Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 37 Shantou swings well

Chapter 37 Shantou swings well

If a person who was originally good to you suddenly becomes very bad, you may be busy looking for a reason, but if someone who is bad for you suddenly feels better about you, you may be busy first. happy.

Lu Zhengfei is like this in the matter about Chen Qianqing.

No one will not want their lover to treat each other gently, even if that kind of gentleness is just an illusion.

Chen Qianqing's body has not been very good, even with appetite, mental state, are in a trough, if he really did a diagnosis of psychological conditions, the results are certainly not optimistic.

However, Chen Qianqing did not intend to go. He just felt that he was a little tired. At present, he is suffering twice as much. The pain from the real Chen Qianqing comes from the pain he gave him.

Excessive stress can lead to insomnia and loss of appetite, and even depression. Chen Qianqing is very good at people before, and he knows how to make himself look normal.

Therefore, even Zhu Mao, who has lived with him, has not found any place where Chen Qianqing is not right. The only difference from the previous one is that Chen Qianqing’s time spent on school has decreased. He wants to read, but he wants to read. I can't see it at all, so I spend a lot of time on my daze.

When Zhu Mao came back every day, she saw Chen Qianqing sitting on the sofa and not turning on the TV. She sat quietly. When the flowers are awake, they will squat on the sofa next to Chen Qianqing. When they fall asleep, they are usually nestled on Chen Qianqing’s legs.

Zhu Mao sometimes has an illusion that Chen Qianqing is no longer a person, but a painting, a beautiful, real, but unpopular painting.

Zhu Mao was somewhat worried, but euphemistically asked Chen Qianqing what happened to Chen Qianqing and found a reason to block it.

In November, the financial crisis in Europe became more and more fierce, and Lu Zhengfei became more and more busy. He originally wanted to take Chen Qianqing to live in the house. As a result, Wen Hong was very shameless and lived in Lu Zhengfei’s home. Lu Zhengfei knew that his cousin was trying to cope with him, so he had to put this matter aside for the time being. He thought about this year and tied Chen Qianqing to see a psychiatrist.

Chen Qianqing knew that Lu Zhengfei was busy, not just the result of the financial crisis. Yan Wenhong must have been stalking from it and wanted to separate him from Lu Zhengfei for a while.

Chen Qianqing didn't mind this, so he and Lu Zhengfei almost saw three times in November - this situation has never happened before.

Compared with Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing and Yan Wenhong met more often.

In some good weather afternoons, Yan Wenhong will go out to drink coffee with Chen Qianqing. They will talk about something casually, and it seems that they are really friends. Chen Qianqing knows very well that his cousin will never be as kind as he has shown.

The weather is good today, the sun is very suitable for the sun.

Chen Qianqing dragged a chair and a small flower to sit on the balcony together. He was in a daze, the small flower slept, and it was harmonious.

Yan Wenhong sent a text message to ask him to go out and walk, Chen Qianqing did not want to move, refused. As a result, the phone was called again after a while.

Chen Qianqing picked up the phone and was lazy: "Say."Wen Wenhong said: "The weather is so good, come out and go?"

Chen Qianqing did not speak, squinted after a half-sounding voice: "I don't want to move..."

Wen Wenhong said: "Come out and play billiards. I will drive you to pick you up."

Chen Qianqing heard playing billiards, and the talents were a bit more spiritual. He said: "阮温宏...5 million, can't be less..."

Yan Wenhong was silent for a long time at that end. For a long time, Chen Qianqing thought he was hanging up. He said: "Then I add one million. How about playing billiards?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Okay." Playing a billiard of one million, even Lu Zhengfei did not have this treatment, not to be a fool.

The transactions between Wen Wenhong and Chen Qianqing are still in the bargaining. In general, Yan Wenhong wants to send Chen Qianqing to a country. Chen Qianqing wants to go to other countries, and he will save some money before he leaves.

So far, the agreement between the two parties has not yet reached an agreement.

Yan Wenhong drove the car to the door of Chen Qianqing's house and pressed the horn of the car outside the door.

After hearing the sound of the horn, Chen Qianqing slowly got up and added a cat food to Xiaohua before he picked up the key and went out.

"Why don't you bring your cat today?" Wen Wen asked.

Usually, Chen Qianqing’s sun is going to be held together with small flowers, but today it is empty.

Chen Qianqing got into the car, and the whole person looked very pale: "I don't mean playing billiards, what kind of cats are there?"

Wen Wenhong smiled and laughed, but did not say anything to directly launch the car.

Chen Qianqing got into the car and started to doze off. He is in the current situation. He wants to sleep when he sits down, but he is only limited to wanting to sleep. If he wants to lie down on the bed, he can really sleep and can't sleep.

Wen Wenhong said: "You don't ask us where to go?"

Chen Qianqing squinted: "I am not worth the money."

Yan Wenhong chuckled: "That may not be, Lu Zhengfei has not come to you recently, are you not worried?"

