Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 23 Cousin

Chapter 23 Cousin

On the third day of National Day, Chen Qianqing’s father came home.

Chen Qianqing’s father, Chen Qingyang, is a mechanic who repairs machines. He often travels abroad, usually for two or three months, so when Chen Qianqing was a child, he spent most of his time with his mother.

Perhaps it is because Chen Qingyang is also very fond of Chen Qianqing because he has not been with his son for too long. The relationship between father and son is very good and there are few contradictions.

On the day when Chen Qingyang came back, Chen Qianqing’s cousin’s family also came to his house to come to the door.

Liu Huamei got up early and pulled Chen Qianqing up and asked him to buy food with himself.

Chen Qianqing was dressed and dressed, and had breakfast. After Liu Huamei and Lu Zhengfei, who were in the spirit of shaking, it was like a flower that was beaten by the rain.

Lu Zhengfei has never been to the vegetable market. His family's grocery shopping and cooking are all arranged by servants, and there are very few self-employed times. Therefore, following Liu Huamei's experience in visiting the market, it is also considered fresh.

Liu Huamei picked a fresh fish, a rib of pork, a little beef, and picked a few vegetables and accessories, and then went back happily.

Chen Qianqing didn't talk much, but he was just picking up the dishes with Liu Huamei. On the contrary, Lu Zhengfei and Liu Huamei were talking and laughing, like mothers and sons who had not seen for a long time.

Liu Huamei turned to look at Chen Qianqing: "Qian Qing, how can you not talk about this child? Look at the people's land!"

Chen Qianqing snorted and did not speak.

Liu Huamei did not get his way, had to hand in his back does not light not heavy slap: "Be careful I let your father beat you!"

The three men spoke and walked back home. Chen Qingyang, who came back from abroad, has already arrived home. Liu Huamei, who came back to buy food, said: "Hua Mei, come back."

Liu Huamei and Lu Zhengfei put the dishes in the kitchen, and this came out: "Your son's legs are broken and don't care about it. I said that you will retire after the next year. It is not a long time to go on."

When Chen Qingyang gave birth to Chen Qianqing, he had already had more than 30 years. Because of the type of work, he could retire at the age of fifty-five, that is, the next year.

Chen Qingyang obviously did not want to make more entanglement with Liu Huamei on this issue. He said: "Qian Qing, don't tell me about your classmates?"

Hearing the phrase "classmate" Lu Zhengfei immediately raised his eyebrows, and he did not despise the tenderness he deliberately wore.

Chen Qianqing glanced at Lu Zhengfei: "He is twenty-seven, my friend, not a classmate."

"Oh." Chen Qingyang hurriedly said: "Sorry, I thought you were a Qianqing classmate..."

Lu Zhengfei laughed: "Nothing is uncle, they all say that I am tender."

Chen Qianqing: "..." You are really shameless.

Liu Huamei asked Chen Qingyang some questions about his work. She could see that she really wanted Chen Qingyang to retire early, but it was hard to say that Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing did not interject, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

The four people were chatting, and the doorbells at home suddenly rang.

Liu Huamei said: "I am sure your sister is coming, Qian Qing, go to open the door."

Chen Qianqing stood up to open the door and greeted the two people standing outside the door.Chen Qianqing’s father, Chen Qingyang, has two sisters, one sister, and the eldest sister died in the early years. The three sisters have divorced in recent years. Only the second sister is a little better, but because the relationship is not good, the festival is very rare. Walking, the general situation is that Chen Qingyang went back to see, Chen Qianqing and his mother spent the New Year.

This time they came, according to Liu Huamei’s guess, most of them want to borrow money.

Happy families have the same happiness, but unfortunate families have their own misfortunes. Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang have a good relationship, but they will still quarrel because of some things, such as Chen Qingyang’s sisters and sisters.

"Brother, are you coming back for a few days?" Chen Qianqing's cousin called Chen Xiaoyu, who was on the second year of high school. She was too tall to be in the middle. When she entered the house, she ran to Chen Qianqing and said, "I miss you." When are you going back to school? Is the city fun? When I graduated, I also want to take the university there. Brother, what do you say I am studying professionally?"

Chen Qianqing quietly took a drink from the tea. He remembered that Chen Qianqing had such a cousin, but to be honest, for so many years, he had forgotten the cousin's name.

Fortunately, Liu Huamei helped Chen Qianqing, she said: "Qianqing, Xiaohui asks you, why not talk."

Chen Qianqing was slow and screamed.

In front of Chen’s parents, Lu Zhengfei has always maintained a gentle smile. Even if Chen Xiaoyu sat down with Chen Qianqing and began to ask Dong to ask the West, the heat of the smile did not diminish, but his eyes began to rise and fall on Chen Xiaoying. Glance, seems to be determining the threat to the girl in front of him.

