Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 43 has handled things well.

Chapter 43 has handled things well.

The saddest thing in the world is that you find yourself a metamorphosis when you are young.

Chen Qianqing has always been a self-perceived person. Until now, when he saw Lu Zhengfei, he had a clear understanding of himself.

They all said that they did not know the truth of the mountain. They only lived in this mountain. When Chen Qianqing looked at himself from the perspective of others, he found that he had so many unbearable places.

In the evening, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei slept on a bed.

Chen Qianqing is wearing pajamas, but Lu Zhengfei has to sleep naked - well, this is exactly the same as the situation of the year.

Chen Qianqing's sleep quality is not high, it is easy to wake up, so it is generally a person to sleep alone, today is hard to be pulled by Lu Zhengfei, originally had a good intention of insomnia, but the result is unexpectedly good sleep. The only bad thing is... When I got up in the morning, I found that Lu Zhengfei was sticking to himself like a monkey.

Chen Qianqing brewed a mood in bed for a while, and was preparing to push Lu Zhengfei away. When he turned his head, he saw Lu Zhengfei also woke up. Lu Zhengfei kissed Chen Qianqing’s forehead with a sleepy sleepy eye: “Early...”

Chen Qianqing said: "When you wake up, you will get up."

Lu Zhengfei yawned and reluctantly used his chin to lick Chen Qianqing's head: "After a good night..." He has not slept with Chen Qianqing for a long time. He has been worried since he knew that Chen Qianqing’s mental problems were problematic. When he and Chen Qianqing sleep together, Chen Qianqing will lose sleep. But now it seems that it is not so bad.

Chen Qianqing looked at the clock not far away and said: "I still have classes in the morning, I am going to be late."

Lu Zhengfei heard that he was unwilling to let go of his hand, and then lay in bed and watch Chen Qianqing change clothes with a kind of appreciation.

Chen Qianqing was stared at him and calmly. After changing his clothes with no expression, he went straight to the building and went to dinner. He left Lu Zhengfei alone and sighed in the bedroom.

After breakfast, Chen Qianqing went to the rental house again. In fact, he had a class in the morning. This is all at the end of November. Many courses have already been completed.

Chen Qianqing took out the key and opened the door. As soon as he entered the room, he saw Zhu Mao’s frowning face holding the book.

Chen Qianqing said: "Zhu Mao, what happened to you?"

Zhu Mao looked at Chen Qianqing and smiled. "Nothing... I miss you."

When the voice just fell, the little flower didn't know which one came out of it, and surrounded him. Chen Qianqing did not go to the kitchen to take plastic gloves, and bent down to hold the small flowers.

When I first came here, Xiaohua was still languid. After eating for a while, I was overexcited. When I saw Chen Qianqing, I was entangled in it. I wanted Chen Qianqing to play with it.

Chen Qianqing teased the flowers while listening to Zhu Maodao: "Qian Qing, the exam time came out, 18 weeks Wednesday, it is more than 20 next month."

Chen Qianqing said: "Well, I know." He knows that Zhu Mao means - you can start reviewing.

Although Chen Qianqing does not often skip classes, he has actually taken down a lot of courses, and he is not very serious about his class. I really have to work hard to get it.

Chen Qianqing said: "When you are in the middle of the exam, you are sitting in front of me."In fact, they have a strong comprehensive knowledge of the subject, and they have to calculate it. Chen Qianqing is prepared to review it himself, but he still feels that there is a guarantee.

Zhu Mao has not participated in any community, the biggest advantage is that the results are good, his grade point is more than four points, the average score is more than ninety.

Zhu Mao did not say anything, and directly agreed to it. The position behind him in each semester is almost always rushed by classmates.

After solving the exam, some of the emotions in Zhuma’s eyes were still not scattered. He said: “I will talk about new lessons in the afternoon, and I will read the book again.”

Chen Qianqing saw Zhu Mao’s emotions in his eyes. He said: “What happened?”

Zhu Mao’s pretending smile: “Nothing, it’s a bit difficult.”

Chen Qianqing did not ask again, anyway, if there is anything, he will know sooner or later.

After finishing the class in the afternoon, Chen Qianqing knew why Zhu Mao seemed so sad, because after Li Mao left, Li Feiyue found him again.

Chen Qianqing’s own statement yesterday was very clear, so she did not intend to waste time on her.

But he was preparing to go. Li Feiyue came to him next to him: "Chen Qianqing, Zhu Mao's scholarship is not for your reasons, how hard can you say he?"

Chen Qianqing heard the words and almost instantly understood what it was.

Their school has a variety of scholarships, a large amount, if you take the most advanced, the next year's tuition is basically no need to worry.

However, the evaluation method of the scholarship is not based on the results alone, but also includes the class committee and the class leader. In general, the classmates in the class will not be difficult to perform well and be modest, but if someone is stalking from it, Not the same.

