Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 66 The monks are going to be whole

Chapter 66 The monks are going to be whole

Ma Qiu is a gay, or the most unpopular mother gay. But his image has changed a lot since he entered the entertainment industry.

After the entertainment company transformed the image, he no longer made orchid fingers, no longer wear leather pants, no longer long hair. So he cut short hair and put on his white shirt, and became the Prince Charming of some stars. This year's popular are creamy little students, Ma Qiu looks handsome, coupled with the temperament of literature and art, it is easy to get the girl's goodwill.

But Ma Qiu* is more than a vase-like star. He wants to go further in the entertainment industry, so when the opportunity comes, he does not hesitate to seize it.

Some people will hesitate to face unspoken rules, but for those who are too strong, they will only firmly grasp the hidden rules.

This person who is supporting Ma Qiu is a friend of Lu Zhengfei, called Sun Yiyang, who is the cousin of Sun Baiqi. If there is no Sun Baiqi, he estimates that even this meal today is not qualified to sit here.

However, Lu Zhengfei regarded Sun Baiqi as his younger brother, so he also gave Sun Yanyang a few thin faces.

Although Sun Yiyang is not the family of the Sun family, but also holds some resources in his hand, it is enough to include a small star like Ma Qiu. Because he had a short time to support Ma Qiu, he did not talk about Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing in detail with Ma Qiu, but the reason why he brought Ma Qiu today is because Ma Qiu said that he and Chen Qianqing had been roommates.

To put it bluntly, Sun Yuyang wanted to take a relationship with Lu Zhengfei, and brought Ma Qiu.

There are not many people in the box, but I know in my heart that Chen Qianqing is not as simple as a lover for Lu Zhengfei. No one will struggle for a few years because of a small gadget, and no one will be interrupted by the family because of a small gadget.

Most of the people who sit down don't believe in the so-called love, but when true love is placed in front of them, they can't believe them.

Chen Qianqing slowly drank porridge, and occasionally stopped to listen to Lu Zhengfei quietly.

It is reasonable to say that Ma Qiu and Chen Qianqing are both classmates. In this occasion, even if they can't recall the friendship of their classmates, they will not be embarrassed to each other. However, Ma Qiu is not familiar with the appearance of Chen Qianqing. At the time of school, Chen Qianqing was a non-sinister look. Now that I am in this field, what else can I install?

In the eyes of Ma Qiu, Lu Zhengfei became a second ancestor who was confused by the beauty and had no brains.

Ma Qiu took out his mobile phone and started texting. During the period, he also looked at Chen Qianqing with a look of gloating.

Chen Qianqing noticed Ma Qiu’s gaze, but he did not feel that Ma Qiu had any means of hurting him.

After a short message, I quickly got a reply. The smile on Ma Qiu's face was even worse, so that the expression also brought a little ridicule and irony.

Ma Qiu knows what he is most afraid of. He also knows that he is afraid, Chen Qianqing is also afraid.

If Chen Qianqing is really Chen Qianqing, then Ma Qiu may have succeeded. Unfortunately, Chen Qianqing now has a thick armor. In the face of Ma Qiu’s malice, he has not even understood the interest.After the meal, someone suggested playing cards. Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing and asked him if he wanted to play together or go back to rest.

Ma Qiu heard the words and hurriedly advised: "Qian Qing, I am so hard to meet you, just play with us."

Chen Qianqing looked at Ma Qiu with a smile and smiled. He nodded.

Lu Zhengfei also glanced at Ma Qiu with a blank expression. The scary eyes were so tight that Ma Qiu’s heart tightened.

When Lu Zhengfei turned to look at Chen Qianqing, his eyes softened instantly. He said: "If you feel tired, go to rest."

Chen Qianqing snorted and decided to play with Lu Zhengfei for a while.

In fact, Lu Zhengfei mainly talks with several people today. They have a good relationship. Because of Ma Qiu’s sake, he will call Chen Qianqing, but he quickly saw that the relationship between Ma Qiu and Chen Qianqing is not as described by Ma Qiu. That's the case, so there is a feeling of being cheated.

The group went to the nearest leisure club from here. Ma Qiu was in the car and sent a few text messages. After receiving the reply, he knew that Chen Qianqing was unlucky.

Being sheltered or being held by a man, the most fearful thing about this kind of thing is that it is known to the family. Ma Qiu rarely returned to school since he stepped into the entertainment circle. He knew from Zhu Ma, who had met in the classmates not long ago, that Chen Qianqing’s family had been looking for him.

According to Zhu Mao, Chen Qianqing’s sister is in the city of a city.

Zhu Mao did not know the relationship between Chen Qianqing and his family. So when Chen Qianqing disappeared and Chen Qianqing’s aunts came to him to ask Chen Qianqing’s news, Zhu Mao told them what they knew. And promised to tell Chen Qianqing once they have the news.

So, when Ma Qiu saw Chen Qianqing as a reason, he soon went to Chen Xiaohui’s phone number and gave him a text message to Chen Xiaohui in the car. He called Chen Xiaohui waiting on a certain street and said that Chen Qianqing was very quick. Will pass by there.

Chen Xiaohui was full of promises and passed away.

