5 grow up to earn money to marry a wife you

5 grow up to earn money to marry a wife you

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Gifford Star is a disability, then the production team members are working to earn work points, the village in order to take care of his family have a disability, forced labor work points according to him, the team from time to time but also aid to something, his family barely days It is maintained.

Wait until the land contract to individuals, because they are not labor, so only assigned two acres rations, this is we all have a heart, pity him, pity him, take care of him.

Home alone father labored to cultivate two acres of land life, no money, and my mother was difficult, the young girl four or five years old when he became my mother's eyes, his father's legs. The child really sensible, he quietly help parents to do things, then there are the younger sister, he happily watched her sister, she would not hold peering at her.

He slowly learned to help my mother to my sister changing diapers, feeding, so careful, so thoughtful care of his only sister, his sister would rather he did not have to eat a meal, he would rather suffer suffering tired, do not let sister by little aggrieved, he knew it was his closest person in the world, we have a responsibility to help parents take care of her.

Sister dedicated to take care of his only sister, and grew up in difficult conditions he is not an ordinary sensible.

He looked the same age children go to school with a satchel, how he wanted to like them, go to school literacy ah! He knew there was no money, could not afford to go to school himself, he knows parents are needed him. Own tears secretly hide in the side, and then appeared in happy parents around.

Time flies, a blink of an eye sister - younger brother has been seven years old, she saw a year older than his next door to Yu Shu carrying a bag to go to school all day, ran home crying: "I want to go to school I want to be like! Yu Shu like to go to school! "

Mom was silent, my father bow their heads, they are now hungry eat is a problem, home wear, use, mostly abandoned village of someone or something old, going to school is to spend money, where to go and get money?

Twelve year old brother at home now seems to have become the main labor force, is also home to the most authoritative person to speak, he clearly on the situation at home, he thought, then a firm of helpless parents, said: "Dad, mom, our family is not even a literate people who are not, let my sister go to school, then I more work, pick up some junk to sell more than for my sister to go to school. "

Of course, all parents want their children to go to school, reading, literacy, that does not mean the future become illiterate. They acquiesced in his son's decision, cheerful sister holding brother came up, and hug and pro: "! Brother, kind of you when I grow up to earn money to marry your daughter!"

The young girl moved almost to tears: "Brother to know:!. Brother sister of a brother waiting for the best."

When the younger brother to school enrollment school, who substitute teacher in the village, and not because of her family's poverty and look down on her. She looked innocent cute skinny girl, said his name, the teacher Ningmei thought, then put her name written Ji Xiaodi.

She bent moderate, he said: "Xiao Di, this is your name, your name later so write, remember?"

Xiao Di docile nodded, no bag, next door neighbor to Yu Shu brother to Yonggang,Previously used their own package of books, stationery old gave her: "Xiao Di, which I used, now that there was no need, and you use it I know that your parents can go to school has been very hard for you! up! "

Xiao Di grateful to Yonggang took their stuff, it would be timely!

Yonggang to three years older than Xiao Di, because both family lived next door, often play together. Many times he put his own snacks to eat secretly to Xiao Di, even when others bully her own sister, he always come forward to protect Xiao Di, Xiao Di, like their elder brother with an affinity for this brother .

School children in rural areas are more hardship, the school far from home, on the road from school each day is always someone from time to time with words humiliation Xiao Di: "I have, in the end you are a man or a woman, whose name ye androgynous?"

Someone pulled her clothes playful shouting: "I have, what clothes you wear this big fat, ah, how also exposed flesh??" Xiao Di are wearing the clothes do not people in the village, because mom less than brother to help her choose a relatively small number, but still wore Kuanpao big sleeves, one look is not her own clothes.

Partners, then deeply hurt her young mind, she just embarrassed escape their struggle. She did not dare to face so many people angry angry, not only parents once told himself: "Do not be angry and angry people, but can not have an argument with other people, what matter may be able to endure, endure not have to endure ! few people in the village did not take care of our family, our family owes other people! "

She choked back did not let the tears flow down, she wished he could have a healthy and normal parents ah! She wished he could be like a small partner as he now can not rely on such aid to other people live ah! She even hoped that he was born in a wealthy family.

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