Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 35 I heard your name

Chapter 35 I heard your name

Zhu Mao took off his coat and wrapped it in a kitten and hugged him back.

When they got home, they found a paper box and put the cat in, and then checked the online thing about the kitten.

Can not drink milk, do not rush to take a bath, it is best to take a pet hospital to check, and then a vaccine.

They didn't have goat's milk, so they went to the next store to buy Shuhua milk, and they will feed it.

The kitten looks really hungry. When Zhu Mao took it and used a spoon to feed it a little, it didn't even have a sound, until the belly of the drink rolled, and stopped.

Seeing that the kitten is full, Zhu Maocai said: "You look at it first, I will take care of the ingredients."

Chen Qianqing squatted at the paper box and looked at the satisfied kitten after eating.

The kitten is dirty, and the coat color should be just a raccoon flower. At this time, the cockroach is lying in the paper box, completely ignoring Chen Qianqing who has been staring at it.

Chen Qianqing looked at the kitten and suddenly reached out and touched the kitten's head.

The kitten was touched and looked up at the nio~niao~ spoiled a few times. At this time it was too small and the call was not as clear as an adult cat.

Chen Qianqing reached out and pointed his nose, and said with no expression: "It's really dirty."

The kitten naturally couldn't understand what he was saying. Instead, he squatted forward and covered Chen’s index finger with his nose, and then sucked it with relish.

Chen Qianqing: "..."

Zhu Mao is actually a little worried that the kitten will disturb Chen Qianqing. Because he doesn’t like cats very much, he often feels noisy when he encounters this little milk cat that he just likes to call, not to mention that it is still dirty. .

As a result, when he came out with the good materials, he saw that Chen Qianqing was teasing the cat. The kitten’s belly was round and round, and Chen Qianqing was squatting in the cardboard box.

Chen Qianqing said: "You don't raise this cat, give it to me."

Zhu Maoyan's eyes widened: "Do you not like these little animals?" He was worried because Chen Qianqing had plainly said that he did not like small animals.

Chen Qianqing was silent for a while and said: "I didn't like it before, I like it now."

Zhu Mao did not ask why again. He intuitively felt that Chen Qianqing was not very good when he said this topic. He said: "The hot pot is well-conceived. Are we eating it inside or taking the pot out?"

Chen Qianqing walked over and glanced at the material of Zhu Maohuan. He said: "Which." He himself does not eat garlic, but Chen Qianqing likes to eat, so he does not care.

Whether he wants to raise this cat, Chen Qianqing has hesitated. He knows that Chen Qianqing does not like small animals because he loves to be clean, can't stand a lot of cat hair in the room, and it is even more impossible to clean them. For this reason, Lu Zhengfei has never raised his own pet.

Lu Zhengfei is a pet, a cat or a dog.

So when Chen Qianqing saw Zhu Mao holding the hair back, his heart hesitated.He knew that if he didn't raise it, Zhu Mao would probably find a house for the kitten next to the school, but when the index finger was contained in the kitten's mouth, Chen Qianqing made a decision - it was a novelty that had never been tasted. Feeling that the soft cat, even if it is still dirty, is full of appeal to him. After thinking for a long time, Chen Qianqing decided to raise it.

Hot pot is the raw material bought by the supermarket. It is convenient and tastes heavy. Chen Qianqing does not eat much, but it is very happy to have a meal.

Chen Qianqing said: "I will ask the landlord tomorrow, can I raise a cat here? If I can't, I will rent another house again." Or Lu Zhengfei directly buys a set.

Zhu Mao nodded: "Qianqing, thank you."

Chen Qianqing smiled and said nothing.

After dinner, the kitten has fallen asleep, shrunk in a small group of old clothes, and the soft belly swells with the breath, which looks extraordinarily cute.

Chen Qianqing looked at it and went to sleep.

The next day, Chen Qianqing did not go to the morning class, found a pet shop and took the kitten directly. Zhu Mao also wanted to go with him, but was rushed back by Chen Qianqing.

To learn to evade class is too cruel, especially Zhu Mao, who relies on scholarship to live a school, Chen Qianqing does not have the temperament of young people, he also knows that everyone has a living method for everyone.

The kitten didn't arrive for a month, and the walk was swaying, and the teeth just took a head.

The doctor looks at the cat like this, obviously it is already very experienced. He said: "Is it coming? There are 30 days... I have to drink some milk for a while."

Chen Qianqing nodded.

The cat is too small, it shouldn't be bathed, but the little one is too dirty. The doctor said that it can be washed, but it is better to wash it with heat to avoid catching the cold. After the bath is finished, you can bring it to be an insect repellent and vaccine. .

Pet shops generally don't bathe stray cats. Cats don't look like dogs. They scratch their heads. Chen Qianqing originally wanted the doctor to wash. As a result, the doctor slammed his sleeves and pointed at the red marks on his arms that had not faded. You understand the expression.

Chen Qianqing was speechless and half-sounding. He went back with the kitten. He also ordered a cat litter for the kitten. Later, it was sent directly to the cat food cat litter.

