Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 31 Love comes too fast

Chapter 31 Love comes too fast

The place to eat is a western restaurant where Lu Zheng is very going.

Chen Qianqing’s appetite is not very good recently, so it doesn’t matter what he eats. Since Lu Zhengfei proposed to eat steak, he agreed.

In fact, this kind of private party usually eats together at night, but Lu Zhengfei thinks about other things, so he refuses the invitation of the host and chooses to have dinner with Chen Qianqing alone. Of course, he still has to be willing to bring Xu Shaoren. .

When I arrived at the restaurant, the three had a good meal.

Just after eating the appetizer, Chen Qianqing got up and went to the toilet. Taking advantage of this time, Lu Zhengfei quickly negotiated with Xu Shaoren: "Have you got the medicine?"

Xu Shaoren looked down and drank the soup: "Take it."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Do you bring it with you at any time and place? Xu Shaoren... I didn't see it..."

Xu Shaoren smiled: "But Lu Zhengfei, although I took the medicine, but the person who needs medication now is you."

Lu Zhengfei took a look at his mouth and said after a while: "Where is the medicine?"

Xu Shaoren said: "As long as you don't put it in the wine, let's put it all... This is not the soup, let's put it in the soup." He said that he took a small blue capsule from his pocket and opened the capsule shell. Sprinkle the medicine into the creamy soup of Chen Qianqing.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Why can't you put it in the wine?"

Xu Shaoren secluded: "Lu Zhengfei... Do you know that Liu Chenqing was almost sued some time ago?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Know, what happened?" Liu Chenqing and they are also a circle, but life is extremely gorgeous, but also drug abuse, if not his aunt's protection has been shot many times.

Xu Shaoren said: "He wants to play with Miss Xu Jiada, and the result is a sleeping medicine in the red wine of the people. It has a chemical effect, and Miss Xu Jia is directly killed."

This is a bit of black humor, Lu Zhengfei is a bit unsatisfied and wants to laugh.

Xu Shaoren said: "If Liu Chenqing is not his grandfather, this thing is crushed. He is estimated to have been in prison."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Is there no problem in the soup?"

Xu Shaoren said: "It's okay, I know the formula of this medicine. It's all Chinese herbal medicine, aphrodisiac, kidney, and not the same."

Hearing that Xu Shaoren said this, Lu Zhengfei only let go of his heart. He wants Chen Qianqing to be true, but if this thing has bad effects on the body, he will never use it, but Lu Zhengfei is still a little uneasy, he said: Give me one more."

Xu Shaoren said: "What is it, this time, I have thought about it next time without success?"

Lu Zhengfei smiled and said that he was prepared to take the medicine for testing.

Xu Shaoren ridiculed his guilt, or gave the drug to Lu Zhengfei. He said: "If he responds to medicine, 80% is a psychological problem."

Lu Zhengfei said: "I know..."

Xu Shaoren hesitated for a while and asked: "Lu Zhengfei, have you found that Chen Qianqing is not right?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Is it wrong? What?"

Xu Shaoren said: "I saw him today. I feel that the person I saw before is completely different from two different people. You really don't feel that he is wrong?"Lu Zhengfei said after a moment of silence: "I know that he is very different from before, but..."

"But this change makes you feel that he is accepting you?" Xu Shaoren sighed: "Lu Zhengfei, have you forgotten one of the most important things."

Lu Zhengfei showed a confused expression.

Xu Shaoren said: "He used to be at least hard on you. Now Chen Qianqing is gentle to you, but he can't react to you. People's expressions can be fake, but the body's reaction is The most honest."

Lu Zhengfei stirred the soup with a spoon and said nothing.

Xu Shaoren said: "You interrupted his leg... I think it is probably the biggest reason he found the change."

Lu Zhengfei still wants to say something, but sees Chen Qianqing coming back from the toilet, so he has to stop.

After Chen Qianqing came back, he sat next to Lu Zhengfei, picked up the spoon of soup, and drank the first soup under the watchful eyes of Lu Zhengfei and Xu Shaoren. He said: "Dining, what are you looking at?"

Xu Shaoren smiled and said: "It is better to see you than to see Lu Zheng."

Lu Zhengfei: "Oh, I am afraid that I will see his vision will drop."

Chen Qianqing: "..."

Tang Gang came up, still hot, Chen Qianqing frowned after drinking two mouthfuls: "You don't feel that this soup tastes a little wrong?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Where is it wrong? I taste it." He said, he licked it with his own spoon and put it in his mouth.

"Nothing wrong." Lu Zhengfei was very innocent: "Would you like to drink me?" said to push his soup forward.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei and looked at it: "Forget it."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Do you not like to drink? Then give me your soup, I like to drink..."

Chen Qianqing’s expression was distorted. He looked at Lu Zhengfei’s longing eyes and said coldly: “I like to drink.” Then he took the spoon and took the soup and put it in his mouth.