For example, Li Feiyue, as the squad leader, she has a very good relationship with the class tutor. If I really want to say a few words about Zhu Mao in front of the class tutor, and then take a look at the classmates who have a good relationship with her, I am afraid that Zhu Mao’s scholarship will not be able to get it. .

Seeing Chen Qianqing’s frowning expression, Li Feiyue deliberately “snapped”: “Don’t you tell me?”

Chen Qianqing originally felt that as a middle-aged person, there is no need to bully young children, but he is not the kind of person who will be bullied and will retreat.

Chen Qianqing said: "You want to get rid of his scholarship?"

Li Feiyue snorted: "If you promised my New Year's party and Xiong Leyi to sing, I will not engage in Zhumao." She and Xiong Leyi are girlfriends. When I was in high school, I was at the same table for three years. It was better to go to college. Xiong Leyi liked it. On Chen Qianqing, she was naturally obliged to help, but she did not expect Chen Qianqing to give her face.

Chen Qianqing listened to this and suddenly smiled. He was facing Li Feiyue: "Your father is engaged in foreign trade, right?"

Li Feiyue did not understand the meaning of Chen Qianqing, she said: "What do you say?"

The smile on Chen Qianqing's face was slightly cold, and he said: "You should always know about the financial crisis in Europe."

What Chen Feiqing of Li Feiyue said was very unreasonable, she said: "What the hell are you talking about?"

Chen Qianqing put the bag on his back and said with no expression: "I hope you don't regret what you did today."After that, he turned and walked away, leaving Li Feiyue to look at him with a stunned look.

Li Feiyue’s father, Chen Qianqing, has such an impression. Lu Zhengfei's family has been from the army for three generations, and Lu Zhengfei's father came out to do business. With a profound political and political background, coupled with a savvy mind, Lujia's business is naturally smooth. As long as Lu Zhengfei was still not born, Lu Zhengfei’s father began to extend his influence to the financial side – perhaps few people knew that a private bank now in the streets and lanes was controlled by Lu Zhengfei’s father.

In the recent financial crisis, companies involved in foreign trade have all been implicated, and they are all looking for bank loans and want to get through this difficult time.

However, the banker who is known as the vampire is not so easy to put money into it. When Lu Zhengfei helped Li Yuefei's father in the last life, it was because she was Chen Qianqing's classmate.

Now that Li Feiyue is so dead, Chen Qianqing can not be used as a habit of Bodhisattva.

When he came home, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei said this.

Lu Zhengfei did not take it seriously. Although he has not officially accepted the Lu family yet, he has mastered a lot of power and less money to go out. It is a little effort for him.

But the young Lu Zhengfei is obviously much smaller than Chen Qianqing’s eyes. He said: “Let her go home and study his financial crisis with his father.”

The meaning of this is to let Li Feiyue drop out of school.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei and put the dish in his mouth and chewed it slowly: "You are free."

Lu Zhengfei saw that Chen Qianqing was not very flustered by this suggestion. He had to say: "Qian Qing, I will go and give you a greeting, and your class scholarship will definitely be fine."

Chen Qianqing looked down at the crystal-clear rice in his bowl and said after a moment of silence: "You can get some money."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Well?"

Chen Qianqing smiled and smiled: "Set up a Lu's scholarship in school."

Lu Zhengfei: "..." This is really enough once and for all.

Chen Qianqing said: "If you reward the best performers, the others will not look at them."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Well, I will do it."

Chen Qianqing knew that Lu Zhengfei would definitely agree, so he continued to bow down to eat.

Lu Zhengfei sighed: "Qian Qing, when can you care about me as much as you care about your classmates."

Chen Qianqing said: "My classmates will not rape me."

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Chen Qianqing put the chopsticks on, and wiped his mouth and said: "I don't feel guilty about my feet."

Lu Zhengfei said: "He dares!"

Chen Qianqing said: "So you will not care about you as much as you care about him, because you are a pervert."

Lu Zhengfei felt that if he had a handkerchief in front of him, he would probably hold a handkerchief and cried, but he didn't have it, so he could only look more and more resentful, and Chen Qianqing saw a goose bump.

After Chen Qianqing solved the problem, he told Zhu Mao the next day. He did not elaborate on it. He only told the Zhu Mao Scholarship that there was no problem.

Zhu Maoyi thought that Chen Qianqing had promised Li Feiyue for his grievances. He said: "Thousands of Qing, I don't mind, if you don't want to, you won't go."Chen Qianqing smiled and touched Zhu Mao’s head: "Don’t worry, I will never grieve myself."

Zhu Mao is still a little uneasy. Later, he secretly went to Li Feiyue in private, but he was mocked by Li Feiyue. He also understood that Chen Qianqing did not lie to him, and his uneasiness was put down.

Time flies fast, and in a blink of an eye, it is at the end of the period, and the new year is coming soon.

Chen Qianqing came to this world that does not belong to him, and it is almost a year away.

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