Turns Out I’m Crazy

By Xi Zi Xu

Chapter 2 Who am I?

Chapter 2 Who am I?

Lu Zhengfei is not only bad, but also very bad. He is trying to say something, but he noticed the difference in his body. Yes, with the anesthetic in the past, the wound on his leg began to violently hurt, so that he was immediately pulled back. Attention, Lu Zhengfei said: "What happened to my leg?"

The doctor heard the words, showing a sly expression, hesitated for a moment or not: "You accidentally broke."

"Is it accidentally broken?" Since Lu Zhengfei took power, very few people dared to talk to him. He said coldly: "Can you tell me, how did I accidentally break it?"

The doctor overflowed the cold sweat on his forehead. In fact, this person in front of the hospital has not been in the hospital once or twice, and each time it is a wound. It is indeed quite sympathetic. What kind of sympathy can be used? The person who makes the wound I can't afford it at all.

In the past few times, Mr. Chen’s attitude was very cold. Today, he did not know what kind of wind he had drawn. He actually asked who killed him. Is it a psychological problem? With such a thought, the attending doctor is even more distressed.

"Speak." Lu Zhengfei is in the upper position, and the momentum has already been sent and received freely. At this moment, the appearance of cold and cold people makes the doctors and nurses have a cold sweat.

Fortunately, at this time, the culprit himself appeared.

When Lu Zhengfei saw the people coming in from outside the door, the whole person was paralyzed. He looked at a man who looked like himself. He pushed the door in the face and held a lunch box in his hand. It’s a look or an imposing manner, and it’s a feeling of being uncomfortable.

It is also very interesting to say that in this life, people have only seen themselves from the photo mirror, but they have never really seen themselves with their own eyes. Lu Zhengfei, fortunately, has seen another Lu Zhengfei.

It was a young Lu Zhengfei. It seemed that it was not yet full. It was the last time when the body was suffocating. It was just a frown, which was enough to make people feel his anger and dissatisfaction.

"What are you doing?" Lu Zhengfei said: "I told you not to bother him, do you think that what I said is nonsense?"

Where did the doctors and nurses dare to say more, and when they looked at Lu Zhengfei with sympathy, they opened the door and went out. It seems that they don’t want to wait for more than a minute.

Lu Zhengfei stood by the bed and spit out three words in his mouth: "Chen Qianqing."

This Chen Qianqing is like a thunder, dizzying Lu Zhengfei's mind, and he finally caught some clues from the absurd dialogue, and these clues are telling Lu Zhengfei a terrible fact.

"I want to see the mirror." Lu Zhengfei said: "Show me the mirror."

The young Lu Zhengfei sneered: "What are you going to do?"

Lu Zhengfei ignored him, but repeated the words just now. The young Lu Zhengfei frowned, and after gazing at Lu Zhengfei for a long time, he got up and walked aside. He picked up the mirror placed on the table and threw it to Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei’s hand was a little shaken. He took a deep breath and looked at himself in the mirror – the guess is true.In the mirror is a face that Lu Zhengfei liked for ten years. At this time, he has no thin, non-adult shape, dimples on his face, beautiful eyes, everything is telling Lu Zhengfei one thing - he became Chen Qianqing His favorite, Chen Qianqing, who was killed by his own hands.

Standing on the side of Lu Zhengfei, the person who saw the bed showed a look of horror and ecstasy. The eyebrows twitched slightly and seemed to ask what was going on.

Lu Zhengfei - No, it should be Chen Qianqing, silently returning the mirror to Lu Zhengfei, and he will stop talking.

"Speak." Lu Zhengfei didn't like Chen Qianqing's silent appearance. Every time he saw this, he always felt farther and farther away from himself. So he simply reached out and grabbed Chen Qianqing's chin: "You have the courage." Run, don't speak?"

Chen Qianqing’s chin was very painful. If Chen Chiqing was really, it was estimated that he had been quarreling with Lu Zhengfei, but now the soul has been replaced by Lu Zhengfei’s Chen Qianqing, but he frowned slightly: “It hurts.”

Lu Zhengfei immediately sprinkled his hand.

Chen Qianqing once had a good appearance, but his temper was awkward. He escaped countless times and refused to compromise with Lu Zhengfei. When Lu Zhengfei was young, his character was hot and he interrupted Chen Qianqing’s legs several times.

Yes, several times.

No one knows more about what Lu Zhengfei is thinking than Chen Qianqing at this time, so he made a temporary compromise.

"I want to be alone for a while." Chen Qianqing said.

Since Lu Zhengfei began to force Chen Qianqing, he never saw Chen Qianqing's gentle attitude, let alone the tone of this kind of discussion, so when he heard this, he took a moment to say a cold tone: "Good health."

Chen Qianqing nodded and watched Lu Zhengfei get up and go out.

