Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 39 Your broken face

Chapter 39 Your broken face

Yan Wenhong felt very bad. Chen Qianqing turned and left after saying the words to him. It seems that he is going to find Lu Zhengfei who is swimming.

After Wen Hanhong responded for two seconds, he hurriedly followed the past. He shouted at Chen Qianqing’s back: "Chen Qianqing, don't be impulsive!"

Chen Qianqing did not say a word, completely ignored the Wen Wenhong who followed him.

When Chen Zhengqing saw Lu Qianfei, he was talking about business with Jin Yuyu. He knew that Jin Yuyu was like Jin Yuyu to understand him. The two sides had little interest in each other – at most, he was a reciprocal ordinary friend.

But even if there is no ghost in his heart, Lu Zhengfei was still panicked when he saw Chen Qianqing. He climbed out of the swimming pool and confronted Chen Qianqing: "Qian Qing, how are you here?"

Chen Qianqing did not answer, but the next second Lu Zhengfei still knew the answer to this question, because he saw Yan Wenhong behind Chen Qianqing.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Hey Wenhong, are you doing this to me? Did I tell you not to provoke him!" To tell the truth, Lu Zhengfei was really angry when he saw Wen Wenhong. He even had a kind of cousin to find himself. The impulse of a frame.

Yan Wenhong did not distinguish, but frowned and looked at Chen Qianqing. Chen Qianqing still had no expression on his face. It was as if the person who was out of control upstairs was not his.

Lu Zhengfei said to Chen Qianqing: "Qian Qing, you listen to me, Miss Jin is my business partner..." Just halfway through, Jin Yuyu, who should have continued swimming, did not know when he left the pool. Without waiting for Lu Zhengfei to continue, he reached out and grabbed Lu Zhengfei’s arm. He said: "No, who is this?"

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Jin Yuyu smiled and said: "What's the matter with you? The face is so ugly? Little brother, is there anything wrong with finding it?"

Although Lu Zhengfei had set aside Jin Yuyu’s hand in the first time, Jin Yuyu seemed to pretend that he did not know the same thing. He said: “No, you will not want to let me pigeons, not to say that after swimming, Just go and choose a wedding dress for me?"

Lu Zhengfei’s fire in his heart broke out. He glanced at Jin Yuyu with a sinful look: “Don’t force me to beat a woman.”

Jin Yuyu was shivered by Lu Zhengfei's eyes, but he quickly reacted. He looked at Wen Hong and said, "Nothing."

After turning around, I left.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qian Qing, you listen to me, I have nothing to do with her, today is here to talk about business! 阮 Wen Hong, you explain to me clearly!!!"

Yan Wenhong, who was named by Lu Zhengfei, was not afraid. He just smiled: "Explain what? Explain why you are here?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Don't tell me that you didn't have a relationship with Jin Yuyu!"

Wen Wenhong said: "I have a relationship with Jin Yuyu. I like this younger sister." - He did not slap on the fire.

Lu Zhengfei almost didn't punch a fist to Wen Hong's face. He took a few deep breaths and forced himself to soften his tone. Chen Qianqing, who was pale and silent, said: "Qianqing, you believe me, I really and He doesn't matter."Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei indifferently. He only felt that he was watching a joke. In this world, I believe that Lu Zhengfei really loves Chen Qianqing. In addition to himself, it seems that there is no more. Without Lu Zhengfei's love, the real Chen Qianqing is not feeling Lu Zhengfei's love.

After Chen Qianqing stood in the same place for a long time, he said: "Don't make trouble here."

When I finished, I turned and walked toward the dressing room. It seemed that I wanted to tell Lu Zhengfei there.

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing's back and waved his fist at Wen Honghong: "You better wish him to believe what I said."

Yan Wenhong spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders: "Bless you."

Lu Zhengfei took the goggles to the ground and walked away without looking back.

Chen Qianqing sat in the chair in the dressing room and looked at Lu Zhengfei with a blank expression.

Lu Zhengfei’s naked upper body was still dripping with water. He saw Chen Qianqing, whispered: “Qianqing, I really didn’t mean to that woman... you believe me.”

Chen Qianqing ignored Lu Zhengfei, but looked at the people in front of him with a plain and weird look. Lu Zhengfei in front of him—young, handsome, and multi-gold, seems to have no disadvantages.

But at Chen Qianqing, I touched the nails.

Lu Zhengfei’s Chen Qianqing’s eyes are very infiltrating. He said: “Qianqing, don’t look at me like this, you believe that I am good.”

Chen Qianqing said: "You come over."

Lu Zhengfei took a tentative step forward. He always felt that Chen Qianqing was a bit scary at this time. It was something he had never felt in Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing saw Lu Zhengfei hesitating and frowning: "Come on again."

Lu Zhengfei took two more steps forward, and finally arrived in front of Chen Qianqing.

What Chen Qianqing said was just a slap in the face of Lu Zhengfei, indicating that he had put his face together.

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing, and after he had caught the bag, his inexplicable guilty conscience, he said: "Qianqing, don't be angry, I really only love you." He said, he bent down.