Back home, Chen Qianqing opened the Yuba, brought on the plastic gloves, and led the kitten into the bathroom.

The kitten niao~niao~ is spoiled, and it seems that I don’t know what I am going to encounter.

Chen Qianqing frowned, put the kitten in the basin, and tried the water temperature in the nozzle. After the temperature was almost the same, the hot water was slowly poured onto the kitten.

Most cats are afraid of water, and the kittens are more and more sad, and the appearance of being wet by water is even more pitiful and funny.

But again, this bath is also washed out, because it is too dirty, Chen Qianqing washed a whole two basins of sewage, until the third basin is finally not turbid.

The kitten also adapts quickly, and when he cries, he begins to put his chin on the edge of the basin to raise his spirit, and occasionally closes his eyes.

Chen Qianqing looked at the kitten and remembered that he hadn't given the kitten a name. He hesitated for a while and thought of the kitten: "You will call it... Xiaohua?"


Chen Qianqing said: "Well, you will call a small flower later."After washing the shower, Chen Qianqing took the bath towel to the cat... No, the small flower wrapped, try to suck the water above, and then start to blow with a hair dryer.

The sound of the hair dryer was a bit loud, and the little flowers shivered.

However, the hair of Xiaohua did not blow dry, and some people knocked on the door. Chen Qianqing began to think that Zhu Mao was back. As a result, he opened an door and saw an acquaintance.

To be precise, it is an acquaintance of the last life.

A gentle smile on the outside of the door reveals a kind gentlemanlike gentleman. He said: "Excuse me, are you Chen Qianqing?"

Chen Qianqing: "..." He almost called out the word brother.

Yes, the person standing outside the door is Wen Wenhong.

Yan Wenhong noticed the kitten held by Chen Qianqing in his arms. He said, "Hello, I am Lu Zhengfei's cousin, Wen Wenhong."

Chen Qianqing stepped back: "Come in."

Yan Wenhong came in and took the door.

Chen Qianqing said: "You sit on the sofa for a while now, I will blow the hair to the small flowers."

Yan Wenhong’s words reveal a strange look. Chen Qianqing is really strange. He usually asks what he is doing. Chen Qianqing not only did not ask, but put himself in, and left himself in the air. In the living room, first blow the cat away.

However, Yan Wenhong did not care too much. He speculated that Lu Zhengfei might have vaccinated Chen Qianqing. But this is better, eliminating the time to explain the background.

Chen Qianqing blew his hair to Xiaohua and took it to the living room.

Yan Wenhong sat on the sofa for ten minutes. He saw Chen Qianqing finally coming out and said: "Can you give me some time? I want to talk to you."

Chen Qianqing glanced at him and sat down on the sofa opposite Wen Wenhong: "Well."

Wen Wenhong said: "Mr. Chen, I know that you and my brother Lu Zhengfei are currently together."

Chen Qianqing looked at Yan Wenhong and waited for his words.

Wen Wenhong said: "I also know that you are not willing to volunteer. If possible, I will give you the opportunity to let you leave him. Are you willing?"

If it is true, Chen Qianqing may consider even agreeing with Wen Hong’s proposal, but now Chen Qianqing will never, because he knows how bad it is to sit in front of him, a man named Wen Wenhong.

Yan Wenhong is a good cousin. He is willing to do a lot of things for Lu Zhengfei, but he is definitely not a good partner.

Chen Qianqing did not know what kind of abacus Wen Wen was playing. The only thing he knew clearly was that Wen Wenhong would never be like Chen Qianqing, as he said.

Chen Qianqing said: "Can you really let me leave him?"

Wen Wenhong said: "Of course, I don't like my cousin Lu Zhengfei to do this kind of thing. In fact, I am very sorry about what he did to you."

Before coming, Yan Wenhong had a clear understanding of Chen Qianqing's affairs. In his view, Chen Qianqing was just a simple student who was not deeply involved in the world in his twenties. It would be simpler for Chen Qianqing to agree with his views.

Chen Qianqing showed a smile and smiled. He said, "So, what are you going to do?"Wen Wenhong said: "This is the case. If you have been here, Lu Zhengfei can definitely find you. I can go through the formalities of studying abroad for you, if you are willing..."

Chen Qianqing interrupted Wen Wenhong’s words: "What do you mean, let me go? Which country to go to?"

Wen Wenhong said: "I think a country is good."

Chen Qianqing looked at Yan Wenhong with no expression: "a country?"

Wen Wenhong said: "Yes, at present, country a is the best choice."

Chen Qianqing did not speak, and Wen Honghong was still enough. In his capacity, he had long known that a country would appear large-scale* soon, and even malicious incidents that would harm the lives of Chinese people, but he proposed to let Chen Qianqing go. A country, also said that a country is the best choice?

These words seem to be very concerned about Chen Qianqing. In fact, Chen Qianqing was pushed into the abyss. If at that time, Wen Wenhong made another accident and said that Chen Qianqing died in the accident, even if Lu Zhengfei was sad, after two years. Will forget too.

Unfortunately, Yan Wenhong thought that he knew Lu Zhengfei, but he did not know that his cousin was really moving.

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