How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 136 Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Chapter 136

There was a long red carpet on the outside of the venue. The red carpet was full of reporters and fans at both ends. The spotlights shine like stars, and the screams are higher than the waves. The opening guest was an old and respected old artist. After him, several pairs of male and female stars passed by, and they were the biggest names in the circle.

The fans looked at it, and the host also said that they had done everything. At this moment, the field suddenly quieted for a few seconds, and then it was the sound of the sky. "Mr. Ji, Teacher Ji! God, he Really walked the red carpet with Xiao Jiashu! This is too much value!"

The fans of Ji Wei and Xiao Jiashu are so happy that they are faint. Before the opening, they have been guessing which of the female stars will go to the red carpet with Jiu and Xiao Jiashu. The films starring the two have been fired from the end of the year to the beginning of the year. Their composition of p has become a hot topic for fans. Fans thought that they would avoid taking the red carpet and avoid inviting an actress to suppress the previous scandal. But they didn't, they came together, dressed in the same suit, wearing the same watch and cufflinks, just a tie, looking mature and steady, a bow tie, like a prince, youthful, standing together The look is right.

Yes, it is the right pair. It is more harmonious than the couples who have gone before. This is not just a feeling of p powder. Even journalists think so, so they raise their cameras and take photos.

"After the disappearance, Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu appeared at the same time. What did they do? ", Ji Ji and Xiao Jiashu wearing the same suit to walk the red carpet, is it a brother or a couple? ", the box office harvester brought together, the atmosphere is like a couple", the title of one blogger has been brewing in the hearts of reporters, just waiting to go back and work hard. There are too many hot spots in this pair to speculate, and there are too many gimmicks to sell, and a few words can cause hundreds of thousands of hits.

The fans of the two have already taken control of the audience, and the screams completely overshadowed the fans of other stars. After seeing Jiuqi getting off the bus and reaching for the lower back of Fu Xiaojiashu, they screamed and cheeked red; saw Ji Yan stalking Xiao Jiashu's ear, his smile was soft and tender, and they almost fainted.

This pair is too sweet and too eye-catching, almost kill all the opening guests, look at their equally beautiful face, look at their equally perfect body, look at their long legs with elegant steps, simply... fans are no longer Know how to describe this pair, but just think they should be together. If they go apart today and have a female star in their arms, they will definitely protest!

"Mr. Ji, Xiao Jiashu, I love you!"

"Mr. Ji, Xiao Jiashu, you must continue to cooperate. I like to watch your movies!" In fact, this fan wants to say "you must be together, don't separate", but the public is not well influenced, she only Can change a more euphemistic statement.

Ji Yan seems to have heard it. She looked at her direction and took a picture of Xiao Jiashu’s shoulder. The two men turned their faces at the same time and smiled a little."Ah! The old girl's heart!" The fan held his heart and fell in his friend's arms. This moment is so happy, she does not want to fall in love, she just wants to see these two people talk about love for a lifetime!

"Jie Ge, our fans are much better!" Xiao Jiashu waved his hand at the crowd, his cheeks excited with some blush. For the first time, he realized how popular he was. The frequent flashing lights shone on his body, and his eyes were a bit dry, but it also brought some different sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment is not a high-profile achievement. , but the satisfaction gained after hard work.

"There will be more in the future. Your path is still very long, I will always go with you." Ji Yan loved the back of his head, and unexpectedly heard the fans uttered a high scream.

Because the two people co-produced too many movies, and each part is a partner, each has not been able to get a happy ending, p powder is growing up with resentment, and hope that they can be a little more beautiful in reality. As long as they are a little closer, such as taking a shoulder and patting their heads, they can make up a lot of sweet plots.

In this regard, Ji Yan can only shake his head. He didn't mind the brain supplement of p powder, and he didn't mind the scandals of himself and Xiaoshu. They were a pair of children, afraid of anything.

It is also because of his righteousness that others are arrogant, but never think that they are really together. As it is now, it is known that Xue Yu and Xiu Changyu will appear behind them. Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu actually stopped in the middle of the red carpet.

