Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 11 Differences

Chapter 11 Differences

Chen Qianqing has too many ways to rectify Liu Jingyang.

But he finally chose the simplest and most convenient one - the complaint. Yes, that night, Chen Qianqing directly confronted Lu Zhengfei: "My classmate said that I was covered by you."

Lu Zhengfei heard the original face that was still pretty good, and he said: "Which classmate?"

"My roommate." Chen Qianqing said: "Liu Jingyang."

Lu Zhengfei never actually thought that Chen Qianqing would say these things to him. Chen Qianqing rarely asked him to do anything, let alone this kind of complaint.

"Well, I will deal with it." Lu Zhengfei said: "Is there anyone else to gossip?"

Chen Qianqing was already playing with his head down and listening to Lu Zhengfei’s words. He looked up with a blank expression: “Is there any gossip that shouldn’t be your investigation? Lu Zhengfei, do you want me to be confused at school? ”

Lu Zhengfei thought that Chen Qianqing was fired by these people, and it is not good to say anything.

In fact, Chen Qianqing was mad at himself. He thought he was a competent lover, at least not letting others hurt the original owner, but when he became Chen Qianqing, he discovered that the things that Chen Qianqing suffered. It was something he had never seen.

Lu Zhengfei is strong enough, so he is not afraid of gossip.

There are many things that Chen Qianqing once cares about, so a few words are enough to push him to the abyss of destruction.

Chen Qianqing slowly tasted the tastes that he had never tasted before. He only felt that he had today, and he really deserved it.

Lu Zhengfei was concerned about Chen Qianqing's thoughts, so he quickly sent someone to deal with the incident. On the third day after Chen Qianqing went to school, Liu Jingyang dropped out.

When the news broke out, the most surprising thing was that I didn’t know anything about Zhu Mao. He was very ignorant of the window and read the taste of the sage book. So when Liu Jingyang began to pack his bags and was ready to leave, he discovered Abnormal, Zhu Mao asked Liu Jingyang what happened, Liu Jingyang refused to say anything.

Lu Zhengfei’s means of doing things has always been clean, otherwise the school will not only find Liu Jingyang’s relationship between Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei.

At the end of the day, Liu Jingyang was very embarrassed and yelled at Zhu Mao: "If you want to know why I am leaving, ask your good friend Chen Qianqing!"

Zhu Mao knew that Liu Jingyang’s departure was related to Chen Qianqing.

So in the class that day, Zhu Mao whispered to Chen Qianqing: "Qian Qing, are you letting Liu Jingyang drop out of school?"

"I?" Chen Qianqing is taking notes, looking at Zhu Mao's rare desert, and smiled: "I have this ability, and I have to wait a few months to let him drop out?"

Zhu Mao was silent for a while and said: "Have you said something yesterday? I saw that Liu Jingyang’s face was hard to see..."

"Oh, he offended someone and wanted me to help." Chen Qianqing was lying on his own, he said: "I didn't agree."

Zhu Mao listened to this, and also believed in a seven or eight points. He knew that Chen Qianqing’s family conditions were quite good, but he would not be so good that he could just drop a college student out of school.

Zhu Mao got the answer, so I concentrate on class.In fact, there are many people who are enthusiastic in the world, and there are many good people, but you can't expect everyone to be kind to you.

In the evening, Chen Qianqing, with a cane, sat on Lu Zhengfei and sent someone to pick up his car.

"Lu Shao said that he will come back later tonight." The driver said: "Call you to wait for dinner."

Chen Qianqing held his chin and looked out the window. He said nothing at all. Lu Zhengfei was waiting for him to have dinner. Even if Lu Zhengfei did not say this, he did not intend to wait for him.

In order to let Chen Qianqing eat more food, Lu Zhengfei specially invited a cooking skill, and almost all of them were made by Chen Qianqing. Unfortunately, Chen Qianqing is not Chen Qianqing. These meals are almost incompatible with his appetite, and Lu Zhengfei is not staring. So I only kept a little bit and didn't move the chopsticks.

Fortunately, the dessert is very good with Chen Qianqing's taste. In fact, he always likes these snacks. However, since the dessert is not in line with his image, he rarely takes the initiative to eat. Now he is good, he If you want to eat, you don't care about the image.

Lu Zhengfei didn't come back late. Chen Qianqing was too lazy to wait for him. After washing, he went to bed. Less than ten o'clock, the whole person slept in the past.

At one o'clock in the morning, Lu Zhengfei, who was in good luck, came back.

Lu Zhengfei has a good amount of alcohol, and there are very few drunks, but drinking a lot of wine is a bit different when it is peaceful and peaceful. As soon as he entered the room, he went straight to Chen Qianqing's bedroom. After seeing Chen Qianqing who was sleeping, he lowered his head and kissed Chen Qianqing's lips gently.

