Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 61 Reunion again

Chapter 61 Reunion again

It rained all night.

The raindrops of the beans are smashing, as if they are smashing everything, and the roaring thunder is endless, just like being close at hand.

Lu Zhengfei did not call Chen Qianqing again. He stood alone in the rain curtain, like a clay figurine. Some precious things all flow into the mud with the rush of rain, and they can no longer go back.

After the rain stopped, Chen Qianqing received a text message from Han Huaiyun, which had only two words "thank you."

Chen Qianqing got up again and went to the window. There was no one under the window sill. The lonely figure yesterday seemed to be just an illusion.

The ridiculous fate finally embarked on its trajectory.

Lu Zhengfei came to Chen Qianqing to see this thing, it seems to be just an episode.

Since then, Lu Zhengfei has no news.

Chen Qianqing asked Wang Wulin about Lu Zhengfei. Wang Wulin bluntly said that after Lu Zhengfei went back, he was miserable by his father. It is said that he went directly into the emergency room. If Lu Zhengfei’s mother stopped, it was estimated that he would be mad.

After Chen Qianqing heard the words, he said nothing, even the extra expressions were not revealed, as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

Wang Wulin was slightly surprised at seeing him. He said: "Chen Qianqing, I thought that you have feelings for Lu Zhengfei." If you don't care, with his understanding of Chen Qianqing, Chen Qianqing, who he feels, will not ask.

Chen Qianqing said: "There is feelings, but not the kind of feelings he wants."

Wang Wulin is a wise man, not asking much, just open the topic.

Does Chen Qianqing have feelings for Lu Zhengfei? What kind of feelings? Such a problem, even if Chen Qianqing himself, I am afraid that the answer is not clear.

When Lu Zhengfei stood downstairs and humbled downstairs, only the real Chen Qianqing was qualified to go down to give him a forgive hug. He is not Chen Qianqing, so he can only hang up the phone, lying on the bed, echoing Lu Zhengfei's weak and sad voice in his ear. Lu Zhengfei said: "Qian Qing, can you come down and see me?"

Not good, Chen Qianqing thinks, Lu Zhengfei... I want to be nice to you, but I can't, so... sorry.

The time spent by a person is leisurely. Chen Qianqing has never had such an experience. He cooks alone, goes to work, occasionally goes to the bar, and more often spends time watching all kinds of things. Books.

In this way, he lived a life of pension, and Chen Qianqing waited quietly, waiting for Lu Zhengfei's days of Nirvana.

Three years said that the length is not long, and that short is not short, but it is enough to change one person.

After three years of change, Lu Zhengfei imprisoned him when he met Chen Qianqing again. He finally understood that some things must not be taken on the bright side - at least he is strong enough. Not before.

In this life, because of the existence of the butterfly Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei escaped once in the middle. What kind of consequences will this lead to? Chen Qianqing did not know that what he can do now is only waiting.

On the day of Chen Qianqing’s twenty-seventh birthday, it’s time to come.

On November 27th, Chen Qianqing bought a dish and was ready to ride home on a bicycle. He parked his bicycle downstairs, carrying small cakes and vegetables bought from the market to go upstairs.Chen Qianqing lived on the third floor. When he walked over the second floor and looked up at the door of the rented house on the third floor, he saw a familiar and strange face.

The man was wearing a black v-neck sweater, and the coat was gray. He was smiling at him at the moment. He said, "Baby, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Chen Qianqing’s body was stiff for a moment, but he quickly eased it. He said, “Well, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

The meeting that has not been seen for a long time seems to be harmonious.

It is a pity that the faceless bodyguard standing next to Lu Zhengfei is telling Chen Qianqing the true answer. No one knows better than him. Lu Zhengfei is thinking about what he is thinking at the moment.

Lu Zhengfei lost weight more than three years ago, his skin is darker, people look very spirited, but they have lost those innocent things in their eyes. He said: "Don't you ask me to sit in?"

Chen Qianqing put the dish on the ground and took out the key and opened the door: "Come in."

Lu Zhengfei went straight in.

The bodyguards outside the door stood still, and Chen Qianqing glanced at them and took the door with him.

Chen Qianqing rented a small house, two rooms and one hall, very simple. From the food and clothing, although it is not linked to poverty, it is definitely not rich.

Lu Zhengfei turned around in the room and turned to look at Chen Qianqing, who still poured tea on him. He said: "I thought you would be shivering with fear."

Chen Qianqing poured hot water into the quilt and said: "Sorry, let you down."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Baby, how many millions of you, can't bear to spend?"

In Lu Zhengfei's view, Han Huaiyun gave Chen Qianqing millions of dollars, that is, Chen Qianqing betrayed him to get it - Lu Zhengfei also thought so.

Chen Qianqing did not answer: "The two people I bought may not be enough." He bought a little ribs and a little cabbage.

