Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 71 I heard that Chen Qianqing

Chapter 71 I heard that Chen Qianqing

Later, Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing returned to a city.

After the situation stabilized, Lu Zhengfei was not so busy, and the time at home became much more. If nothing happened, he would stay at home almost one day.

In memory, the Wang family, which collapsed in this politics, continues to exist as Chen Qianqing expected.

In the last life, after the collapse of the Wang family, Chen Qianqing learned from some news that they made such a huge decision mistake because of a key person.

Wang Wulin’s second uncle, betrayed their family. He colluded with the Wang family’s government and enemies, and sent the wrong information as the key message to the hands of the Wang family.

The thief is hard to prevent. Before his true face is exposed, almost everyone feels that he is a good person, including Wang Wulin, who trusts his uncle. However, knowing people do not know what to know, no one can think of it, their family will be destroyed in the hands of such a person.

In the end of his life, Chen Qianqing did not know why this person had to ruin the Wang family with great pains, but he did not care. Even now, the only thing he cares about is whether Wang Wulin has made progress.

Wang Wulin did not let Chen Qianqing disappoint. After Chen Qianqing returned to a city shortly, he gave Chen Qianqing a message and told him to come out.

Lu Zhengfei was very appreciative about Chen Qianqing's visit to Wang Wulin. After asking about it, he made a generous agreement, but he still told Chen Qianqing that he was afraid that Chen Qianqing would follow Wang Wulin.

Chen Qianqing can only be seen as not seen, and punctually went to the place agreed with Wang Wulin.

Wang Hulin was not seen for a few months. He was a lot thinner, and there was a stretch between the eyebrows. Obviously the current situation is very good.

At this time in his life, Chen Qianqing also saw Wang Wulin. At that time, he looked pale, although his expression was still indifferent, but the anxiety in his eyes could not be covered.

Wang Wulin rushed to Chen Qianqing to raise the glass in his hand: "Be the first to be respectful." After that, he will drink the wine.

Chen Qianqing was in poor health, and the doctor also sipped too little to drink, so he scorned it and counted it as Wang Wulin’s glass of wine.

Wang Wulin’s look at Chen Qianqing’s expression was a bit complicated. After a moment of silence, he solemnly said: “If there is anything to help, even though.”

This is the second time that Wang Wulin said this. If he said that he was sympathetic to Chen Qianqing, this time, he was simply not willing to see Chen Qianqing continue to do what he did not want to do.

Wang Wulin is a soldier. His temper is very staunch. Although he is usually quiet, his bones are definitely paranoid. The importance of the news that Chen Qianqing gave him was completely impossible to measure with money. He did not dare to imagine that if Chen Qianqing did not tell him about it, then their royal family should look like now.

Chen Qianqing smiled and then shook his head, faintly said: "eat vegetables."

Wang Wulin looked at Chen Qianqing's eyes with some doubts: "Why?" He felt that Chen Qianqing did not love Lu Zhengfei. Otherwise, Lu Zhengfei would not look at him in the rainstorm.As if knowing Wang Wulin’s doubts, Chen Qianqing sighed: “If you are old, you will be too lazy to toss.” If he is still young, I am afraid that he will leave Lu Zhengfei if he tries to do it, but now he has no motivation, even When I think about going around, I feel tired.

From this point, Wang Wulin is doomed to understand Chen Qianqing, and he said: "You are only in your twenties." The implication is that there is still a lot of time.

Chen Qianqing said: "Don't say this, let's say something else."

Wang Wulin saw Chen Qianqing not wanting to talk more, and also understood that Chen Qianqing was determined to be with Lu Zhengfei. He sighed: "If you change your mind, you can talk to me."

Chen Qianqing is still laughing.

Wang Wulin is a very suitable person to be a friend. He does everything very well. He should never talk about things he should interfere with, but if he is a friend, he will also do it for you. What?

Chen Qianqing likes to make friends with smart people. Because smart people always know where the scales of the two sides are, they will not be too far away, and they will not be too close.

After the three patrols, Wang Wulin seemed to suddenly think of something. He said: "Do you have a bad relationship with Lu Zhengfei's sister?"

Chen Qianqing said: "How come this suddenly?"

Wang Wulin glanced at Lu Zhengfei, who was not far behind Chen Qianqing, whispering: "She recently asked about your news everywhere."

Lu Yiqin was so happy in his life, but he still did the horrible things. It seems that it is not surprising that she stood on the edge of the collapse and did something in her life, but Chen Qianqing believed that there was no handle.

Wang Wulin apparently and Chen Qianqing think differently. He said: "It seems that her mental state is not very good. You have been careful recently."

The meaning is that the madman can do anything.

Chen Qianqing nodded and accepted the goodwill reminder of Wang Wulin.

