Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 69, sister, what are you doing?

Chapter 69, sister, what are you doing?

On the day of the New Year's Eve, Lu Zhengfei took Chen Qianqing back to the place where Lu Laozi lived.

After several checkpoints, Lu Zhengfei drove to the military compound compound where Lu Laozi lived. Lu Zhengfei’s grandfather is Lu Guochang. In two years, he is 90 years old, but although he is older, his body is still tough.

When Lu Zhengfei brought Chen Qianqing into the house, Lu Guochang was sitting on the sofa and chatting with Lu Zhengfei. The aunts at the table were making dumplings. Everyone saw Chen Qianqing, who came in behind Lu Zhengfei, with his face. I was a little surprised, but the old man did not speak, and no one said anything.

However, the second aunt who had been hurting Lu Zhengfei saw Lu Zhengfei coming, and said: "No, come back."

Lu Zhengfei put the gift to Lu Guochang aside, and went forward to say hello to everyone, and called the grandfather.

In the meantime, although Lu Zhengfei has always held Chen Qianqing's hand, everyone has ignorantly ignored Chen Qianqing, who told Lu Zhengfei some common words and asked Lu Zhengfei how he had been.

Everyone has been secretly observing Lu Guochang's face. After discovering that he did not react, he also understood Lu Zhengfei. I am afraid that Lu Guochang is acquiescence.

After Chen Qianqing entered the house, he performed very quietly. He did not have the kind of tension when he first saw his parents. Even when Lu Guochang asked him to speak, he also went forward and retreat, and there was no trace of embarrassment.

Lu Guochang has been in the upper ranks for decades. Even though he is almost 90 years old, he is a bit irritated. He looks at Chen Qianqing and asks some seemingly insignificant questions.

Chen Qianqing replied that when Lu Guochang asked his parents, he was silent for two seconds before he said faintly: "A few years ago, he died in a car accident."

Upon hearing such an answer, Lu Guochang looked at Lu Zhengfei. He clearly remembered that his grandson, after Lu Zhonggan and Huang Yuping suddenly had an accident, insisted on the appearance of the principal, so he looked at Chen Qianqing’s eyes and softened him a lot. Dao: "You are young, our older generation is not good enough to intervene. Since they are together, it will be better."

This is even if Lu Guochang gave Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing their names, at least in their Lu family, no one has the qualification to gossip.

Chen Qianqing still performed very gently as always. When Lu Zhengfei answered his family's question, his face always had a faint smile, which made people look very good.

Before Lu Zhengfei came, some Chen Qianqing was blamed, but he had already made up his mind. If anyone dares to look at Chen Qianqing, then don't blame him for turning his face.

It was not long before Lu Zhengfei sat down, and his sister Lu Yiqin also arrived.

Compared with a few years ago, Lu Yiqin had no such thing as a young man. The death of Lu Zhongqian and Huang Yuping was so great that she had not been able to slow down until now.

She wore a thick coat and made a light makeup, and the whole person looked like a skeleton. When entering the house, Lu Yiqin looked at Lu Zhengfei's eyes is sad, but in this kind of gaze on Chen Qianqing, it turned into hatred and disgust.In Lu Yiqin's eyes, she felt that Chen Qianqing had taken away Lu Zhengfei's love for her. She stubbornly believed that as long as Chen Qianqing disappeared, Lu Zhengfei would love her as she used to.

Lu Guochang also distressed Lu Yiqin, the granddaughter, to see her enter the house and call her to the side to talk.

Lu Yiqin sat next to Lu Guochang, but his face was not very good-looking. She glared at Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei who were sitting opposite her. The expression was a grievance that could not be concealed.

Lu Guochang also saw it. He touched Lu Yiqin's head and sighed: "Yiqin, your brother is not easy." The implication is to think that Lu Yiqin is more tolerant.

Lu Yiqin sneered, no intention to give his grandfather this face, she said: "Not easy? What is not easy? Mom and Dad are dead, but he is anxious to play men, or such a thing that has been played by others."

Lu Zhengfei's face suddenly changed. He was cold and cold to Lu Yiqin: "Lu Yiqin, you can tell me the words just now."

I don't know if Lu Guochang was present, and Lu Yiqin felt that he had a backing. She stood up and pointed at Chen Qianqing and stumbled: "You are blaming me for such a bad person? Lu Zhengfei, you figure out who your sister is..."

The last "sister" word has not been spoken, and her face has been slap in the face.

Lu Zhengfei's body shivered with anger, and the voice even brought some hoarseness. He said: "Lu Yiqin, you have to continue to say, I am not a sister of Lu Zhengfei."

Lu Yiqin cried, and she choked: "You actually hit me, you actually beat me for him..."

If you don't know, think that this is a dog's blood romance.

Chen Qianqing has been very calm between the two sides, and there is no shame on his face, or an angry expression. He looks at Lu Yiqin’s eyes and even carries a little pity.

