Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 47 The people who left

Chapter 47 The people who left

Yes, Chen Qianqing is such a must report.

The last time Chen Wenqing got out of it, Chen Qianqing always remembered that there would be an opportunity to find Wen Chun once, and he would naturally not be soft.

Wen Wenhong said: "Chen Qianqing... Are you serious?"

Chen Qianqing did not speak. After a while, he gave a pleasant laugh. When Wen Hong heard the laughter of Chen Qianqing, he knew that he was being tidy. He was not angry. Instead, he felt relieved: "Tell the phone to Lu Zhengfei." I have something to do with him."

Chen Qianqing held a phone in his hand and turned his head and looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was still asleep. He said: "He has a fever, and he just fell asleep."

Yan Wenhong: "..." He did not want to misunderstand Chen Qianqing's meaning, but Chen Qianqing's words made him have to misunderstand! What is a fever, still sleeping? ! It is clear that the kid was still fine yesterday!

Chen Qianqing seems to know what Wen Wenhong is thinking. He said: "He was cold when he came yesterday."

Yan Wenhong probably understood what was going on. He sighed: "...you told him that if he couldn’t get back, I couldn’t help his parents."

Chen Qianqing sighed: "Is there something else?"

Yan Wenhong said: "Chen Qianqing, if you really don't like Lu Zhengfei, don't let him misunderstand it?" Through Chen and Chen Qianqing, he felt that Chen Qianqing was not like a 21-year-old college student.

Chen Qianqing smiled softly. He said: "When Wen Hong, you feel, I don't compromise, Lu Zhengfei will let me go?"

Yan Wenhong frowned.

Chen Qianqing said: "You are wrong." - No one knows himself better than him.

Yan Wenhong said: "I don't want to intervene in your affairs, but Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei, this fool is actually going out for you at home. Do you know what it means?" Although he does not play boys, they play boys in the circle. There are quite a few people, but most of them are just playing and no one is taking it seriously.

Chen Qianqing said: "Of course I know, this means that he is stupid."

阮温宏语塞, he did not want to rip the face with Lu Zhengfei, so did not move Chen Qianqing, but the mouth can not take up Chen Qianqing's cheap, often do not know what to say by Chen Qianqing.

Yan Wenhong said helplessly: "Yes, I said but you, you remember telling Lu Zhengfei, he will not come back, then don't come back."

Chen Qianqing listened to the sound of hang up and threw the phone to the side.

Yan Wenhong’s words are not a joke. Unlike Chen Qianqing’s family, Lu Zhengfei’s family rules are stricter. This is particularly evident in the New Year.

On the first day of the New Year, when I went to the ancestors to sweep the grave, if Lu Zhengfei’s parents found out that he slipped back to the country for a man, it is not a simple matter.

Chen Qianqing squinted and looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was not breathing smoothly. He slowly extended his index finger and touched Lu Zhengfei’s cold nose – this is young.

Lu Zhengfei was very sleepy. When he started to hang the needle, he was close to eight o'clock. It is already nine o'clock. If it is a plane at ten o'clock, it will not be delayed until now.

Lu Zhengfei is now lying in bed, which means he can't go back on time.Chen Qianqing closed his eyes, and his mind emerged when he came out of the cabinet, his father’s angry expression, the mother’s suppressed tears, and the whip’s feeling of being on his body.

Chen Qianqing suddenly smiled, and he whispered: "Lu Zhengfei... This is what you deserve."

When it was between 20 minutes and 10 o'clock, Lu Zhengfei woke up. His expression was a bit stunned, his face still had a clear blush, but his consciousness was already awake.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qianqing... What happened to me?"

Chen Qianqing saw Lu Zhengfei and put the porridge he just bought on the bed. He said, "Are you awake? Eat something."

Lu Zhengfei’s head was still hurting. When he got up from the bed, he found that he was still dripping on his hand. He went to: "What time is it?"

Chen Qianqing said: "9:30."

Lu Zhengfei's face became a bit ugly, he said: "I fainted?"

Chen Qianqing snorted and handed the spoon to Lu Zhengfei: "First eat something."

Lu Zhengfei took the spoon and started to drink porridge.

Chen Qianqing said: "Your cousin, Wen Hong, just gave me a call."

Lu Zhengfei has already guessed what Wen Wenhong said. He sighed: "Do you want me to go back?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Yes, I also said that if you don't go back, don't go back."

Lu Zhengfei knows that Wen Wenhong is a fire. In the eyes of Wen Hong, in order to run a man so far, Lu Zhengfei is simply evil.

Lu Zhengfei hesitated for a while and said: "Qian Qing, I don't have a needle, I still have something to go back."

Chen Qianqing said: "Thirty minutes from here to the airport is not enough."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Nothing, I will change the sign."

Chen Qianqing quietly looked at Lu Zhengfei and said: "Is it worth it?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "What do you say?"

Chen Qianqing said: "For a person, running from that far, the result of a person staying at the hotel for one night, but also a fever, really worth it?"

Lu Zhengfei smiled: "Qian Qing, I see you, I feel the value."

