Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 26 Come and tear

Chapter 26 Come and tear

A few hours later, Lu Zhengfei’s phone call had a result. The person who checked Chen Xiaoyu sent her information to Lu Zhengfei’s mailbox. Lu Zhengfei clicked through it and said: “Qianqing, your cousin can what."

Chen Qianqing did not know what he was doing with his mobile phone. He heard that Lu Zhengfei did not raise his head: "Say."

Lu Zhengfei began to read about Chen Xiaoyu.

Chen Xiaoyu is only seventeen years old this year. She is a high school student. It is reasonable to say that such a student has no black history any more, but it turns out that Chen Qianqing really looked down on her cousin. Just in May this year, she went in. The hospital has had a baby.

Lu Zhengfei said: "The information of last year has not been sent, but the abortion is definitely not the first time."

Chen Qianqing smiled and smiled. If he said that Chen Xiaoyu knew that he and Lu Zhengfei were a little panicked, but now he has completely said that he has let go of his heart. He said: "Let Chen Xiaoyu go to complain." ""

Lu Zhengfei said with a sigh: "Qian Qing, would you like to accompany me out of the cabinet?"

Chen Qianqing: "Thinking too much is sick."

Lu Zhengfei said: "..."

Chen Qianqing closed the phone and said coldly: "She wants to die, let her die to death."

Chen Xiaoxuan originally thought that Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing would compromise with her, but after one night passed, they actually did not find themselves again. In the morning of the next morning, they all had nothing to do with nothing.

Even when Chen Xiaoyu deliberately uttered temptations in Chen Xiaoxuan, Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing did not react as much as they seem, as if she saw only her illusion.

When Chen Xiaoyu saw this situation, he guessed that Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing did not want to honor their promises. Although she was only seventeen years old, she was not stupid. She knew that if Chen Qianqing really came out, it would be There is nothing wrong with the hundred miles.

Although Chen Qingyang loves Chen Qianqing very much, the older generation will never accept the fact that his son likes men. If he can’t listen to Liu Huamei, he might sell the house to their home. To say that Chen Xiaoyu does not marry her, it is absolutely false. When her father and her mother divorced, the chickens and dogs jumped, even now, without her father, she always felt the short one.

The next day, after Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei had a good night's sleep, they found out that the atmosphere in the living room was wrong.

Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang frowned and sat on the sofa in the living room. Chen Xiaoyu was red-eyed and held in her arms by Chen Qingyu—their mother and daughter apparently cried again.

It is said that Liu Bei’s Jiangshan is crying. Chen Qingyu and Chen Xiaoyu, the mother and daughter, have used their tears as weapons.

Chen Qingyang first said: "Qianqing, come over." He looks like Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei have doubts and anger in their eyes, but more is panic.

Liu Huamei wanted to say something, but finally swallowed the words.

Chen Qingyang said: "What are you and Xiaolu?"

Chen Qianqing’s face is inexplicable: “Dad, what are you talking about?”Chen Qingyang was silent for a moment, as if he didn't know how to say it. After a long time, he came to the scene: "Xiaohui said that I saw you in the house... and Xiaolu..."

Liu Huamei saw that Chen Qingyang was so swallowed, and she was in a hurry. She said directly: "She saw you and Lu Zhengfei in the house and kissed each other! There is still that! It is true and false!"

Chen Qianqing’s expression of horror, his eyes are full of incredulous: "What are you talking about? Me and him?"

Lu Zhengfei also played with Chen Qianqing and made a stunned look.

Chen Xiaoyu said at this moment: "Brother, I, I did not mean to tell my aunt, I am just..."

Chen Qianqing said: "Dad, Chen Xiaoyu said something, let you think so!"

Liu Huamei is also a temperament. She thinks that Chen Xiaoyu should not make a joke about this, but she does not believe that she is telling the truth: "She asked if you and Lu Zhengfei are together! Open the door and see The two of you are there!"

Chen Xiaoyu said with a crying voice: "I really didn't mean it, cousin, sorry!" When she threatened Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing yesterday, it was two appearances.

Chen Qianqing smiled: "Xiaohui, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, and words can't be talked about."

Chen Xiaoyu’s mother, Chen Qingyu, said: “Qianqing, Xiaohui is still a child, she is not sensible...” This is a good statement, just as Chen Qianqing’s defense is to scare Chen Xiaoyu.

Chen Qianqing said: "Aunt, what do you say, Xiaohui is seventeen years old? Will you understand?"

Chen Qingyu was angry: "What do you think is my family Xiaohui? She hasn't even touched a man's hand! It's not normal to understand these things!"

Chen Qianqing and so on are the words of Chen Qingyu. He said directly: "Isn’t even a man’s hand been taken? Oh, I don’t know who went to the Beauty Hospital in May this year to get a baby?”

