Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 53 drunk people

Chapter 53 drunk people

Even Chen Qianqing did not expect that he was easily and easily settled by a bottle of beer.

It was too late when he found that his head was a little dizzy and he couldn’t control what he was talking about.

Wang Wulin did not expect that the amount of alcohol in some people could be so bad. A bottle of beer was not enough, but he was drunk, and he also said something unclear to him.

What is "You can't fight me"? Wang Wulin even began to wonder if he was really there and Chen Qianqing had seen it.

Chen Qianqing poured some wine into the cup. When people were drunk, the self-control force became worse. I just sipped the wine in a small mouth, and now I started to sip into my mouth.

Chen Qianqing poured a whole cup into the mouth, and then placed the cup in his hand on the table, directed at Wang Wulin’s heroic saying: “Drink!”

Wang Wulin slowly drank the wine in his glass.

Chen Qianqing started drinking the second cup again. Wang Wulin saw it and said: "You are drunk."

Chen Qianqing has no need to swing his hand, but his tone is somewhat vague: "No, no drunk."

Wang Wulin was dumb, and he did not expect to encounter such a strange person today. He was so open in front of strangers.

I don't blame Chen Qianqing for being careless. He knows Wang Wulin's sexuality clearly in his life, so he did not regard Wang Wulin as an opponent in his life. Instead, when he saw Wang Wulin, he remembered the real Chen Qianqing.

The wine is more simmering in the sputum, and in less than a moment, a bottle of beer will go down.

At this time, Wang Wuzhen, who was watching from the side, came over. She saw Chen Qianqing pick up the bottle opener and opened a bottle. After Wang Wulin and himself were filled in the cup, they all drank. .

Wang Wu said: "Brother?"

Wang Wulin was not good at words. He advised others that this kind of thing was rarely done. He saw Chen Qianqing drinking a lot of wine, just greeted the waiter to give back the remaining bottles of Chen Qianqing's table, and settled the account. When I saw Wang Wuzhen coming over, I frowned and said, "What good things you do."

Wang Wuxiao smiled: "Brother, this is not a joke, and you see it like this..."

Wang Wulin said: "He is drunk, what to do."

Wang Wuzhen only looked at Chen Qianqing, who was holding a glass of wine and refused to let go.

Although the lights in the bar are very dim, anyone can see how Chen Qianqing’s state is at this time. She said: "Brother, do you really like men? This is very good for drinking alcohol."

Wang Wulin: "..." Can he say that he and Chen Qianqing did not say a few words at all?

Wang Wu said: "But the quality of this person is not bad, do you really think about it?"

Wang Wulin’s faceless expression of Wang Wuyi’s eyes, Wang Wu’s shoulders were reduced to the horse’s shoulders. “Well, just look for a hotel and throw it in. I’m afraid of you.”

Chen Qianqing finished the rest of the wine in the cup and began to look for wine on the table. After looking for a long time, she didn't touch it. Unhappy, muttered: "Wine."

The reason why Wang Wuzhen will come to talk is because she likes Chen Qianqing. Although Chen Qianqing told him that he likes men, his heart is still a little bit unwilling. She said: "Brother, does he really like men?"

Wang Wu Lin heard the sound.Wang Wuqi sighed: "This year, good men are going to like men. No wonder I can't find a boyfriend."

Wang Wulin knew that his sister was not reliable. He said: "You go back first, I will send him to the hotel."

Wang Wuzhen still wants to say something, but after Wang Wulin’s fierce gaze, he grinds and slams. Still agreed with Wang Wulin's proposal, and a few friends are unwilling to leave.

Before leaving, don't forget that Wang Wulin should pay attention to safety, remember to wear a set.

Wang Wulin had no way to be a sister to himself. He simply ignored it and helped Chen Qianqing to come out of the bar.

Chen Qianqing's whole person is groggy. After people are drunk, it is easy to expose some good emotions that are usually suppressed. For example, Chen Qianqing at the moment, the most wanted thing is to kill himself.

Wang Wulin just took Chen Qianqing out of the door and heard Chen Qianqing say: "You... you are a fool!"

Wang Wulin asked: "Who are you?"

Chen Qianqing glanced at him with a squint: "Lu Zhengfei!"

The name Wang Wulin has heard that the son of Lujia’s third child, does Chen Qianqing have anything to do with the Lu family? Wang Wulin was thinking, suddenly found that there was a flash of light at the corner not far away. He only took a second and immediately reacted - it was a flash.

If it is normal, Wang Wulin will definitely chase it, but now he is relying on a drunkard. This drunk is still attacking Lu Zhengfei.

In desperation, Wang Wulin had to call Wang Wuzhen.

Wang Wuzhen just got out of the bar and was going to eat the nightingale and received a call from Wang Wulin. She listened to it when she heard it: "Brother, you are really afraid of being misunderstood by homosexuality."

