Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu



A phone call by Wen Wenhong confirmed Chen Qianqing’s guess.

Since Lu Zhengfei was locked up by his parents, the travel plan they had originally agreed to would naturally be lost.

However, although he did not go with Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing planned to go by himself.

On the third day of the third year, Chen Qingyang’s eldest daughter Chen Qingyu’s only child, Chen Hao came back from where he went to work.

It is generally accepted that the train tickets for the Spring Festival are difficult to buy. For Chen Hao, who has been working for a few years, going home is sometimes a luxury.

Chen Qianqing was so impressed with this cousin. After the accidents of Chen Qianqing’s parents in the previous life, their aftermath was handled by this young man. Chen Zhen did not know the relationship between Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing. Lu Zhengfei also sent people to the past. At that time, Lu Zhengfei directly called two million, saying that as long as he had so much money, he would not pursue the driver who killed Chen Qianqing’s parents. At the time, Lu Zhengfei had a headache because of Chen Qianqing’s troubles. He had no patience and negotiations with Chen Hao. Although he did not directly lead to the death of Chen Qianqing’s parents, if they did not come to a city for Chen Qianqing’s rush, he would not die. On the way to the airport high speed.

It is not clear that Lu Zhengfei, the family of two million Chen Qianqing, is divided. The only thing he knows is that he took two million Chen Hao and did not try to contact Chen Qianqing again.

With these memories about Chen Hao, Chen Qianqing’s attitude towards this cousin is somewhat ruthless.

Chen Qingyang and Liu Huamei naturally cannot know this, so I really like this nephew.

Chen Hao also brought some specialties to his family to work, and the family sent a bag.

Chen Qianqing's spirit is not good, and he doesn't like the noisy voice. So when the family talks, he rests in the bedroom. Liu Huamei starts to worry a little. He wants to take Chen Qianqing to the hospital for examination. Chen Qianqing explained that he is just a little tired. After a break, she only let go of her heart.

Chen Qianqing tried to avoid chatting with his family. After all, he was not really Chen Qianqing. If they asked what questions they had, it would be bad if they didn't answer them.

As a result, when I was eating this day, Chen Yu said: "Qian Qing, are you a sophomore year? Do you want to do something later?"

Chen Qianqing lowered his head and ate the rice without a ride. He heard Chen’s words: "I will never starve."

Chen Weidao: "How can the grades be so depressed? When I was a sophomore, I started to plan for my work!"

Chen Qianqing said: "Oh."

The scene has become a bit embarrassing. Every year in the New Year, these parents are always in short, but Chen Qianqing is not willing to speak. In the face of Chen Yu’s question, he is also somewhat absent-minded.

Liu Huamei said helplessly: "Qian Qing, your brother is talking to you, you listen."

Chen Hao’s face was awkward. He said, “Auntie, don’t say Qian Qing, he’s still a child. I’m not very sensible when I was a sophomore.”

Chen Xiaohui’s mouth is much sweeter than Chen Qianqing. She said: “Big brother, are you going to buy a car? You are really amazing.”

Chen Xiao smiled and said: "This is not inconvenient for the Spring Festival. I want to buy a car and drive back when I arrive. Qian Qing, this time is the number back? Sitting train?"Chen Qianqing wants to sigh again. He doesn't know what Chen Hao is thinking about. It is nothing more than earning a little money. He can finally go home and raise his eyebrows. He also has no intention to say anything, but chat and chat, can not pull What about him?

Chen Qianqing said: "Go back."

When Chen Hao heard it, his face was not very good. He originally wanted to train Chen Qianqing as an elder's identity, and he showed himself by the way, but Chen Qianqing did not give him face at all.

Chen Qianqing did not continue to talk to Chen Hao. He stood up directly and said, "Mom, I am full." Then he left.

After Chen Hao took a moment, he smiled and said: "Qian Qing's temper is getting harder and harder."

Liu Huamei also had no way to take Chen Qianqing, and had to play round: "He is a child, he has been jealous since childhood, like his father..." and then opened the subject.

After the Spring Festival, Chen Qianqing began to prepare for travel, d city is definitely going to go, but since time is so abundant, it is better to turn around the surrounding attractions.

Liu Huamei thought that Chen Qianqing was still going with his classmates. She asked Chen Qianqing who she was going to go, and Chen Qianqing reported Lu Zhengfei’s name.

Liu Huamei listened to Lu Zhengfei, and she was relieved. She was very good at Lu Zhengfei. Besides, she was a boy. It was not easy to have an accident, but she still had a lot of precautions about Chen Qianqing.

Liu Huamei said that Chen Qianqing would listen.

Chen Qingyang also wants to travel, because Liu Huamei is not willing to go, Chen Qianqing has made an appointment with his classmates, so Chen Qingyang took Chen Qingyu as a sister to occupy a quota. Originally, Chen Xiaohui wanted to go, but Chen Qianqing was stalked from it, and she did not make it.

