Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 51 Two people negotiating

Chapter 51 Two people negotiating

In the last life, Chen Qianqing and Han Huaiyun had a lot of dealings. When he was a teenager, he began to work with the land. Until now, he has been doing it for more than twenty years. Because of trusting Han Huaiyun, Lu Zhonggan had handed over many things to him. When Lu Zhengfei was studying family affairs, Han Huaiyun was also considered to be half of his teacher.

Although Han Huaiyun has been following Lu Zhengfei more than Lu Zhonggan, he is only a relatively soft personality in his thirties. In dealing with many things, he is much better than Lu Chong.

However, Chen Qianqing vaguely remembered that it was not Han Huaiyun who was actually talking about this, but Lu Zhengfei’s parents. After they knew what Lu Zhengfei had done, they gave the real Chen Qianqing compensation very simply—of course, most of them were financial.

Huang Yuping and Lu Zhonggan originally thought that they would lock up their son. After a few years, they should have forgotten Chen Qianqing, but they were all miscalculated. So when Lu Zhengfei announced that he was determined to be with Chen Qianqing, his relationship with his family also reached. Freezing, except rarely, rarely goes home.

When Han Huaiyun came to C City, it was a sunny day. After a week of snow, he finally stopped. The warm sun shines on the thick snow, which is particularly eye-catching.

Chen Qianqing wore a blue and white down jacket and a scarf, so she went out.

The location agreed by Han Huaiyun and Chen Qianqing is a coffee shop in the city center. Chen Qianqing is not familiar with c city, so he went out after receiving a phone call from Han Huaiyun.

Half an hour later, Chen Qianqing arrived at the place they had agreed to, and Han Huaiyun, wearing a gray trench coat, was already sitting inside.

When Chen Qianqing walked in, Han Huaiyun’s gaze was cast in – he had already seen Chen Qianqing in the photo.

Unlike the people on the photo, the person in front of the eyes seems to have lost the childishness, but it seems to be somewhat dead. Han Huaiyun looked at Chen Qianqing and waved at Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing walked over to Han Huaiyun, who was sitting in the corner, and sat down opposite him.

Han Huaiyun said: "It's cold outside, what to drink?"

Chen Qianqing doesn't like to drink coffee. He used to have a good sleep quality. If he drinks coffee, he really doesn't want to sleep. He said, "Come on hot milk."

Han Huaiyun did not say anything, and asked the waiter to order Chen Qianqing a cup of hot milk.

Chen Qianqing’s attitude seemed to be somewhat careless. He did not feel embarrassed when he first met a stranger. He sat there as if he and Han Huaiyun had seen many old friends.

Han Huaiyun originally thought that Chen Qianqing would be somewhat cautious, but did not expect Chen Qianqing to be so calm. The beautiful young man in front of his eyes was all indifferent, and he could not see a trace of embarrassment in the eyes of the people - this is definitely not pretending. Indifferent.

It is a very special person. Han Huaiyun has a premonition. He proposed to handle this matter himself, which is the right choice.

The milk was sent quickly, and Chen Qianqing took a sip and took the cup in his hand, warming the frozen red palm.

Han Huaiyun said: "You are not wearing gloves?"

Chen Qianqing said: "I don't like wearing gloves."Han Huaiyun said: "Well, let's formally know, my name is Han Huaiyun, and I am the assistant of Lu Zhengfei's father."

Chen Qianqing listened and didn't talk.

Han Huaiyu continued: "He and your business have been known by the family. I have already understood the general events. What do you think about this?"

Chen Qianqing lowered his eyes and looked at the hot milk in his hand. He said: "From the end result, we should not have any difference. I also hope that Lu Zhengfei can let me go."

Han Huaiyun stared at Chen Qianqing silently. After a while, he said: "Although it is very rude, I still want to know, you really, is it not voluntary?"

Chen Qianqing slowly lifted his head and confronted Han Huaiyun’s eyes. He said: “It seems that you are still not clear enough.”

Han Huaiyun said: "Please forgive me for asking this question, but in fact, if you don't get one thing in the world, your price is not high enough."

Chen Qianqing said: "Including life?"

Han Huaiyun laughed: "Yes."

Chen Qianqing also laughed. He used to think so until he lost the person he loved.

Chen Qianqing said: "Maybe you are right, but from now on, Lu Zhengfei can't afford to get my price." Even if Lu Zhengfei wanted to exchange his life for Chen Qianqing's forgiveness, Chen Qianqing still chose to die. Lu Zhengfei could not afford the price that Chen Qianqing wanted, so he could not get Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing said: "In fact, it is useless to talk to me. As long as Lu Zheng is willing to let go, I will never look back."

Han Huaiyun said: "If you do this, it would be better."

