Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 73 Keep falling

Chapter 73 Keep falling

Since then, the prince and the prince have lived a happy life. This is a fairy tale that lie to children.

Chen Qianqing felt that he was falling, falling, and falling, and there was a screaming wind in his ear. The wind was like a woman crying, and his eardrum hurt.

On a sunny afternoon, the park is full of flowers.

Chen Qianqing fell to the ground, his eyes slowly closed, his chest overflowing with red liquid, as if it were a flower, beautifully blooming on his chest.

Lu Yiqin stood beside Chen Qianqing. She watched Chen Qianqing fall down and then pulled out the dagger in her hand.

The taste of death is not sweet, this is not Chen Qianqing's first taste, but compared with the last time, he seems to feel a calm that has never been seen before.

What Lu Yiqin was saying, he could not hear, he could only see everything around him becoming blurred, still, and then gradually shrouded in darkness.

Between the two, he saw Lu Zhengfei's smile. Lu Zheng is young, handsome, full of vitality. His eyebrows have never had a lingering haze. Compared with him, he is completely different.

Chen Qianqing thought, if this is the price he chose to forgive Lu Zhengfei, then he also recognized.

In public, the killing is still Lu Zhengfei's favorite person. When Lu Yiqin was followed by Chen Qianqing’s person on the ground, he laughed.

Her skinny face was a weird smile. She said: "Lu Zhengfei, this time, see how you are, leave me."

No one expected that Lu Yiqin, who was on the verge of collapse, would do this. When she received a phone call from Lu Zhengfei that everything was irreparable, the whole person collapsed.

So she used the last resources to find out where Chen Qianqing was, then she wore a large coat and hid a knife in her coat.

At that time, Chen Qianqing was sitting in the chair of the park. He was watching several children feeding the pigeons. Several Lu Zhengfei sent people who followed him to know Lu Yiqin, so they did not threaten Lu Yiqin who was slowly approaching Chen Qianqing.

However, when she pulled the dagger from her pocket and stabbed in from Chen Qianqing, everything was already late.

Chen Qianqing didn't even react to what happened. He just stared down and saw his chest, revealing a blade full of blood. Then he slowly dumped forward and fell to the ground, then he could not move. .

Lu Yiqin pulled back the knife, and the blood from the punctured vein was splashed with her face with heavy makeup. She smiled sharply, like the barking of the Yaksha in midnight, and the sound was so harsh.

Lu Yiqin was quickly subdued, but she continued to laugh, laughing, tears, and her name was Lu Zhengfei, as if she was a little girl who was a child when she was a child, only to ask her brother Help her.

No one is in charge of Lu Yiqin, and everyone’s attention is on Chen Qianqing.

The ambulance came very quickly, and Lu Zhengfei soon arrived.

He didn't wear a jacket, and he wore the sweater that Chen Qianqing wore when he left home. The whole person gasped and stood outside the first aid room. He was red-eyed and licked the three words of "surgery" in the red scorpion for a long time before he hoarse: "Who did it."Soon after, the men’s warfare told Lu Zhengfei what happened today.

Lu Zhengfei was silent, but anyone could see the emotion called anger from his silence. He said: "What about Lu Yiqin?"

The humanity said: "It was taken away by the police."

Everyone knows that Lu Yiqin is Lu Zhengfei's sister, but most people don't know that Chen Qianqing is Lu Zhengfei's lover, so it is only natural that Lu Zhengfei would like to suppress this matter.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Will you follow the normal procedure, will you judge for a few years?"

The man thought for a moment and cautiously said: "If you can show proof of spiritual treatment..."

If someone proves that Lu Yiqin is a neuropathy, she will naturally not be punished by law, but there will be no such person now, at least Lu Zhengfei will not allow this person to appear.

Lu Zhengfei said: "How is Qian Qing?" He was silent after a long time before he asked.

The man hesitated for a moment, whispered: "Maybe... not too good." He saw Chen Qianqing hurt, and naturally he knew that the chances of saving back were very embarrassing. Lu Yiqin made up his mind to kill Chen Qianqing, so he was stabbed. The position to go in is just the heart of Chen Qianqing.

Lu Zhengfei is not stupid, and will not understand the meaning of his men.

He sighed softly, but the back that had been straight up seemed to collapse in an instant. He calmly said, "I killed him." If it wasn't for him, he called Lu Yiqin because of his anger, if not him. Didn't stop Chen Qianqing from going out, if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't pay attention to Lu Yiqin's dynamics, and it wouldn't happen.

However, the least likely thing in the world is if.

No one thought that Lu Yiqin would be so extreme, and no one thought that she would immediately find Chen Qianqing venting her panic and anger.

