Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 18 Yuan Zhitao

Chapter 18 Yuan Zhitao

Because of Liu Huamei’s “good intentions”, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei slept on a bed that night.

In fact, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei often slept together in the past, but since Chen Qianqing broke his leg and the quality of sleep deteriorated, the two separated.

After Chen Qianqing took a shower, she went to bed and was ready to go to bed.

Lu Zhengfei then went to bed. When he was lying next to Chen Qianqing, Chen Qianqing had closed his eyes and his breathing was even. He looked like he was already asleep.

Lu Zhengfei knew that Chen Qianqing’s sleep quality was not good. He didn’t bother to sleep when he fell asleep. He just stared at the young man lying beside him through the dim light in the bedroom.

Only twenty-one years old, the young face is still childish, and the brow seems to only unfold when he sleeps. The white skin is paler against the light.

Lu Zhengfei knew that Chen Qianqing did not like him.

Looking at it, Lu Zhengfei's heart was filled with a strange emotion. He hesitated for a moment, and finally did not get together to give Chen Qianqing a kiss, but reached out and silently turned off the lights in the bedroom.

Everything was dark, and Lu Zhengfei entered sleep.

How could Chen Qianqing fall asleep so easily? After Lu Zhengfei, who was next to him, did not move, he quietly opened his eyes and stared at the lampshade on the top of his head that could only faintly see the outline.

Because Lu Zhengfei violated him for the first time, as long as Lu Zhengfei was by his side, Chen Qianqing could not sleep at all. Even if he was sleepy again, he could not sleep.

Chen Qianqing guessed that this was probably a mental illness, but he did not intend to tell Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei lay on his right side and gave a slight breath. Lu Zhengfei’s sleep was very good. After falling asleep, he turned around and rarely.

But Chen Qianqing couldn't sleep. He turned around and looked through the floor-to-ceiling windows to the window that was still raining. The expression of burnout made it very obvious that he could see his poor mental state.

I didn't sleep for a night, until the dawn of the day, Chen Qianqing only faintly paused for a little while.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, Lu Zhengfei woke up. He rarely slept late, so even if it was a holiday, the biological clock made it difficult for him to continue to sleep.

Lu Zhengfei opened his eyes and confused for a while, then turned to see Chen Qianqing, he thought that Chen Qianqing should still be asleep, but found that Chen Qianqing looked clear and he looked up.

Lu Zhengfei said: "When did you wake up?"

Chen Qianqing yawned: "just woke up."

Lu Zhengfei snorted and said: "What do you want to eat for breakfast?"

Chen Qianqing lazily said: "Look at what my mother is doing, you should go to wash first, I will take a bed for a while."

Lu Zhengfei got up from the bed and went out of the bedroom after wearing the clothes. He did not say anything more than Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei's back and lay up for ten minutes before getting up.

Liu Huamei is the earliest, breakfast has been done, specializing in the eight-treasure porridge and home-made mustard, plus steamed steamed buns and buns the day before.

After Chen Qianqing's washing, he and Lu Zhengfei sat at the table and lazily picked up a buns. His mental state has never been good in the morning, so he didn't even want to say more.Instead, Liu Huamei and Lu Zhengfei spoke and made the scene not pick up.

Liu Huamei said: "Qian Qing, your father estimated that it will take two days to come back. Do you see if you are going out with your friends today?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Where?" - He is not familiar with the city, and on the first day of the National Day, it is estimated that there are people everywhere.

Liu Huamei said: "Where do you like to go to young people, where does an old woman know where you want to go?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Auntie, no trouble..."

Liu Huamei stunned Chen Qianqing: "This child is like this, not at all sensible..."

The three people were talking and the phone in the room suddenly rang.

Liu Huamei chanted Chen Qianqing and picked up the phone. When she just picked it up, she turned to Chen Qianqing and said: "Qian Qing, your call!"

Chen Qianqing heard a glimpse of it, but he took the call from Liu Huamei.

When Chen Qianqing just picked up the phone, he heard a gentle voice from a girl on the phone: "Qian Qing, are you going home?"

In the moment of hearing this voice, Chen Qianqing’s body froze.

"Qianqing, are you talking?" The voice of this girl, Chen Qianqing is very familiar. After he was silent for a while, he called out the name: "Yuan Zhitao."

The girl named Yuan Zhitao heard Chen Qianqing’s voice, and the smile in her tone was even worse, but she pretended to complain: “You don’t tell me if you change the number. If Auntie said that you want to go home on National Day, do I contact you? Are you up?"

Chen Qianqing didn't know what to say, but he was silent with a phone call. He knew that if he was really Chen Qianqing, he should be happy and even ecstatic when he heard this voice.

Yuan Zhitao and Chen Qianqing are considered to be happy, they are students from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, all in one school, until the university is separated.

