Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 54

Chapter 54

For a man, one of the most tragic things in the world is that his lover has put a green hat on himself. What is more tragic than this is that when a lover gives himself a green hat, he can’t go anywhere when he is locked up at home.

Now, Lu Zhengfei is fortunate to be a member of the Green Hat army.

Lu Zhengfei’s mobile phone was deducted by Lu Zhonggan and Huang Yuping. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible to contact the outside world. But he was unfortunately a brother-in-law, so when Lu Yiqin showed him Chen Qianqing’s photo of Wang Wulin’s arms in his arms, Lu Zhengfei took Lu Yiqin’s cell phone to the ground for the first time.

In the face of Lu Zhengfei's expression, Lu Yiqin hurriedly advised: "Brother, I said that he is not a good person, you see, you have been locked up for a few days, he went to provoke other men."

Lu Zhengfei’s face was dark and he said: “Who is this person?”

Lu Yiqin said: "It is the son of Wang's boss, Wang Wulin."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Where are they now?"

Lu Yiqin carefully looked at Lu Zhengfei's expression, hesitating after a long time: "In d city."

So Lu Zhengfei's face was even more ugly. He originally planned to go to D City with Chen Qianqing, but he did not expect Lu Yiqin to tell his parents about Chen Qianqing, so this was shut down at home. After all, if Lu Yiqin does not complain, his Chen Qianqing will not go to d city to pull with a man.

Lu Zhengfei has always been a short-term person. He is very fond of Lu Yiqin. In the matter other than Chen Qianqing, almost all the requirements of Lu Yiqin have been met. Even if this time Lu Yiqin told his parents about Chen Qianqing, he also Not too angry, just a little disappointed.

When Chen Qianqing and others’ photos were placed in front of Lu Zhengfei by Lu Yiqin, Lu Zhengfei’s anger was finally ignited. He said: “Lu Yiqin, how old are you?”

Lu Yiqin stupidly said: "Brother, what do you mean?"

Lu Zhengfei is cold and cold: "I can't know his temper? You dare not tell me, who passed this photo to you?"

Lu Yiqin’s eyes were red, and she said: “Do you believe Chen Qianqing’s fox? What did he give you?”

Lu Zhengfei disappointed: "Lu Yiqin, I hurt you, because you are my only sister. But if you can't figure out what a sister should do, don't blame me."

Lu Yiqin’s body shivered. She thought that she had seen Chen Qianqing’s photo. Lu Zhengfei would have Chen Qianqing’s anger, and Lu Zhengfei was angry with her.

In the face of Lu Zhengfei who cares for Chen Qianqing, Lu Yiqin yelled: "My brother, I hate you!" Then he turned and ran out.

Lu Zhengfei really is not angry with Chen Qianqing? - Then there are ghosts. In fact, the first thought he saw when he saw Chen Qianqing and Wang Wulin was that they rushed out to find the adulterer!

But the imagination is beautiful, the reality is cruel, so after Lu Zhengfei sat in bed for a long time, he still got up and went outside the house - he is in urgent need of contact with the outside world.Chen Qianqing still didn't know that his photo had been sent to Lu Zhengfei, because he drank the wine, so he slept dead this night, until the next day was almost ten o'clock, he woke up.

The feeling of a headache after the hangover made Chen Qianqing struggle for a while before he got up from the bed. However, when he woke up to see the surrounding environment, his head showed a blank of a second.

Fortunately, this kind of blank is just a moment, Chen Qianqing quickly reacted that he was at the hotel.

The body was still wearing the suit of yesterday, and there was no trace of other people moving. After Chen Qianqing determined that there was nothing wrong with him, he got up and walked to the refrigerator and drunk the bottle of mineral water. .

The cold underwater belly, the brain that has been down, began to work. Chen Qianqing recalled yesterday's business, but found that he only remembered the name Wang Wulin.

If you can't think of it, you just don't want to.

Chen Qianqing, who is still in pain in his head, finished the rest of the water and was preparing to go to the toilet to wash his face, but he suddenly noticed that the table had a piece of paper. He took it and looked at it and found it to be a phone number.

After thinking about it, Chen Qianqing still used the mobile phone to fight.

"Hey." A man's voice rang on the phone: "Are you awake?"

Chen Qianqing said: "You are... Wang Wulin?"

Wang Wulin screamed and went straight to the theme: "I took pictures of you yesterday and I was photographed."

Chen Qianqing said: "Well? What happened?"

Wang Wulin said: "It seems to have something to do with Lu Zhengfei. You have no problem here."

Chen Qianqing immediately understood what was going on. He said: "Nothing, I was in trouble yesterday." He actually knew that his alcohol consumption was not good, but he did not expect the amount of alcohol to be so bad.

Wang Wulin said: "Polite, I still have things, talk next time."

