Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 10 The dead (2)

Chapter 10 The dead (2)

The things of Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei are not known to most people in the school.

Lu Zhengfei did a good job in secrecy. Almost everyone who knew Chen Qianqing thought that he had dropped out of school because of illness. However, almost the word is not all.

Liu Jingyang is an accident.

In the freshman year, Liu Jingyang and Chen Qianqing had a good relationship. His family condition was not as good as Chen Qianqing, so he had to spend a lot of extracurricular time to work. When the children in their twenties were eager to win, Liu Jingyang looked at them. Chen Qianqing, who is very popular, is also inevitably a bit embarrassed.

However, Liu Jingyang is good at controlling his negative emotions. He tells himself that he has his own life, so he doesn't have to ask for something that he can't get. This kind of self-satisfaction is better than nothing, but finally it does not let Liu Jingyang deliberately do something. The relationship between the two.

However, the thing is so clever. Because Liu Jingyang performed well in the place where he worked, he got a chance to be a waiter at a large private banquet. As a civilian, Liu Jingyang had no chance to contact the upper level. The opportunity was ecstatic and he did not hesitate to agree.

After signing a confidentiality agreement and training for a period of time, Liu Jingyang finally got into the place as he wished – of course, as a waiter.

Liu Jingyang is not too handsome, but his height is one meter eighty-seven, and his figure is not bad. When he thinks of having the opportunity to go to such a high-level place, there will be some illusions.

Liu Jingyang is holding a lot of expectations. Unfortunately, the gap between reality and dreams is always great. He is destined to be disappointed.

A failed climbing experience may only stay in Liu Jingyang's memory for a while, but the appearance of Chen Qianqing made the banquet a memory that Liu Jingyang could not forget.

Yes, unlike Liu Jingyang, Chen Qianqing also appeared at the banquet and appeared as Lu Zhengfei's lover.

God knows that when Liu Jingyang saw wearing a suit, Chen Qianqing, who was cold-faced, was surprised when Lu Zhengfei walked into the venue. He even broke the glass in the tray.

Fortunately, the people around Liu Jingyang carefully screamed and let him go back to God, not to make a fool of himself on important occasions.

"Who do you see? How is this look?" Standing next to Liu Jingyang is another waiter, seeing Liu Jingyang's soul as if he is not guarding, looking down his eyes, said: "The man will not think about it, Lu Jiaxin will be in charge." The doorman is handsome, more gold, hey, or a gay." The man thought that Liu Jingyang was watching Lu Zhengfei. In fact, Liu Jingyang was watching Chen Qianqing.

When Chen Qianqing entered the room, he had a cold face. Even Lu Zhengfei did not have a good face when he talked to him. The strange thing is that Lu Zhengfei did not get angry. Instead, he was a little hot and cold.

At this moment, Liu Jingyang said that he does not hate Chen Qianqing, which is absolutely fake. Chen Qianqing is more handsome than him. Chen Qianqing’s family has more money than him. Chen Qianqing’s grades are good. Even on such occasions, Chen Qianqing is a guest. He is a waiter.According to the logic of normal people, if this situation is encountered, it will not be a bit embarrassing, and even will avoid the students who met, but seeing Chen Qianqing’s faceless expression, Liu Jingyang found a chance to get together. .

"Chen Qianqing." He asked with a tray and surprised: "How are you here?"

Chen Qianqing was alone, and when he heard Liu Jingyang’s voice, he turned his head to reveal some flustered and awkward look. He said, “I, my brother and I came together.”

"Your brother?" Liu Jingyang looked at Chen Qianqing, who was surrounded by people. "Brother?" He asked this deliberately. When he saw Chen Qianqing embarrassed, he felt happy.

Sure enough, Chen Qianqing showed a trace of embarrassing expression, and said after a long time: "Don't tell others."

"Oh, you are being taken care of." Liu Jingyang was unceremonious: "Nothing, I will not tell others."

Chen Qianqing is a young boy in his twenties. He heard the word of fostering and the whole face was flushed. He didn’t know whether he was angry or shy, but he was telling him to be a gentleman from a small family education. Time is actually unable to find a way to refute Liu Jingyang.

"However, don't tell others that I know you." Liu Jingyang said: "I feel embarrassed to see a classmate like you."

This is a world of laughter and laughter. If Liu Jingyang’s mocking object is changed for an individual, it is estimated that the person is directly saying “Take your ass, Laozi is willing” to send it, but Chen Qianqing does not, he does not like it. Lu Zhengfei, being seen by his classmates is even more desperate.

Seeing that Chen Qianqing is no longer talking, Liu Jingyang turned away, and her heart was so happy that she could see that Chen Qianqing had such a day, and his distorted vanity had been met with strange satisfaction.