Xue Yu and Xiu Changyu joined hands on the red carpet. After walking to the two people, they chatted for a while and let the media take a few photos before moving on. Xue Yu beat the shoulders of Ji Yan very intimately, and Ji Yan was respectful to her. On the way to the upper step, Xiu Chang Yu went to help Xue Yu, and Ji Yan naturally pressed his palm to the back of Xiao Jiashu, his eyes fixed on his feet, and the posture of a guardian. This gesture was originally very embarrassing, but because Xue Yu was present, it was not daring to guess.

What do these two people really have, can Xue Yu allow them to go so close? impossible! Obscenity is obscenity and can't be true. The reporters who had already prepared the title had also drafted the previous idea and prepared to write a long article on the screen of the mother and son.

Stepping on the steps, chatting a few words with the host, and leaving a signature on the wall, the four people stepped into the venue. At the moment of entering the venue, the darkness was not coming, and Xiao Jiashu suddenly took Ji Xian’s hand and squeezed it hard. On the red carpet, when Ji Ge told him that he would always accompany him, he wanted to do this. If you want to go, take your hand and walk together, so that you can be practical!

Ji Yan gave a short smile and held his hand back until he stepped into the brightly lit hall. The two walked into the first row like nothing. Several old emperors reacted differently, and some smiled and stood up and said hello. Some just casually glimpsed and ignored."Xue Wei, congratulations on your success." One of the shadows said with a smile. She and Xue Yu debut at the same time, when people are red and purple, she is still playing the ankle, the coffee is very different. But now it is different. She has won several awards for her post-shadow awards. Xue Yu has to come back in her early forties. It is really thirty years of Hedong in the 30 years of Hedong.

"Hey, are you and your son's seat in the first row, is the Miss Etiquette wrong?" She looks like a concern, but it is a mockery. It is common sense that people with enough coffee can sit in the first row.

"Yes, the seat is temporarily changed by me. Does Ms. Shen have any opinions?" Xiao Dingbang slowly came over and his tone was cold. Xiao's Pharmaceuticals is the biggest sponsor of this award. It is naturally how they ask for it and how the organizers arrange it.

"How come, I am just afraid that Xue Yu is in the wrong position. Hello, Mr. Xiao, I am very happy to meet you." The shadow smiled extremely embarrassed. She thought that Xue Yu was nothing after divorce. She did not expect Xiao family to protect her.

"Dingbang, how are you doing recently?" Xue Yu and his stepchildren hugged.

"It's still the same." Xiao Dingbang smiled mildly.

"Brother, I want to die for you!" After the mother had finished, Xiao Jiashu was hanging on his brother like a koala.

Xiao Dingbang’s smile has a temperature in an instant, and the eyebrows are full of daring and eager. He slammed his brother's back and licked his head. After he let him go, he did not forget to arrange his haircut so that he would not look good when he was on the mirror. Although the younger brother grew up, he seems to have returned to his childhood state after the relationship was repaired.

But Xiao Dingbang didn't feel bored at all, but enjoyed it very much. He missed his brother's childhood, but he can still grow with him. He is only in his early twenties, and his life is still very long.

"Hey, Xiaoshu, I haven't seen you for a long time." Xiao Qijie, who was tall and strong, was blocked by a tall son.

"Dad, how come you?" Xiao Jiashu was surprised, but did not show the look of resentment. He was not a vengeful person, let alone the father who gave birth to him.

Xue Yu just picked a eyebrow and did not respond.

It is enough for the son to greet himself. Xiao Qijie does not dare to pray for more. He can only shake his head and smile. After a few shadows, the audience stood up and said hello to each other. The attitude was very comprehensive. Xiao Qijie waved his hand and let them sit down, but his eyes turned to Ji Yan.

"Xiao Yan, have you been okay recently?" Xiao Qijie, who was originally excluded from homosexuality, now has to rely on his daughter-in-law to please his son.

"Very good, Xie Xiaoshu cares." Ji Yan smiled gently and politely.

