "Peng Jiafu not agree, he would not care how people say, how to read! Yourself happy happy is most important! And now the people as long as you have money, your big mouth, big thing is not for you to say?

Hear the words of my father, Fengying also thought to myself, to my father meant to marry do not marry Kat now own home, and my father have to take Xiao Di, their own happiness doubled the child how can easily give it?

Fengying of her father's bones somewhat deviant factor, since the young girl home have been promised, Dad do not care, why should they care about it yourself? Since the calculations are a good father, and that it takes the lower slope ass good! Anyway, as long as their married sister just fine! As for how people say, and they are good, I myself have a good day on the line!

So, things are so easy to reach a consensus, it is also really happy!

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