Wang Wulin said: "Do you know someone called Chen Qianqing?" He long looked forward to some things in the army, so I would like to ask Wang Wuzhen.

Wang Wuzhen listened to the name and meditated for two seconds: "It's a bit familiar, but I can't remember."

Wang Wulin said: "That is right."

Wang Wuzhen came directly to the sentence, "Hey, lying," she continued: "I remembered! Chen Qianqing is not Lu Zhengfei's lover?! This can be met by us!"

Wang Wulin said: "Speak clearly."

Wang Wu said: "Lu Zhengfei, do you know? He went to the university to have a college student some time ago. I heard that it was called Chen Qianqing. I haven’t seen it before. I know so smart."

Wang Wulin did not know what to say. He looked at Chen Qianqing, who was drunk and unconscious, and said: "Wang Wuzhen, you said that you are itchy."

Wang Wuyi’s smile was two times. This is indeed what she got, but she couldn’t blame her. How can she think that she can meet “acquaintances” when she comes out to play!

Wang Wu said: "Brother... don't blame me, now the urgent task is to find out who dared to take your photo." There are several people who came out to play this time, although they all have a good relationship, but this is the heart. Whoever said it right?

Wang Wulin said: "Which people are you with?"

Wang Wuzhen took a long walk with the phone and said the names of several people around her.

Wang Wulin said: "You call the fish and ask where she is."Wang Wu snorted and called the man who was told by Wang Wulin.

Wang Wulin put the phone into his pocket, and looked at his eyes very angry at the beginning. Now Chen Qianqing, who has been expressionless, hesitated for a while and found a hotel nearby.

Chen Qianqing was not stunned, and was surrounded by Wang Wulin in his arms, quiet like a rabbit. His face was full of blush due to drunkenness, because of thirst, but also from time to time to look at the already very rosy lips. Wang Wulin half-holds Chen Qianqing. He only feels that this person is thin and can't do it. The chin can be seen at the tip of the chin, and the wine and the amount of alcohol are not so good. It is simply to dig him.

As soon as he entered the room, Wang Wulin put Chen Qianqing on the bed.

Chen Qianqing pulled Wang Wulin's sleeves and said with a serious face: "I really don't like you!"

Wang Wulin: "..." Nothing, I don't like you either.

Chen Qianqing said: "Where is your good place? Why does Qianqing like you... I am much more handsome than you..." After drinking the mantra, today he said what he wanted to say.

Wang Wulin listened to Chen Qianqing’s words but wanted to laugh. Why did Qian Qing like you, he is not Chen Qianqing himself.

Chen Qianqing continued: "Well, I admit that you are taller than me, but it is a little higher." As he spoke, he stretched out his index finger and thumb, which was awkward than a centimeter.

Wang Wulin: "Too little."

Chen Qianqing angered: "No more!"

Wang Wulin: "..." He shouldn't care about a drunkard.

At this time, Wang Wuzhen’s call came. Wang Wulin looked at Chen Qianqing and went to the corridor to pick up the phone.

Wang Wu said: "Brother, how do you know that your photo was taken by Bichi? I called her and asked her where she was. She said that she was eating a nightingale with Xiaocheng. I called Xiaocheng again. She really was In farting! Xiaocheng said that she had taken the bag and went back to the bar!"

Wang Wulin said: "I guess."

Wang Wu said: "What should I do?" She originally thought that Chen Qianqing was a passerby, so she did not put this matter in her mood. However, her friend Xiaoyu apparently recognized Chen Qianqing's identity, so she would look for a chance to go back to the bar to take pictures, but she did not expect to be discovered by Wang Wulin.

Wang Wulin said: "What do you do, ask me what to do?"

Wang Wu snorted: "If I knew that he was gay, would I still go to pick up?"

Wang Wulin said: "What did you pull me in the past?"

Wang Wu said: "Brother, how do you pull out the ruthless ruthlessness, why didn't you just abandon me when you were chatting with people? If I didn't pull you over, you would be so happy with people!"

Wang Wulin: "..." He really couldn't understand how his sister could be so fluent in saying that his big man was too flustered.

Wang Wu said: "You can't be irresponsible! Although people are Lu Zhengfei's little lovers, but now is free love - not right, free to support!"

Wang Wulin cried coldly: "Wang Wuzhen."

Wang Wuzhen took a moment to rest, she cried and said: "Well, I am wrong. If my aunt asks, I will say that Chen Qianqing is my friend...just let people hold it."Wang Wulin said: "You are looking for someone to ask Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing."

Wang Wuzheng said: "Brother - you will not really be interested in him." She is just unscrupulous because she knows her brother's sexual orientation, if she does not care about Wang Wulin Bent the bend, her parents did not kill her.

Wang Wulin said: "You guess." Then I hung up the phone.

Wang Wuzhen at the other end of the phone showed a look of falling face.

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