After the meal, Chen Qianqing was sent home by Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei was not at home. Chen Qianqing took a shower and was ready to go to bed. He lay on a soft bed, his eyes closed slowly, and he easily fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, it was another good weather.

After May, the weather began to get hot and slowly. Chen Qianqing climbed up from the bed and was surprised to find that Lu Zhengfei had not returned overnight. After waiting for his slow washing, after the second floor, he saw Lu Zhengfei sitting at the table and drinking coffee.

Chen Qianqing sat down and poured the milk into the cup. He originally wanted to drink coffee, but his body was not allowed, so he had to change into milk.

When Chen Qianqing did all this, Lu Zhengfei did not speak. His state did not look too big. It was obviously like not sleeping, and his mood was very bad.

Chen Qianqing only saw it, he swallowed the chewed bread, and then cut open the heart and put it in his mouth.

Lu Zhengfei slowly called: "Chen Qianqing."

Chen Qianqing paused with the hands of the knife and fork. Lu Zhengfei had not called his full name for a long time. It was generally Qianqing or Baby. At this time, it can be seen that Lu Zhengfei’s mood is indeed very bad.Chen Qianqing snorted and took another sip of milk. His movements are always so unhurried, and the horror of the people around him seems to never affect him.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Are you cheating me right?"

If Chen Qianqing just said that he was still stupid, but Lu Zhengfei’s sentence came out, he did not understand what Lu Zhengfei was doing. He said, “What do you mean?”

Lu Zhengfei clasped his hands tightly, apparently trying to suppress his emotions. He said: "Do you like Wang Wulin?"

Chen Qianqing: What and what is "???"?

Lu Zhengfei’s expression was from calm to distortion, which was a momentary thing. He said with anger: “Chen Qianqing, don’t pretend to be stupid, tell me, if you gave Wang Wulin, the news.”

Chen Qianqing finally understood what went wrong. From his point of view, he did not sell anyone, but Wang Wulin did not think so. Lu Zhengfei did not think so.

From the perspective of Wang Wulin, Chen Qianqing told him after receiving news from Lu Zhengfei, so he would repeatedly ask Chen Qianqing if he needed help. From the point of view of Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing told his news to others, so he would ask him if he likes Wang Wulin.

However, Chen Qianqing is very clear. Now Lu Zhengfei does not know that Wang Wulin’s second uncle is the traitor. However, this is obviously not important anymore.

Chen Qianqing changed his position. If he found out that the real Chen Qianqing was carrying him to send a message to Wang Wulin, it would be mad.

Lu Zhengfei’s reaction did not seem to be a hole in the wind. Obviously, there was someone who gave him any conclusive evidence.

In the face of Lu Zhengfei's anger, Chen Qianqing suddenly had a bad idea in his heart. He looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was going crazy, and said softly: "Yes, you don't believe me?"

Lu Zhengfei was a glimpse, and Chen Qianqing did not respond to this reaction.

However, Chen Qianqing's next move made Lu Zhengfei even more stunned. After seeing Chen Qianqing suddenly get up, he stepped forward and took Lu Zhengfei's face with his hand. Then he stared at Lu Zhengfei's eyes and trembled: "My Chen Qianqing is in your eyes. Is that kind of person!"

Lu Zhengfei: "..." There is something wrong with the style of painting.

Then Chen Qianqing covered his face with his hand and screamed: "Then I might as well die!"

Lu Zhengfei: "Wait, wait?"

When he did not give Lu Zhengfei a reaction, Chen Qianqing turned and walked away. He grabbed the table knife on the table and went straight to the second floor. Lu Zhengfei finally reacted to Chen Qianqing’s work. He hurriedly followed Chen Qianqing and shouted. : "Qianqing, don't be impulsive!"

When Lu Zhengfei ran to the second floor, he found that Chen Qianqing had locked the door of the toilet firmly.

Lu Zhengfei instantly filled a scene of Chen Qianqing's suicide by cutting his wrist. He rushed down the floor and shouted at Zhao Wei: "Zhao Wei, the key to the toilet on the second floor!"

When he found the key, Lu Zhengfei shook his hand and opened the door. During the period, he was unable to insert the key into the door because of the shaking of the hand.However, when he opened the door and saw it, it was Chen Qianqing, who had a cigarette in his mouth and looked blank. As for the knife, it was clean and placed on the side of the grooming table.

When Lu Zhengfei opened the door, Chen Qianqing took the cigarette from his mouth and spit out a cigarette: "Calm down?"

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Chen Qianqing said: "Calm down, just tell me, who will give you a small report?"

Lu Zhengfei’s keychain in his hand slammed into the ground and turned away without expression.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei's back and suddenly gave birth to a kind of feeling that he was probably playing off.

And the facts afterwards prove that Chen Qianqing is really playing off.

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