Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 49 I heard that you came out

Chapter 49 I heard that you came out

After Lu Zhengfei went back, he did not give Chen Qianqing a phone call or a text message for several days. The whole person seemed to have disappeared.

His last call was made by Lu Zhengfei after he got off the plane and then in Wenhong’s car.

Chen Qianqing didn't care about it at first, but when he found that Lu Zhengfei had no news for nearly a week, he guessed what was happening - Lu Zhengfei and his affairs may have been discovered by Lu Zhengfei's parents.

Although Lu Zhengfei's father did not follow the army, but he lived in a military family from a young age, his temper would not naturally go there. His mother, although he was rarely angry, could encounter principled problems and would not be accustomed to Lu Zhengfei.

When Lu Zhengfei came out of the cabinet, he was squandered by his dad. After knowing that he actually forced a young man from a white house, he almost did not live to kill Lu Zhengfei.

As a result, Chen Qianqing also lived a quiet life.

For Lu Zhengfei's loss of association, Chen Qianqing has a variety of speculations, but the most likely of these is what Lu Zhengfei knows at home.

In fact, Chen Qianqing is also a guess.

After Lu Zhengfei came home, he secretly went to c city to see Chen Qianqing's things and was thrown out.

Lu Zhengfei's sister Lu Yiqin, the brother of the control, knew that Lu Zhengfei was not willing to go with his family. When he went to C City to see Chen Qianqing's fox, the whole person's emotions were out of control.

Chen Qianqing, who was scorned in front of her parents, was ashamed and shameless. He was a little white face and stinking. Of course, some of them felt that Lu Zhengfei was tempted by Chen Qianqing to lead to unclear debate.

Lu Yiqin’s idea was to hang Chen Qianqing, but in fact, she first pitted her beloved brother.

After Lu Zhengfei’s mother heard the words of her own daughter, she almost did not spray the water out of her mouth.

Lu Zhengfei’s father, Lu Chongqian, reacted even more and shouted directly: “Go and call your brother!”

Lu Yiqin looked at his parents with tears and said: "Dad, don't fight brother, he is just hurt, and he blames the fox."

Lu Zhonggan’s face was gloomy. He said, “You call him first!”

Then, just after returning home, Lu Zhengfei, who is still suffering from low fever, was called.

Lu Zhengfei looked at his parents' faces and looked at his own sister's timid expression. He almost understood what happened. He went to: "Dad, what happened?"

Lu Zhonggan said: "Where did you go yesterday?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "I went to the city of C to talk about a business, what happened?"

Lu Zhonggan said: "Are you sure you are going to talk about business, not to do something messy?"

In the last life, Lu Zhengfei wanted to come out of the cabinet, so naturally he did not intend to cover up his relationship with Chen Qianqing. But in this life, Lu Yiqin took things out. Lu Zhengfei and his father are a temper, and they say that they are stubborn. It’s awkward to say that it’s awkward.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Dad, what do you mean by this?"

Huang Yuping said: "No, your dad has been busy with things in Europe recently. I don't care about you. You are so big, you have to know the scale."Lu Zhengfei smiled: "Mom, I can't understand what you are saying, is it what I said to you?"

Huang Yuping said: "What she said is not important. What is important is that Chen Qianqing, this person, do you know?"

The smile on Lu Zhengfei's face faded. He blinked Lu Yiqin and said, "Mom, I have a measure."

Lu Yiqin was so stunned by Lu Zhengfei and snorted. Lu Zhengfei was very fond of her from childhood to childhood. Almost all her requirements would be met, but this situation changed after Chen Qianqing came. Lu Yiqin always remembers because she last time To bully Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei was wanted, and Lu Zhengfei found an excuse to open it.

Lu Zhonggan said: "Do you have a sense of proportion? Will there be a measure of running in the New Year? Even the ancestors are almost late, Lu Zhengfei, I think you are itchy!"

Lu Zhengfei looked at his parents without words, and he knew that he must not be able to go on.

Sure enough, Lu Zhonggan picked up the phone and made a phone call. He didn't know who to call. The face was getting more and more ugly. After hanging up the phone, he almost didn't have the phone in his hand to Lu Zhengfei's face: "Lu Zhengfei, you can what!"

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Huang Yuping saw Lu Zhonggan so angry, asked: "Old Lu, what happened?"

Lu Zhonggan said to Huang Yuping: "Look at your good son. If you let others know that I have raised a strong rapist in Lujia, I will post it to others. What is my face?"

In fact, he also knows the hidden rules in the circle, but he did not expect his son to be so disappointing. After seeing people for almost a year, they have not yet won. Some time ago, they interrupted their legs and sent them to the hospital. Now! If this is a woman's land, the anger is not that big, but Lu Zhengfei is still watching the big masters!

Lu Zhengfei said: "Dad, and he is in love with him..."