There was Chen Qianqing left in the room. He lifted his left hand to the front and carefully stared at the slender bones, the white skin, and the pink nails. Then he cried with his hand and his face sobbing. come out.

He became his lover, he will pay for everything he has done, and he will taste the insults that Chen Qianqing has tasted.

After Lu Zhengfei left, he did not go far, but entered the monitoring room. Chen Qianqing’s ward has a very comprehensive monitoring, and almost every corner is innocent.

After Lu Zhengfei left, he thought that Chen Qianqing would lie in sleep, or stay in the meeting, but did not expect that Chen Qianqing was crying with a sullen face.

When Lu Zhengfei forced Chen Qianqing for the first time, Chen Qianqing did not cry. Not only did he cry, but he almost broke the head of Lu Zhengfei with a vase. Lu Zhengfei did not cry when he first played Chen Qianqing, but today Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing carrying his shoulders and hands. Hovering his head and crying like a child.

Lu Zhengfei, who was monitoring smoothly, said nothing and did nothing. He just took a cigarette out of his pocket and took it in one bite.

Chen Qianqing cried for a long time. When he stopped, he silently wiped the tears, then looked down at the long white hair, which should have been used to play the piano.The real Chen Qianqing has left. Now is Lu Zhengfei, who is at the expense of redemption. He can only swear that in this world, Chen Qianqing’s dream will be fulfilled and the torture that Chen Qianqing suffered.

Lu Zhengfei entered the ward after Chen Qianqing was crying. Chen Qianqing’s eyes are still red, but his eyes have returned to coldness. He looks at Lu Zhengfei, and there are no more hatreds and dislikes that Lu Zhengfei does not like in his eyes. Only one is indifferent. It is as if the person in front of him is no longer able to make him feel extra emotions.

Lu Zhengfei felt an inexplicable uneasiness.

"I won't run anymore." Chen Qianqing said: "I want to go back to school."

When the two were silent, Chen Qianqing suddenly made such a request, so that Lu Zhengfei was somewhat unprepared, but he could agree to Chen Qianqing, but he would not allow Chen Qianqing to leave him.

Chen Qianqing can't know what Lu Zhengfei is thinking. He looks at Lu Zhengfei, just looking at himself. From his eyes, dialogue, and facial expressions, he can see what Lu Zhengfei is thinking.

Chen Qianqing said: "You can send people to guard me, I won't run anymore." - Can't run away, Chen Qianqing is just an ordinary citizen. It is impossible to escape from Lu Zhengfei's hand. .

Lu Zhengfei indulged for a moment and actually nodded: "You should raise your legs first."

"Yeah." Chen Qianqing stopped talking more and closed his eyes.

Chen Qianqing’s first escape was when he was a junior. The 20-year-old Chen Qianqing sneaked a train ticket with Lu Zhengfei and fled Lu Zhengfei’s home in the night, but Chen Qianqing was arrested at the station.

He was taken back to Lujia directly, and then Lu Zhengfei interrupted his leg.

In the days that followed, Chen Qianqing, who had broken his leg, refused to compromise. So he was deprived of the power to go to school by Lu Zhengfei and then stayed at home until he fled again.

Chen Qianqing did not speak, and Lu Zhengfei was quiet. He sat for a while before he got up and left, but looking at his expression, it was a lot easier, and there was no tension when he came in.

Chen Qianqing did not want to talk to Lu Zhengfei. When he saw Lu Zhengfei, he remembered the stupid things he had done, and he was in a situation now. It was the real Chen Qianqing, the best punishment for him.

The broken leg hurts a lot. When changing the medicine, Chen Qianqing didn't make any noise, as if he didn't hurt at all, only he could see one or two from his pale face.

The doctor noticed the strangeness of Chen Qianqing and hurriedly told Lu Zhengfei.

"Mr. Chen's condition is very bad." The attending doctor is orthopedic, and he is powerless in psychology: "It should be a psychological problem... not eating much, not talking."

How could Lu Zhengfei not find Chen Qianqing's problem? Hearing the doctor, he just nodded.

"I suggest consulting a psychiatrist." The attending doctor said: "This is convenient for me to help."

"I know." Lu Zhengfei said: "I will arrange it."

The attending doctor hesitated for a moment, or said: "Mr. Lu... Mr. Chen is not in good health... you should still control it."Lu Zhengfei’s original good face was gloomy. He didn’t know what the doctor meant, but listening to him said that Lu Zhengfei was not happy.

"Manage your own affairs." Lu Zhengfei said coldly: "Don't worry, you shouldn't worry about it."

The doctor's face was stiff and he said it was, and he no longer said that he turned and left.

When Lu Zhengfei saw the doctor go, he frowned slightly and whispered to himself: "...Is the technology so bad, how can he not like it every time." - And even if it is shot, the face is ugly. As if on the execution ground, Lu Zhengfei was greatly disappointed.

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