Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 15 What can't be done?

Chapter 15 What can't be done?

The summer vacation soon passed.

During the holidays, Chen Qianqing spends most of his time on rehabilitation and reading. When he starts school, he can already walk away from crutches.

Chen Qianqing started school on September 3, and it has been ten days since he and Lu Zhengfei’s birthday. In these ten days, Lu Zhengfei didn’t talk to him very much. It seems that he was really hurt, and even sent him to school. Send someone else to do it.

Chen Qianqing only did not see Lu Zhengfei's gloomy face. Anyway, Lu Zhengfei would not do anything to him. It would not matter if he was deadlocked.

Zhu Mao had thought that Chen Qianqing would still live at home as in the last semester, but did not expect Chen Qianqing to move his luggage. It is obviously intended to live on campus this semester.

Chen Qianqing’s legs and feet were inconvenient. The person sent by Lu Zhengfei helped him to move his luggage into the dormitory before leaving.

Zhu Mao is packing up and sees Chen Qianqing somewhat surprised: "Qian Qing, you haven't lived at home this semester?"

Chen Qianqing snorted. He didn't live in the school. He also knew that there was something inconvenient in the school. But compared with Lu Zhengfei, he would rather be a little more troublesome, not to mention that Lu Zhengfei himself agreed to let him live, then he Why don't you agree.

Zhu Qianjue’s Chen Qianqing has changed from a broken leg to a personal appearance. There are not so many smiles on his face. The whole person is so cold, so that Zhu Mao sometimes does not dare to talk to him.

Chen Qianqing perceives the gap that Zhu Mao has made to him, but he does not intend to make any changes. He has been very tired of Lu Zhengfei and he is disguised in front of unimportant people. Chen Qianqing is afraid that he will really go crazy one day. .

In September, the weather was still very hot. After Chen Qianqing packed up the bed, she left the school with Zhu Mao to prepare dinner.

Although Lu Zhengfei allowed Chen Qianqing to live in the school, he still sent people to follow him. After all, his trust in Chen Qianqing was not enough to allow him to run around.

Chen Qianqing and Zhu Mao casually found a snack bar and talked while sitting in.

In general, there are four people in a dormitory in the university. However, Chen Qianqing's bedroom situation is quite special. Chen Qianqing and one of his roommates named Lu Siyou did not live in school, and Liu Jingyang dropped out of school. So in the second half of the semester, the dormitory basically became a living room for Zhu Mao.

Chen Qianqing was not familiar with the classmates in their class. Almost no one except Zhu Mao knew her. Because her legs were broken, he did not participate in the activities in the class last semester, so he did not have the opportunity to know his classmates.

Chen Qianqing ordered a bowl of noodles, and Zhu Mao ordered a fried rice. The two chatted while eating.

Zhu Maodao: "Qian Qing, the squad leader said that when the National Day comes back, our class organizes activities to climb the mountain. Are you going?"

Chen Qianqing had no appetite and had a bite to eat: "I don't know, look at the situation."

Zhu Maodao: "Would you go back on National Day? Don't go back and help me raise the hamster..."

Zhu Mao raised a pudding hamster in the dormitory, yelling, and now the fat can be spread into a cake, because the National Day is going to be a holiday, so I am looking for someone to support.Chen Qianqing did not go home during the National Day in the past - it is accurate that Lu Zhengfei is not allowed to go home, but this year is an accident, Chen Qianqing said: "I want to go back, I am not convenient to go back in the summer vacation, the National Day will not go back." ""

Zhu Mao sighed and raised his hand and pushed the glasses: "Then I will look for others."

When the two had dinner, they went out because the time was still early, and the place to eat was not far from the school, so I planned to go back for a walk.

But I didn't expect to go to the middle of the road, but I met an acquaintance.

"Liu Jingyang!" Zhu Mao began to think that he was reading the wrong person, but when he looked carefully, he found that the person standing on the side of the road was really Liu Jingyang. Compared with a few months ago, Liu Jingyang was awkward. Wearing a black t-shirt, his hair is not neat, and it is not very good.

Chen Qianqing was also a bit surprised to see Liu Jingyang. He felt that according to Lu Zhengfei's personality, Liu Jingyang had long been able to get out of the city and could no longer appear in front of himself, but he did not expect to see him.

"Zhu Mao." Liu Jingyang heard someone calling him. When he turned his head, he saw Zhu Mao and Chen Qianqing. His face flashed with resentful expression, but he quickly covered it and turned into a smile: "Do you both have dinner?"

Zhu Mao knew that Liu Jingyang and Chen Qianqing were not in harmony. He looked at Chen Qianqing and saw that he had no annoying expression on his face. "What have you been doing recently? Didn't contact us."

"Isn't this busy looking for a job?" Liu Jingyang simply did not dare to tell him that he was dropped out of school. Lu Zhengfei wanted Liu Jingyang to be an ordinary student. It was simply too simple. It was simply a matter of moving his mouth.