Xu Shaoren saw that he only wanted to scream for Lu Zhengfei. According to Chen Qianqing's personality, he might drink Lu Zhengfei's soup. Chen Qianqing estimated that he had no appetite for the exchange of saliva with Lu Zhengfei. It is impossible to agree with Lu Zhengfei's proposal. One of the words also perfectly dispelled Chen Qianqing’s suspicions.

Moreover, Chen Qianqing would not be willing to give his soup to Lu Zhengfei, so in order to prevent Lu Zhengfei from drinking his soup, Chen Qianqing only drank most of the soup.

In order to be a love, Lu Zhengfei is also quite a fight...

Chen Qianqing’s taste of the soup was a bit wrong, but he didn’t want Lu Zhengfei to touch his own soup. After he drank more than half of it, he suddenly had a strange idea.

Chen Qianqing secluded: "Lu Zhengfei... You will not put anything in my soup?"

Lu Zhengfei: "..." Hey? This can be guessed.

Xu Shaoren: "..." is not a person that Lu Zhengfei likes...

Chen Qianqing: "..." Fuck, it’s really fucking.

Chen Qianqing only felt that his forehead blue veins began to jump: "Xu Shaoren, your idea?" It is not that he has confidence in Lu Zhengfei, but that he knows Lu Zhengfei too much. If no one intentionally proposes this, Lu Zhengfei will never do such a thing.

Xu Shaoren smiled weakly. He said: "Qianqing... We just care about you."Chen Qianqing did not care: "What medicine? Spring medicine? Confused medicine?"

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing with his eyes: "It is a medicine to help."

Chen Qianqing just wants to put the spoon in his hand in the mind of Lu Zhengfei! When he put the spoon on, he got up and went to the toilet, but he was pulled by Lu Zhengfei. Lu Zhengfei said: "Where are you going?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Go to induce vomiting."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qianqing! Are you so unwilling?"

Chen Qianqing has already felt that her forty-year-old temper is already very good, but when she sees herself at the age of twenty, the fire is still squatting up, it is like watching an annoying bear child! He took a deep breath and told himself to be calm, but still couldn't calm down. Sharp words popped out of his mouth: "Lu Zhengfei, you can't come to toss me yourself? I tell you, except you, I can see anyone can be hard! ”

Xu Shaoren: "..." Yeah, the truth comes too fast, like a tornado~

Lu Zhengfei was white by Chen Qianqing's words!

Chen Qianqing coldly said: "Lu Zhengfei, don't you just want to go to me, go, open the house!"

Xu Shaoren whispered next to him: "Don't be impulsive, impulsive is the devil..."

"You fucking shut up to me!" Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing had a tacit understanding. The two men shared the same voice. Then Chen Qianqing angered: "Xu Shaoren, you dare to be so yin, you are waiting for me!"

Xu Shaoren: "..." What did he think of this sentence should have been said by Lu Zhengfei?

Chen Qianqing went straight to go outside, Lu Zhengfei had to follow Chen Qianqing.

Xu Shaoren sat for a while before he remembered an important thing. He shouted: "Lu Zhengfei, you are a monk, don't you say that you are welcome? Let's get the bill before you go!"

Chen Qianqing was really mad, and Lu Zhengfei’s medicine was even lower, so he was so low-level that he could see it at a glance!

Lu Zhengfei followed Chen Qianqing and said: "Qianqing, don't be angry, I am also anxious."

Chen Qianqing turned and said: "What are you worried about?"

Lu Zhengfei said calmly: "I am anxious that you can't stand up."

Chen Qianqing: "Lu Zhengfei, I tell you, in this world, except for your face, my mother can harden anyone."

Lu Zhengfei: "Including you facing yourself?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Yes!"

Lu Zhengfei's tone and resentment: "Chen Qianqing, I don't believe..."

Chen Qianqing turned and left, he said Lu Zheng is not believe it! The result was not taken by Lu Zhengfei after two steps. Lu Zhengfei said: "If you prove it to me, I will believe you."

Chen Qianqing said: "Do you believe in my ass!"

Lu Zhengfei said: "I will never toss you again after I believe you!"

Chen Qianqing smiled: "Lu Zhengfei, you talk like fart, what do you promise me during the National Day, how many days do you not? Now? Ah?"

As soon as he said that Lu Zhengfei also had a dim sum, he forcibly defended: "I, I am not worried about your body."

Chen Qianqing stared at him coldly.

Lu Zhengfei was stunned and did not speak.Xu Shaoren's medicine is really useful. Chen Qianqing originally thought about taking a taxi back. As a result, he did not take two steps and found that he actually reacted. He walked in front and Lu Zhengfei followed, and his footsteps became slower and slower.

Lu Zhengfei immediately noticed that Chen Qianqing was not right. He squinted at his face: "Qian Qing, is it a drug effect, there are hotels around here... I also brought an ID card..."

Chen Qianqing: "..."

Lu Zhengfei: "Qianqing?"

Chen Qianqing: "Shut up!"

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