When he assessed that the threat was very low, almost equal to zero, his smile was even sweeter: "Qian Qing, this is your sister? Don't tell me?"

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei and saw where he was thinking, so he lazily said: "Xiaohui, this is Lu Zhengfei, you are called Lu Ge."

Chen Xiaoxuan immediately called: "Lu Ge is good!" Her eyes brightened when she saw Lu Zhengfei. To be honest, Lu Zhengfei is really good. When not mad, it is definitely worthy of the word prince. It’s crazy to come... it’s really a dog.

Chen Xiaoying, a 17-year-old girl, must have some romantic fantasies. As the saying goes, it’s not love, but the face, Lu Zhengfei’s deceptive face makes Chen Xiaoyu The idea is also very normal.

When people are old, Chen Qianqing knows Chen Xiaoyu's thoughts almost in a flash. He joked: "Let's study hard, you have no girlfriend."

"Hey, what is your child saying?" Liu Huamei is talking to Chen Qingyang's sister Chen Qingyu. When she heard Chen Qianqing's words, her eyes were rounded up: "Some people are only seventeen, don't mess."

Chen Qingyu heard the words but smiled: "Hey, don't blame Qian Qing, Qian Qing is just a joke."

Chen Xiaoyu was ashamed: "Brother, you hate it."

Chen Qianqing showed an unclear smile.

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing's smile and suddenly came up with an illusion that he would be unlucky...

Liu Huamei said: "Then you talk first, I am going to cook." Then I went into the kitchen.Chen Qingyang said: "Qianqing, you take Xiaohui and your friends out to buy some drinks, and then buy some fruit." He obviously wants to open the child first, and then talk to Chen Qingyu.

Chen Qianqing’s interest should be down, so the three changed their shoes and went out.

Chen Xiaoyu's family conditions are average. He has never been to the province since he was so big. It is quite funny to see his brother who came back from studying outside, but obviously, her interest in Lu Zhengfei is greater than that of Chen Qianqing.

The influence of parents on a child is the biggest. The reason why Chen Xiaoyu’s family divorced is because a mother and her husband are almost caught in a rape. The man can’t stand it, so he even raised the divorce directly despite Chen Xiaoyu’s disregard.

"Lu Ge, are you also at the same university as my brother?" along the way, Chen Xiaoyu was asking Lu Zhengfei some information.

Lu Zhengfei wants to be a gentleman. Naturally, there is a question and answer. It is not like Chen Qianqing. He is too lazy to care about Chen Xiaoyu. Apart from nodding his head, he does not even want to say anything.

Lu Zhengfei is still packing his intimate brother: "I have already come out to work, and you are friends."

Chen Xiaoyu said: "Yeah, I didn't see it at all. You look so young... I almost thought you and your brother were classmates."

Lu Zhengfei hehehehe smiled.

Hearing this whisper, Chen Qianqing’s brow was in a bad mood: “Lu Zhengfei, give me a box of yogurt.”

Lu Zhengfei hadn't finished yet, he turned his head and asked for yogurt. When he came back, Chen Qianqing lifted his eyelids: "I don't know if I don't eat strawberry flavor?"

Lu Zhengfei: "...the strawberry and the citron that you picked the popcorn the day before yesterday."

Chen Qianqing: "You didn't see the sweets I only eat?"

Lu Zhengfei: "...", don't say more, go and change the taste of aloe.

Chen Xiaoyu looked at his face from an early age. When he saw Chen Qianqing’s expression, he cautiously said: "Brother, are you angry?"

Chen Qianqing showed a smile. His smile seemed to be similar to Lu Zhengfei's smirk: "A silly girl, how can I give birth to you?"

Chen Xiaoyu suddenly felt a little afraid to talk to Chen Qianqing.

When Lu Zhengfei brought the yogurt back, he saw Chen Xiaoyu's head down and completely disappeared. Looking at Chen Qianqing’s expressionless expression, the fool knows what happened.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Qianqing, do you want to eat some fruits?"

"I don't have anything to eat." Chen Qianqing replied, he thought for a while, and it seemed that Chen Qianqing's cousin was not very good... Well, although he used to treat all women close to Chen Qianqing as a rival, but now the biggest problem Yes, he himself is Chen Qianqing, so he said: "Xiaohui, what do you want to eat?"

Chen Xiaoyu looked at Chen Qianqing with pity, and whispered: "I want to eat mangosteen." She likes this fruit, but the price of this fruit is generally high, and her mother rarely buys her.

Chen Qianqing gave her a bag: "I pick it myself, how much I want to eat, and I pay for it."

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Chen Xiaoyu smiled, and his mouth was sweet: "Thank you Lu Ge!"

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing and looked faintly: "No thanks."

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