How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 135 Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Chapter 135

After the "Queen of the Queen" was killed, Ji Wei and Xiao Jiashu flew abroad to hold a wedding. Before the trip, they only made a road show for "Running all the way". Who are these fucking people? You said that you are an actor, you can forget it. After you get the pay, the movie doesn't make money. It doesn't have much to do with you, but you are an investor! The money for making movies is all out of you. Can you not have a snack or a little strength?

Well, compared with movies, marriage is indeed more important, especially the wedding or Xue Yu gave them a replacement, please come to Xiao Dingbang, Jimu, Xiu Changyu and other heavy guests, you can see the full heart. I heard that Xiao Qijie also wanted to go and asked Xue Yu many times that she did not agree. Later, she could only transport a lot of flowers to the wedding scene by air.

Zhao Chuan is also convinced that the parents of both sides are well aware and supportive. He used to think that he and Zhou Nan had very good feelings. They were a rare couple in the circle who were more than Jin Jian. They saw Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yu’s mode of getting along to understand one truth. People are more dead than people. Compared with the twenty-four filial boyfriend Ji Yan, Zhou Nan is a fart, will not cook, will not clean, and will not take care of people, this day can not be over!

After sending the blessings to the two men in a sour mood, Zhao Chuan could only rack his brains to edit a trailer, which was placed on the Internet in large numbers, hoping to replace the publicity role of the road show. Facts have proved that his decision is very wise. The trailer has a lot of scenes of the seasons and Xiao Jiashu. Even if the relationship between the two is confusing, the audience feels that they can’t stop. Although the plot is inconsistent, you can’t know the movie through the trailer. Say something, but the laughter runs through every frame and is awesome.

When the New Year is over, no one wants to relax and relax, so the market of comedy films has become very popular, and "All the way" is the smallest investment in the New Year's film, the largest actor, the least, the box office and word of mouth. Also not sure.

Qiu Lingling and Suanna have reconciled their girlfriends, and they are now inviting to the cinema to watch movies. Staring at the gears on the display screen for a while, they found that the "all the way" is not high, about 10%, which is very inconspicuous in a huge movie.

"I don't know what happened to the domestic movie market in the past few years. I invested hundreds of millions to make a movie, and I didn't see any good things." Suanna shook her head.

"Listening to the director Zhao Chuan said that "all the way to rush" only voted 60 million, of which 30 million were borrowed from him and Wu Chuanyi and others, and another 30 million were from Ji and Xiao Jiashu, and other Lunar New Year. The cost of a movie is really low, should you be able to return it?" Qiu Lingling is most worried about Ji and Xiao Jiashu losing money because of this movie. If it is a loss this time, it will be difficult to see them cooperate next time.

"Can't lose! The trailers are all crazy on the Internet. I watched it once and laughed once, and the abdominal muscles laughed out." Suanna patted her belly and urged, "Time is up, let's hurry in. I want to see The interaction between Ji teacher and Xiao Jiashu!"The two walked into the cinema and sat down. The lights had not been extinguished and they looked around. They found that the attendance rate was almost 100%, and they could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although the film has a low rate of placement, Mr. Ji’s box office appeal is still very strong. If every game is full, the line will be raised in the later stage, so that they are not afraid of losing money. However, it is obviously not enough to attract the audience based on the name of the teacher. The box office must rely on quality and word of mouth for its big blow. The quality and reputation are not good. It will also have a negative impact on the teacher. After all, this is to consume him. Popularity.

At the same time, this is the first time that Xiao Jiashu starred in the movie. The bad box office is also very unfavorable to his filming. The unscrupulous media will give him a box office poison. The name of the drug will definitely pay a hundred times in the future. Thousands of efforts.

I hope this movie will be as exciting as the trailer, and don't let the audience down. With such an idea, Qiu Lingling and Suanna calm down to watch the story, and then quickly indulge in it. When Xiao Jiashu appeared in an extremely cool way, they were shocked that their chins were falling.

Although Xiao Jiashu is a rich second generation, his Weibo never shows off his wealth. On the contrary, he is very grounded. He likes to wear his own sweaters and trousers. He also likes to eat food pictures and landscape photos. The selfies are very funny, and the green hats sent by fans will be put on black. His mouth is unobtrusive and ridiculous is almost universally known. When he thinks about him, everyone's first impression is low-key, the second impression is funny, and he never feels how cold he is.

But in this movie, Qiu Lingling and Suanna first subverted the impression of Xiao Jiashu. It turns out that he can also be very cold, very cool, wearing a tight suit and swaying into the nightclub's small appearance to have more waves.

