Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Second more

Second more

Even if you don't want to admit it, you have to say that this is a world of looking faces.

Xu Shaoren was severely hit by Lu Zhengfei’s phrase "Because you are ugly". It took a long time to slow down and faintly said: "Lu Zhengfei... Can we still be friends?"

Lu Zhengfei showed a seemingly innocent, but actually sloppy expression: "It doesn't matter, I can barely make it."

Xu Shaoren: "..."

Seeing that Chen Qianqing and Tan Yuqiao started to have a chat without a ride, Xu Shaoren put him and Lu Zhengfei back on the right track: "My advice to you is this, first find a chance to try if he is only for you alone. It’s hard to get up. If not, use a little medicine to see if it’s a physical problem or a psychological one.

Lu Zhengfei said: "If so."

Xu Shaoren looked at Lu Zhengfei like a smile: "If it is, I am afraid I can't help you anymore."

Lu Zhengfei's face did not look good, he wanted to know the answer, but when the answer was placed in front of him, he felt some retreat.

Where did Xu Shaoren not see what Lu Zhengfei was thinking, he sighed and patted Lu Zhengfei's shoulder: "It is better to accept the facts earlier than to drag it down."

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing not far away and finally nodded.

The little boy who was chatting with Chen Qianqing was a little star who had just debuted. He had not filmed several TV dramas, but he was seen by Lu Zhengqi’s friend Sun Baiqi. Even if he got a big thigh, he had more opportunities for him. Choosing, he saw Chen Qianqing, thinking that Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei were also the relationship between him and Sun Baiqi, so they deliberately came close.

Chen Qianqing didn't really want to talk, but he didn't directly look at his face. Most of the time, he talked without a word.

Although Tan Yuqiao is younger than Chen Qianqing, his face is much thicker. He and Chen Qianqing chatted for a while, then they looked at Lu Zhengfei in the distance and said, "Chen Ge, how did you catch Luge... I really adore you."

Chen Qianqing could not hear the meaning of Tan Yuqiao’s words. He said: "Why, are you interested in Lu Zhengfei?"

Tan Yuqiao smiled very embarrassedly: "Isn't that just ask?" He didn't have a long time with Sun Baiqi, but he also entered this circle, so he was very curious about Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing said: "Are you happy with Sun Baiqi?"

Tan Yuqiao stunned. He didn't quite understand what Chen Qianqing said in this sentence, but he also heard the provocative taste. He said: "Chen, you said this..."

Chen Qianqing said: "There are a lot of stars that Sun Baiqi has won. I remember Song Weiwei last time."

Song Weiwei, the current entertainment queen, won the Golden Horse Award last year. After the official closure, her star road was so smooth, and there was also the help of Sun Baiqi.

When he was a friend with Sun Baiqi, Chen Qianqing saw that he had harmed countless stars, some of them were like Song Weiwei, and some just debuted like Tan Yuqiao, but most of them tasted fresh and kept in touch. Just one or two.

Chen Qianqing remembers the name Tan Yuqiao, which proves that this young man should stay with Sun Baiqi for a long time.It stands to reason that the average person listened to the words of Chen Qianqing just now, how much will be a little angry, but Tan Yuqiao smiled, he said: "Yes, Chen Ge, can follow my grandson, is my blessing, that is the man of Wei Weijie ""

If a person can be enough to be shameless, then it can be regarded as a kind of success. In front of him, Tan Yuqiao is obviously such a person. He smiles and looks at Chen Qianqing. There is no resentment in his eyes, but he is extremely calm.

To a certain extent, Chen Qianqing actually appreciates Tan Yuqiao, who can flex and stretch, know what he wants, and can get anything from him if he pays enough.

It is a pity to appreciate it. Chen Qianqing has seen so many people, but he never liked any of them.

If Chen Qianqing was also a man like Tan Yuqiao, he and Lu Zhengfei probably wouldn’t have such an unforgettable feeling.

Tan Yuqiao said: "Chen brother, are you feeling good with Lu Ge?" Although he did not know the specific details between Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei, he also listened to Sun Baiqi and they ridiculed that Lu Zhengfei was addicted to the costumes. The man does not let go, today, the men in the population are obviously Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing said faintly: "I want to have a good relationship with him."

Tan Yuqiao said: "Are you not bent?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Even if I am not bent, can he let me go straight?" This is straightforward. Lu Zhengfei can't get a hand. As Chen Qianqing, it is impossible to get rid of his control.

"What are you talking about?" Just as Tan Yuqiao and Chen Qianqing spoke, Tan Yuqiao’s golden master Sun Baiqi came over. His words were directed at Tan Yuqiao, but his eyes were swept away on Chen Qianqing.

Sun Baiqi’s eyes, Chen Qianqing, did not like it, so the smile on his face faded.

"All said that Lu Zhengfei found a small canary." Sun Baiqi said: "Is this a good time to be released?"

In this sentence, with a strong scorn, Sun Baiqi did not look down on Chen Qianqing. In his view, Chen Qianqing was a darling and arrogant, and Lu Zhengfei was not willing to give up his hand, if he had already tossed Chen Qianqing. .

