Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 27 Back

Chapter 27 Back

Because Chen Xiaohui made this incident, Chen Qingyu left the next morning. Chen Qingyang did not stop this time, but only asked him to buy a ticket.

In fact, it is normal for relatives to support each other. It is a good thing to fight against Mien. If you don’t pay for it, it will be a normal thing for the beneficiary. Once something fails to satisfy his mind, I will feel great dissatisfaction.

Chen Qingyang’s current situation at home is like this.

Liu Huamei also had a lot of concessions on the situation of Chen Qingyang's sisters and sisters, but this time she really touched her bottom line, and with Chen Xiaohui's fire tar, she only broke out completely.

When I lived at home on the 5th, Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing returned to the city. The ticket money for returning home was from Liu Huamei. Lu Zhengfei repeatedly resigned, and she also bite her mouth. In her opinion, this time she called Lu Zhengfei to play and make people feel so misunderstood. It is really embarrassing, so even Lu Zhengfei Say no, but she insisted on making the money.

In the end, Lu Zhengfei pushed but did not accept it.

When he left, Chen Qianqing’s childhood sweetheart Yuan Zhitao gave Chen Qianqing a phone call. On the phone, Yuan Zhitao asked Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei is not the person he likes.

Chen Qianqing was silent for a long time and said: "I don't know." He really didn't know, and he never had a chance to know.

Yuan Zhitao said: "Qianqing, will I come to see you later?"

Chen Qianqing said with a cry: "Come on, feel welcome at any time." Yuan Zhitao let him know what he never knew... Of course, this incident did not make him feel a little happy, but was full of remorse and pain.

After quietly taking a moment, Yuan Zhitao asked: "Qian Qing, we, is it really impossible?"

Chen Qianqing held his mobile phone in his hand and whispered: "Yuan Zhitao, I am sorry."

On the other end of the phone, I heard a slight sob. Chen Qianqing could see that Yuan Zhitao really liked Chen Qianqing, but he was just a counterfeit. Even if he could pretend to be gentle to Yuan Zhitao, he would never fall in love with this girl.

Yuan Zhitao said: "Qianqing, I regret not going to the same school with you." When she first reported her volunteers, she wanted to study medicine with one heart and one mind, so she took a school different from Chen Qianqing. She thought that even if she was far away, She and Chen Qianqing are still able to keep in touch, but when they are really in a different place, they find that distance is terrible.

At least at that time, Yuan Zhitao never thought that Chen Qianqing would like men.

Chen Qianqing hung up the phone and stood on the balcony for a long time before turning back to the bedroom.

At 10 o'clock the next morning, Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing returned to the city.

Two days before leaving school, Lu Zhengfei asked Chen Qianqing if there was any place he wanted to go.

Chen Qianqing was sitting on the sofa and saw that he didn’t even lift his head: "I am like staying at home, are you so busy?"

Lu Zhengfei said yes, yeah, I am especially idle.Chen Qianqing snorted, how could Lu Zhengfei be idle, he remembered that the European side was in a financial crisis during this time, so that he had a huge impact on Lujia’s European industry. If Liu Huamei did not want Lu Zhengfei to accompany him home, It is estimated that Lu Zhengfei is absolutely busy like a dog.

As an informal successor, Lu Zhengfei needs to learn too much, and he is only twenty-seven. He still has a long way to go before he officially takes over the Lu family.

Lu Zhengfei accompanied Chen Qianqing every day, but he was happy, but obviously it would make some people unhappy. One of them, Lu Zhengfei, the cousin who likes to control the heavens, Wen Hong.

In fact, Lu Zhengfei’s family has a lot of dissatisfaction with Chen Qianqing, but most of them feel that Lu Zhengfei is because young people are playing and not thinking about it. But Wen Hong and Lu Zhengfei have a very good relationship, so he can see it at a glance. This cousin is not supposed to be playing, but serious.

Yan Wenhong is right, because in the Spring Festival this year, Lu Zhengfei was bold and came out at home.

A person’s life will always make a few wrong decisions. One of the most erroneous decisions made by Lu Zhengfei in his life is to announce his relationship with Chen Qianqing when he has not yet established his footsteps.

It is better to say that it is love, but it is forced. After Lu and Lu have thoroughly understood this matter, they almost did not interrupt Lu Zhengfei’s leg. The root of their family is on the military side, only in recent years. It involves the business.

Lu Zhengfei's grandfather and uncle are both in the military. Lu Zhengfei's father is the oldest family and the most favored one. He wants to go from business, and the family has no objection.

Lu Zhengfei, this generation, he and his sister two, so after knowing that Lu Zhengfei actually likes a man, Lu Zhengfei’s father was almost insane.