"There is time and small tree to sit there, I am now moving to Langhuashan to live, the environment is very good, very quiet, there will be no paparazzi and shoot." Xiao Qijie hinted. He can't see his son, he can only pin his hopes on Ji Ji. He now knows what it means to be nothing, his wife is gone, his two sons are not on his side, and he can only win the new family member of Ji Ji.As for whether his son will never be, this kind of problem he does not consider at all. As long as the son feels happy, he ignored him for so many years, and almost killed him. Now dare to make him unhappy? If the son can make him a sweet smile like a child, he can get tears in excitement.

"Okay, we will go back to see you when we have time." Ji Yan knows that Xiaoshu will not hate Xiao Qijie for a lifetime, and he dares to agree.

"Well, don't always be busy with work, pay attention to maintaining your body. I have seen you in an interview with a foreign country. It is really not easy. Wia hangs up to a dozen meters high and looks scary..." Xiao Qijie is really old, and when he talks, he chats. However, this is also related to his current situation. No one dared to listen to him in the past. Now he has no one to listen to, but only one of them is left alone.

Ji Yan sat next to him, very patient and nodded. In any case, this is, after all, the family of Xiaoshu, and respect should be respected, especially in public.

Xiao Jiashu was seated next to Ji Ge, with one hand on the armrest and one hand on his head, watching them quietly. His family relationship is very complicated, but Ji Ge has handled it very well. He never made him difficult to do, nor will he make his family embarrassed. It is so lucky to marry Ji Ge, a very responsible man.

Huh? Why should I use the word "married"... The head of the head is slightly slipped, and Xiao Jiashu is kneeling on the armrest of the chair. If Ji Ji first holds his forehead, he will definitely have a big ugly.

"What do you want?" Ji Yan whispered in his ear, and his voice contained a deep smile.

"I didn't think about anything, I was too tired last night, I was a little sleepy." Xiao Jiashu waved his face red.

Ji Yan’s eyes were more intense, and the mineral water bottle was unscrewed, whispering, “Drinking water to wake up and sleep.”

Xiao Jiashu took the bottle and drank water, and rushed down the mind in his mind. Xiao Dingbang took his brother's shoulder and said softly. "I want to sleep and sleep on me for a while. Anyway, it is still early."

They are happy and like a family, and they are called silly eyes. The relationship between Ji Ji and Xiao Jiashu has been widely speculated. From their every move, he is indeed a bit too much, but from the reaction of Xiao’s family, it seems to be a matter of course. So, shouldn't they be gay? Otherwise, Xiao Dingbang and Xiao Qijie can value the seasons so much?

Everyone thinks this way. Over time, no one thinks how strange it is for Ji Jin and Xiao Jiashu to be intimate. The secular concept limits their imagination. They can't guess that these two people have long been married, and they have also received the blessings of both parents.

In the meantime, several stars entered, but they all sat in the back row. After they found their seat, they came up to greet their predecessors, one of them was Lin Leyang who had not seen for a long time.

Seeing the enemy, Xiao Jiashu immediately recovered from the state of laziness. He sat in a pretty posture, his eyes were like a torch, and he gnawed his teeth: a small sample, do you dare to come?

Ji Yan put his hand on the back of his hand and chuckled twice. The little tree is jealous and looks so cute..."Ji Zong, Xiao Jiashu, I haven't seen you for a long time, how have you been doing recently?" Lin Leyang asked.

"We are good." Xiao Jiashu leaned against Ji Yan and then stunned. "Hey, you seem to be changing, a lot more handsome than before!" He is a rectum, what to say, not because of that private Complaints deliberately degrade each other.

Lin Leyang suddenly smiled and touched the root of the mountain and said, "I recently put a nose bridge, so I compare it to the mirror." Xiao Jiashu was the first person to praise him handsomely. Although there were so many embarrassing things, he really hated him. Not up.

For the sake of career, it is no big deal for the star to adjust his or her appearance more or less. After all, their work content is different from ordinary people. The facial features and body are one of their capital, and they can't be maintained. Xiao Jiashu nodded and praised again: "It is indeed very good."

