Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 14 Little Stars

Chapter 14 Little Stars

In the face of the angry Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing could only sigh and jump into the pit he had dug himself: "I am sure."

Lu Zhengfei put the stool directly in his hand and put Chen Qianqing up. Chen Qianqing had no feeling before, but today he has to sigh Lu Zhengfei’s strength is really big enough to take him a hundred kilograms. People are not too heavy.

Lu Zhengfei glared at Chen Qianqing and did not speak. He walked silently from the second floor of the piano room to walk the bedroom.

At this time, even if Chen Qianqing is a fool, he knows what Lu Zhengfei wants to do. Moreover, he has done this kind of thing--Yes, he used to slap Chen Qianqing to throw him into bed as he did today, but a lesson, but unfortunately, He is the one who is being shackled now.

The big bed is very soft and very big. Chen Qianqing was hurt on the top. He felt a little dizzy, but the biggest problem now is not that he is dizzy or dizzy, but how to let his anger have been burned out of reason. Lu Zhengfei calmed down.

Chen Qianqing said: "Lu Zhengfei, do you really want to do this to me?"

Lu Zhengfei did not hear Chen Qianqing’s words at all. Chen Qianqing refused to play the piano for him. For Lu Zhengfei, Chen Qianqing refused to compromise with him. No matter how much better Chen Chenqing said, it would not help.

Chen Qianqing knows that if he really refuses to play the piano today, probably the ass is really suffering, and Lu Zhengfei, who looks at the eyes with blood, sighs: "Let's go to the piano room."

Lu Zhengfei listened to all the movements, like a fierce lion. He was tightly tied to the collar between the necks. He finally calmed down. He said, "Would you like to play?"

Chen Qianqing sighed.

Lu Zhengfei did not want to continue. He just bent down and hugged Chen Qianqing and walked into the piano room. He could see that he really wanted to listen to Chen Qianqing playing the piano.

Chen Qianqing sat in front of the piano and turned to look at Lu Zhengfei, who looked blank, but his eyes looked forward to it. After sighing, he raised his hand.

The music sounded, but Lu Zhengfei’s expression was more and more silent. After a long time, he said: “What are you doing?”

Chen Qianqing looked innocent: "Play the piano."

Lu Zhengfei said: "...I know you are playing the piano, I ask you what are you playing?"

Chen Qianqing stopped the action in his hand and touched the white keyboard on the piano with his fingers: "Little Star..." Yes, yes, Chen Qianqing will only play a song, that is... Little Star.

Lu Zhengfei: "..."

Chen Qianqing saw Lu Zhengfei not talking. He thought that he had compromised. He just breathed a sigh of relief, but he saw Lu Zhengfei’s expressionless face, and once again he was on his shoulder.

Chen Qianqing: "..." I’m begging for a discussion. I’m going to vomit every time I do this.

Chen Qianqing, who was hurt by the stomach, was once again thrown into the big bed of the bedroom by Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was kissing his neck with his relatives. "Lu Zhengfei, I played the piano, and the man spoke." Lu Zhengfei ignored Chen Qianqing, he gently licked Chen Qianqing's earlobe, vaguely : "When did I promise you not to be loved?"Chen Qianqing was trembled by Lu Zhengfei’s movements. Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei have been together for some time. Lu Zhengfei’s understanding of this body can be said to be very familiar. How to provoke Chen’s feelings, he can say It’s a slap in the face – but there’s one more premise, that is, Chen Qianqing can’t see Lu Zhengfei’s face.

Chen Qianqing was originally a bit responsive, but when she turned to see Lu Zhengfei’s slightly frowning expression, she was very unsuccessful again. The men were sensory animals. When Chen Qianqing reacted, the subtle feeling had become a whole body. Goose bumps.

Chen Qianqing silently watched Lu Zhengfei working hard on him. After a long time, he said: "Put the curtains up."

Lu Zhengfei said: "What do you mean?"

Chen Qianqing really wants to tell the truth. I can't see your face hard. I can't see anything that is better. But he knows that if he really said this, Lu Zhengfei must have been angry, so he euphemistically: "白日宣 yin Not very good."

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing with suspicion and got up and pulled the curtain up.

The curtains were thick, even during the day, once they were pulled up, the blacks came down. Chen Qianqing saw Lu Zhengfei climb back to the bed again. He reached out and turned off the lights on the bed.

Lu Zhengfei took Chen Qianqing's hand: "Chen Qianqing, what are you going to do?"

Chen Qianqing said: "Do not do it in the end, do it if you don't do it."