Lu Zhengfei was still at home, and a phone call could not be made. Chen Qianqing packed up his luggage and planned to leave after the Spring Festival holiday.

This year's extraordinarily cold, the snow stopped for two days and then began to continue. When Chen Qianqing's spirit is good, he will go out to run and refine his body. If his spirit is not good, he will stay at home all day, and roast the stove as a rice worm.

After Chen Qianqing bought the ticket and bought everything, Wen Wenhong’s notice call came over – nothing more than telling Chen Qianqing that Lu Zhengfei was locked up.

Chen Qianqing is very happy. Although Lu Zhengfei has not been locked up for three years as in his last life, he must not be able to run for a month, and if he guessed it correctly, Huang Yuping and Lu Chonggan will definitely send people to this time. He touched and learned what it was.

Lu Zhonggan will definitely not allow Lu Zhengfei to take the road. Chen Qianqing feels that this is a good opportunity.

Chen Qianqing’s ticket was bought in a dozen or so, but luck was a bit bad. Even the falling blizzard caused the airport to stop flying. He had no choice but to take the ticket back and wait for the heavy snow.

After the end of the year, the home was deserted.

While waiting for the snow stop, Chen Qianqing’s childhood sweetheart Yuan Zhitao gave Chen Qianqing a phone call and greeted Chen Qianqing on the phone.

In fact, what she most wants to ask is whether Chen Qianqing still likes men. Chen Qianqing also understands what she is thinking, and the words "sorry" appear directly in her mouth.

Yuan Zhitao was quiet on the phone for a long time before he sighed: "I understand."Chen Qianqing took a sniff and he had a cold recently.

Yuan Zhitao said: "I saw that person in the magazine...that is the one you brought back last time." She actually remembers Lu Zhengfei's name, but she does not want to say it.

Chen Qianqing said: "Well."

Yuan Zhitao said: "You and his match... Hey, if you don't like men, how many women like you."

Chen Qianqing said: "Nothing, there are a lot now."

Yuan Zhitao laughed: "How did you not find yourself so shameless before?" Chen Qianqing is rarely joking with people, let alone such jokes. If someone told her that Chen Qianqing would like a man, she estimated that the two slaps would go up. - Is it good to make a bad mouth?

It is a pity that the facts are facts and no one can change.

Yuan Zhitao said: "The change in your body is really big, and it used to be like two people..."

Chen Qianqing’s hand holding the phone was tight.

Yuan Zhitao said: "If I was joking with you before, you must be jealous of me."

Chen Qianqing said: "Do you like the past or the present?"

Yuan Zhitao’s laughter came over: “I like it... but I feel like you are now, more... How do you say that everything is in your hands, it’s a real man.”

Chen Qianqing thought, because it was because Chen Qianqing had not grown up and he had already been killed by him.

The two talked about something, and Yuan Zhitao said that he would come to Chen Qianqing to play in the next semester. Chen Qianqing also agreed. After hanging up the phone, he pulled a piece of paper and wiped the nose that had flowed out. What about the man again, a cold runny nose is not the same nose red, out of gas.

It’s like God is going to be right with Chen Qianqing. It’s been a whole week of snow, and all the surrounding areas are covered by white. When I go out, the snow is on the calf – this is very rare in c.

The children in City C have never seen snow, so Chen Qianqing often sees a lot of children wearing clothes and gloves, rolling in the snow like crazy, or holding a snowball to hit a snowball, or a snowman, like not afraid of cold same.

Chen Qianqing occasionally wore thick, and sat by the window watching.

Liu Huamei saw him like this and sighed: "It’s like a little old man."

Chen Qianqing laughed but did not answer. He just remembered something that was unpleasant and unpleasant.

Chen Qianqing originally intended to sneak out before Lu Zhengfei’s parents sent him to find him. The result was like God wants to fix him. On the day before the snow stopped, Chen Qianqing received a call.

It is a strange number, the attribution shows a city, Chen Qianqing picks up, the head is a strange man's voice, very polite, but also with a little cold meaning, he said: "Hello, is Mr. Chen Qianqing?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Yes, it is me."

He said: "My name is Han Huaiyun, and Lu Zhengfei's parents hope that I can talk to you."

Chen Qianqing was a bit surprised, and he was a little surprised that his aunt actually valued himself so much that he was the one who directly asked Lu Zhonggan to pay most attention to him.

Chen Qianqing said: "Where, when?"Han Huaiyun did not expect Chen Qianqing to be so simple, he said: "Can you see it tomorrow? The location is in c city."

Chen Qianqing said: "Yes."

Han Huaiyun said: "I will probably go to C City tomorrow morning. Can I call you later? I hope your mobile phone can be turned on."

This person is still as boring as ever. Chen Qianqing responded with a call and hung up the phone.

Not only is he not afraid of Huang Yuping and Lu Zhonggan to come to talk to him, but he hopes that they will come soon.

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