Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 13 Self-made, can't live

Chapter 13 Self-made, can't live

They are all men, and they have certainly done this since they comforted themselves.

When Chen Qianqing helped Lu Zhengfei to get it out by hand, he comforted himself. He was actually comforting himself. Facing the same face, I feel very strange. If I am not afraid that Lu Zhengfei can't help myself to suffer, Chen Qianqing will never make such a proposal.

After Lu Zhengfei first went to Chen Qianqing, Chen Qianqing was insomnia until now, and he slept for a few hours at night.

Lu Zhengfei did not find Chen Qianqing's strangeness. He only felt that Chen Qianqing had compromised a lot compared to before. He was not so stubborn and not so sharp.

What happened, I am willing to tell him that I will not be alone in my heart.

The feelings of Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei were simply not normal. The two of them were not in love with each other, but rather they were tortured each other. Chen Qianqing’s greatest happiness was to watch Lu Zhengfei’s pain.

Now is the same, Lu Zhengfei became Chen Qianqing, but it is more like Chen Qianqing's revenge. He wants Lu Zhengfei to experience all the torture he suffered.

In fact, Chen Qianqing is right. He became Chen Qianqing of Chen Qianqing and must bear some nightmares that he never thought of before—for example, being invaded by himself.

The young Lu Zhengfei was very energetic. Chen Qianqing held his organ in his hand, his head lowered, his brow wrinkled slightly, and he looked very distressed.

"Qian Qing." Lu Zhengfei wants to reach out and embrace Chen Qianqing, but Chen Qianqing is hiding.

"Lu Zhengfei." Chen Qianqing squinted at Lu Zhengfei, who was getting more and more heavy, cold and cold: "Sit and don't move." The organ in his hand is getting hotter and hotter, and the heat is like burning the skin of his palm.

The person in front of him is exactly the same as his long, Chen Qianqing did not dare to look up, he even gave birth to an illusion of self-confidence in the mirror. With the actions of Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei finally shot.

"Thousands of Qing." Lu Zhengfei said: "I want you."

Chen Qianqing's body is suddenly stiff. He knows that it is only a matter of expediency to help Lu Zhengfei to use his hand. He can't always refuse Lu Zhengfei's courtship. One month or two months, but for a long time, it is absolutely perfunctory.

The young Lu Zhengfei also eats soft and does not eat hard until Chen Qianqing's death, breaking all his arrogance, let him understand the importance of compromise.

If Lu Zhengfei, who is in his twenties, wears Chen Qianqing, who is in his twenties, most of them will only fight with the self at that time and fall into a worse situation.

But at the moment, in the face of Lu Zhengfei, who is looking for joy, Chen Qianqing only wants to be able to drag on for how long, so he said: "Lu Zhengfei, give me some time?"

Chen Qianqing seldom talks to him in a tone of negotiation, let alone such a thing. After Lu Zhengfei heard the words, his eyes looked like a surprise. He said: "Qianqing, are you willing to accept me?"

Chen Qianqing did not speak, just pulled a napkin and wiped the liquid off the handle.

"Qianqing?" Lu Zhengfei held Chen Qianqing's shoulder and forced him to turn over. He looked at Chen Qianqing's face: "Are you, willing to accept me?"Chen Qianqing’s eyes have been very calm. He looked at Lu Zhengfei’s excited appearance. Some sadness, yes, the young man is eager to accept Chen Qianqing’s acceptance. Unfortunately, Lu Zhengfei will never get what he wants.

Therefore, Chen Qianqing said one word: "Lu Zhengfei, I can never fall in love with you." - This sentence represents himself, and Chen Qianqing, who was hurt by him, he disdains to cheating Lu Zhengfei's feelings. So even if I watched the starlight in Lu Zhengfei’s eyes annihilate, I still said this sentence.

Lu Zhengfei did not laugh, but looked at Chen Qianqing silently. The eyes of the two were strikingly similar at this moment.

Lu Zhengfei said: "If you lie to me, don't you?"

Chen Qianqing said faintly: "Do you want me to lie to you?"

Lu Zhengfei did not speak. In fact, the answer was very clear to both people. The original embarrassing atmosphere suddenly fell to the freezing point. The gentle things on Lu Zhengfei’s face gradually disappeared and eventually became a cold.

Lu Zhengfei said: "That's it."

After that, he got up and sorted out his clothes and turned and went out.

Chen Qianqing sat on the sofa and looked at Lu Zhengfei's back. Suddenly he felt a little breathless. He hurt Chen Qianqing, so he will now hurt himself in a more cruel way.

No one knows better than Chen Qianqing, how can Lu Zhengfei be ashamed.

Lu Zhengfei slammed the door and Chen Qianqing slowly stood up and returned to the bedroom.

During the long summer vacation, Chen Qianqing put most of his energy into the rehabilitation work of his legs. He did not want this to leave any sequelae to the body, so even if it was very painful, he persisted.

Since that conversation, Lu Zhengfei has less time to go home. He has come back for three or four days a week. He doesn’t know what he is doing at other times.