These deaf children, in order to make fun of what can not be done, Sun Baiqi is more emotional than Lu Zhengfei, most of his lover in his eyes are like a pet.

Chen Qianqing was too lazy to care about him. Sun Baiqi’s kid was a few years younger than Lu Zhengfei. Just twenty-five this year, he was like a younger brother in his eyes.

Sun Baiqi originally thought that Chen Qianqing would be angry, but he did not expect that he actually showed a little anger, but he reached out and took a piece of fresh pineapple into his mouth, and he didn't even want to return.

Sun Baiqi frowned: "Dumb? Don't say anything?"

Chen Qianqing squinted in the past. In the past few years, after Lu Zhengfei was shut down for a few years, Sun Baiqi was rectified by Lu Zhengfei, causing him to see Lu Zhengfei later. When Lu Zhengfei was angry, he even looked at him. I dare not. Chen Qianqing’s eyes are very much the charm of Lu Zhengfei. Seeing Sun Baiqi’s next ridiculous words swallowed into his mouth.Tan Yuqiao originally thought that Chen Qianqing was going to be said to be miserable, but he did not expect that Sun Baiqi, who was arrogant in the day, actually said a word, and he sighed, and the appearance was actually scared by Chen Qianqing’s eyes.

However, after Sun Baiqi reacted, an indescribable sense of shame rushed into his heart. He hated: "You wait, wait for Lu Zhengfei to marry you, I see what you are proud of!"

Chen Qianqing said: "Little Sun." Sun Baiqi stunned again.

Chen Qianqing said: "Young people, don't be so angry, the last time you were in the half-moon building, you don't want your family to know."

After listening to Chen Qianqing’s words, Sun Baiqi’s angry face turned into a horrified look. He said, “How do you know!”

Chen Qianqing smiled and looked at him: "You forgot who I am?"

Last time, Sun Baiqi played ecstasy in the half-monthly building. As a result, he was reported to almost enter the game. If Lu Zhengfei did not help, it is estimated that he really finished playing it. It is not to say that he is afraid of being caught, but to let his family know. He dared to play this, definitely not only to interrupt the leg as simple, it is estimated that before his aunt died, he had to be monitored.

Sun Baiqi said: "Is this Lu Zhengfei telling you?!"

Chen Qianqing smiled and said: "I have stolen, don't tell him." He is not afraid of what Sun Baiqi said, because Lu Zhengfei would not believe what Sun Baiqi said.

Although Sun Baiqi is in his twenties, the relationship between men and women is also complicated. He can grow a baby face. If the temperament is estimated, some people will recognize him as a student. This is why Chen Qianqing is so fishing and playing like a handicap. A child who is being bullied and crying.

Tan Yuqiao has been afraid to scream at the side. The king fights the little devil and suffers. Chen Qianqing has Lu Zhengfei's protection. He can no one to protect him. If he says something wrong, he may have caused Sun Baiqi to provoke.

Sun Baiqi gnawed his teeth: "Chen Qianqing, you remember it for me!"

Chen Qianqing: "Oh."

Sun Baiqi: "..." He hated this word for the first time.

Lu Zhengfei has been chatting with Xu Shaoren at the side. At this moment, he saw that the atmosphere of Sun Baiqi and Chen Qianqing was not right. He quickly went to this side and said that he was afraid that Chen Qianqing would suffer.

"Sun Baiqi." Lu Zhengfei said: "What do you say with Qian Qing?"

Sun Baiqi glanced at Chen Qianqing, but he did not complain, but said: "Lu Ge, this is the person you have been chasing for so long? I don't look very good."

Lu Zhengfei frown: "how do you say it, believe it or not I beat you."

Sun Baiqi knew that Lu Zhengfei was not joking, but he was not mad by Chen Qianqing. After a long time, he uttered a sentence: "Lu Ge! This person is not worthy of you!"

Wen Yan, Chen Qianqing is laughing, but also very bright, he said: "I heard no, Lu Zhengfei, people said that I am not worthy of you."

Lu Zhengfei is a bit angry: "He doesn't deserve to have anything to do with me? Sun Baiqi, are you looking for a shackle today? When you do something, I don't have any nonsense!" The implication is that Sun Baiqi is also closed. mouth.

Sun Baiqi’s heavy gasping, it seems that he is really mad.

Chen Qianqing saw this, but he was a little pitiful. He sighed: "Lu Zhengfei, forget it."Lu Zhengfei slanted and looked at Sun Baiqi. His eyes and Chen Qianqing’s eyes were absolutely similar, but they were a little less sullen than Chen Qianqing’s eyes.

Sun Baiqi was stunned by this look. It was like a balloon that had been punctured. He turned and left. He did not take two steps and turned to Tan Yuqiao. "Tan Yuqiao, give me a roll!"

Tan Yuqiao smiled twice, still followed the past, Sun Baiqi was on the head, he did not dare to disobey, Sun Baiqi did not dare to rush Chen Chenqing to get angry, would it hurt him?

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