Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 22 After the event

Chapter 22 After the event

What is the saddest thing in the world?

For Chen Qianqing at this time, knowing the truth is the saddest thing.

You have pursued a decade of lover, you have been imprisoned for ten years, and after destroying him, you know that he has tried to accept you - is there anything more sorrowful than this? It won't be there.

After the sexual anecdote, Chen Qianqing got up and took a shower. He was all scarred, and there was even white turbidity between his legs. However, compared with the temptation of Lu Zhengfei’s first infringement, he can now be said to be indifferent.

Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei, was very wrong. He looked at Chen Qianqing’s back, but he finally couldn’t say anything.

Chen Qianqing entered the bathroom and opened the hot water.

The smoke rising from the hot water blurs the mirror facing him, and the face in the mirror is also a bit confusing.

Chen Qianqing reached out and wiped the water vapor a little bit, staring at the face in the mirror.

After a moment, his fingers slowly rubbed the mirror, just like stroking the pale face, he said: "Chen Qianqing, I am sorry."

No one responded.

He put his forehead up, and the mouth began to make a small sob. He thought he was strong enough to face this weird thing, but when he noticed the truth, he found that he could not bear it. The weight of the truth.

"Qianqing, I am sorry." Chen Qianqing closed his eyes, and he saw the man who was lying on the bed and looked at him with resentment. The man said, Lu Zhengfei, I am dead, not the best revenge for you. What?

Chen Qianqing’s death is not the best revenge for Lu Zhengfei. His best revenge is to make Lu Zhengfei become Chen Qianqing and let Lu Zhengfei see with his own eyes how he personally destroyed everything about Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing squatted on the ground, buried his face between his arms, and the hot water dripped from the top of his head, but made him feel colder.

Hey, the bathroom door was ringing, and Lu Zhengfei’s voice came from outside: “Qianqing, are you okay?”

Chen Qianqing returned to God and found that the water in the water heater had already cooled.

"I'm fine." Chen Qianqing's voice was a little hoarse. He re-ignited the water heater and said: "I will come out immediately."

Lu Zhengfei did not ask again.

Chen Qianqing hurriedly washed the traces of his body, wrapped in a towel and went out of the bathroom. He looked at Lu Zhengfei: "You are going to wash, my mom is coming back."

Lu Zhengfei originally thought that Chen Qianqing would be in a mood, but he did not expect to be so calm.

Lu Zhengfei gave a cry and went into the bathroom.

Chen Qianqing was sitting on a chair with a backache and wanted to smoke. He couldn’t hold back for a while, or he took a cigarette from Lu Zhengfei’s pocket and sniffed it in his nose.

Ten minutes later, Lu Zhengfei quickly took a shower and wiped his wet hair out.

Chen Qianqing did not lift his head: "You have to wash the sheets, don't let my mother see."

Lu Zhengfei: "..." Seeing such a calm lover, sometimes I feel so sad.

Chen Qianqing’s eyebrows pick one: “How? Want me to wash?”

Lu Zhengfei did not say that he pulled the sheets and turned and went into the bathroom.Chen Qianqing knows that even his, the chance of escaping from Lu Zhengfei is very small. First of all, this is a contest of inequality. Chen Qianqing is an ordinary person, and Lu Zhengfei has a lot of resources. Secondly, if not To escape, the price paid will be enormous. He knows that Lu Zhengfei can tolerate anything, but the only thing that cannot be tolerated is... Chen Qianqing left him. Finally, if he is not with Lu Zhengfei, how can it be tortured? All this is what he deserves.

Chen Qianqing smiled and threw the cigarette in his hand into the trash can and opened the computer.

Many people who dared to bully Chen Qianqing in the past, whether it is Liu Jingyang who has dropped out of school or Lu Zhengfei’s sister Lu Yiqin, can easily hurt Chen Qianqing, but now it is different, Chen Qianqing guarantees that if anyone shoots him again, he absolutely It is very bad for that person to die.

Lu Zhengfei had a hard wash of the traces on the sheets. When he saw the bathroom, he saw Chen Qianqing’s nest playing on the chair. He said quietly: “Qian Qing, where is your washing machine?”

Chen Qianqing did not return: "You go to the balcony to see." In fact, he did not know where it was, casually said.

Lu Zhengfei went back and read: "There is no balcony..."

Chen Qianqing: "Look at the kitchen."

Lu Zhengfei went to see and came back: "I still haven't..."

Chen Qianqing: "Oh, that should be in the toilet."

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Fortunately, the washing machine was indeed in the toilet. Lu Zhengfei washed his hand and washed it again with the washing machine. When he was about to dry it, he heard Chen Qianqing say: "The clothes you changed were also washed."

Lu Zhengfei: "...Don't you say that?"