Chen Qianqing is not worried about Lu Zhengfei's derailment at all. No one knows more about Lu Zhengfei's attachment to Chen Qianqing.

In August, the weather was very hot. Lu Zhengfei specially helped Chen Qianqing to ask the rehabilitation expert to help Chen Qianqing recover.

Chen Qianqing said thank you to Lu Zhengfei, Lu Zhengfei just nodded. The two of them have been in the cold war for a month. Accurately speaking, Lu Zhengfei’s unilateral cold war, Chen Qianqing’s phrase “I can never fall in love with you” seems to have had a huge impact on Lu Zhengfei.

The previous Chen Qianqing also said these words, but usually they all came out when they were angry, and Lu Zhengfei was more willing to use this as the catharsis of Chen Qianqing's emotions.

But that day, Chen Qianqing was very calm and calm, and Lu Zhengfei had to believe this sentence. It was from Chen Qianqing’s heartfelt words that he would never fall in love with him.

Nothing is more than this, which makes Lu Zhengfei feel frustrated. He really wants to deceive himself like he used to, but he can't do it.

Chen Qianqing only did not know the recent situation of Lu Zhengfei. He seriously rehabilitated and only thought that his legs were getting better, but because of this, he forgot an important day.

Chen Qianqing’s birthday is November 7th and Lu Zhengfei’s birthday is August 19.

Now Chen Qianqing, only remembering his birthday, has forgotten Lu Zhengfei.On the 19th, Lu Zhengfei got up very early, and Chen Qianqing got up at eight o'clock. When he entered the living room, he saw Lu Zhengfei who had already finished his breakfast.

Chen Qianqing rushed to Lu Zhengfei to say hello. As usual, Lu Zhengfei ignored him.

In fact, Chen Qianqing did not care that Lu Zhengfei ignored him. He even had some luck not to talk to Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing, who was drinking porridge. For the first time in a month, he said: "Qianqing, I want you to play the piano."

Chen Qianqing's movements froze, he can play Chen Qianqing perfectly, because he knows everything about Chen Qianqing, but there is a huge flaw - he will not play the piano at all, not at all.

Lu Zhengfei said: "Let's play a song for me today?"

Chen Qianqing put down the spoon and wiped it with a paper towel. It was calm: "What happened? Why did you suddenly want to listen to me playing the piano." - Yes, he did not remember today's Lu Zhengfei's birthday.

Fortunately, Lu Zhengfei does not expect Chen Qianqing to remember what day it is today. He just looked at Chen Qianqing: "You don't want to play?"

Chen Qianqing discovered the dangerous factors in Lu Zhengfei's eyes. Although Lu Zhengfei's expression was very calm, Chen Qianqing knew that he was going to be angry.

It’s definitely not wise to provoke a birthday, especially Lu Zhengfei, who had been in cold war with him for a month, but Chen Qianqing could not agree with Lu Zhengfei’s request. He could not do it.

Sometimes silence is the best answer. Lu Zhengfei is cold and cold: "Are you sure you are not willing to play the piano?"

Somehow, Chen Qianqing only felt a bit tight on his chest. He sighed slightly and looked at Lu Zhengfei, who was indifferent. He whispered: "Lu Zhengfei, are you angry with me?"

Lu Zhengfei said: "Chen Qianqing, I finally asked again, you can't play."

When the transfer of the topic failed, Chen Qianqing could only face Lu Zhengfei's problem. He even suspected that if he continued to refuse, Lu Zhengfei would directly violently smash the piano. There is no tacit understanding, and there is no value.

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei’s eyes and decided to tell the truth: “Lu Zhengfei, I will not play the piano.”

Lu Zhengfei's expression has not changed. He feels that Chen Qianqing is lying and perfunctoring him: "Can't you play?"

"Yes." Chen Qianqing did not look back: "After I woke up, I found myself not playing."

Lu Zhengfei smiled: "So what do you mean, the piano has no value?"

Chen Qianqing did not respond, and he saw Lu Zhengfei stand up directly, carrying the stool and turning to the second floor. Almost in the next second, Chen Qianqing will understand what Lu Zhengfei wants to do - he wants to marry the piano.

Chen Qianqing’s head was blown up, and there was only one thought left in his mind—Lu Zhengfei, your little bastard, can you touch this piano? !

Then before the brain reacted, the body had already rushed toward Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing is not playing Lu Zhengfei. Both his height and his body shape are not opponents of Lu Zhengfei, so that as long as Lu Zhengfei thinks, it is difficult for him to stop Lu Zhengfei’s behavior.The two men pulled the stairs from the stairs to the second floor. Seeing that Lu Zhengfei had lost his senses, he did not listen to what he was saying. Chen Qianqing had to make the last resort. He shouted at Lu Zhengfei: "You are not fucking." Just want to go to me? What kind of hero is the fire on the piano, have the ability to come to Laozi, fuck!"

Lu Zhengfei’s movements were heard, and some red eyes with anger moved from the piano room to Chen Qianqing’s body: “Are you sure?”

Chen Qianqing looked at Lu Zhengfei's eyes like a wild beast, only his mouth was bitter.

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