Ma Qiu can't wait to see Chen Qianqing's face changing. He can even imagine the appearance of Chen Qianqing's pale face. It has been missing for four years. Once it appeared, it was a form of being taken care of. The spit of the family was enough to drown Chen Qianqing alive.

Chen Qianqing did not know what Ma Qiu was thinking. After Lu Zhengfei stopped the car, he and Lu Zhengfei went to a fixed place. However, he had just walked a few steps and heard someone calling his name.

"Qianqing brother, Qianqing brother!" is the voice of a young girl, some familiar, but can't think of it for a time, Chen Qianqing turned her head and saw a face with heavy makeup, she said: "Qianqing brother, Why are you here, we have been looking for you for a long time... Hey, Lu Ge, you are also."

In four years, Chen Xiaohui had already gone to college. Although she did not go to the college of Chen Qianqing, she was admitted to a city, and she also gave her mother a face.

When Chen Qianqing saw Chen Xiaohui, he knew what Ma Qi had done. He had no expression on his face and said faintly: "It’s so good."

Chen Xiaohui said: "Qianqing brother, you don't know how much we worry about you... Four years, we almost went to the police station to report the case."Almost? That is, there is no report at all.

Where does Chen Qianqing know the meaning of Chen Xiaohui's words, he said: "Is there something for me?"

Chen Xiaohui glanced at the silent standing on the side and stared at Lu Zhengfei coldly. Somehow she shrank a little. She said: "Well... it is like this...you see when you are free, aunt said, let you Go home and see."

After Chen Huamei and Chen Qingyang had an accident, Chen Qianqing quickly went abroad for treatment. After returning to China, he never contacted the family. At this point, I saw Chen Xiaohui's look of timidity, and probably guessed what Chen Xiaohui told him to go home. He said: "Go back? Go back? Do you have a transfer procedure?"

Chen Xiaohui's face changed, she angered: "Qianqing brother, you are too unconscience, you go, my mother and aunt can worry about you, how can you say this?"

The appearance of Chen Xiaohui was an accident. The people who were together with Lu Zhengfei looked at it and then went to the first place without any onlookers. Therefore, Ma Qiu is still reluctant - he can't see the appearance of Chen Qianqing's face.

Lu Zhengfei's cold opening: "You mean this?"

Chen Xiaohui said: "Lu Ge, I am really worried about Qian Qingge..."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Who told you that Chen Qianqing is here."

Chen Xiaohui was not stupid enough to supply Ma Qiu. She said: "I came here to buy something, and I accidentally saw Qian Qingge..."

Lu Zhengfei sneered: "Buy something? You a student, can you afford something here?"

This street is a famous luxury street in the city. Any piece of clothing, a bag, or even an accessory is definitely not a student like Chen Xiaohui.

Seeing Chen Xiaohui's face getting whiter and whiter, he cried out. Chen Qianqing suddenly felt boring. He waved his hand: "You should go first, I will contact you later."

Chen Xiaohui choked and wanted to say something. He was finally shivered by Chen Qianqing’s indifferent eyes. He did not say a word, and he cried and went away.

Lu Zhengfei frowned: "Ma Qiu?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Well."

Lu Zhengfei snorted: "Some people really don't want to face the face." He said that both Ma Qiu and Sun Qiyang brought Ma Qiu.

Ma Qiu was miscalculated. He thought that Chen Qianqing’s family did not know Chen Qianqing’s relationship, and he would not know Lu Zhengfei. He even felt that Chen Qianqing would be flustered and even left a bad impression on Lu Zhengfei, but he never imagined that Chen Qianqing The family members that have been identified have long since disappeared.

When Chen Qianqing entered the room, Ma Qiu was sitting next to Sun Yanyang, holding a mobile phone and laughing. He saw Chen Qianqing coming in and throwing a provocative look at him.

Chen Qianqing walked straight toward Ma Qiu and then picked up the water cup next to it.

When a glass of water fell on Ma Qiu's head, Ma Qiu was stunned. He thought that Chen Qianqing was jealous of him and even jumped, but he never thought about it. Chen Qianqing would be so rude.

Chen Qianqing did not give Ma Qiu a chance to react. He poured a glass of water from Ma Qiu’s head and grabbed Ma Qiu’s hair. He took Ma Qi’s seat from his seat and pulled his face to his own. before.Chen Qianqing threw the water cup on the ground, and the other hand patted Ma Qiu’s face heavily. He said, “I want to find death, don’t be so euphemistic.”

Ma Qiu wowed and slammed. He wanted to struggle, but Chen Qianqing grabbed his head and touched it on the corner of the table next to him.

The bright red blood ran down Ma Qiu's forehead, and then he was sitting on the ground like a stupid person.

Lu Zhengfei came over from Chen Qianqing and passed the napkin very thoughtfully. Then he said directly to the horrified grandson: "Don't want any kittens and puppies to come here, disappointing."

Sun Xiaoyang hurriedly said that he bent down and helped Ma Qiu out.

The expressions of the people around him are similar to those of Sun Yangyang, and it is almost like seeing a little white rabbit become a Godzilla.

Chen Qianqing’s gentleman who was looking at him at this time smiled and said: “Sorry, a little anxious.”

Everyone: "..." Lu Zhengfei's taste turned out to be really heavy.

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