Chen Qianqing's sleep is not good, the footsteps can directly wake him up. When Lu Zhengfei came in, he was already fascinated, and when Lu Zhengfei kissed him, Chen Qianqing was completely awake.

Chen Qianqing didn't want to open his eyes, but when Lu Zhengfei's movements became more and more excessive, he had to stretch out and push Lu Zhengfei: "I want to sleep."

Lu Zhengfei stopped the action and stretched his hand to loosen the loose tie and said: "Thousands of Qing."

"How much have you drunk?" Chen Qianqing smoothly turned the lamp on the bed and saw Lu Zhengfei, who had a slightly messy hair. He looked at his watch: "A little, go to the bath and sleep, I have classes tomorrow."

Lu Zhengfei's author did not move, but just threw the untied tie on the bedside table.

"Lu Zhengfei." Chen Qianqing was a little annoyed. He had a good sleep. Lu Zhengfei couldn't sleep like this: "I want to sleep."

Lu Zhengfei snorted and still sat there.

Chen Qianqing looked at this appearance of Lu Zhengfei, who was about to say something, but noticed a detail.

Lu Zhengfei's white collar is printed with a red lipstick.

Chen Qianqing’s face was instantly ugly. Of course, the ugly reason was not because of jealousy, but because of Lu Zhengfei’s hateful emotion.

Lu Zhengfei will not be derailed. No one knows Chen Qianqing himself. After he was with the original owner, he never had any relationship with other people. The lipstick on Lu Zhengfei’s neckline is not so much evidence of derailment. It is a stupid demonstration.Lu Zhengfei’s clothes are not washed by himself. He has not noticed that the dirty clothes have been taken away for the next day and will not be noticed. What kind of views will Chen Qianqing see on this scene? Presumably, it will definitely not be a positive view.

The fire in Chen Qianqing's heart suddenly came up. He looked at his young self and almost wanted to point to Lu Zhengfei's nose and stupidity. He finally endured the fire. Chen Qianqing was cold and cold to Lu Zhengfei: Lu Zhengfei, before you come to me, should you clean up the things on the neckline?" - This sentence is the original Chen Qianqing will never say, the original Chen Qianqing even saw it, it is estimated that he is in his heart, The resentment against Lu Zhengfei has become more and more serious. I think, you imprison me, and you say that you love me, but you still have such traces. If you can have a good face on Lu Zhengfei, it is really strange.

Lu Zhengfei listened to this and bowed his head and saw the traces of Chen Qianqing’s thunder.

When seeing the lipstick print, Lu Zhengfei’s face was as ugly as Chen Qianqing.

"Qianqing, you listen to me." Lu Zhengfei rarely panic.

Chen Qianqing just fell asleep and was called up. Now she is upset. Seeing that Lu Zhengfei is so annoyed, he is more annoyed. He said directly: "Lu Zhengfei, if you feel sorry, I will give me out, now I am, I am Want to sleep, what are we going to say tomorrow?"

"..." Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing's irritating expression, silent for a moment, or turned and left.

Chen Qianqing sighed and sighed, and turned the light off and retracted into the second floor.

Insomnia is probably one of the most painful conditions. Since that time, Lu Zhengfei had not been able to sleep well. The feeling of Chen Qianqing when she got up in the morning can be said to be terrible.

Breakfast is the kind of heart that Chen Qianqing likes. This is the only food that he and Lu Zhengfei like. After washing, Chen Qianqing, who has dark circles on his face, saw Lu Zhengfei, who had the same blue eyes on the dinner table. He can see that Lu Zhengfei It was not good to sleep yesterday.

"Thousands of Qing." Lu Zhengfei's voice is soft, like a primary school student who has been wrongly involved in the baggage of parents: "Yesterday's lipstick print..."

"Lu Zhengfei." Chen Qianqing directly interrupted his words. Looking at Lu Zhengfei, he was angry and funny: "How do you feel outside when you are outside, at least not let me see these things?"

"I have never done anything sorry for you." Lu Zhengfei rarely has such a low posture, but the mistake is wrong, he is not the kind of person who refuses to admit: "Which print I will find out, you Do not misunderstand……"

Chen Qianqing smiled and finished eating milk and eggs. He went to class with a cane.

Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing's expression and knew that he didn't want to listen to it at all. He finally resisted what he wanted to say. He just watched the strength of his chopsticks. The person who dared to count him yesterday was obviously unlucky.Chen Qianqing was sitting in the car. Some of them were distracted. The time when he became Chen Qianqing was not too long. He didn’t even have it for half a year. But all the things he experienced were telling him that he didn’t understand Chen Qianqing at all, and even said that Chen Qianqing’s Nothing is known about the situation.

Therefore, it seems that it is not an incredible thing to finally reach such an end.

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