Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 19 Haunted House

Chapter 19 Haunted House

In the taxi, Chen Qianqing and Yuan Zhitao sat in the back seat, and Lu Zhengfei was in the position of the co-pilot.

Yuan Zhitao said: "Qian Qing, I went to the northwest a few days ago and played a lot of things, and brought you a lot of things." Side said, while taking things from her bag to Chen Qianqing.

Most of these things are snacks and the like. Yuan Zhitao introduced it while laughing. When the introduction came to the end, he suddenly pulled out a glass vial and said to Chen Qianqing: "This is the sand on the edge of Qinghai Lake. It is said that there are several colors. ...I just put it in my bottle."

Chen Qianqing took over the things in the hands of Yuan Zhitao and said: "So heavy, do you take these things to the amusement park?"

Yuan Zhitao smiled and said: "I am not afraid that you will let me pigeons. If you dare to put my pigeons, I will bring these things to your house and see that my aunt does not marry you."

Chen Qianqing smiled and said nothing.

Lu Zhengfei sat on the co-pilot and had no expression on his face. He listened to the interaction between Chen Qianqing and Yuan Zhitao behind him, and looked at the front silently, as if he didn't care.

But if Chen Qianqing saw Lu Zhengfei’s eyes at this time, he would know that Lu Zhengfei was not angry.

Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei were still freshmen when they met. There was a very good time between them - of course, as a friend.

At that time, Lu Zhengfei had not yet shot Chen Qianqing, and Chen Qianqing seemed to only regard Lu Zhengfei as a good friend without saying anything. Lu Zhengfei knows Yuan Zhitao. Although he has never seen this girl, he knows that she is Chen Qianqing's childhood friend. If he does not have a seat, perhaps Chen Qianqing is already with Yuan Zhitao.

The voices of Chen Qianqing and Yuan Zhitao are so gentle, in stark contrast to the coldness of treating him. Lu Zhengfei knows that he is unpopular, but when the naked reality is in front of him, he finds himself Still can't face it calmly.

On the first day of the National Day, the playground was almost full of people.

Lu Zhengfei went to buy the ticket. Although he was very unhappy in his heart, he still did not show it in front of Yuan Zhitao. Even the gentleman’s help Yuan Zhitao took the gift.

"He has a good leg." Lu Zhengfei said: "You can't lift heavy objects. Let me take it."

Yuan Zhitao saw Chen Qianqing nod his head and handed the things in his hand to Lu Zhengfei.

To be honest, this kind of love is really going to lower people's IQ. As long as it doesn't involve Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei's IQ is definitely not low, but as long as things and Chen Qianqing are on the side, IQ will begin to brush down.

For example, now that Lu Zhengfei has calmed down, he can already smile and face Yuan Zhitao.

Even if Lu Zhengfei installed it again, Chen Qianqing could see what he was thinking, but even if he understood it, he pretended not to see it. He said to Yuan Zhitao: "Peach, what do you want to play first?"

Yuan Zhitao excitedly said: "Let's go to the haunted house!"

Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei both nodded at the same time.

Yuan Zhitao looked at Chen Qianqing with a puzzled look: "Qian Qing... How did you promise this time?"

Chen Qianqing stunned, only to find that he really promised too. The original Chen Qianqing also likes to play in the playground, but the most unlovable project is definitely a haunted house.It is reasonable to say that no man can be afraid of these strange things, but the original Chen Qianqing is afraid of it, so that Lu Zhengfei has tried to drag Chen Qianqing into it - because this is almost the only one that can make Chen Qianqing voluntarily Holding his project.

Yuan Zhitao and Chen Qianqing have been together for so many years. Naturally, they also know Chen Qianqing’s strange attribute. Today, Chen Qianqing’s simple promise was seen, and his unexpected look was also revealed.

Chen Qianqing said calmly: "I was afraid before, now I am not afraid."

Lu Zhengfei and Yuan Zhitao expressed serious doubts about this sentence at the same time.

But since Chen Qianqing said so, it must be verified, so the three began to line up in the haunted house, and finally arrived in twenty minutes.

Some of the ghosts in this amusement park's haunted house are staff members. Chen Qianqing first went in without squinting, but Yuan Zhitao and Lu Zhengfei followed him.

Chen Qianqing is not afraid of these things. He knows that he is a prop, so naturally he feels nothing terrible.

However, when Chen Qianqing really strode in, looking around the black paint, inexplicably felt a trace of fear.

Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing staying in his footsteps. Wen said: "Qian Qing, why not go?" In his opinion, Chen Qianqing said that he was not afraid. He simply did not want to lose face in front of Yuan Zhitao. In fact, he was afraid of it, but he was willing to watch. Chen Qianqing made a strong appearance at this time, he bet, and then walked less than ten meters, Chen Qianqing will stick to him - this example is too many times.

