Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 59 I wish you happiness.

Chapter 59 I wish you happiness.

On the second day to the country of Z, Lu Zhengfei arranged a comprehensive psychological examination for Chen Qianqing.

In the face of psychologists and some professional tests, Chen Qianqing performed very well.

As an accompanying family member, Lu Zhengfei was also asked some questions about Chen Qianqing.

According to Xu Shaoren's observation of Chen Qianqing and some of the situations that Lu Zhengfei described to him, Xu Shaoren speculated that Chen Qianqing should not be the body of this body. But in general, personality division is accompanied by a series of sequelae such as amnesia. In Lu Zhengfei's description, Chen Qianqing did not have this situation.

After the results of the diagnosis came out, Xu Shaoren’s guess showed a mistake. Chen Qianqing did not have a personality split, but had a depression disorder – commonly known as depression.

Depression can be said to be a common disease that is now common in everyone's sight. The cause of depression is still unclear, but when depression is more serious, there will be phantoms, delusions, etc. that appear in Chen Qianqing. situation.

Chen Qianqing accepted the result calmly.

He had long noticed that his mental state was wrong, but he was always suppressed until Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang’s death, so that his symptoms broke out completely, so that he could not control his behavior and thoughts.

The doctor gave Lu Zhengfei some common drugs, and then gave some advice about Chen Qianqing.

For many people who don't know, depression is more like a condition for brushing fashion. In the eyes of normal people, there are so many things that can be sad, as long as they are positive, they will always come out.

In fact, this is not the case at all. Only those who have depression understand that it is a feeling of despair. It’s like all your joy, all the things that can bring you happiness, no one exists, your positive, positive emotions are all sucked in by black hole-like things, and these feelings are still leaving you continuously. body of.

Unfortunately, the overall result is that the diagnosis shows that Chen Qianqing, who is suffering from depression, has no tendency to self-mutilation. At least in the test, and in the inquiry to Lu Zhengfei, this did not happen.

The doctor's current diagnosis is that moderate depression, illusion, auditory hallucinations, and insomnia can be given medication and psychotherapy.

However, psychotropic drugs are usually dependent. Chen Qianqing asked for side effects and asked Lu Zhengfei that he did not take medicine and only received psychotherapy.

Lu Zhengfei wanted to persuade Chen Qianqing to see his stubborn eyes and silence.

The two of them are scary in some respects. Lu Zhengfei found that sometimes Chen Qianqing’s eyes can make him understand what the people in front of him are thinking.

Lu Zhengfei wanted to persuade, but said that he could not export. In the end, Chen Qianqing reached for the shoulder of Lu Zhengfei: "Reassured, my own body, I know myself."

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing and finally agreed. The reason why he agreed, the most important reason is that Chen Qianqing does not have a tendency to be suicidal. He also knows that some drugs will be dependent or even burdened on the body after use, so I have considered it a few times. Under, he agreed with Chen Qianqing's proposal.The streets of Z are very clean, and Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei walked in the direction of the front and back.

After the time of psychological treatment, Lu Zhengfei went to a restaurant with Chen Qianqing, and then he asked the driver to drive back the car and walk home with Chen Qianqing.

This villa in country z is the gift of Lu Zhengfei’s mother to give him a 12th birthday. In the last life, the real Chen Qianqing once lived here.

Only after a fire broke out, the villa was burned. The real Chen Qianqing, because of this fire, lost the beautiful eyes that made Lu Zhengfei fascinated.

The surrounding scenery is familiar. When the early spring comes, the trees begin to sprout new sprouts. Chen Qianqing walks forward and suddenly turns to reach out to Lu Zhengfei who is behind him.

Lu Zhengfei stunned and immediately took Chen Qianqing’s hand. This is a pair of hands belonging to the piano player. The fingers are slender and the touch is soft and delicate. When you touch it, you know that the owner of the hand has not done heavy work. The only fly in the ointment is that the temperature of the hand is a little cold.

Chen Qianqing turned his head and continued to move forward. His hand was led by Lu Zhengfei, as if he had returned to a certain point in time, and the person behind him was naturally not Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei, who was led by Chen Qianqing, was somewhat ecstatic. He held Chen Qianqing’s hand tightly, just like holding a kite line. Fear that he is too hard, the kite will fall from the sky, and he is afraid that he will be too light, and the kite will fly higher and higher without a trace.

Chen Qianqing said: "Lu Zhengfei, what do you like about Chen Qianqing?"

Lu Zhengfei replied: "If you don't call Chen Qianqing, I will like you too." The answer to this question is young, pleasant, full of hopes that have never been annihilated.

Chen Qianqing smiled and said: "Do you like me now, or do you like me?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "I like it."