This is the first time Lin Leyang has heard positive comments from the artists who debuted at the same time. It is not sour, and it is not free of cockroaches, which makes him very comfortable. He and the two chilled a few words. After saying goodbye, he sighed in his heart: Xiao Jiashu is really a magical person. He is very proud at first sight, and people are unconsciously alienated or even hated, but the more they understand, the more they like it. No wonder Ji Ge will love. Go to him. There is no such thing as fate. If you don’t have a fate, you will gradually drift away. If you have a fate, you can walk together.

After Lin Leyang left, Xiao Jiashu leaned back on the back of the chair, and there was no point at the fingertips. The hall is full of cameras, and the performance of the guests is being photographed in real time, but he does not hide at all. Ji Yan and Xiao Qijie said that he would look at him for a while, and his eyebrows would be like a sigh.

The atmosphere of the two people is very embarrassing. At first glance, they know that there is a problem, but because the left and right sides are sitting with Xiao Qijie, Xiao Dingbang and Xue Yu, the others are not even skeptical. This is the so-called "black under the lamp".

After all the guests were present, the award ceremony officially began. Xiao Jiashu has three films, namely, "Apostles", "Running All the Way" and "The Queen". Looking at the entire film and television circle, there are not many newcomers like him with high output, high quality and high reputation. Therefore, the photographer frequently points the camera at him.

He could have competed for the best male award with "Running All the Way", but eventually gave up. Wu Chuanyi is a grassroots origin, no one has no background, but he is very hard. He wants to give the other opportunities more, so he changes to the best male award. His performances in The Apostles and The Queen are both remarkable, but relatively speaking, the acting in "The Queen" is more mature, so the finalist role is Li Xianzhi.

When awarded to the best male award, the big screen began to play highlights of several candidates. Li Xianzhi's sword smashed the white scorpion and the candle, and jumped into the sarcophagus in a raging fire. His last desperate and relieved look was unforgettable.

The cameraman immediately went to shoot Xiao Jiashu's reaction and found that he was staring at the screen, his expression was a little nervous.

"Don't be nervous, you are the best in my heart." Ji Yan gently patted the back of his hand.For others, this sentence seems to be just a set of words. When comforting people, everyone is willing to add such a sentence. However, Xiao Jiashu knows that Ji Ge is definitely thinking that he is the best. Perhaps this is a bit shameful, but he has always been very clear that he is not only the best male match in the heart of Ji Ge, but also the best male owner, is his all. Similarly, Ji Ge is also his whole.

The recognition of Ji Ge is already the highest award for Xiao Jiashu. The Academy Awards and even the Oscars are completely incomparable. So he is not nervous at once, and his straight lips are slightly bent, and he laughs easily.

I just said a word, I can make my lover so happy, and Ji Yan’s eyes also overflowed with great pleasure. He found that the small tree is very easy to be influenced by himself, so he will treat each day they are together with care and do their best to make Xiaoshu feel happy. When the love of the little tree is passed on to him unreservedly, he will naturally become happy. He never feels tired or burdened, because the requirements of the little tree are too few, and a kiss, a hug, a few warm words or even a caring newsletter can make him happy for a long time.

Even if he does not use mind reading, Ji Yan can know what he is thinking.

"Jie Ge, I am not nervous at all." Xiao Jiashu whispered to Ji Yan's ear. "You are my trophy."

Ji Yan helped the low smile, exhausted all the strength to suppress the impulse to hold the small tree kiss.

The photographer found that Xiao Jiashu had a light smile and was completely different from the other candidates' easy-going gestures. He quickly took a close-up of his face. Watching the live fans raise the thumbs up and boast the saplings, then save a screenshot of him and Ji teacher's bite. This pair of p is so cool on the powder, you can eat the dog food! Can you still get closer? The tip of the nose is already together, and you can kiss again soon!

But soon, Ji Yan left the audience's attention, the fans only saw an empty seat, and Xiao Jiashu looked at the big screen with no expression.