Chen Qianqing’s sentence is like a bomb exploding, and Chen Xiao’s stunned stunned – how does Chen Qianqing know about her abortion? ! Also know so accurate? ?

Chen Qingyu pointed out: "Chen Qianqing, what are you talking about!"

Chen Qianqing looked at Chen Qingyu coldly: "Aunt, this kind of thing can be more basic than Chen Xiaoyu said that I am gay. Is it nonsense? You take her to the hospital to check it."

Chen Xiaoyu said: "Mom, he is nonsense, don't listen to him nonsense! I found out that he and Lu Zhengfei are together, he wants to smear me!"

Chen Qianqing softly said: "Xiaohui, I said yesterday that I want to tell you this thing, you have compiled such a thing today, I don't mind, but Lu Zhengfei is my friend, you are really bad."

Indeed, Chen Xiaoyu said that Lu Zhengfei is a homosexual thing, but Chen Qianqing said that Chen Xiaoyu’s abortion is a fact that the hospital knows.

Chen Qingyu has a face, she knows that her daughter is courageous, but she did not expect her list to be carried to the point where she secretly went to abortion! How much harm does the human flow have on the body? Can she not know? Chen Xiaoyan is only seventeen years old! Just ruin yourself!A wise woman always knows to cherish her body. Chen Qingyu sees Chen Xiaoyu’s face. She probably guessed that Chen Qianqing was definitely not talking nonsense. She glared at Chen Xiaoyu, and she hated the iron and iron, but it was forbearance. Lived, but lowered the voice: "Thousands of Qing, do not go out and talk about this, Xiaohui is a girl after all, but she is not a nonsense like ... gay things, we have not seen these places. ”

Chen Qianqing snorted: "Aunt, abortion, I haven’t seen it in college yet."

Lu Zhengfei said in a timely manner: "Liu Aunt, I did not expect to come here to cause you so much trouble, I am really embarrassed, I have already booked the ticket, I will leave tomorrow."

Chen Qianqing said: "Mom, I told you not to call Lu Zhengfei to play. Look, there is something fun, and the sex has changed. After a few more times, it may be pointed out that it is an alien. People."

When Chen Qianqing said this, Liu Huamei suddenly remembered that she insisted that Chen Qianqing bring Lu Zhengfei to play. This time she was embarrassed at the moment: "Xiaolu, don't be angry, aunt is not this, isn't it anxious? Oh, really... Lao Chen, you are saying something!"

Where did Chen Qingyang say what he was saying, he called Chen Qingyu's family on National Day. He wanted to discuss the problem of the house, but he did not expect such a lot of moths, but also involved Lu Zhengfei.

But in Liu Huamei's contempt, Chen Qingyang had to say: "Xiaolu, don't worry about it, we are too anxious, here apologizes to you."

Chen Qianqing Liang Liangdao: "Mom, you really have a family that Lu Zhengfei has no temper. If the ticket is bought, it will not be easy to retreat. I will send him tomorrow."

Lu Zhengfei hinted to Chen Qianqing with his eyes - the script is not written like this, the ticket is not fictional.

Chen Qianqing rushed Lu Zhengfei to reveal a sweet smile. I said it was true, it was true, understand?

Lu Zhengfei showed a grievous expression.

Liu Huamei saw the sigh: "Small land, you don't have the aunt's anger, the aunt is really not interested, so, you have to retreat the ticket, will the aunt buy you and Qianqing when you arrive?"

Chen Qianqing: "..." Mom, is Lu Zhengfei your own, or am I your own?

Lu Zhengfei deliberately said: "Auntie...this is not good."

Liu Huamei insisted: "Small land, you have to stay alive without the aunt's anger. Really, Qianqing’s legs are broken and you have helped so much!"

Lu Zhengfei smiled very embarrassedly.

Chen Xiaoyu, who has been forgotten to see this scene, saw this scene, and her body shivered. She opened her mouth and apparently wanted to say something, but she was scratched by Chen Qingyu with an eye knife and finally closed her mouth.

Chen Qingyu said softly: "Brother, Xiaohui is really embarrassed. Hey, without her dad, I have been unable to control her. The school is chaotic. I don't have the ability to live with her..." She said that she reached for her hand. Wiping tears.Yes, after talking for a long time, I went back to the house. But this time, Liu Huamei did not intend to continue to regress. She said directly: "According to your logic, if Xiaohui went to the capital, would you like to go to the capital to accompany her to study? Also buy a house over there?! ”

Chen Qingyu didn't think that Liu Huamei had torn her face directly. What she wanted to say, but was interrupted by Chen Qingyang. Chen Qingyang looked at her sister. My heart was also very complicated: "Qingyu, let me think about it again." ?"

Chen Qingyu’s eyes flashed unwilling, but after all, he nodded.

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