What a good answer, Chen Qianqing turned his head and looked at Lu Zhengfei: "Why did you interrupt my leg before, but now it is so good to me?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Because I am afraid, you leave me." And now - I know that you will not leave me.

Chen Qianqing's face smiles pale, he said: "Yes."

Lu Zhengfei showed a little helpless smile.

Chen Qianqing thought that if he did not fall in love with Chen Qianqing at the beginning, it would be much better if they ended up with both of them.

Cherry blossoms are planted in the courtyard of the villa.

At this time, the pink flowers are full of branches, and occasionally a gust of wind blows, the pink petals are scattered all over the place, plus the chic villas, just like a castle in a dream.

After the fire broke out here, Chen Qianqing never lived here again, although sometimes he would come to Zcheng, and even come to see this renovated house, and look at the better house, but he I have not walked in. Because this house has always captured the eyes of his lover, leaving him with a nightmare memory.

Lu Zhengfei went to open the door.

Chen Qianqing stood outside to see the cherry blossoms, and there was a swing in the yard that had never been used. He stood there for a while and then sat there.After a while, Lu Zhengfei came out of the house with two freshly baked lava cakes in his hand. He handed Chen Qianqing one, saying: "The chef just baked and tasted."

At that time, Chen Qianqing did not like to eat sweets, so she did not even eat Lu Zhengfei, but now, sitting together are two people who like to eat sweets.

Chen Qianqing took a spoonful with a spoon and stuffed it into his mouth.

Because it was just baked, the spoon was inserted into it and saw the liquid chocolate flowing out. The temperature of the inlet was slightly hot, and Chen Qianqing swallowed the first bite.

Lu Zhengfei was also very happy to eat. He sat next to Chen Qianqing and took a sip with his head down. Like a child who had not eaten candy for a long time, his mouth was covered with black chocolate.

Chen Qianqing stared at Lu Zhengfei for a while and was somewhat ecstatic.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qian Qing, I may go to my mother to report tomorrow, and come back to the hospital the day after tomorrow."

Chen Qianqing knew what Lu Zhengfei was doing. He even knew that Huang Yuping knew about him at the moment.

Only this time, Lu Zhengfei can no longer find an excuse to excuse.

If it’s just fun, how can I get people out of the country to cure the disease, Chen Qianqing looks at Lu Zhengfei’s eyes with a little pity – because Lu Zhengfei, probably can’t come back.

This may be the last time they have met in the past few years.

The taste of chocolate was a little bit bitter. Chen Qianqing finished the cake and took a paper towel to wipe his mouth.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Do you want to eat another one?"

Chen Qianqing shook his head.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Then I have another one."

Chen Qianqing laughed. He said, "Eat." Anyway, we will be separated.

Lu Zhengfei picked up another one and ate it. This place was sprinkled with some white powdered sugar, and the taste should be sweeter.

Chen Qianqing leaned on the swing and slowly swayed on the ground with his feet. A cherry blossom fell on the hair of Lu Zhengfei sitting next to him. Chen Qianqing reached out and took it down, then gently blew it.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qianqing, are you in a good mood?"

Chen Qianqing narrowed his eyes and smiled: "Yes."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Do you like cake? I will call him to do it tomorrow..."

Chen Qianqing did not speak and continued to laugh. Does he want to tell Lu Zhengfei, because he knows that they have to be separated, so is it extraordinarily pleasant?

Lu Zhengfei is still arguing: "Qian Qing, do you want to go to school here?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Not on."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Not good, the doctor said that you have to communicate with others, I will help you find some suitable clubs..."

Chen Qianqing said: "I don't know the language of the country. How do you communicate with people?"

Lu Zhengfei was paralyzed, and he seemed to have never thought of this embarrassment.

Chen Qianqing said: "Have you ever thought about this when you brought me out?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "That, then I will help you find a teacher of the z language, learn slowly, and always learn."

Chen Qianqing said: "No need." The language of the z country, he will naturally, but he does not want to tell Lu Zhengfei that he will.

Lu Zhengfei also wants to say something: "Qianqing..."Chen Qianqing got up straight and didn't pay any attention to Lu Zhengfei. Instead, he walked into the house. He just went to the second floor and was ready to enter the bedroom. The phone rang.

The above shows the words "Han Huaiyun".

Chen Qianqing stared at the phone for a moment, or picked up the phone. He said, "Hey, is there something?"

Han Huaiyun’s voice is soft, he said: “Mr. Chen? I am Han Huaiyun. I want to talk to you tomorrow?”

Chen Qianqing certainly said yes.

Han Huaiyun said: "Please don't tell Mr. Lu first."

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was sitting on the swing in the courtyard from the window, saying: "No problem."

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