Lu Zhengfei came over, bent down, pinched Chen Qianqing's chin, and then lifted it up little by little. His eyes were indifferent. There was no such passionate friendship four years ago. He said: "It doesn't matter, I eat you. Enough."

What Chen Qianqing suddenly felt was out of his control.

Lu Zhengfei bowed his head and bit the lips of Chen Qianqing. Unlike the strong feelings of the original, Chen Qianqing could feel that Lu Zhengfei’s kiss was malicious. He bitten Chen Qianqing’s lower lip and then bite a bit with his teeth until the epidermis ruptured and the red blood flowed out.

At this point, Chen Qianqing was motionless.

Lu Zhengfei suddenly felt that Chen Qianqing's reaction was extremely boring. He let go of Chen Qianqing and then rubbed Chen Qianqing's cheek: "Are you not going to have a meal?"

Chen Qianqing took out a napkin with no expression, wiped the blood on his lips, got up and went to the kitchen, and did not forget to take the apron.

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing and walked in. His face had no expression at the same time. At this moment, the two of them had the same look, just like the same person.

The ribs were cleaned and put into the pot and stewed with tomato. The Chinese cabbage was fried. Chen Qianqing took two eggs and mixed them. Then they were put into the pot and steamed.

Rice is left yesterday. There is not much left. Chen Qianqing is enough to eat alone. He hesitated for a moment, or re-cooked the rice and put it into the rice cooker and steamed it up.Everything is ready, there seems to be nothing to do. Chen Qianqing thought about it, took out a few green onions from the vegetable basket, peeled it off and put it into a small bowl for use.

When Chen Qianqing was doing all this, Lu Zhengfei looked behind Chen Qianqing. He said nothing, and Chen Qianqing was when he did not exist.

Until all the dishes were on the table, Lu Zhengfei said: "You lived alone for four years?"

Chen Qianqing’s lips are burning and painful. He is holding rice and hearing Lu Zhengfei’s words, a faint sigh.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Your dream is not to marry a wife, have a child? For four years, the children can play soy sauce."

Chen Qianqing exhaled a sigh of relief. He and Lu Zhengfei were the same person, because he was exactly the same as Lu Zhengfei’s. He also feared that Chen Qianqing would marry his wife and have children, and he forgot to clean him neatly, so he didn't even look for Chen Qianqing, but now... it seems that there is something different.

When a person's growth trajectory changes, does his personality become different? Chen Qianqing did not know that he could only observe to find the answer.

Chen Qianqing handed the good meal to Lu Zhengfei and started eating with his own chopsticks.

Lu Zhengfei also sat down. He clipped a rib of bone and chewed it thinly.

Very quiet, there is no outburst of Chen Qianqing's thoughts, Lu Zhengfei, who is eating food opposite, quiet is a little uneasy. Chen Qianqing would not be stupid to Lu Zhengfei who was not angry with him. He thought he would face Lu Zhengfei’s violent anger, but found that... he actually guessed wrong.

This is a rare mistake since he was born again.

How powerful the butterfly wings are, Chen Qianqing does not know at the moment, but his intuition is vaguely suggesting something bad.

Lu Zhengfei was very calm when he was eating. He cleaned a bowl of rice and then drank a bowl of steaming soup. After Chen Qianqing also put down the bowl, he said: "Baby, are you ready?" ?"

The hair of Chen Qianqing’s back was suddenly raised.

Lu Zhengfei nodded. "Then I started." The next moment, he stood up and grabbed Chen Qianqing, and then immediately forced Chen Qianqing to the sofa in the living room.

Chen Qianqing's physical quality is never comparable to Lu Zhengfei. Insomnia brings him spiritual wilting and physical weakness. Although they are all adults, Chen Qianqing is simply unable to compete with Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei tied Chen Qianqing's hand with his own scarf. He looked down at Chen Qianqing with a high expression. He said, "Baby, you know, I really want to die."

Chen Qianqing gasped heavily, and his head could not do it because of vertigo and twisting his head. He could only let Lu Zhengfei peel off his clothes until he was naked.

In November, the weather turned cold, and Chen Qianqing soon felt chilly. He licked his lips and said nothing.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Baby, don't you think about asking for mercy?"

Chen Qianqing coldly said: "I beg you will let me go?"Lu Zhengfei chuckled, and he said: "Of course not... I beg you that year, and you are not going down to see me."

Come out and mix, and surely everything is going to be returned.

Lu Zhengfei kissed the skin of Chen Qianqing, who was white, and said with satisfaction: "I am very happy that you have not found someone else in the past few years... otherwise..."

Chen Qianqing snorted.

Lu Zhengfei held down the wound on Chen Qianqing's lips with his thumb and continued: "Otherwise... I am afraid that I will, thoroughly...destroy you."

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