Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 33 Husband, come out soon

Chapter 33 Husband, come out soon

After Chen Qianqing was discharged from the hospital, the spirit was very good. Lu Zhengfei asked him if he was uncomfortable. He also said that nothing was wrong.

However, in view of the lack of reassurance of Xu Shaoren's drugs, Lu Zhengfei still found a time to test it. There is no contraband in the results. As Xu Shaoren said, most of the medicines are Chinese herbal ingredients. It is reasonable to say that people will not be right. Produce such a big impact.

But the real problem is in front of himself. Even if Lu Zhengfei does not want to admit it, he must understand one thing. Chen Qianqing may have had serious psychological problems. He even has serious symptoms of personality splitting.

On the occasion of Lu Zhengfei’s entanglement, the National Day holiday also passed, and Chen Qianqing officially started school.

After the National Day, this semester was over a third. On the day of Chen Qianqing’s school day, Lu Zhengfei did not go, but sent someone to send Chen Qianqing to the school.

Because Chen Qianqing's legs have not fully recovered, his luggage is usually carried by others until he is sent to the door of the dormitory, and Lu Zhengfei's men leave.

Chen Qianqing opened the door with the key, only to find that Zhu Mao has come.

Chen Qianqing greeted: "It’s very early, when did you come?"

Zhu Mao is reading a book, and when he hears the sound of opening the door, he laughs: "Is it yesterday, the last class teacher didn't name it?"

It’s not a school tyrant. The first thing I care about at school is that the teacher’s name is not...

Chen Qianqing felt a little funny, saying: "Nothing."

Zhu Mao just let go of his heart, he said: "I am worried about the name, or I will not be able to get up to 90 times when I take the test."

This is to be placed on others, absolutely forced to force, but Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao lived for a few months, and also know how much this roommate pays attention to scholarships and achievements, so it is not very disgusting.

Zhu Maodao: "I brought you a plate duck, the specialty of our place, hey, take it to steam, it's fragrant!"

Chen Qianqing took over and thanked him.

Zhu Mao read the book, Chen Qianqing cleaned up the bed, and the two chatted from time to time. When the result was halfway up, I heard someone squatting at the door of the bedroom.

"Who is." Zhu Mao went to open the door, and as soon as he opened it, he was stupid at the door.

"What are you doing at the door?" The voice outside the door was sharp and sharp, and it was not like a man's voice: "Let's get out!"

Zhu Mao stayed aloud.

The next second, the door came in a full-body leather pants, a little shorter than Chen Qianqing, makeup on the face, earrings on the ears, a hair does not know how much hair gel used.

Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao had a very tacit understanding at this time - that is, the eyes were fast.

"Look at what I saw, I have never seen a beautiful man." The man said: "Look at me again, I will doubt that you fell in love with me~"

Zhu Mao obviously can't cope with such people, and bows his head and returns to his desk to start reading.

Chen Qianqing’s eyesight was seriously hurt and he didn’t want to watch it. He didn’t know how many people in this dormitory, but if this person is really ready to live in the dormitory... he feels that he would rather I live with Lu Zhengfei because it is really hurting my eyes."I moved back to live this semester." The man said: "Zhu Mao, why didn't you see Liu Jingyang?"

"Oh, he..." Zhu Mao whispered: "He was dropped out."

“Withdraw? Drop out!” The man’s expression of horror: “Why drop out?”

"Gao proverb, how long have you not come to class..." Zhu Maodao: "The semester was spread all over the school, and the school did not announce the reason for the dropout... but Liu Jingyang did not say anything."

The mother-in-law, who was called Gao Mao’s slang, frowned. His eyes turned around between Zhu Mao and Chen Qianqing, and he smiled again: "Hey, look at me, this classmate is newly moved in, Why are you so blind, what is your name?"

Zhu Mao: "He is Chen Qianqing."

Gao Gaoyu oh oh, two eyes, the eyes stick to Chen Qianqing can not move, and after a while: "Zhu Mao, I will live in school later, you take care."

Zhu Maogan laughed twice.

The insiders have their own radar. As long as they see the same kind of radar, the radar will think of it. With many years of experience in reading the proverbs, this one called Chen Qianqing is definitely an attack! And it is a storm!

"Chen classmates ~~~~" Gao Yanyu smiled and said: "Let's take care of each other~~~~"

Chen Qianqing "oh".

Gao Yi language does not feel that his hot face posted a cold butt, but the smile is even more happier, it is hard to put Zhu Mao laughed out a goose bump.

In fact, if there are only two attributes of high-sounding words, such as magic sounds and strange shapes, Chen Qianqing will endure it, but what he can't bear most is that Gao Yaoyu also sprayed cheap cologne.

Chen Qianqing sat in the bedroom for a while and felt his head dizzy, standing up and preparing to go out.

Zhu Maojian Chen Qianqing is leaving, and quickly said: "Qianqing, where are you going?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Go to the library."

