Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 34 Moving out and staying

Chapter 34 Moving out and staying

The arrival of Gao Yiyu seems to have made a very bad head for Chen Qianqing's campus life. Gao Yi language does not have much time to live in the school, but it is only returned at 11:00 in the evening. In the morning, she slept and slept until 11 or 2 o'clock. In the afternoon, she did not see him go to class. I don't know where to go.

Chen Qianqing has a shallow sleep. Generally, he will wake up when he has a little noise. His high-sounding language is so bad that his sleep quality has been seriously affected.

Chen Qianqing is too lazy to care about people like Gao Yiyu. People don’t want to be invincible, so he simply proposed to go out with Zhu Mao.

Zhu Mao listened to Chen Qianqing's proposal and had a dim move. If he went out to live, he would not be afraid to turn off the lights. It is more convenient to read books at ordinary times, but the money for renting a house is a problem for students like him.

Chen Qianqing said directly: "How about renting me, how are you responsible for cleaning?"

Zhu Maodao: "This is not good, we are still half out."

Chen Qianqing said: "I said really, how lazy I am, you still don't know, and this money is really nothing for me, it is a good picture."

Zhu Mao still hesitated, and after a while he said: "I will wash your clothes for you."

Chen Qianqing did not refuse, nodded. To be honest, his most annoying thing is to do housework and wash clothes. These things are trivial and waste energy. It is best to not do it. Moreover, the most important thing for him is money.

Lu Zhengfei is a generous person, especially for Chen Qianqing, the card is given to Chen Qianqing several times, but Chen Qianqing has not used it.

When I went to withdraw money, Chen Qianqing deliberately looked at the balance in her eyes and saw that there were almost three million in it. He took 20,000 yuan and rented a house around the school. By the way, he paid the house for half a year.

After doing all this, Chen Qianqing went back to school and called Zhu Mao to move things together.

Chen Qianqing did not tell Lu Zhengfei about renting a house, but Lu Zhengfei certainly knew it. Since he did not call Chen Qianqing to say nothing, it means his acquiescence.

When Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao moved, Gao Gaoyu was in the dormitory. He looked at the movements of the two men and instantly realized that the two men had to move out of the dormitory. He said, "Hey, why don't you welcome me? I It’s only a few days before you come, are you going?”

Chen Qianqing said: "I will not be afraid of my eyes."

Gao Yi is applying a mask. Hearing this voice, he pulled the mask down and threw it on the floor: "How proud is it, don’t you have a few more stupid money! If the old lady has money, she will not come back to this broken place. Oh, but it doesn't matter, wait for the old lady to become a star, you don't want to see me."

Chen Qianqing: "Star?"

Gao Yi is proud of it: "You don't know, my song is going to be a fire, I am going to sign a contract with the music!"

Chen Qianqing did not care about who was in the fire in the entertainment circle, but when he heard the name of the entertainment, he remembered what he was. He looked at the face of Gao Yiyu carefully, and suddenly he felt so familiar.

No way, except for Chen Qianqing, whoever he is, does not matter, let alone these stars.However, since I will be familiar with it, it should be true that I have made a name for myself in my life. Chen Qianqing’s eyes glanced up and down on Gao’s body. I finally sighed in my heart that this year’s aesthetic is really coming. The more strange it is.

Zhu Mao has packed up things and walked out with his suitcase. He said: "Qian Qing, you wait for me for a while in the bedroom. I will take your luggage and pick you up. If your legs are not good, don't lift heavy objects."

Chen Qianqing did not reluctantly, nodded, when the legs were just right, it was really impossible to lift heavy objects. If it was injured again, it would be a lifelong matter. Chen Qianqing could not bear to suffer from such problems.

Gao Yi began to apply mask again, and when Zhu Mao left, he rushed to Chen Qianqing: "You are a circle."

Chen Qianqing said: "Can you see this?"

Gao Yi sang a song: "The old lady read countless people, you look like this, you can see it at a glance."

Chen Qianqing was sitting in a chair, and he was a bit curious about him: "Do you really like men of this type?" He didn't mix much, but he also knew that Niang was the most unpopular type.

Gao Yi said with a smile: "Dog, how old the aging mother is in the circle, you can't think of it! Or you can try it too? Keep it forever once you eat it!"

Chen Qianqing said straightforwardly: "It is hard for you."

Gao Yan’s face was instantly white, and he said: “Now let you look at the face of your classmates and give you benefits. You can’t go up in the future!”

Until here, Chen Qianqing’s high-speaking language is also a child of more than 20, wearing a demon, temperament and temperament, character is noisy, or something young people have, he said: "I wish you a successful success. ”

Gao Yiyu gave Chen Qianqing a white eye: "nonsense, old lady, unsuccessful!"