After this day, Chen Qianqing really did not come to school again. The reason was that she was sick. Liu Jingyang felt that he had no face to go to school. In fact, it was because Chen Qianqing angered Lu Zhengfei and was directly locked up, and then he was beaten after running away. Broken leg.

The butterfly effect is like this. It seems that it is almost irrelevant, but it leads to a change in one's life trajectory.

Liu Jingyang did not know what effect he had done. He only knew that Chen Qianqing, who had broken his leg, had returned to school and had to be mocked by him.

Chen Qianqing and Liu Jingyang were in a Chinese restaurant near a school. They sat in the private room and ordered some food at random.

"Chen Qianqing, don't tell you that you are really sick." Liu Jingyang holding the menu seemed to be casual. "I don't know about those things?"

"What do I do?" If the real Chen Qianqing listened to this sentence, it is estimated that it is not far from the ruin, but now sitting here is the fake Chen Qianqing, accurately speaking, is Lu Zhengfei who has reached middle age.

"Hey, if you have been sick for a few months, have you forgotten your scandals?" In fact, Liu Jingyang didn't want to be so ugly, but did not see Chen Qianqing's guilty look, which made him very dissatisfied. He said: "That time Banquet you and the man mixed together, but I can see clearly."Chen Qianqing did not know which banquet Liu Jingyang said. The party he attended with the original lord was too much. He almost hanged a affiliation card on the original owner. Even if he was seen, it did not matter at all.

"So." Chen Qianqing looked at the menu, and the more he saw the less appetite, he said: "What do you want to say?"

Liu Jingyang said that he did not expect that after a few months, Chen Qianqing did not care about this matter at all: "Are you afraid of telling my classmates?"

"Article 246 of the Criminal Law stipulates that if violence or other means publicly insults others or fabricates facts and others, if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, control or deprivation of political rights." Chen Qianqing said coldly: "Do you think that you have been saving energy for a few years?"

Liu Jingyang angered: "I am jealous of you? Is it not true that you are being fostered?"

Chen Qianqing put down the menu in his hand and smiled: "Liu Jingyang, have you talked to me like this before?"

"What do you talk to?" Liu Jingyang became more and more disdainful. He said: "I told you last time, you are afraid, I have not come to school for a few months. Why, this time the waist is hard? Changed a powerful one. Gold Lord, come, I am afraid of you."

The reason why Liu Jingyang dared to say this, he decided that Chen Qianqing would not retaliate against him. As a classmate who had been with him for a year, he knew that Chen Qianqing’s sense of justice was very strong. He saw a thief in the car and would stop it. He said this. It is estimated that there will be no sense of self-confidence.

Unfortunately, the real Chen Qianqing is already dead.

After listening to Liu Jingyang's words, Chen Qianqing sitting here has no expression on his face. He just said coldly: "Before I dropped out of school, you laughed at me being sheltered?"

“Isn't it worth ridiculing?” Liu Jingyang said: “This is a bad thing.”

Chen Qianqing did not speak. He had always known that there were many obstacles between him and the original owner. Chen Qianqing did not love him. The Chen Qianqing was not gay. The Chen Qianqing had parents, but he did not think that he did not care about it. The person who hurts others is the one who shakes the wings of the butterfly.

Chen Qianqing remembers that when the original owner suddenly rushed to his temper one day, he almost tossed the whole room, and Chen Qianqing could even remember the expression of the original master.

The honest, kind, stubborn Chen Qianqing, while packing his bags, yelled at him: "Lu Zhengfei, why do you force me to be with you, I want to go! I don't want to be nurtured by you!"

The word "support" touched the minefield of Lu Zhengfei. Then there was a series of things that eventually led to Lu Zhengfei imprisoning Chen Qianqing.

"Liu Jingyang." Chen Qianqing looked at the boy who was still exporting dirty in front of him. He said: "You might have had the opportunity to find a good job, marry a beautiful wife and have a lovely child."

Liu Jingyang did not understand why Chen Qianqing said so.

"But now, you have no chance." Chen Qianqing said: "You will pay for what you have done, and what you are doing now."

"What are you talking about, are you threatening me?" Liu Jingyang panicked: "Chen Qianqing, are you going to find your gold master?"Chen Qianqing smiled: "Yeah, I have been said to be like this. If you are not supported, you will be sorry for your indignation."

"Chen Qianqing, you, you, are you not afraid of telling my classmates about your scandal?" Liu Jingyang wouldn’t panic. He knows that those people can’t afford it at all. He plays the most prestige in front of Chen Qianqing. Once Chen Qianqing really wants to move, It’s still him.

"You can say." Chen Qianqing stood up with a cane: "But people are always responsible for what they have done." - Just like him, the pain that Chen Qianqing is experiencing, bit by bit Taste all.

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