Lying in the trough, a blink of an eye is gone! If these two are different boxes, how do I feel so unaccustomed! There are fans mourning.

I said how the picture is so uncoordinated. It turned out that the little sapling was missing the teacher of the season. I often saw them coming in pairs, and suddenly one was really a bit cold and hugged myself.

Teacher Ji will not be ready to award the prize? If it is a small sapling, the picture... Hehehe... The fan made a barbell-like laugh.

Ah, can't make up the brain, the picture is super love! If the saplings are not awarded, will the season teacher throw away the trophy directly? Hahaha...

All the candidates were introduced, and the highlights were also shown. The host invited the awarding guests to the stage. Ji Yan actually came up with a beautiful card in his hand. The stars in the audience applauded, and the online audience laughed and couldn't close their mouths. It is really the teacher of the season to award the prize. If the winner is not a small sapling, they will send the organizer a blade for a whole year.

“Mr. Ji, who do you think the winners will be?” The host deliberately dig pits for Ji Ji."Everyone has a chance." Although Ji Yan said so, his smiling eyes looked at the lover under the stage without any disguise.

Xiao Jiashu covered his mouth, lest his self-satisfied expression be seen, and the curved eyebrows had already betrayed him.

The host grotesquely "oh", and the online audience also had a lot of "oh~" barrage. Teacher Ji, don’t pretend, can you look further to Xiao Jiashu’s eyes?

"Okay, now I have the teacher to give us the best supporting actor award for us." The host raised his hand.

Ji Yan slowly opened the card, stared at the name above for two seconds, and his tone was happy: "The winner of this best supporting actor award is," he smirked at his lover, and read three words gently and extremely. "Xiao Jiashu."

The on-site guests applauded and the online audience sent a congratulatory message. There is no doubt that this award is given to Xiao Jiashu. There are absolutely no films in this year. He has a total of three films in this year. Every performance is wonderful. He even qualified to compete for the best male award, but he gave up because he I want to give others more opportunities. His strength and character are well-known.

Xiao Jiashu stood up and waved to several candidates, and hugged with Xiao Dingbang, Xue Yu and Xiu Changyu. Xiao Qijie reached out and smiled. Xiao Jiashu did not hesitate. He naturally hugged him and patted him twice. This silent reconciliation made Xiao Qijie instantly drop two lines of tears. This is his son, he is proud of him.

Xue Yan’s eyes were also red, and his back turned and wiped his eyes. She can hate Xiao Qijie, but she does not want her son to hate the people who are close relatives. He eventually grew into the best appearance, kind and heart-wrenching, and his life has just begun.

Xiao Jiashu stepped onto the stage and walked slowly to Ji Yan. He did not pick up the trophy, but held his arms around him, very tight and very hard. Ji Yan put the trophy on the stage, and also forced him back, and then stared at each other and smiled. For them, honors and awards are dispensable, only each other is the most important.

Slightly... Sorry, eat dog food and support it, take a nap!

Don't you have a trophy?

Trophy: You look at me, I am the best male figure in the Academy Awards! The fans’ voices are overwhelming, but their hearts are equally inciting. The picture of the two people hugging together is so beautiful, so warm, watching them can not help but laugh.

Ji Yan patted Xiao Jiashu's waist, Xiao Jiashu picked up the trophy placed on the side and gave a speech. He thanked his family, friends, and staff. Finally, he said to Ji Yan: "In the end, I would like to thank Ji Ge, who led him. I am out of my way. Without him, there would be no Xiaojiashu now." The words fell again and spread their arms to embrace the seasons. In the invisible angle of all people, they were inaudible. "Zi Ge, you are my present and future, too. All of mine, I love you."

Ji Yan’s eyes were wet, and he tried to restrain his surging feelings. He confided in his ear: “I love you too.”

The applause of the audience was thunderous. No one heard what they said, but they could feel their joy and touch.The author has something to say: The text is over, thank you for your continued support, and there is a piece of rest below, telling the story of two people coming out of the cabinet five years later.

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