Liu Jingyang can hurt Chen Qianqing, but he can never hurt Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing listened to the dialogue between Zhu Mao and Liu Jingyang. There was no expression on his face. It was like just meeting people on the roadside. He couldn’t listen to it, and he had no interest in interjecting.

Liu Jingyang and Zhu Mao said for a while, seeing that Chen Qianqing had no intention of speaking, and he was a little anxious. He whispered: "Qian Qing, I know that what I said that day was too much. Sorry, don't worry. ”

Chen Qianqing showed a smile like a smile. This Liu Jingyang is really a temper when Chen Qianqing is a temper. But then, if he is really Chen Qianqing, maybe the purpose of Liu Jingyang is really reached.

If the real Chen Qianqing really let Liu Jingyang drop out of school because of anger, now she looks at the horror of Liu Jingyang. I am afraid that Liu Jingyang’s apology will really be shaken.

It’s a pity... Chen Qianqing’s cold-blooded cold feelings, but Liu Jingyang is not only uncomfortable, but he feels that Lu Zhengfei’s shot is too light, so he smiled and said: “If you know that you are too much, what else is it in front of me?”

Liu Jingyang's face was ugly, and he did not expect Chen Qianqing to give such a face.

The atmosphere between Zhu Maojian Liu Jingyang and Chen Qianqing was tense. He hurriedly said: "It’s all a classmate, why is it so stiff?... Maybe there is still a chance to work together later."From the point of view of Zhu Mao, this is indeed Chen Qianqing's deliberate difficulty in Liu Jingyang. He did not know what Liu Jingyang had said to Chen Qianqing, and naturally he would not know what effect these words had on Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing looked at Liu Jingyang, who was angry with his expression. He suddenly reached out and shot Liu Jingyang’s shoulder. He said seriously: "Don’t mess with me, or you will be worse than now."

Liu Jingyang’s eyes are all red, and they are all young people in their twenties. They have already bowed their heads to Chen Qianqing and have enough to sweep their faces. However, they did not expect Chen Qianqing to ignore him or even give it back. After a few slaps, Liu Jingyang opened Chen Qianqing's hand and spit on the ground, hating and saying: "Chen Qianqing, you fucking proud, you fucking is not a high-level duck? Laozi is watching Wrong you!"

Chen Qianqing was opened up and was not angry. He just looked at Liu Jingyang’s back with a kind of pity. Lu Zhengfei’s man was arranged next to him. He will definitely tell Lu Zhengfei this time. Nothing to tell.

In fact, Lu Zhengfei did not know this at night. His request to those who followed Chen Qianqing was to tell him immediately if there was an abnormal situation. Don’t delay for a minute.

When Lu Zhengfei heard the news, he was talking to the psychiatrist about Chen Qianqing's recent situation.

"I feel that he has changed like a person." Lu Zhengfei can't let the psychiatrist go to see Chen Qianqing, he can only describe himself: "I don't have a cold war with me, I am not so stubborn, I even laugh at me..."

When the doctor listened and remembered something, he said: "Do you think his change is good or bad?"

Lu Zhengfei hesitated for a moment and said: "...the character will be fine, but..."

The doctor noticed the strangeness on Lu Zhengfei’s face and whispered: "But what?"

"I don't know." Lu Zhengfei was frustrated: "He used to resist me. I always have a way to rectify him, but now I can't...he...he..."

The doctor showed a clear look: "From hot weapons to cold war?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Yes."

The doctor held the pen's hand and paused. He smiled: "Lu Zhengfei, with my understanding of you, if it is just like this, you won't find me to say this, let's say, what else are you holding me. ”

Lu Zhengfei’s expression is very difficult.

The doctor said: "Don't grind, let's talk."

After Lu Zhengfei was silent for a long time, he said hard: "He can't stand up."

The doctor almost didn't pinch the pen in his hand. He coughed a few times and concealed his surprise. He made a calm decision: "Lu Zhengfei, you have it today."

Lu Zhengfei is on fire: "Fuck, Xu Shaoren, you are a slut, now is your time for gloating!"

Xu Shaoren couldn't help but laughed again. "I said that you want to play off. I was so rude to Chen Qianqing, and now I should come to see you, look at the bear you are anxious!"

Lu Zhengfei also "fucked" and said: "No more nonsense, let me know what to do."

Xu Shaoren said: "Well, in fact, the biggest problem now is not that he is hard and hard, but whether he can only be hard to get rid of you."Lu Zhengfei's face is even more ugly.

Xu Shaoren smiled and said: "Would you like me to try it for you?"

Lu Zhengfei sneered: "You try? With his temper, you don't directly break your roots."

Xu Shaoren said: "So hot? I want to try it more."

Lu Zhengfei said: "Can you tell the point?"

Xu Shaoren just smiled and said seriously: "You should first make it clear that he can't do anything to anyone, or only when you go to him."

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