Chen Qianqing snorted and hung up the phone. Was he and Wang Wulin's photo taken? Chen Qianqing is thinking for a moment, there is a feeling of not very good. He likes to be jealous of himself. But it is very clear that when Chen Qianqing and Wang Wulin’s things were just known to him, he was crazy, let alone seeing photos.

Chen Qianqing seriously recalled what he did after he knew that Chen Qianqing and Wang Wulin were good friends... Well, it seems that he took the original master Chen Qianqing back to his virginity?

But now I don't have to worry too much, because Lu Zhengfei is still at home.

Chen Qianqing thought so, leisurely downstairs to eat breakfast, when preparing to return to the inn, the ringtone of the phone rang again. This is a strange number, the attribution is a city.

Chen Qianqing thought about it and hung up the phone. However, in less than two seconds, the phone slammed.

When Chen Qianqing walked and stared at the number, he didn't know what was going on. He always had a feeling that the phone was called by Lu Zhengfei.

Because the person at the other end of the phone was too persistent, Chen Qianqing still picked up the phone.

At the moment when the sound came, Chen Qianqing’s thoughts were confirmed. On the other end of the phone, Lu Zhengfei’s voice was anxious and angry: “Chen Qianqing, you can, you will hook me up for a man in ten days!”Chen Qianqing thought, if it is the real Chen Qianqing, I am expected to be furious when I hear Lu Zhengfei. I feel that Lu Zhengfei is insulting his personality, but now... Chen Qianqing is just not too light.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Wang Wulin, you also hooked up?! You really thought that my parents locked me up, I can't take you?"

After listening to Lu Zhengfei's words, Chen Qianqing began to think that if he was, he would be satisfied with what he heard.

Lu Zhengfei saw no sound on the phone, and he was even more angry: "You talk!"

After Chen Qianqing’s silence for half a moment, he was quietly saying: "You promised me to come to d city with me."

Lu Zhengfei stunned.

Chen Qianqing said: "The result is that you have not come."

Lu Zhengfei is a bit imaginary: "I am not locked up by my parents. Can I make up for you in the future?"

Chen Qianqing did not speak, but only long and sighed.

Lu Zheng is anxious: "Qian Qing, don't be angry with me, I really didn't mean it."

Chen Qianqing suddenly felt that he was a bit stupid in his twenties, or in other words, in his twenties, he was stupid in love. This stupidity even made Chen Qianqing not want to admit him and the phone. The person is the same person, he said: "Lu Zhengfei, you should handle your family's affairs first, then come and tell me something else."

Lu Zhengfei is dumb.

Chen Qianqing said: "Is there anything else? Nothing I hang."

Lu Zhengfei only reacted. Isn’t the person who asks the sinner for him not him? How to end up becoming Chen Qianqing prevailed, as if Chen Qianqing’s leg had been broken once... Lu Zhengfei really did not take him any way, Chen Qianqing... It’s like changing someone.

When it comes to changing individuals, Lu Zhengfei is a bit worried about Chen Qianqing's psychological problems. He thinks that if Chen Qianqing is ill when he is alone, he is not around Chen Qianqing. It is dangerous.

On this point, Lu Zhengfei is really worried about it - unfortunately, Lu Zhengfei is the biggest incentive to stimulate Chen Qianqing's illness. Of course, no one can say that even this is Lu Zhengfei’s good friend Xu Shaoren, who dare not tell Lu Zhengfei about this cruel fact.

Lu Zhengfei said: "I am not by your side, you take care of yourself."

Chen Qianqing said: "Well." Lu Zhengfei actually said these nonsense, don't be kidding, his favorite person in the world is his own body!

Lu Zhengfei said: "I will come out soon."

Chen Qianqing: "..."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Then I hang up, don't worry about me."

Chen Qianqing hangs up the phone without hesitation. He knows that Lu Zhengfei was locked up by his family. He did not know that he was visiting the prison! Moreover, what is called "Don't worry about me" does not have such concerns in him.

Chen Qianqing hung up Lu Zhengfei’s phone and slowly swayed back to the inn.

When Lu Zhengfei hangs up the phone, he always feels that something is wrong. He seriously thought about it and found that Chen Qianqing at the end of the phone could say that he had no attachment to him.This kind of cognition made Lu Zhengfei feel discouraged, but he was not a person who was easy to feel inferior, so in the end, he told himself that when he went out, Chen Qianqing could not ignore him - it was a poor and sad person.

Chen Qianqing played in D City for ten days, and went back until he started school.

When he arrived home, Chen Qingyang also came back to travel. Liu Huamei asked Chen Qianqing when he went to school. Chen Qianqing said that he would go in a few days.

Liu Huamei did not say anything after listening to it. He only told Chen Qianqing that when he was free, he would bring Lu Zhengfei to play.

Chen Qianqing listened to Liu Huamei’s words in his ears and turned around and forgot. Anyway, no matter what Lu Zhengfei did, he would forget it faster.

As Chen Qianqing initially guessed, Lu Zhengfei was finally released after being shut down for a month. This is probably not good news for Chen Qianqing.

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