Lu Zhonggan: "You fart! Love you to send people to the hospital every day?"

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

When Huang Yuping heard Lu Zhonggan’s words, she did not laugh. She said: “Lu Zhengfei, you give me a good explanation.”

Lu Zhengfei knew that he could not escape, so he began to explain. This kind of situation is almost intimate with the time when Lu Zhengfei came out of the cabinet.

At that time, Lu Zhengfei’s attitude was not so soft, and his attitude was not so low. He said that he was the one with the most sloppy image and told his parents that he could best pick up their anger. Anyway, the last sentence to describe Lu Zhengfei’s parents’ feelings is - We didn't kill you alive, indicating that we loved you.

Now, after Wen’s reminder and a series of things, Lu Zhengfei naturally knows what to do, so he is showing weakness when facing parents’ questions.

However, even if Lu Zhengfei showed weakness, Lu Zhonggan was also angry enough. Although he did not do it, he also pointed to Lu Zhengfei’s nose and swears. If it wasn’t blocked by Huang Yuping, it’s estimated that he would go up.

The final result, it can be said that it is already very good, Huang Yuping hate iron is not a steel road: "You go to reflect on it."

Lu Zhengfei sighed and stood up from the ground.

Topaz said: "Leave your phone!"

Lu Zhengfei took out his mobile phone from his pocket and said, "Mom, don't bother him. He is really innocent."Huang Yu’s breath gave Lu Zhengfei’s head a moment: “You still think about him at this time? Lu Zhengfei, I can’t bear your dad to beat you, but I will be willing to come!”

Lu Zhengfei smiled, and blinked Lu Yiqin, who had already seen his eyes, and entered the bedroom.

Lu Yiqin can't believe that the person in front of her is her brother! When he was a teenager, his attitude was not so soft when he was almost smashed by a knife. Today, this low-pitched, gentle-faced person is really Lu Zhengfei? She is not mistaken!

Huang Yuping sighed: "Old land, first send people to find out, don't make mistakes at the time, wrong and wrong."

Lu Zhonggan was cold-faced: "What can I do wrong? He admitted it!"

Huang Yuping said: "His temper, you still don't know? You can't do the same, you can't pull back ten cows!"

Lu Zhonggan snorted.

Topaz said: "It’s not a big deal to play when you are young. Is it forced or not?" She was used to these things, so she was not too concerned.

Lu Zhonggan said: "You will be pampered, pets sooner or later!"

Huang Yuping said: "Isn't that just playing a man? Lu Zhonggan, when you were young, you were still a famous playboy in the circle! Have you played a man??

Lu Zhonggan was dumb and strongly argued: "I won't be fine after I got married!"

Huang Yuping pointed his finger at the brain and said: "If you are not good, can you live today?"

Lu Zhonggan laughed twice and didn't talk.

Well, it seems that from a genetic point of view, the Lu family has the potential to be a wife.

Because the parents discovered their relationship with Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei was forced to hand over the mobile phone and began to confine the time when he did not know where the head was, but it seems that the plan for the Spring Festival travel is to be ruined.

The travel plan is actually only a trivial matter. What makes Lu Zhengfei feel uneasy is that he is afraid that his parents will find Chen Qianqing and tell him something that is not there.

Lu Zhengfei's parents can be more worried than Wen Hong, and there is no need to worry about Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei tried to get people to take the news outside. Finally, after being detained for ten days, he finally let people explain something to Wen Xiaohong.

Yan Wenhong didn't know what to say to his completely cousin. He didn't believe in love. Naturally, he couldn't understand what Lu Zhengfei was so tossing, but he saw that he had been locked up by his parents for many years. He still listened to Lu Zhengfei and gave Chen Qianqing a call.

Chen Qianqing was packing up at the time—yes, because he guessed that Lu Zhengfei was shut down, and he and Lu Zhengfei’s travel plans were ruined, so he planned to go to other places to play at this time.

Wen Wenhong said: "Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei let me tell you that he was locked up by his parents and could not accompany you out to play!" In fact, Lu Zhengfei only asked him to say the following sentence, the front is his own.

Chen Qianqing said: "Oh."

Yan Wenhong: "Do you react this??"

Chen Qianqing: "What should I do?"

Wen Wenhong said: "Well, why did he get locked up?!"

Chen Qianqing said: "In addition to the reasons for the failure of the cabinet, why?"Yan Wenhong: "...Is you let him out of the cabinet? You are too bad!"

Chen Qianqing said: "I guess."

Yan Wenhong: "Then why don't you guess how long he has been released!"

Chen Qianqing is thinking for a moment: "At least three years after taking the initiative to come out, you will be forced out of the cabinet next month."

Yan Wenhong: "..."

The result is Chen Qianqing, who really guessed it.

Just one month later, Lu Zhengfei was released.

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