Qiu Lingling and Suanna blush, feeling that Xiao Jiashu at this moment is the hormone that will walk, and the body is exuding a seductive atmosphere. But soon, they sneered out, only because of passing a row of floor mirrors, Xiao Jiashu actually went over to caress the hair of his own horns, while the eyebrows were high, while the eyebrows were very low, and the tongue tipped from the teeth. Slide it out and gently rub it in the corner of the lips.

Lying in the trough, this Xiao Er is less greasy, how do you want to fight him?

"I don't see it! Sao Cheng will be covered with sacks?" Qiu Lingling lowered her head and lowered her voice.

"Very good, very my style." Suanna exclaimed: "I have a hunch, this is a male color movie!"

Suanna’s premonition did not go wrong. Xiao Jiashu soon became too arrogant, oh no, too dazzling and being kidnapped. I learned that the gangster wanted to get the chip from himself. He and Wu Chuanyi went to the nightclub to find it, but they touched it. Got a gangster. In order to get in, Xiao Jiashu put on the dark green cheongsam that appeared in the trailer, a pair of straight long legs wrapped in black silk, buttocks, not to mention more attractive. He can be either a male one or a female one, and both men and women are very surprised, and the audience is climax in an instant.

"My phantom is hard." Suanna's mouth was wide open and she forgot to eat popcorn.

Qiu Lingling was so excited that her face was red, and whispered, "Mr. Ji is coming out soon? They are finally going to meet each other!"Sure enough, when the lens turned, Ji Yan appeared, and he was sitting in the main position with a cigar, and all the fierce and burly mobs became his foil. He wore a pair of expensive black suits, and the white shirts were opened with a few buttons, revealing a tattooed chest and a sexy collarbone. The hair was meticulously combed to the back of his head, revealing his handsome face with a knife and a chisel. The narrow scorpion is slightly smog across the smoke, and the gas field is horrible!

I don't know which little girl snorted, as if she was scared, and seemed to be confused, and Qiu Lingling and Suanna had completely stopped talking. This is really a male color movie, each frame of the scene exudes a strong sense of hormones, people want to pounce on the screen!

Teacher Ji’s tattoos are too evil and too cold, just subverting their imagination. He is really the kind of actor who can control any role.

However, the appearance of Teacher Ji is not the biggest point. Soon, when Xiao Jiashu was pushed into the box and began to dance, the movie hall once again set off a climax. The audience laughed awkwardly, and felt that his appearance was mournful and cute, and formed a strong contrast with his goddess. When he threw himself into the legs between the seasons, there were always girls screaming with excitement.

Qiu Lingling and Suanna’s eyes were straight, and they almost watched the interaction between the two in the box. They wanted to laugh and worry that they would miss any frame when they smiled, so they couldn’t stand it. Live, until the teacher of the season, a few shots of the box of Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream, meaningfully blinked, they only spit out a breath.

The face is red, the heart is jumping fast, they feel like the Ding Jinsong in the movie, they are in love!

After the plot became more and more funny, Xiao Jiashu was put in jail, and the teacher did not hesitate to take the initiative to save him. He changed him to play tricks, and made him a bully little fox during the day. He pushed him to the corner at night to make him jealous. I cried, laughing one by one.

The laughter in the movie hall almost never stopped. Qiu Lingling and Suanna had red cheeks and trembled. Too cute, the interaction between these two people is simply too cute! I learned that my sweetheart was framed. Ding Jinsong squandered 70 million dollars to redeem the other party out of jail, but he still had to sit for several years. This is true love!

"I don't want Ding Jinsong to go to jail, I want them to be together." Suanna looked at the two people waving at the prison gate, and the tears came out.

"No, the film was released for more than 40 minutes, and more than half of it was not finished. Ding Jinsong will come out later. They must have opponents." Qiu Lingling softly comforted. God knows how much she likes the plot of the two people together. They look good, good, sweet, laughing and tearful.

Xu Tianyou couldn't sleep at night, lying on the bed board and screaming at Ding Jin, talking about his father, mother, brothers and sisters, and then fragile. Ding Jinsong, who always bullied him, walked over to the bed, hugged his head on his lap, gently stroked his hair like a baby, and whispered his family and encounter. This is the first time the two people have been in the heart, and the picture is so warm, so that the audience can not help but feel the love.After the plot of the prison, Qiu Lingling and Suanna were all empty, but they were quickly attracted by more laughter and wonderful plots. Finally, the mad squad smashed the Snake Group with the help of Ding Jinsong, rescued the trafficked children and girls, and the story came to an end. Xiao Jiashu and Wu Chuanyi boarded the flight back to China, but Ji did not appear...

"This is over? Ding Jinsong?" Suanna frowned.