Chen Qianqing grabbed Lu Zhengfei's hair and Lu Zhengfei frowned and frowned: "Qianqing?"

Chen Qianqing did not spare strength, and definitely gave Lu Zhengfei a pain. Lu Zhengfei’s hair is very short and very wet. In Chen Qianqing’s fingers, it is like a cluster of wet grass.

Lu Zhengfei did not respond to what Chen Qianqing wanted to do, and Chen Qianqing pulled his hair and caught the mirror.

In front of the mirror in the dressing room are two young men.

The same handsome face, a vibrant, another look is ugly like a water ghost crawling out of the water, Chen Qianqing's right hand is holding Lu Zhengfei's hair, his left hand rubbing the mirror, Chen Qianqing's face.

If Lu Zhengfei still feels that Chen Qianqing is normal at this time, it is strange. It is very simple to break free. He can look at Chen Qianqing’s face and eyes. He is somewhat afraid. He fears that after he breaks free, some things will be out of his control.

The two were caught in a strange silence. When Lu Zhengfei wanted to ask what was going on, Chen Qianqing spoke a cold sentence: "Lu Zhengfei, your love, no one wants."At the next moment, Lu Zhengfei’s head was directly hit by the hand of Chen Qianqing’s hand. Lu Zhengfei had just finished swimming and had not worn shoes. The soles of his feet could not be stressed. When Chen Qianqing pressed, he directly hit the mirror. The "jingle" sound, the mirror mounted on the wall was hit into pieces, and they fell down.

Lu Zhengfei made a scream, and he did not expect Chen Qianqing to do this!

Lu Zhengfei was hit by a broken blood stream, and even some dizziness. Wen Wenhong, who had been listening to the movement outside the door, began to knock on the door of the locker room. It seems that he heard what happened inside.

When Chen Qianqing hit this, even the mud bodhisattva had a bit of temper. Lu Zhengfei wanted to get angry after he came over. However, after seeing everything in front of him, he could not say anything.

Chen Qianqing, who pressed his head to the mirror, was silently kneeling on the ground, smashing his hands and fiddling with the fragments of the mirror on the ground—he wanted to put the mirror back together.

Lu Zhengfei snorted and touched his forehead, which was broken. He said: "Chen Qianqing, what are you doing?"

Chen Qianqing ignored Lu Zhengfei. Like a child who had done something wrong, he tightened his lips and smashed the broken lens with a flustered look. It looked like Lu Zhengfei felt a cool heart.

Lu Zhengfei pulled Chen Qianqing, he said: "Chen Qianqing, what are you doing?"

Chen Qianqing slammed Lu Zhengfei’s hand and squeezed a few words from his mouth: “Qianqing...broken.”

Lu Zhengfei was dumb, and he noticed that Chen Qianqing’s hand was cut by the mirror several times. At this moment, the red blood was dripping down.

To say that Lu Zhengfei was still angry, then at this time, he was only distressed.

Lu Zhengfei hugged Chen Qianqing from behind, whispered: "Qianqing, sorry, don't do this."

Chen Qianqing ignored Lu Zhengfei and just wanted to break free from his arms.

Lu Zhengfei had a terrible headache. He knew that he could not restrain Chen Qianqing, so he could only open the door and wanted to let him go outside the door.

Yan Wenhong originally thought that Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing were only quarreling at most, but they did not expect that it was so bloody. When he saw Lu Zhengfei’s face, he even thought that Chen Qianqing had a knife and smashed Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Look what! Look at it! Don't come in and help!"

Wen Wenhong said: "...you are too heavy in this relationship."

Lu Zhengfei glanced at him and hated: "No fucking is what you made!"

When Wen Wenhong smiled, he did not refute. He wanted to get Chen Qianqing's seemingly gentle and gentle person. It would be so extreme.

The two entered the room together, and they forced Chen Qianqing from the ground. Lu Zhengfei saw that Chen Qianqing was still struggling. He simply tied him up with clothes and then took a towel to stop Chen Qianqing’s hand.

Wen Wenhong said: "Your head is stupid and you don't have to rule first, just take care of your little lover."

Lu Zhengfei did not lift his head: "You know a fart." - When he saw the wound in Chen Qianqing's hand, he was worried, and he was afraid of leaving any sequelae, so that the wound on his head was not so good for a time. It hurts, and after the reminder of Wen Hong, I feel faint.Wen Wenhong said: "Really, even if you fall in love with me, you are not so bitter."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Fell in love with you, Lao Tzu is better to engage in human beings, talk nonsense, call the doctor."

Yan Wenhong shrugged his shoulders, and then he took out a number on his mobile phone and gave a general explanation of the situation here.

Lu Zhengfei, holding Chen Qianqing in his arms, appeased: "Thousands of Qing, don't be afraid, the doctor is here..."

Chen Qianqing did not say a word, but his eyes stared at the fragments of the mirror on the ground. He vaguely saw the face of Chen Qianqing reflected in the debris, showing him a gentle smile.

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