Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 46 is ill to take medicine

Chapter 46 is ill to take medicine

The firecrackers were put on for an entire hour, until the street was almost a little quiet.

Chen Qianqing’s bedroom was lit with dim light. He lay on the bed and looked out through the window without the curtains.

In the dark streets, only the faint light of the street lights.

Everything around me was quiet, and everyone else at home was already asleep.

Chen Qianqing did not sleep. He was covered with a warm quilt, but he did not feel comfortable.

Some memories, when you think you have forgotten, find that you don't remember.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei who came from the snow, but he thought of what happened before he was born again. At that time, he was completely shut down for three years by his family. Although he could not be imprisoned, he definitely did not want to leave his parents' eyes. He resisted and got the result of being beaten by his father, so he learned to be forbearing and learned to compromise.

The son of Tianjiao, there is always some arrogance in the bones, even if it is not expressed on the face, but the details of life will always be revealed one or two. Lu Zhengfei originally thought that three years was enough to wipe out his love for Chen Qianqing. Young people like fresh things, and those strong emotions may just be because they want to ask for it - almost everyone defines his love for Chen Qianqing.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

When Chen Zhengfei, who was 30 years old, saw Chen Qianqing again, he almost understood it in an instant. He was not a human being in his life.

Three years later, their encounter again was on a snowy night. It seemed to be as cold as it is now. The memories that were already vague, but because of the stimulus today, became extraordinarily clear.

Lying in bed, he seemed to return to the cold night. He saw Chen Qianqing wearing a gray coat and holding an umbrella and slowly coming towards him. Chen Qianqing’s face was slightly red, and the beautiful lips evoked joy. The curvature, looks beautiful like a painting - then, Chen Qianqing saw him standing in the snow, the warm smile, instantly became a bubble.

Suddenly the text message sounds interrupted Chen Qianqing's thoughts. He picked up his mobile phone and saw that it was a text message sent by Lu Zhengfei. Lu Zhengfei wrote: Baby, go to bed early, good night.

Chen Qianqing did not return, just turned off the phone and lights, and indented into the bed. He was very sleepy, but he couldn't sleep, so he could only squint at the snow that was getting bigger and bigger outside the window, and the more and more bright lights.

I don't know how long it took, Chen Qianqing stumbled for a while, and couldn't sleep. He took the phone and looked at the time and found that it was only six o'clock.

At night in the winter, there is almost no difference between six o'clock and night.

Chen Qianqing hesitated for a moment, still got up and put on his clothes, carefully pushed open the bedroom door and went out.

Liu Huamei also got up. She had to prepare breakfast, so she usually started earlier. She saw Chen Qianqing from the bedroom. She shouted: "Qian Qing, why not sleep more?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Someth."

Liu Huamei said: "You want to go out? What is going out so early..."

Chen Qianqing said: "My classmates told me to go out and I came back for lunch at noon."On the first day of this year's New Year's Day, it is reasonable to say that the family should be together. Chen Qianqing does not pay attention to any rules. Therefore, when Liu Huamei heard Chen Qianqing say this, he only paused for a while and then he should pay attention to safety.

Chen Qianqing casually ate some dumplings cooked by Liu Huamei and went out with an umbrella.

Snow is bigger than yesterday, which is a rare sight in C City, but Chen Qianqing is no longer Chen Qianqing, who has never seen snow. So I watched this snow unconsciously excited. .

The foot stepped into the soft snow, and Chen Qianqing stepped forward to the hotel.

Lu Zhengfei lived on the 23rd floor. When Chen Qianqing got out of the elevator, he knocked on the door of the place where Lu Zhengfei lived.

The result was knocked out several times and there was no response in the room. Chen Qianqing thought about whether Lu Zhengfei was asleep and took a phone call to Lu Zhengfei.

The first phone showed no answer, and the second phone rang seven or eight times and Lu Zhengfei was picked up.

"Hey." - Lu Zhengfei opened his mouth and Chen Qianqing knew what was going on, because Lu Zhengfei’s voice from the phone was very hoarse, and he knew that the master of the voice was not good.

Chen Qianqing said: "Open the door, I am coming."

Lu Zhengfei was quiet for a while, and Chen Qianqing heard the sound of turning up from the bed from the phone, followed by Lu Zhengfei’s footsteps.

Lu Zhengfei was very difficult to open the door. When he was woken up by Chen Qianqing, he had a headache like a crack. He was boring and screaming. He heard Chen Qianqing’s words and it took a long time to understand what it meant.

The door opened, and Chen Qianqing walked in. Unexpectedly, he saw Lu Zhengfei with an unusual blush on his face.

Chen Qianqing said: "How is your face so red?"

When Lu Zhengfei opened the door, he felt that he could not go back to the bed, but he wanted to show weakness in front of Chen Qianqing, so he slowly shook his head against the wall: "I am fine."

Chen Qianqing did not say anything. He took Lu Zhengfei’s wrist and took him back to the bed.

Lu Zhengfei was naked in the upper part of his body. He wore black underwear in the lower body. A cup of Chen Qianqing pulled back to the bed like a noodle. The mouth still said: "I am fine..."