Chen Qianqing did not speak, and he tapped his head on the mobile phone. Gao Gaoyu pretended to look in the mirror. In fact, she secretly used the mirror to look at Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing is a long-looking, not the same as Gao Yao’s demon. His temperament is quieter. Although his face has few expressions, he also has a kind of calmness that is only for the elderly. It is like a thick one. Thick hardcover books, even if they are not open, you can see that the cover is sure to have some appealing content.

Unfortunately, this book, no one can open it.

Although Gao Ziyu can't do narcissism, he also knows that Chen Qianqing will never look at him. What kind of man can he match Chen Qianqing? Gao Yiyu suddenly became curious...

Zhu Mao didn't come back soon, helping Chen Qianqing with his luggage and went out to the bedroom door. The whole bedroom left a high-spoken language. He looked at Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao's back. Somehow it was a bit embarrassing.

Zhu Maodao: "Qianqing, we will eat hot pot at night, I will treat you."

Chen Qianqing looked at Zhu Mao with a strange look: "Do you rarely go out to eat?"

Zhu Maodao: "We do it ourselves. I just saw it. There is a pot in the landlord. I will go out and buy some food."

Chen Qianqing thought about it and said: "Go together, I want to go out."Zhu Mao thought about it and nodded in agreement. In fact, he was not very embarrassed to take up the price of Chen Qianqing. Chen Qianqing rented a two-bedroom apartment. The house was at least two or three thousand near the school.

Put down the luggage, Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao went to the supermarket together. Chen Qianqing rarely came in to buy food. He usually bought some snacks. Although he had cooked for Chen Qianqing, he only bought it. How to choose dishes? And meat, completely ignorant.

Zhu Mao seems to be very experienced, he pushed the cart in front, Chen Qianqing followed.

Halfway through picking up, Chen Qianqing took a call from Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei did not see Chen Qianqing in a few days, but he couldn’t think of it, but he couldn’t find time to meet him. He was not expected by Wen Zheng, and he did not expect that Wen Hong and his relationship were so good, but he opposed him. .

Lu Zhengfei asked on the phone about Chen Qianqing’s move out of the house. Chen Qianqing said that he did not take a ride.

At the end of the day, Lu Zhengfei said that he wanted to talk about the phone. He said: "Qian Qing, someone may come to you recently. Don't be afraid, that is my cousin."

Chen Qianqing is more aware of the character of this cousin than Lu Zhengfei. He is not in the heart, just oh.

Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing's attitude perfunctory, a little anxious: "He will not hurt you, but ... may ask some bad questions."

Chen Qianqing is watching Zhu Mao jump pea sprouts, he said: "For example, give me 10 million, let me leave you?"

Lu Zhengfei was silent on the phone - he felt that this thing, Wen Wenhong really did.

Chen Qianqing said: "Lu Zhengfei, have you forgotten one of the most important things."

Lu Zhengfei waited for Chen Qianqing's words.

Chen Qianqing said: "We are not in love. If so, your cousin can help me to leave you. Why don't I agree?"

Lu Zhengfei was completely stunned. The softening of Chen Qianqing’s attitude gave him an illusion. He thought that Chen Qianqing accepted him, but Chen Qianqing really said what he wanted to do. Lu Zhengfei discovered that Chen Qianqing just changed his way to hate. He, this way does not show the dew in the usual, but once exposed, it is like inserting a knife directly into his heart.

Chen Qianqing said: "I still have something to do, first hang up."

Lu Zhengfei listened to the busy tone of Dudu, revealing a blank expression. He suddenly remembered the appearance of Chen Qianqing kissing the mirror. A terrible idea appeared in his heart.

After the split of personality, Chen Qianqing, is it the Chen Qianqing that he fell in love with at the beginning?

Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao bought the dishes. The two men took a bag and went to live. When passing a garbage bin, Zhu Mao suddenly found something. He said: "Qian Qing, there seems to be a cat. ”

Chen Qianqing looked up and found a small furry kitten on the side of the trash can. It was estimated that it was only a few weeks, and it was not known to be dead or alive.

The two went forward, wishing Mao Mao down, not afraid of dirty, reaching out and touching the kitten's head: "Living..."The kitten was touched by people, and then he looked up and screamed, and from time to time he used his nose to lick Zhumao’s hand and looked pitiful and cute.

Chen Qianqing said: "Do you want to raise?"

Zhu Mao is a little embarrassed, he likes kittens very much, but he also knows that Chen Qianqing loves to be clean, so he feels that this requirement is too much. After a while, he said: "I don't want to raise... I can ask if there are any students around. ......"

Chen Qianqing looked at the kitten and looked at Zhu Mao. He said, "You want to raise it."

Zhu Mao’s eyes are bright: “Really?”

Chen Qianqing said: "You are responsible for cleaning anyway, you agree, why do I disagree."

Zhu Mao heard Chen Qianqing’s words laughing happily: “Qianqing, you are a real person.”

Chen Qianqing looked at Zhu Mao’s smile, but she felt that her heart was a little uncomfortable... If he didn’t do anything about Chen Qianqing at the time, Chen Qianqing’s face should have such a smile.

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