Chen Qianqing turned to look at Lu Zhengfei, and there was nothing black on it. Only the dim light around him and the strange sound seemed so awkward in the darkness.

Chen Qianqing wants to make a big step forward, but somehow her legs are a little soft. He keeps telling that everything around him is fake, but how to comfort himself is not a step.

I am afraid that I am afraid, and I am afraid of saying anything.

Perceive Chen Qianqing's silence. In the darkness, Lu Zhengfei's mouth gently hooked up. He ignored the Yuan Zhitao who stood with him, but stepped forward to hold Chen Qianqing's waist.

The roads of the haunted house have always been narrow. There are only two people in the area. Yuan Zhitao has not responded. He suddenly found that Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei ignored her and went straight ahead.

Yuan Zhitao said: "Hey, you two, wait!"

Chen Qianqing was squatted by Lu Zhengfei, and the fear in his heart finally faded, but his hands and feet were still a little cold. He whispered: "Let go!"

Lu Zhengfei simply ignored Chen Qianqing and pulled him forward with a sigh of relief. He still had a little smile in his voice: "Well, let go and let go."

Chen Qianqing is a bit angry. He was completely afraid of these things. But what happened today is completely out of his control. He seems to have turned into Chen Qianqing, realizing the fear of Chen Qianqing, realizing the anger of Chen Qianqing, and realizing the helplessness of Chen Qianqing. I will experience all the things Chen Qianqing has encountered.Chen Qianqing would like to say to Lu Zhengfei that he is not afraid, but his cold hands and tight lips are not convincing, especially when the staff dressed as zombies reach out to him, if it is not his death Lu Zhengfei’s hand, he is almost ready to call out.

Chen Qianqing’s hand was very hard. Lu Zhengfei was definitely caught in pain, but Lu Zhengfei was not only not upset, but Chen Qianqing’s shackles were tighter, and it seemed that it was not convenient here. What he wanted to do was to throw Chen Qianqing down. Have a deep kiss on the wall.

Well, Lu Zhengfei of my last life did do this.

Halfway through, Chen Qianqing’s hands are all cold sweats. The haunted house in this amusement park is particularly large, and there are many branches. Even if you don’t get lost, it takes about fifteen minutes, when Chen Qianqing is from a coffin. When I climbed over, the whole person was already soft.

It is difficult for Chen Qianqing to describe this feeling. He clearly knows that the surroundings are fake and should not generate fear. The physiological tension makes his psychological construction completely useless, so that he is put into the clothes by Lu Zhengfei’s hand. At the time, he did not respond to the first time.

Lu Zhengfei was very shamelessly rubbing Chen Qianqing's soft waist and rubbing his face: "Qianqing, we seem to be lost." This lost road is purely a ghost. Although this haunted house has a road, it is not far away, and it is not right. Going back and going on it will be impossible. It is impossible to get lost.

Chen Qianqing pretending to be calm: "Yes, or let us ask the staff to help out." A trembling sound in the voice exposed his mood at this time.

Lu Zhengfei said: "But there is no staff here, or you are waiting here, I will go and see?" After finishing the story, Chen Qianqing was really ready to go.

Chen Qianqing grabbed Lu Zhengfei and angered: "Lu Zhengfei, you don't fucking what to do with moths, you can take me out soon!" - It's really shameless, Lu Zhengfei is thinking, he doesn't know ? !

Lu Zhengfei said innocently: "But I really don't remember the road, or do you lead the way?"

Chen Qianqing’s whole brain is awkward, and it’s not good to have a soft leg. It’s impossible to lead the way.

Chen Qianqing wanted to give Lu Zhengfei a head, but he was afraid that Lu Zhengfei’s head was not photographed and he had taken something strange, so he could only bear with patience: “Let’s say, what do you want.”

When Lu Zhengfei rarely met Chen Qianqing so easily, he smiled softly: "You kiss me, I will take you out."

Chen Qianqing: "..."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Will you continue to wander inside?"

Chen Qianqing: "..."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Well?"

Chen Qianqing was silent for a long time, only to be cold and cold: "The face is coming over."

Lu Zhengfei shook his big tail and put his face together.

Chen Qianqing sneered and slammed directly into Lu Zhengfei’s mouth—it was really biting. If he was not afraid to go out and be seen, he might not want to get a piece of meat in Lu Zhengfei’s mouth.

Lu Zhengfei’s mood is painful and happy.

Chen Qianqing did not speak after the end of his family. It was not until Lu Zhengfei took him out of the haunted house that Lu Zhengfei’s lips were swollen by him.Yuan Zhitao waited for a long time outside the haunted house. This time, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei came out and said: "How slow are you two, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Lu Zhengfei smiled and said: "Nothing, lost."

Yuan Zhitao’s face showed a sceptical expression. As soon as she looked up, she saw Lu Zhengfei’s red lips: “Hey, what’s wrong with your lips?”

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