In this world, without the protection of Lu Zhonggan and Huang Yuping, Lu Yiqin is destined to eat more suffering. She could have lived like a princess, but she never knew her satisfaction, but she was miserable.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Lu Yiqin, if you say these words in front of me, don't blame me." When Lu Chongqian and Huang Yuping had an accident, it was completely his resistance. Lu Yiqin, who dared not accept the facts, was a deserter. On the day when Lu Chongqian and Huang Yuping were buried, she did not appear.

And then going abroad for medical treatment is also her own request.

Lu Yiqin's collapsed cry, Lu Zhengfei's aunts had to go to comfort, the original year of the bustle, but because of this unexpected event, it became a bit of a taste.

Lu Zhengfei did not expect that his sister would be so ignorant.

In the end, Lu Yiqin did not cry, but the hatred between the eyes and the eyes was much stronger.

Lu Guochang looked in his eyes, just sighed, he said: "Yi Qin, in the future, you and your brother are dependent on each other, you are also big, it should be sensible."

Lu Yiqin didn't talk, and his expression smiled.

Chen Qianqing looked at all of this in his eyes. He looked at Lu Yiqin's abomination, as if he had seen it. In the past, she deliberately slandered Lu Zhengfei in front of Chen Qianqing.Lu Yiqin of the last life is happy. She married a man who loves her, has two children, and should have loved the world. But she hurt Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei in the most vicious way.

Chen Qianqing took a sip of tea in front of the cup and gave Lu Yiqin an indifferent smile.

Lu Yiqin saw Chen Qianqing's smile, but I don't know why, she actually saw the taste of her brother Lu Zhengfei from Chen Qianqing's smile.

The dumplings are wrapped and the pot is cooked.

The second aunt asked Chen Qianqing what kind of dumplings to eat, Chen Qianqing said, the cabbage pork is OK.

Lu Zhengfei asked: "Did you not like to eat leeks before?"

Chen Qianqing said: "That was before."

Lu Zhengfei laughed: "Yes, it has been so many years."

Before the dumplings were put on the table, Lu Zhengfei gave Chen Qianqing a good job. He didn't eat garlic. When he played Chen Qianqing, he only put some vinegar, which coincided with Chen Qianqing's taste.

Lu Yiqin did not sit next to Lu Zhengfei. At this time, she was like a plant that had been drained of water. The dry appearance always reminiscent of death.

Lu Zhengfei has a good appetite and has eaten a lot. Chen Qianqing’s appetite has never been large, so he ate eleven or two and stopped chopsticks.

The aunt who is making dumplings asks if he is not appetizing. Would you like to drink some porridge? Chen Qianqing refused politely.

In fact, Lu Zhengfei's two shackles are very painful to Lu Zhengfei. After the death of Lu Zhonggan and Huang Yuping, this scorpion has more love.

Although I know that Lu Zhengfei likes to be a man, Lu Guochang’s attitude has already indicated everything, as long as Lu Zhengfei feels happy, then it will do.

In addition, the image of Chen Qianqing and the men who think about the smeared powder are completely different, so the attitude towards Chen Qianqing has been eased a lot.

Lu Zhengfei was happy to see such a situation. He secretly hooked Chen Qianqing's hand under the table and revealed a big smile. Chen Qianqing saw it as if he did not see it. After his hand was pulled back, he squinted at Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei smiled indifferently and continued to eat dumplings.

After eating the dumplings, Lu Zhengfei’s cousin and cousin just came back.

They saw Chen Qianqing sitting at home, and it seemed a little surprised, but the young people accepted the ability, and soon accepted the matter, and started talking to Lu Zhengfei.

During this period, Lu Yiqin appeared to be extremely uncooperative. She did not say a word, but looked at Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing with a creepy look. Only when other people asked her what was the vague return.

Lu Zhengfei only did not see it. Lu Yiqin’s work has already made him feel a little bit cold. If she carries on her own things that she should not do, he is afraid that she will not be able to keep the last bit of her brother and sister.

Chen Qianqing was slowly chatting with Lu, who was more aware of the old man than Lu Zhengfei, so when chatting, he also had a bit of good taste.

Lu Guochang began to be afraid of Chen Qianqing, and deliberately found some topics. Later, he and Chen Qianqing chatted more and more speculatively, and even the Spring Festival Evening could not attract him.Lu Zhengfei saw that Chen Qianqing and Lu Guochang said that the more they started, the more they tasted: "Grandpa, he usually doesn't like to talk, and I haven't said so much."

Lu Guochang’s eyes sighed and said: “You’re a rabbit, you have to eat even your grandfather’s vinegar.”

Lu Zhengfei smiled and said: "Where, I am not afraid to say that I am tired of you?"

Lu Guochang said: "I am afraid that I am tired? I think you are distressed by others! You are looking for a good one, and your elbows will start to turn outwards."

Lu Zhengfei smiled straight.

Chen Qianqing also smiled. This year, since the death of Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang, Chen Qianqing has had the most beautiful year.

He looked at Lu Zhengfei, and Lu Guochang, who was talking to Lu Zhengfei, his eyes were involuntarily softened.

If you keep going, maybe it’s not bad.

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