Chen Qianqing turned his head and glanced at him. The eyes were all despised: "You don't wash yourself, do you expect my mother to wash you?"

Lu Zhengfei: "..." Forget it, don't say it, take the clothes and wash it.

However, this time Lu Zhengfei learned and took Chen Qianqing's clothes together and washed them. The result was half washed, and Chen Qianqing's mother, Liu Huamei, returned.

When Liu Huamei entered the toilet, she saw Lu Zhengfei who was eating and eating. She was surprised: "Xiaolu, how are you washing clothes? Let me go, I will wash it for you tomorrow."

Lu Zhengfei showed a sly smile: "Auntie, nothing, I will wash it."

Liu Huamei turned and went into the bedroom, facing Chen Qianqing, who was still playing the Lianliankan: "How did you do this kid? Let the guests wash their clothes?"

Chen Qianqing did not lift his head: "I let him put him in the washing machine, who knows that he wants to wash it by hand." - In fact, when he saw Lu Zhengfei not coming in for a long time, he knew that he must have been washed by hand. Lu Zhengfei could not wash clothes with washing machine, usually at home. There is a maid to wash, but I can only rely on myself here, but this is definitely not the main reason why Lu Zhengfei does not need a washing machine. Chen Qianqing looked at Liu Huamei with an angry face. How could he not know what Lu Zhengfei was thinking about?

Liu Huamei angered: "Then you can't sit here and play."

Chen Qianqing is pitiful: "Mom, this is not a pain in my legs. I can't stand for a long time."As soon as she talked about her legs, Liu Huamei didn't have any problems. She sighed: "You don't want to wash Xiaolu next time. I will wash you together tomorrow. Hey, people are so busy with you, how interesting it is."

Chen Qianqing is too lazy to talk and continue to play his own game.

Liu Huamei reached out and patted Chen Qianqing's head gently, and then turned and went out.

Chen Qianqing sighed and shut down the Lianliankan interface. He started to watch a movie.

Lu Zhengfei washed his clothes and dried them. Chen Qianqing just watched the movie halfway.

"Qianqing." Lu Zhengfei came over and held the fresh hawthorn that Liu Huamei had just bought: "Your mother bought the fruit."

Chen Qianqing looked at the mountains and was not very interested: "You eat."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Did you not like to eat hawthorn before? Why not eat?"

Chen Qianqing lazy: "Ass hurts."

Lu Zhengfei: "...well."

So Chen Qianqing sat in a chair to watch a movie, Lu Zhengfei was sitting on the edge of the bed, and the two were exceptionally harmonious.

Lu Zhengfei squatted for a while and suddenly opened his mouth: "Qian Qing, this Spring Festival, you will accompany me back home."

Chen Qianqing’s action suddenly stopped, and he turned to look at Lu Zhengfei: “Are you sure?”

Lu Zhengfei spit out the hawthorn nucleus and looked at Chen Qianqing: "You don't want to?"

Chen Qianqing laughed: "Okay." - What happened after Lu Zhengfei came out of the cabinet, he still doesn't know? Lu Zhengfei was almost interrupted by his father and was kept at home for half a year. He was then strictly monitored by Lu’s father and mother until Chen Qianqing’s university graduated. Lu Zhengfei finally succeeded in counterattacking at their home and had the opportunity to continue the scourge. Chen Qianqing.

Well, when I thought that I couldn’t see Lu Zhengfei in three years, Chen Qianqing’s mood suddenly became clear.

Lu Zhengfei’s original character, Chen Qianqing’s character, must have been rejected with stern words. He did not expect that he was so easy to agree, and he was so bright.

Lu Zhengfei's inexplicable feeling of back is a bit cold, he said: "Qianqing, do you really agree?"

Chen Qianqing nodded innocently: "Why don't you agree?" It is not that he came out of the cabinet, Lu Zhengfei wants to do anything, as long as he can't get involved.

Lu Zhengfei said: "... Qian Qing, are you really willing to go back with me?"

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei's eyes full of disdain: "Lu Zhengfei, is this person special?"

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing with a stunned look.

Chen Qianqing said seriously: "As long as you don't let my family know about my relationship with you, how do you make trouble, it's your business, understand?"

Lu Zhengfei's cockroach nodded.

Seeing such Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing was satisfied, and then hit the space bar to continue watching the movie.

Lu Zhengfei originally thought that his proposal would be strongly opposed by Chen Qianqing, but he did not expect that he would be allowed to agree so easily. Not only did he agree that Chen Qianqing seemed to be quite happy.

Lu Zhengfei would not be stupid enough to think that Chen Qianqing was happy because their relationship was open. He looked at Chen Qianqing, who was watching the movie with gusto, and suddenly felt that he had taken Chen Qianqing home. It needs a good consideration...

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