In the eyes of their older generation, they like men are abnormal. If they are not stopped by Lu, Lu Zhengfei is estimated to have been completely disabled, but even if he is not disabled, he is not good enough.

That memory, for Lu Zhengfei, is very profound. He was beaten and bruised, but he still refused to let go, and his father almost didn't go to the kitchen to pick up the knife.

Lumu’s eyes are red, but she is sensible. She said to Lu Zhengfei, right and wrong, your father and I are in charge of your looseness, because you are distressed, but what is this called you? Like a man? Do you really know what you are doing?

Then there was the detention for three years. Lu Jia completely isolated Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing. In the meantime, Lu Zhengfei also completely completed the transformation as a man.

In those three years, for Chen Qianqing, what Lu Zhengfei meant was not known. He only knew that when he saw Chen Qianqing again, he could be sure that he would only have this person in his life.

"Qianqing, what are you thinking about?" Lu Zhengfei’s voice sounded and Chen Qianqing returned to God. He turned his head and saw Lu Zhengfei, who was shining.

Chen Qianqing said: "What happened?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "You are not doing nothing in these two days. I have a small party with my buddies tomorrow night. Are you going together?"

Chen Qianqing raised the book in his hand: "I haven't finished reading my book yet, no time."Lu Zhengfei said: "You really don't go?"

Chen Qianqing glanced at him: "If you don't stay with me for half a month, I will go."

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Chen Qianqing laughed and laughed. Although Lu Zhengfei’s party did not remember, he almost knew what he was doing. It was nothing more than a gathering of old friends. Lu Zhengfei wanted to bring him to the past. He wanted to announce Chen Qianqing’s identity in front of everyone. .

Chen Qianqing looked at his young self and just wanted to sigh that he was so naive at the beginning. He didn’t know it at the time, but now he wants to go through it again, but he just wants to smile.

Lu Zhengfei, who is in his twenties, does not understand how much his relationship with Chen Qianqing will affect Chen Chiqing.

Lu Zhengfei has the ability to protect his family. He can block the status of his population. What is Chen Qianqing? He is just an ordinary student. Once this kind of thing is exposed, it is a devastating blow to Chen Qianqing.

In the case of such a thing, Chen Qianqing did not hesitate to refuse in the twenties. It seems that it is not something that cannot be understood. Moreover, at that time, he did not recognize his relationship with Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing clearly remembers that he also made such a request in the same way as the current Lu Zhengfei, and he was naturally rejected. The original Chen Qianqing directly pointed to his nose and said, Lu Zhengfei, you want to announce our relationship? What is our relationship? ! Isn't it the relationship between the rapist and the victim?

The same hot temper, Lu Zhengfei heard this, directly asked Chen Qianqing to tie it into the car, and brought it to the party.

Of course, although there was no trouble in the party, they had a few arguments because of this incident. Chen Qianqing was forced to smash, and the words used to pick up people were more and more poked. He said he did not believe it. Lu Zhengfei’s love said that Lu Zhengfei was just a strong criminal, and even if he fell in love with a dog, he would never like him.

After the intensive collision, Chen Qianqing generally compromised, but most of this compromise was due to the inequality of power. Lu Zhengfei had a way to handle Chen Qianqing, and the relationship between the two became worse.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Of, half a month for half a month! I will not touch you for half a month, you will accompany me!"

Chen Qianqing’s memories were interrupted by Lu Zhengfei. He felt that there was nothing to accompany Lu Zhengfei. Anyway, even if he did not want to go, Lu Zhengfei still had a way to force him to go.

Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing's indifferent look, thinking that he misunderstood, and explained: "Qianqing, there are all my good friends, no outsiders, not cheating on the roots."

Chen Qianqing said: "Well, I know."

Lu Zhengfei reached out and held Chen Qianqing. Somehow he stuttered. He said: "Thousands, thousands of Qing, I really like you."

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei’s hand and suddenly wanted to say: “Lu Zhengfei, I really hate you.” But he finally resisted, but the smile on his face was much lighter.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qian Qing, when you graduate from college, we will go abroad to get married?"This sentence, Chen Qianqing once said, but after he finished, the man directly smashed the cup in his hand, and then shouted: Do you think everyone is as abnormal as you? marry? I don't marry a man! ! !

Chen Qianqing sighed and said nothing.

Lu Zhengfei only used Chen Qianqing as the default. He was excited: "We can still immigrate. You can go anywhere... Qian Qing, if you like children, we can adopt one..."

Chen Qianqing listened to Lu Zhengfei’s mouth in the future, but he only felt that the blood in his bones was cold. He was not Chen Qianqing, and even if he could, he could not fall in love with Lu Zhengfei.

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