Then, Chen Qianqing met Lu Zhengfei and everything was off track.

Yuan Zhitao is still talking, she said: "Qian Qing, do you have anything today? Come with me and play."

Chen Qianqing still did not speak.

Yuan Zhitao at the other end of the phone noticed the strangeness of Chen Qianqing. She said: "Chen Qianqing, you are too much. If you don't contact me for a few months, I haven't given you any anger. Now I dare to ignore me?"

Chen Qianqing slowly said: "Okay."

Yuan Zhitao likes Chen Qianqing, Chen Qianqing likes Yuan Zhitao but it is a mystery, because before he showed his attitude towards Yuan Zhitao, Lu Zhengfei has already included Chen Qianqing in the feathers. How can Lu Zhengfei, who possesses a strong desire, allow Chen Qianqing to go with a girl who admires him? near.

The young Chen Qianqing, I don’t even know what a compromise is.

This is destined to be a tragedy. Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei may be friends, but there is absolutely no way to be a lover.

What Yuan Zhitao said afterwards, Chen Qianqing did not know, he only knew that he had a phone call, and then turned to Lu Zhengfei: "Go, go out and play."

Liu Huamei wondered: "Qian Qing, what's wrong with you? His face is so ugly?"

Chen Qianqing smiled and said: "It's okay, it's not good to sleep at night."Even Liu Huamei saw that Chen Qianqing’s expression was not right, not to mention Lu Zhengfei, but because Liu Huamei was present, he didn’t say anything until he went out, he said: “Qianqing, what happened?”

Chen Qianqing bent her waist and tied her shoelace. When she heard Lu Zhengfei’s words, she looked up with no expression: “Lu Zhengfei.”

Lu Zhengfei snorted.

"Do you really feel that we are suitable?" Chen Qianqing's tone is calm, calm is not like venting anger, but more like a calm discussion with Lu Zhengfei: "Are we really suitable?" - this sentence The words are not only asking Lu Zhengfei, but also asking himself.

Lu Zhengfei frowned: "What do you mean by this?"

Chen Qianqing knew that he was not persuading Lu Zhengfei. When Lu Zhengfei had a flare in his eyes, he had to sigh: "Nothing."

Chen Qianqing smiled and said nothing.

The location of Yuan Zhitao and Chen Qianqing is at the bus station.

Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei did not speak on the way until they reached their destination. Lu Zhengfei said: "Qian Qing, where are we going?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Wait for others."

Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing's strangeness in his eyes. He was stupid again. He also knew that Chen Qianqing's reaction was related to the phone call. Now, the person they are waiting for is likely to be the one who called.

Ten minutes later, people like Chen Qianqing came.

A long-haired girl wearing a cute bear hoodie, a short red skirt and white boots will make her cute and lovely. She walked over to Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei and shouted: "Chen Qianqing, you come to help I take things!"

Lu Zhengfei’s eyes instantly cooled down.

Chen Qianqing did not notice the change of Lu Zhengfei. The expression naturally walked forward and took over the things carried by the girls.

Lu Zhengfei followed, with a soft tone: "Qianqing, is this?"

Chen Qianqing turned to look at Lu Zhengfei, and there were some uncomfortable pity in his eyes: "I am a sweetheart, Yuan Zhitao."

Lu Zhengfei smiled and reached out to Yuan Zhitao: "Hello, I am Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing's good friend."

Yuan Zhitao and Lu Zhengfei shook hands and turned their attention back to Chen Qianqing. She snorted and groaned: "Chen Qianqing, you can, don't contact me at school, don't contact me when you go home?"

Chen Qianqing said: "There was a car accident, the leg was broken, and I had to rest for a few months... I didn't have time."

Yuan Zhitao was surprised: "Are you in a car accident? Why don't you tell me! Serious?"

Chen Qianqing shook his head: "Fortunately, the leg is broken."

Lu Zhengfei has been walking on the right side of Chen Qianqing. When he saw the interaction between Chen Qianqing and Yuan Zhitao, he smiled and said: "Yes, Qian Qing is too careless and will break his leg. If he does not pay attention, he will not break it again next time. ""

This said that Yuan Zhitao showed a stunned look. She naturally did not know what Lu Zhengfei was all about. It was only when Lu Zheng was angry that Chen Qianqing was not careful, so he said that he was so heavy.

When Chen Qianqing listened to Lu Zhengfei’s words, he was not angry or angry. Instead, he laughed. He said, “Yes, I will be careful.”

Yuan Zhitao said: "Thousands of Qing, let's go, buy tickets, and today there must be a lot of people."Lu Zhengfei didn't know where they were going. When he heard Yuan Zhitao's words, his face was still smiling with a kind smile. He could look at the temperature of Chen Qianqing's eyes, but it was close to zero.

Chen Qianqing did not see it, but said: "Go."

So the three men took a car and went straight to the playground.

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