The smile on Lu Zhengfei's face is splendid, but it makes Chen Qianqing feel so glaring. If, if he was young, he was not so stubborn, would everything be different?

Chen Qianqing did not stop Lu Zhengfei, but asked the doctor to help Lu Zhengfei remove the needle from his hand.

Lu Zhengfei was supported by Chen Qianqing outside the hospital. Chen Qianqing helped him to drive a car and watched him sit up.

Lu Zhengfei sat in the car and waved at Chen Qianqing: "Qian Qing, come over, I have something to say to you."

Chen Qianqing raised an eyebrow and just bent down, Lu Zhengfei grabbed his neck and kissed his lips.

Lu Zhengfei, who was ill, had no strength. Chen Qianqing quickly broke free. He looked at Lu Zhengfei unhappy: "You are looking for death."

Lu Zhengfei smiled and coughed while laughing: "I am leaving first."

Chen Qianqing slammed the door and watched the rental of Lu Zhengfei slowly. He sighed and opened the umbrella and slowly turned to go home.

Chen Qianqing’s heart seemed to have a sigh of relief. When he returned home, Liu Huamei was playing mahjong with relatives. She saw Chen Qianqing coming back and shouted: “Qian Qing, is it back? ”

Chen Qianqing nodded.Liu Huamei said: "I took some chicken soup, you go to the kitchen to have a drink, look at your face, so ugly."

Chen Qianqing felt very good when she went out in the morning, but now she is a little dizzy. He said: "Nothing, it is too early, I will take a break." After that, he returned to the bedroom and fell softly on the bed.

Sleep is a very important part of human health. Chen Qianqing has not slept well after returning home. It is very good to sleep for three hours a day. He sent Lu Zhengfei, but he began to feel uncomfortable.

Chen Qianqing touched the temperature of his forehead and felt it was okay, so he took off his clothes slowly and wrapped himself in the bed.

Lu Zhengfei should have arrived at the airport this time, but the plane at 10 o'clock is definitely not catching up.

Sure enough, Chen Qianqing received a call from Lu Zhengfei in a few minutes. On the phone, Lu Zhengfei simply said two words. The effect was that the ticket was changed to eleven o'clock, but it was affirmative.

Chen Qianqing had nothing to do with the ride, and the whole person was confused.

Later, Lu Zhengfei said that Chen Qianqing had no idea. He listened to Lu Zhengfei’s business and just slept in it until he woke up at twelve.

The phone talked for dozens of minutes, it seems that until Lu Zhengfei was on the plane, he hanged up the call.

When I heard Liu Huamei’s knocking on the door, Chen Qianqing’s expression was sitting up from the bed.

Liu Huamei said: "Qianqing, have lunch."

Chen Qianqing’s voice was a bit dumb. He said, “Mom, I am not hungry, you should eat it first.”

Liu Huamei said: "How can I not eat? Your kid will open the door to your mother."

Chen Qianqing didn't want to move, and perfunctored: "I really don't want to eat, I don't feel comfortable, I want to sleep more."

Liu Huamei is also a pet child. Hearing Chen Qianqing’s words hesitated, she said: “Then you will come over and eat later. This is how the New Year’s Day does not eat.”

Chen Qianqing snorted and buried his head in the quilt.

Liu Huamei’s footsteps went far. Chen Qianqing stared at the white ceiling on her head. Suddenly she felt dizzy. This dizziness made him even less want to move, but couldn’t sleep, so he lay his eyes on the bed for more than four hours.

In the afternoon, Chen Xiaohui came to ring the door of Chen Qianqing, and said outside the door: "Qianqing brother, my aunt told you to come out and eat something."

Because of the last incident, Chen Qianqing did not like to take care of Chen Xiaohui. When he heard Chen Xiaohui’s voice, his mood was even worse. He said, “Well, I know.”

Chen Xiaohui is still knocking at the door. She said: "Qianqing brother, do you really not eat it? My aunt specially gave you chicken soup."

Chen Qianqing was annoying to die. His temper was actually not good. After a middle age, he only slightly converged. At this moment, he was not comfortable. He heard Chen Xiaohui knocking on the door, and the fire came up instantly. He got up straight and squatted. Opening the door, screaming at Chen Xiaohui’s collar, said: "Are you rolling yourself, or am I throwing you out?"

Chen Xiaohui was scared. She admitted that she was deliberate, but she did not expect Chen Qianqing to be so rude.

Chen Qianqing: "Well?"When Chen Xiaohui wowed, he cried and screamed and said: "How can you do this to me?"

If Chen Qianqing is afraid of Chen Xiaohui crying, he is not Chen Qianqing. He doesn’t say much, and Chen Xiaohui walks to the door.

Chen Xiaohui is also a teenage girl. Although Chen Qianqing is in a bad state, she still has no way to take Chen Qianqing.

So the final outcome was that Chen Xiaohui was thrown out by Chen Qianqing until the adults returned, and it is estimated that they could not enter the door.

Chen Qianqing, however, returned to the warm bed.

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