Turns Out I’m Crazy Xi Zi Xu

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About me was a neuropathy:
    Lu Zhengfei personally killed Chen Qianqing.

    He cut off Chen Qianqing’s legs, smoked his eyes, locked him in chains and locked him in the house, then watched him die, the ending of the injury in the name of love After all, it is miserable.

    Lu Zhengfei regret it? He then regrets, so God gave him a chance to be born again.

    Only this time, he found himself - became Chen Qianqing.

    Friday into V, three more! ! !

    Old potholes




    Columns for baggage


  • Modern Day
  • Transmigration
  • Love Interest Falls in Love First
  • Calm Protagonist
  • Wealthy Characters
  • Depictions of Cruelty
  • Possessive Characters
  • Twisted Personality
  • Abusive Characters
  • Confinement
  • Masturbation
  • Obssesive Love
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