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See four are looked down in silence, Mrs. Zou mercilessly, said:! "Your home is a good long Xiao Di, a man very rare move, then again, in addition to her looks, it really lacks this advantage head, thin and short, do not say, she has you so families which dare marry her? that is not to give herself a burden on you? Once your home and formed a pro, you can look at such a dark day ? Xiao di psychology will not be comfortable, not out of the dark can not go home and shift? the house, swearing point and that is a bottomless pit! who has the guts to go in this hole and dancing? also Peng boss, rich and powerful people do not care about the condition of your home! we all lived in a village, looking down to see the rise, and I just tell you dig pit of the stomach, it really is a good chance of a lifetime! if you do not seize this opportunity, too the village no this shop, after a time you regret it! can not blame that time I did not warned you! By the time the young girl take a lifetime bachelor, even a Yinanbannv can not leave, repine ah? "

Four starts her words convinced, first inviting the mother:? "His sister-in-law, he really means what it says Peng boss to marry my sister Fengying really gave us flip the house to do when we lose?? a girl but get nothing? "

Mrs. Zou see a door, after all, the family is not so smart, it is quite good to fool her cheeky joy: "Auntie, do not worry, I dare you this promise, Peng boss is what people ah spit spittle? are as nails, would not have looked down on this little money! By the time he promised you certainly do not take a minute a ho poor, we can only be satisfied than you thought it would be! "

"His dad, so if true, our family would solve anything, you see okay?" The hostess is still very great importance to the views of the man of the house.

"Is the girl bend point." Man of the house is still somewhat indecisive.

Mrs. Zou quickly replied: "You are not suffering girl to suffer, she married a rich man, is not all enjoy the endless blessing neighborhood neighbor's home, people Peng boss will give her gas by it? ? this is for you to find her a good home! her family also followed dipping, especially the young girl, he and others have been gluey Fengying, who can do without it! If not become, it is not painful life thing? this is two more than a good marriage ah? hard to find such a good thing the sky, the ground is hard to find, have all been to run into your home! you go on smiling! "

Xiao Di from the heart or not, she did not want to marry the uncle, she wanted his beloved man together, she tearfully: "Zou Sister, I do not want to get married so early!"

Mother knew her daughter obviously did not agree, she suddenly feared such a good thing fell through, so I'm sorry son, I'm sorry this home! She quickly grabbed her daughter's hand and pleaded: "?!! Yeah girl, who let parents no ability mother beg you, mom I'm sorry for you, you acknowledge your fate parents and brother, her mother the next life must repay you."

Xiao Di suddenly ignorant, and she did not know how to run? She can not bear to whisk her mother's intention, her eyes watching his brother, his eyes slack, both despair and hope reveals,That is pitiful begging, they have timid avoidance.

Apparently his inner contradictions, he dreamed of marrying Peng Fengying children, but he was afraid wronged sister, sister is happy he did not know important? Or your own happiness is more important? Really hard to choose.

It seems that their parents Fengyun here also important weight? After all, if the sister agreed to this marriage, my parents lives will be improved since then! They can not live in fear of such a broken house! One can enjoy a better life.

Childhood understanding of Xiao Di, of course, willing to sacrifice their own happiness sake of her family, she was miserable sensible nodded: "! I listen to mom and dad."

Zou Sao laughter sounded: "That's it, so be it I'll go Peng boss that answer, you just wait for good news!!!"

Leaving a family of four start skeptical, they do not know in the end it is still hope that things hope to stop there?

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