The light in the emergency room was on for a long time. During the period, a doctor came out from the inside, but Lu Zhengfei was sitting there all the time. It didn't move. It seemed that he was not anxious about Chen Qianqing's situation.

His face had no expression, he kept his head down and played with his mobile phone. His men saw him in this appearance, thinking that he was just a little sad, and his heart was finally relieved.

The people around Chen Qianqing are new to Lu Zhengfei. They don’t know what happened before Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei, so in their eyes, Chen Qianqing is no longer important, and he can’t get Lu Yiqin.

Since the murderers will not be punished, then they should not be too much involved in doing things underneath.

This kind of luck was completely shattered when the operating room lights went out.

Because Lu Zhengfei, who kept his head down, slowly raised his head and yelled at him: "You and they resigned together." He is not too fond of anger, but he can no longer see these faces.

The man squatted and wanted to say something, but he saw Lu Zhengfei swinging his hand and motioning him to be quiet.

The door of the operating room was opened, and a doctor walked out. Seeing Lu Zhengfei, who had been waiting outside, pulled the mask down and said: "Sorry, we tried our best."

Lu Zhengfei did not speak, but did not move.

The nurses and doctors came out, and they walked past Lu Zhengfei, and they accelerated their pace.Lu Zhengfei’s footsteps were awkward. If it wasn’t for the person next to him, he would have fallen to the ground. He opened the person who helped him, and then walked to the emergency room step by step, and went to his Qianqing.

There was a thick bloody smell in the operating room, and the person covered in white sheets calmly lay on the emergency table.

Lu Zhengfei walked at a very slow and very slow speed, and then gently opened the white cloth covered on the man's face.

Chen Qianqing’s expression was serene. He closed his eyes and seemed to fall into a deep sleep. Except for some cold ice, everything was exactly the same as the one who usually slept with him.

Lu Zhengfei didn't know what he should do. He wanted to cry, but he couldn't cry, he wanted to laugh, and he couldn't move his mouth. So he could only have a face on his face, shaking his fingers and stroking Chen Qianqing's cheek.

He said: "Qianqing, don't sleep, you should wake up."

Everything was solved, Chen Qianqing was willing to be with him, no one could stop them anymore, but Chen Qianqing, but left.

It is like a ridiculous reincarnation of fate, no matter how the chess pieces struggle, they can't escape the crush of fate.

Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang did not die on the way to see Chen Qianqing, but died when Chen Qianqing bid farewell to Chen Qianqing, but in contrast, the price paid has become Lu Zhengfei's parents.

The death of Chen Qianqing is so abrupt. It is like a book. It was written in half, but it was torn away by the hard-won.

Lu Zhengfei squatted on the ground, clutching Chen Qianqing's cold, already stiff fingers. He tried to keep breathing, but he found that the simple things had become so complicated.

He couldn't breathe, and his eyes were dim.

If Lu Zhengfei’s men did not follow up, Lu Zhengfei estimated that he had accompanied Chen Qianqing. Psychological suffocation, if not found in time, is fatal in a short period of time.

When Lu Zhengfei was rescued, the doctors were unable to separate Lu Zhengfei from holding Chen Qianqing's hand. So after Lu Zhengfei woke up, he saw Chen Qianqing the first time.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Is I dreaming?"

No one dares to answer his words.

Lu Zhengfei repeated: "I am not dreaming? Why don't you wake up?"

Xu Shaoren did not know when he arrived at the hospital. He stood by the bed and whispered: "No."

Lu Zhengfei grabbed Chen Qianqing with one hand and the other hand silenced his eyes. He said: "He told me that he is not Chen Qianqing."

Xu Shaoren snorted.

Lu Zhengfei said: "I have escaped this problem."

Xu Shaoren tightened his hand on Lu Zhengfei's shoulder.

Lu Zhengfei said: "If before he left, I told him that I love him more now. Is he happier?"

Xu Shaoren did not know what to say, but he understood that the role of language at this time was pale.

Lu Zhengfei said: "I want him now, stay with me forever."

Xu Shaoren’s heavy frown seems to want to suppress emotions, but his eyes are still red.

Lu Zhengfei said: "But he left." Said here, Lu Zhengfei's voice brought a clear cry, he said: "Xu Shaoren, I am so scared."When Lu Zhengfei was interrupted by his parents, he didn’t cry. When he escaped from the house to see Chen Qianqing but was rejected, he didn’t cry. Even when his parents died, he was forced to stand up when he was alone. .

However, now Lu Zhengfei seems to have been interrupted by the straight spine, and finally can no longer support it.

If the grass is torn off, there is still a chance to survive, but if the towering tree is broken into two halves, it will no longer stand up.

Lu Zhengfei is a tree that is about to fall.

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