Chen Qianqing said: "...I am too happy to be there."

When Wen Wenhong heard the words, he no longer spoke. Before he saw Chen Qianqing, he always thought that Chen Zhengqing was forced by Lu Zhengfei according to the information. However, after seeing Chen Qianqing, he began to doubt.

A wise man, even if he is forced to do something, will not fall to the point where he is angered by the lord, so that he is interrupted.

If the information is correct, then Wen Wen is really curious. In the matter of being interrupted, what made Chen Qianqing such a huge change.

The car drove for more than 20 minutes and stopped at a leisure club where Lu Zhengfei often came.

Yan Wenhong stopped the car and the two went together.

Wen Wenhong said: "I heard that Lu Zhengfei has been very busy recently? You haven't seen each other for a long time."

Chen Qianqing heard other meanings from the words of Wen Hong. He looked at Wen Hong and said, "What happened?"

Yan Wenhong smiled and said: "Nothing."

Chen Qianqing blinked slightly, but did not continue to ask.

After entering the clubhouse, Yan Wenhong had already booked the private room. He and Chen Qianqing walked into the elevator together and then pressed the number "three."Chen Qianqing always feels what Wen Wenhong is planning. He used to be Wen Xiaohong’s younger brother for decades. He can be said that he is very familiar with his brother’s attitude. Especially now, Wen Wenhong is still very young, and he is not completely silent.

As a result, just after the elevator, Chen Qianqing’s hunch was realized.

Because in front of them, Lu Zhengfei and a long-haired woman are walking in the corridor in tandem.

Yan Wenhong showed a surprised expression and turned to look at Chen Qianqing, but did not see the look he should have on his face.

Chen Qianqing was calm, and Wen Wenhong could see that it was not indifferent. He looked at Lu Zhengfei’s eyes and even looked at a stranger.

Wen Wenhong said: "You are not afraid of his derailment?"

Chen Qianqing looked at Wen Wenhong inexplicably and looked at it: "Do you worry that a strong criminal will not rape you one day?"

Yan Wenhong: "..." He was speechless.

Chen Qianqing saw the frustration in Wen’s eyes and had to sigh: "Mr. Hey, you made a mistake at the beginning. I really don’t like Lu Zhengfei. If he can marry me, I really can’t ask for it." Moreover, there is no one in this world. He knows Lu Zhengfei better than him. When Chen Qianqing was so right to him, he didn't have any thoughts of finding someone to comfort. Not to mention that the relationship between them is not so bad now.

Wen Wenhong said: "It seems that I am really wrong." If Chen Qianqing is interested in Lu Zhengfei, then it is impossible to be as calm as it is now.

Chen Qianqing said: "Is billiards still playing?"

Yan Wenhong said: "Hello, why not fight?" He said, with Chen Qianqing walking to the billiard room next door to Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing hasn't touched the club for a long time. He said: "I kicked off the ball first." Then he bent down and pointed the club at the white ball.

Yan Wenhong looked at him: "Lu Zhengfei taught you to play billiards?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Why do you ask this question?" he said as he scored a red ball into the bag.

Wen Wenhong said: "You are almost the same." When everyone plays, there are some small moves. Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei are incomparable.

Chen Qianqing smiled and said: "I teach your brother."

Yan Wenhong raised his eyebrows: "Just kidding?" Lu Zhengfei will play after a little over ten years old. Although he did not teach him, how could he not turn Chen Qianqing?

Chen Qianqing said: "Of course."

If Wen Qianhong feels that Chen Qianqing is not old, he really thinks that Chen Qianqing is not joking.

Chen Qianqing hit the black ball into the hole and pointed it to a red ball. The result was a bit wrong. He almost went into the hole. Chen Qianqing shook his head straight and shook his head. It turned out that it was a long time without hitting, and the hand was born.

Chen Qianqing was preparing to turn to sit next to him, but was directly held down by Wen Wenhong. Yan Wenhong put his lips in Chen Qianqing's ear and whispered: "Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei can't do it, how about me?"

Chen Qianqing’s body had a moment of stiffness. His first reaction was – why didn’t he know that Wen Hong was also bent?

When Wen Honghong saw Chen Qianqing stunned, he chuckled twice: "I promise that it is definitely not a sin."Chen Qianqing's faceless expression pushed Yu Wenhong away. His tone was cold: "Hey Wenhong, do you want to dig your cousin's corner?"

Yan Wenhong was slightly higher than Chen Qianqing. He saw Chen Qianqing’s cold reaction and was not annoyed. He continued to smile: "I am not saving the victim from a strong criminal."

Chen Qianqing looked at Yan Wenhong, and suddenly stretched out the collar of Weng Hong, and put his face close. He said: "If you let me exercise, I can consider it."

Yan Wenhong’s face changed instantly.

Chen Qianqing said: "Your brother is much better than you."

Yan Wenhong is somewhat unbelievable: "Are you above?"

Chen Qianqing put the club on the table and sneered: "Why, didn't he tell you?"

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