Zhu Maodao: "I am going too!" After finishing the light pack, I packed up my schoolbag and went out behind Chen Qianqing.

"Hey, stinky man!" Gao Yiyu threw the clothes in his hand and glanced at the door: "Being a fart, the old lady seduce, not getting the bed!"

On the way to the library, Zhu Mao’s appearance was almost crying. He said, “What should I do? God, if he is in the bedroom, I don’t want to live...”

Chen Qianqing looked at Zhu Mao like this. He wanted to laugh a little. He couldn’t resist the two heads on Zhu Mao’s seemingly furry head: "I don’t look like he is in the bedroom, it’s really not going out. Share it together."

Zhu Mao pushed the glasses: "OK, then take a look."

Chen Qianqing actually likes Zhu Mao, who is a child who has been studying hard all day. People who are focused on academics are generally cleaner than others, and they want something simpler.

So the two sat in the library for one afternoon. When they went back in the evening, they found that the Gaoyu language was still there. Not only did they still drive the computer, but they didn’t know who to video with.

"哎哟y~ You don't want people to have it~" Gao Yiyu wore a tight t-shirt and was driving a video saying: "You are necrotic, don't call someone~"Chen Qianqing frowned, but did not say anything. In fact, the bedroom room is really looking at his own luck, luck is good, roommates are reasonable, and bad luck is also the norm in the high language and Liu Jingyang.

From now on, Chen Qianqing’s luck is poor enough.

Gao Yi language video chat in the bedroom, Zhu Mao is a little invisible to go to the book, went to bed early, and turned out to be more than eleven o'clock, Gao Yi language is still talking.

Zhu Mao weak and weak: "Gao proverb, can your voice be small?"

Gao Yi language wears headphones, pretending not to hear Zhu Mao's words, but also deliberately knocked the keyboard.

Zhu Mao is a soft persimmon. Chen Qianqing is not. He took the bottle of water and smashed it toward the stool of Gao Yi language. He almost didn't swear high.

"What are you doing!" Gao Yiyu suddenly got up and said with an orchid. "Are you fucking another try?"

Chen Qianqing said: "You don't know why you want to know why Liu Jingyang dropped out?"

Gao Yan said: "What is it going to force!"

Chen Qianqing said: "If you want to make another trouble, I will let you personally feel how Liu Jingyang dropped out." His tone is very gentle, his expression is even indifferent, but he said this sentence, but let Gao Song He is not joking, but is really telling the truth.

The high-spoken language rushed a little, but it quickly slowed down and smirked: "Dear, so what are you doing seriously, I will turn off the computer~ What?"

Chen Qianqing said: "And, my nose is allergic, you have to live in the bedroom, it is best not to apply perfume."

Gao Yi’s hand plucked the computer and paused. He snorted in his mouth, but in the end he did not say anything about it. His social experience is much more than that of the average student. From Chen Qianqing’s clothing, he knows that his family condition is definitely good. And obviously related to Liu Jingyang's withdrawal from school, smart people know that don't touch the stone.

Gao Shuo thought in his heart, it is a bedroom, it is not easy to think about him!

Chen Qianqing encountered a superb gun, and Lu Zhengfei was busy looking for a reliable testing institution. Xu Shaoren recommended several well-known hospitals in foreign psychology. He suggested that Lu Zhengfei take Chen Qianqing as soon as possible.

Lu Zhengfei was very busy during this time, but decided to take time to take Chen Qianqing to look at it. But the biggest problem now is that he doesn't know how to mention this with Chen Qianqing.

It is definitely not acceptable to say that Chen Qianqing will never agree to go with him, but if he does not say it, Chen Zhiqing’s IQ will not be seen.

Psychotherapy wants to get the best results, it must be the patient's own consent.

For this matter, Lu Zhengfei is really a bit of a bad taste.

However, before Lu Zhengfei thought about how to explain clearly with Chen Qianqing, there was even more trouble to recruit Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei’s cousin, Wen Hong, did not know where he heard it. Lu Zhengfei brought Chen Qianqing to a private party. He ignored the business in his hands and flew directly from abroad. He returned to the company on the same day and met the first sentence. Are you serious?"

Lu Zhengfei squatted for a few seconds, then nodded heavily: "Can't be serious anymore."Wen Wenhong said: "Lu Zhengfei, do you know what you are doing?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "I am twenty-seven, not a child."

The temperature in Wen Hong’s eyes dropped to the lowest point. He said: “Lu Zhengfei, I hope that you will take full responsibility for what you just said.”

Lu Zhengfei knew that his family would probably block him and Chen Qianqing, but he did not expect that his cousin’s reaction would be so great.

Wen Wenhong said: "Well, let me see, how touching this love story between you is." After that, he turned and left, without giving Lu Zhengfei any chance to justify.

Lu Zhengfei, who looked at the back of Yan Wenhong, frowned. This sentence of Wen Wenhong is definitely not a blessing, but a gauntlet.

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