"Wait a second, there is no ending song." Qiu Lingling also felt that something was missing in her heart, very uncomfortable.

Just then, Xiao Jiashu, who was sitting in the cabin, began to look out frequently and seemed to be searching for something. Wu Chuanyi joked: "Who are you looking for, can't bear your family?"

"Cut ~ I will not want him?" Xiao Jiashu turned a blind eye.

"Is it?" The man sitting in the front row turned back and revealed a domineering face. Who is not a big man?

Xiao Jiashu was so scared that he jumped up and shouted: "The flight attendant, the flight attendant, I have to get off the plane..." While talking about the passengers on both sides, trying to escape. If this guy returns to the country with him, his chrysanthemum can't be saved!

The dense subtitles climbed onto the silver screen, and the ending songs also sounded. The lights in the movie hall, many viewers began to leave, but there were also many viewers who were left in the seats and were unwilling to move, and most of them were female audiences. They whispered: "Let's wait, if there are eggs behind you!"

"Right right, let's not go, let's see!" Suanna squatted and mourned Qiu Lingling.

Does Qiu Lingling never want to go? Her ass is like a long chair, knowing that the next audience will come in, but she will not move. This is the first time she hopes that a movie will never end.

However, unfortunately, the film did not give the eggs, until the last row of subtitles slipped to the top, the staff came to remind, Qiu Lingling and Suanna reluctantly left.

After returning, they wrote a few thousand words of film reviews with unwillingness, and strongly urged the film to continue to shoot the second part. They also wanted to see the interaction between Ding Jinsong and Xu Tianyou.

Can't wait, I want to make the online version come out quickly, so I can edit the opponents of Ding Jinsong and Xu Tianyou separately and make it v. Honestly, I think this movie can be regarded as a romantic comedy. The season teacher and Xiao Jiashu are starring, and the dramas of Ding Jinsong and Xu Tianyou are increased. The box office will be higher! Their interaction has sprouted my liver! Do not say, prepare for two brushes tomorrow!

Hey, I also look at this movie as a romance film. Do not say, I am going to prepare three brushes tomorrow, I will not tell you a few brushes in the back I just went to see the play of Ji teacher and Xiao Jiashu.

If the online version comes out, which god must make the play of Ji teacher and Xiao Jiashu alone, my dog ​​food for the whole year will depend on you!

This v can be a year!Such comments abound on the Internet, and Ji Wei was originally an actor who was not easily overlooked, and his performance in "Running All the Way" was even more impeccable. Ding Jinsong's role is extremely hot, but infatuated, and people are very lovable. And Xiao Jiashu, played by Xiao Jiashu, is a rich second generation of temperament. The slag is very natural, but it is very funny. This pair of children are quite similar in appearance and complementary in character. When they stand together, they are more seductive. How can they not be liked?

Following the brothers in "Apostles" and the master servants in "Zerg Wars", Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu have created a pair of more fun p, big attack, small weak and weak, or big attack x small waves Accepted, anyway, how to pair is very love, and countless powders.

Many viewers who don't understand "corruption" finally watched the movie and finally got to the point where the male and female p were born. From then on, they fell into the rot pit and could not climb out.

Due to the low rate of the stalls, the initial box office was not high, but the post-trend was very fast. After a week, I finally climbed to the throne of the box office champion, rushing to 9.8 billion, and the gear rate gradually rose to 47%, and the word-of-mouth continued. Fermentation, coming to the lower line has been sitting on the billion box office, which is considered to be the biggest black horse in the Spring Festival.

Xiao Jiashu became the most dazzling star of the year with his impressive box office results. Some critics say that Xiao Jiashu is the luckiest actor he has ever seen. Since he debuted, he has only made three movies, but his ministry is a high-end box office and a high-selling masterpiece. Sure enough, the rich second generation is the winner of life, just arrived at the terminal.

But no matter how bad others are, Xiao Jiashu's strength is there. You said that he came to this step with his family, then you can comment on his acting skills and talk about his shortcomings! The fact is that his acting skills have not been picked, even if he cooperates with international stars such as Ji Wei, he can still stand out. Although Wu Chuanyi’s performance in “Running All the Way” is very good, it has the momentum of being suppressed by Ji Ji, but Xiao Jiashu does not. His role is so weak, but the audience can never ignore his existence.

He once again proved himself with the excellent performance in "Running All the Way".

Two months after the film was removed, Xiao Jiashu and Ji Ji have not appeared in public, as if the world has evaporated. But soon, the "Queen of the Queen" starring Xue Yu once again let the two smashed the silver screen. This time they played Ren Zong Li Xianzhi and the township general Wei Wei, the superb acting and tragic plots earned the audience's tears.