When Lu Zhengfei gave up this opportunity, Chen Qianqing always refused him. After Chen Qianqing broke his leg, he only drunk Chen Qianqing once, and now it is almost the limit. Now he has the approval of Chen Qianqing, how can he say no?

Lu Zhengfei kissed Chen Qianqing and said: "Qianqing, I love you."

Chen Qianqing was lying in bed, some distracted, he thought... In fact, Chen Qianqing did not want Lu Zhengfei’s love at all.

As a result, Chen Qianqing still did not get hard.

Although Lu Zhengfei’s face could not be seen, the gasping was familiar. Chen Qianqing could see Lu Zhengfei’s face when he closed his eyes. Nothing could be done with any effort.

Chen Qianqing originally wanted to turn off the lights. Even if he didn't respond, Lu Zhengfei wouldn't find it, but it was very unfortunate. When he did it, Lu Zhengfei still noticed Chen Qianqing's strangeness. When he reached out and wanted to comfort Chen Qianqing, he discovered Chen Qianqing's sex. The device is still weakly hanging.

"Qian Qing." Lu Zhengfei's action stopped. He wanted to say something, but he did not say anything at the end. He found out that Chen Qianqing did not get hard, but did not expect that today, like the last time, Chen Qianqing's body No movement.

Chen Chenqing couldn’t know what Lu Zhengfei was thinking. He sighed and said nothing.

The atmosphere between the two people was once again silenced.

Chen Qianqing didn't want to make love with Lu Zhengfei, but he knew that it was impossible, so he compromised, but the body's reaction couldn't lie. If he couldn't get up, it wouldn't be hard to get up. No matter how much Lu Zhengfei teased, just think of acting on him. Who is the person, Chen Qianqing feels cold in his heart.

Being on my own, this kind of thing that I can't even think about, usually happened to Chen Qianqing."Thousands of Qing." Lu Zhengfei said: "Let's go to the doctor..."

Chen Qianqing said: "Lu Zhengfei, do you really love me?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "What are you talking about?" If I don't love you, why should I be so entangled with you?" There are countless beautiful men and women around him. Chen Qianqing's appearance is not the most beautiful, and the temperament is not the most elegant. Can not be considered the most outstanding, but Lu Zhengfei can not put down.

Chen Qianqing said: "... even if it is your love, it will make me die, will you not let go?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "How can you die?"

It was this almost stupid self-confidence that led to the end of the two tragedies.

Chen Qianqing knew that he was not persuading Lu Zhengfei. He simply stopped talking, but just got up and limped into the bedroom to take a shower.

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing's back and his eyes showed unspeakable pain.

If the original Chen Qianqing, and Lu Zhengfei will quarrel, personality is more stubborn, but will not say anything to Lu Zhengfei, but now Chen Qianqing is not the same, he is more gentle, but also easier to compromise, but spit out a mouth The words are enough to drench the blood of Lu Zhengfei's heart, and he treats Lu Zhengfei cruelly - and treats himself cruelly.

After Chen Qianqing took a shower, Lu Zhengfei was no longer there.

The bed was a mess, Chen Qianqing sat on the chair by the bed, and wanted to smoke. Unfortunately, there was no smoke at home, so he could only sit there and stay in a daze until the servant came to call him for lunch, and he found out that it was noon.

On Saturday, Lu Zhengfei was supposed to have lunch at home, but what happened in the morning made him feel nothing, so Chen Qianqing did not see him when he sat on the table.

"Mr. Chen." The family's nanny, Zhao, has been serving Lu Zhengfei for many years. Lu Zhengfei usually calls her Zhao Wei. She looks at Chen Qianqing: "Today is the birthday of Lu Shaoye."

Chen Qianqing smashed the chopsticks. He only remembered Chen Qianqing’s birthday, but he did not remember Lu Zhengfei’s birthday.

"You should not rebel with him." Zhao Wei looked at Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei in the eyes, while distressing his young master, while sympathizing with Chen Qianqing, she whispered: "Lu Shaoye really likes you, He just doesn't know how to like someone..."

Chen Qianqing smiled and said: "Zhao Wei, I understand." In this world, no one knows Lu Zhengfei better than him.

Zhao Wei sighed: "Mr. Chen..." She still wanted to say something, but in the end she still resisted it. I don't know if it is inappropriate, or I feel that it is useless. In the end, I just shook my head and went into it. Going in the kitchen.

Chen Qianqing saw half of the rice in his eye bowl. Suddenly he had no appetite. He thought that if Chen Qianqing was so against him, he would probably be very sad.

But what is the use of sadness? Chen Qianqing put down the chopsticks, picked up the paper towel and wiped his mouth. The sadness can't change the history, and it can't change. Chen Qianqing hates his heart.

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