Chen Qianqing frowned, but he reached out and explored the temperature on Lu Zhengfei’s forehead – hot.

Lu Zhengfei fell to the bed and motionless, half-squinting, his voice was small and weak: "Qianqing, come see me."

Chen Qianqing is now seriously considering one thing. If he looks at Lu Zhengfei as a fool, is it better than saving?

The children who said that they would cry had milk to eat. That Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing were both dead and refused to cry. Chen Qianqing was wronged and would never tell Lu Zhengfei. Lu Zhengfei was not comfortable, and would not tell Chen Qianqing. Everyone wants to maintain their final dignity, but they don’t think how expensive it is to maintain this humble dignity.

Chen Qianqing touched Lu Zhengfei's forehead again. Ten minutes later, he sighed: "Put the clothes on, I will take you to the hospital."

Lu Zhengfei snorted twice, still did not speak.

Chen Qianqing frowned, or got up and took Lu Zhengfei's clothes and prepared to wear Lu Zhengfei.Lu Zhengfei has burnt a bit confused. His skin is not as white as Chen Qianqing. It is similar to the color of wheat. Usually, the blush is basically invisible, but now Chen Qianqing can clearly see that his entire face is red, accurately. Black, red, black and red.

Chen Qianqing put on his shirt and coat for Lu Zhengfei. His dressing technique is not good. Lu Zhengfei’s whole person looks crumpled.

But now it can't manage that much.

Chen Qianqing helped Lu Zhengfei, who had already been soft, and went downstairs very hard. He got a harder car and went straight to the hospital.

Lu Zhengfei said that the plane at 10 o'clock yesterday is estimated to be unable to catch up.

Chen Qianqing looked at the watch, 7:10, to the hospital is estimated to be 7:30.

After Lu Zhengfei got on the bus, he fell on Chen Qianqing's lap, his eyes were fascinated, and he seemed to be losing consciousness.

The driver in his fifties said, "What's wrong with this? Drinking and drinking?"

Chen Qianqing casually found an excuse: "No, play snow and have a fever."

The driver said: "Just wear such a dress, can you not have a fever? Hey, you young people, when you are young, you will be so tossed, and when you are old, you will regret it."

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei's thin sweater and shirt and didn't answer.

The driver and Chen Qianqing were driving while driving, and Chen Qianqing also had a match.

When he arrived at the hospital, Chen Qianqing took off his coat and went to Lu Zhengfei. After paying the money, he helped Lu Zhengfei.

To be honest, because there are special doctors in the family, unless there is a serious illness, they will come to the hospital very rarely. Even if someone comes to the hospital, someone can help him with the formalities. Therefore, Chen Qianqing can be said to be strange to registration.

After consulting, I waited for Lu Zhengfei to lie down on the bed and start infusion. It was already 20 minutes later.

The doctor did an inspection and said: "Thirty-nine degrees eight, this is about forty degrees, but it is good to send it in time, and burn it for a while. Maybe the pneumonia is burned out."

Chen Qianqing just went to the second floor to pay the fee, and walked back to the sixth floor on the stairs. He still had some asthma. He said: "Is it just a fever?"

The doctor said: "It seems that it is just a fever. If you don't feel relieved, you can do a comprehensive examination."

Chen Qianqing said: "Thank you."

Lu Zhengfei lying in bed with a little bit of his right hand, his eyes closed tightly, and he looked like he had already slept.

Chen Qianqing took back his coat, put it on, sat at Lu Zhengfei’s bed, and looked at the sleeping person in the bed—he still felt soft on himself. If it was the real Chen Qianqing, he would probably choose to watch Lu Zhengfei’s burning fool. .

Chen Qianqing stretched out his hand and tried to smoke. But in the end, he did not take the cigarette out of his pocket. He said: "Lu Zhengfei, self-made, can't live..."

Lu Zhengfei naturally did not answer. Chen Qianqing sat for a while, and suddenly felt a little thirsty. He got up and was about to go out and buy some water to drink. He heard Lu Zhengfei’s cell phone ringing.

Chen Qianqing turned and took Lu Zhengfei's mobile phone out. When he saw the caller, he pressed the call button.

The phone is a familiar voice: "Lu Zhengfei, where are you going? You will not come back and be careful that your father has licked your skin!"Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was still asleep in bed, faintly said: "Yu Wenhong, your cousin is sleeping."

The phone was probably silent for a minute. After a minute, Wen Wenhong found his voice. He was almost at a low voice: "Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei is with you?!"

Chen Qianqing is not too slow to speak.

There was a heavy respite from the phone, and Chen Qianqing’s understanding of his cousin, thinking that he was going to worry.

Sure enough, after a while, Yan Wenhong coldly said: "You give Lu Zhengfei a phone call."

Chen Qianqing heard the words, but he smiled and smiled softly like a white lotus with nothing to understand: "It’s not that he was tired yesterday, he is still asleep today."

Yan Wenhong: "..." He almost took out a little exercise.

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