The heat of the big attack and the small wave has not subsided, and the monarch p has come out again. One pair has a love, and the fan is not knowing which one. Internet writers are also too busy to die, all kinds of people are flying in the sky, and you can earn a lot of traffic casually. The mysterious group of p powder has completely extinguished the fire. The number of people has expanded and expanded, and it can almost resist the pure powder of the roots. Any news of the canopy p can occupy the top three positions in the hot search for a long time, and the national recognition is unprecedented.Fang Kun was so anxious that his mouth had a bunch of bubbles, for fear that the two men would be too hot, but eventually they would paste. But every time he calls to ask if Ji Ji wants to press the heat, he will get a negative answer: "Without pressure, let them go, I and Xiaoshu are originally a pair."

After the marriage certificate was issued and the ceremony was held, both parents also attended and expressed their wishes. Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu also completely released. What do you say to the outside world? They will have their own little days.

Xue Yu also re-launched the big screen with the excellent performance in "The Queen", and the heat has not returned for a long time. Twenty years ago, she not only did not grow old, but also gave her the most precious gift in the years, that is, maturity and growth. Even with so many old-fashioned movie tycoons, she is still the most eye-catching one. She is the undisputed queen in the play, and no one can take her style.

"The Queen" finally received 1.99 billion box office, but lost to "all the way", became the box office runner-up this year, and Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu's performance in the film was also discussed by the film critics from time to time. It is said that art cells can be inherited, and many people have been convinced of this sentence when they watched the scene in which the mother and the child played each other in the movie.

The news media would like to invite three people to make an exclusive interview. After all, their total box office adds up to an astonishing 4 billion, saying that they are the most popular actors in the near future. But I don't know why, but the three people disappeared together, and the award ceremony was held in mid-April.

In the lounge, Ji Yan is bowing his head and concentrating on the suit. He has been dressed in a neat Xiao Jiashu sitting on the dressing table and staring at him.

Fang Kun pushed the door in and saw the costumes of the two men, and the blue veins on the forehead jumped. The same color, the same style, the same watch, just a tie and a bow tie, is there any difference? I am afraid that others will not see that you are wearing a couple's costume?

"Do you want to change a shape?" Knowing that he was talking nonsense, he still opened his mouth with pain.

Ji Yan didn't bother to look at him, Xiao Jiashu put his hand on it. "I don't want to change it, I like to wear it. This clothes is the one that Ji Ge helped me pick. The bow tie is also played by Ji Ge for me, is it beautiful?"

"Beautiful." Fang Kun squeezed a smile from his teeth.

Ji Yan took out two pairs of diamond cufflinks of the same style and helped the lover to wear it. Xiao Jiashu stared at his handsome face, his eyes gradually burning. Ji Ge is so handsome today, super handsome, handsome, he can't keep his legs! The hairstyle is very wild, the eyes are very sharp, the figure is very straight, the wide shoulders are narrow and the long legs are long...

If Ji Ge looked up at me at this time, I would kiss him. Xiao Jiashu blinked his eyes.

Ji Yan seems to feel a little, suddenly looked up and looked at him, he immediately smirked and rushed over, grabbed Ji's head back, forced him to exchange a wet tongue kiss with himself.

"Jie Ge, I ate your lipstick." He smirked his lips afterwards.The season grinned and smiled, then pressed him into the mirror and kissed him deeply, his palms into his suit jacket, and he was rubbed in his already soft waist. Seeing that the two are going to get tired together, Fang Kun quickly reminded: "Two, you have to go to the red carpet later, if you don't want the audience to see your little tent, or stop it! Now there are only ten minutes left. Can you reduce swelling in ten minutes?"

Xiao Jiashu touched the place where Ji Ge was hot and hard, and suddenly laughed.

Ji Yan buried his head in the neck of his lover. Hey, he said helplessly: "Don't touch it, we won't have to go to the red carpet if we touch it."

"Then don't go." Xiao Jiashu opened the zipper and held it there.

Seeing that the season is being moved, Fang Kun pleaded with enthusiasm: "Don't, the two ancestors begged you not to be! This is the first appearance of your disappearance five months later. You must not let the fans and the organizers' pigeons! I will give you ice water. You should drink a few drops of fire first." The words opened a trace of the door, and the head yelled out loudly: "Xiao Zhou, Xiao Zhou, go get ice water, I am in a hurry!" ”

Xiao Jiashu smirked at the shoulder of Ji Ge, and his fingers were still not honest.

Ji Yan took a breath of air, took his hand out and patted his ass, and his voice was full of pets. "Don't be naughty, or I won't be able to attend the awards ceremony."

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