Before Han Huaiyun came to Chen, he made a comprehensive investigation. From Chen Qianqing's childhood to the previous month, he almost knew every major event in Chen Qianqing's life.

The Chen Qianqing, who can be seen in front of him, is very different from the people in his data.

Chen Qianqing said: "Is this thing? It’s really hard for you to run around."

Han Huaiyun said: "Of course, we are willing to give some compensation to what Lu Zhengfei has done for you."

Chen Qianqing said: "How much?"

Han Huaiyun said: "Five million, and a chance to study abroad, of course, not a country." - It seems that he also asked Wen Hong to understand the situation.

Chen Qianqing said: "Very good, I am very satisfied." In this conversation, Chen Qianqing's attitude is somewhat careless from beginning to end, as if it is not about his own affairs.

Han Huaiyun said: "We can also provide you with comprehensive psychological treatment."

Chen Qianqing smiled and said: "You know so much."

Han Huaiyun did not speak. When he came, he was still thinking about whether Chen Qianqing really did not have any interest in Lu Zhengfei as the information said. Now chatting with Chen Qianqing for a while, he has determined his own judgment - Chen Qianqing is really completely unfamiliar with Lu Zhengfei.

Also, as a man with a sound personality, if you are not tempted by the things around Lu Zhengfei, it is best to leave nature.

But in this world, how many people can't be tempted?When the money and power that you have struggled for in your life are put in front of you, how many people can stick to their own principles and leave without hesitation?

Han Huaiyun followed Lu Zhonggan for more than 20 years. These pickled things have seen a lot. He also saw many people who were forced at first, and then succumbed to the right of money.

Although Lu Zhengfei has not yet in charge of Lu Jia, he can be seen from his generosity to see his emphasis on Chen Qianqing. So when Chen Qianqing expresses his wish to leave Lu Zhengfei simply, Han Huaiyun actually produced this person. interest.

But what shouldn't be said, Han Huaiyun will not say more, so he just looked at Chen Qianqing and fell into silence.

Chen Qianqing said: "When will Lu Zhengfei be released? Can you guarantee that he will not harass me?"

Han Huaiyun said: "I can't." No one except Lu Zhengfei's parents can, even if Chen Qianqing is out of the country, but if Lu Zhengfei is not kept at home, he definitely has the ability to find the past.

Chen Qianqing guessed the answer early on. Lu Zhengfei’s family’s major events were all dealt with by Lu, but in the education of Lu Zhengfei, Huang Yuping would never let Lu Zhonggan alone. This time they sent Han Huaiyun, just to see what kind of person Chen Qianqing is, and Lu Zhengfei did not come out as fiercely as the previous generation, and naturally would not make Lu Zhengfei’s parents feel threatened.

This is really a bad situation.

Han Huaiyun said: "But please don't worry, Lu Zhengfei's father is very angry with him about this. In the near future, he probably won't harass you again."

Lu Zhongqian is also considered a half-military. After knowing that his son actually forced a man, it is absolutely false to say no.

Chen Qianqing knows Lu’s character very well, so he understands that Han Huaiyun did not lie to him.

Chen Qianqing rubbed his glasses with his fingers: "That would be better."

Han Huaiyu said: "It’s all young people. If you are fresh, you are not so interested." - From now on, almost everyone thinks so.

Before Lu Zhengfei did not show his determination, his pursuit of Chen Qianqing, like the cat pursuit of the line, seems to be only a hobby. When another cat appears, the coils will naturally be thrown aside.

It is a pity that for Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing has never been a clew.

Chen Qianqing did not say what he knew. He just looked at Han Huaiyun’s familiar and strange face and sighed heavily.

Chen Qianqing would like to ask Lu Chuangqian and Huang Yuping how good it is, but he knows that he has no qualifications. Perhaps the next time I met, Lu Zhonggan and Huang Yuping looked into his eyes, leaving only malicious.

Returning to the world, he seems to have lost all his precious things.

Han Huaiyun and Chen Qianqing are both silent, but the atmosphere is not embarrassing. It is like an old friend. Until the coffee bottoms out, Han Huaiyun stands up and says, "Then I will go first."

Chen Qianqing nodded.Han Huaiyun called the waiter to buy the order. Before he left, he hesitated for a while and said: "You remember my private number. If there is anything in the future, you can call me."

Chen Qianqing said: "Can things that have nothing to do with Lu Zhengfei?"

Han Huaiyun nodded. I don't know why, he and Chen Qianqing did not say two words, but there is a feeling that they have known for a long time.

Chen Qianqing heard a smile, but did not quit, but took out the phone and wrote the phone number of Han Huaiyun.

After Han Huaiyun left, Chen Qianqing took another moment to get up and walked out to the sunny door.

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