How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 134 Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Chapter 134

Chen Manni’s scandal continued to ferment on the Internet. The media continued to dig deep into her black history, such as plagiarism, insulting speeches abroad, and being close to many rich people, etc., so that the people who eat melons are very enjoyable. Soon after, she was arrested by the police. The charges were allegedly kidnapped. The object is Xiao Jiajie, the son of Xiao Qijie. This is really shocking!

When Xiao Jiashu was kidnapped, his age was still small. Xiao Jia was extremely low-key and never disclosed anything to the outside world. So it has been ten years since the incident was caused by Chen Manni's relationship, but the influence is no less than that year.

Because Qi Xueyu kidnapped Xue Yu’s son, she was separated from her husband and sister Xiao Qijie, and she was separated from Xiao Jiashu and Xiao Qijie’s father and son. She also left the brotherhood between Xiao Jiashu and Xiao Dingbang. They don't have a family, they have to say that Chen Manni is really high, and even the TV series doesn't dare to play like this. Her perfect image has completely collapsed, and the name of the poisonous woman is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The kidnapping of Xiao Qijie was only a little suspicious. There was no action. It could not stop Xiao Dingbang from going through a thorough investigation. So several kidnappers who had been sentenced before were re-examined and interrogated, and then they really found out the problem. The follow-up case is still being dig deep into the details. No one knows exactly how, but it is conceivable that Chen Manni will either go out of the detention center with nothing or go to jail. I am afraid that I will not be able to turn over in my life.

After learning the news, Xue Yu couldn't help but tear Chen Manni. I even felt disgusted at Xiao Qijie. If he was not deceived, can she marry him? Can the son suffer these sins?

The old man was also ill with this series of scandals, but he did not forget to call Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu respectively, and the tone was milder than ever. Although he is old-fashioned, he is not a person who is not indifferent, who is right and who is right. In addition, Xue Yu can take the initiative to reject the son's gift, and did not let Xiao's equity be diluted by an outsider, he is more satisfied with Xue Yu.

Now that Xue Yu has divorced his son, it is not a Xiao family, so he does not think that she is not a good thing to see the entertainment circle, but also Xiao Dingbang to take care of the mother and son, do not let them suffer.

After a long period of trouble, Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yu’s play was finally going to be finished. In order to make them happy, the director deliberately left the most relaxed scene on the last day of filming. "Come and come," he waved at the two. "I will tell you about the drama. You should be clear when you look at the title. This is a scene in which Li Xianzhi and Wei Wuzhen have a love affair. After a while, Xiao Jiashu, you are lying in the lotus pond and sleeping. You are walking gently and staring at him. His eyes are deep, complicated, eager, deep. The love buried in the heart is vented unreservedly. Xiao Jiashu, you open your eyes in the heart for twenty seconds, and smile at him. This smile must be brilliant and pure, so that Ji Yan feels invisible. So he suddenly turned and hurried. How, this play is simple?"

"Simple." Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan nodded at the same time.

"k, then start work!"When everyone was ready, Xiao Jiashu went to the lotus pond and lay down in a white, flowing robes. At this time it was the early winter season, the lotus in the pool had long been thankful, but the prop group bought a lot of artificial flowers inserted in the mud, it looks more beautiful than the real flower. In order to create a romantic atmosphere, they also sprinkled some dry ice in the water, so that the entire pool surface is covered in a layer of smoky and light mist. Xiao Jiashu's face is like a crown jade, elegant body, now long hair shawl, robes lie down there to lie down, a few breeze blowing, shaking his hair and clothes, so that he is like a fairy.

The director looked at the camera and said, "Yes, the composition is beautiful, don't move there, we are ready to shoot. Ji Yan, are you ready?"

The quarters wearing black robes scored a k gesture.

"a!" The director's voice fell, and the game also hit the board. Ji Yan walked quickly toward the lotus pond, but the closer he went, the more clearly he saw the people at the pool, the slower his speed. In the end, he changed to a small step, and walked lightly to the person, bending over to see him.

He slept very well, his cheeks were covered with two blushes, and he looked very cute. Some of his long hair was held in his hand, and some fell into the water. The fog spread quietly and seemed to cover. His face makes him look more mysterious and beautiful. His thin, graceful lips tilted up slightly, as if he had dreamed of something good, his expression was bleak and pure.

The lotus pond looks so beautiful. It can be buried under the shallow water surface. It is layer after layer of mud. Just like this magnificent palace, the surface is prosperous, but the back is hidden. Only this person is the only clean presence.

The twilight of the seasons is soft and soft, and the body is standing for a long while, and it is closer to gaze at each other. He looked at the person in front of him, and the cold lips unknowingly brought a smile, then reached out and carefully picked up a strand of hair and gently held it in his hand.

Xiao Jiashu seems to sleep very hard, but actually recalls the story in his mind. He didn't know if Li Xianzhi in the script had fallen asleep, but if he changed it to him, once he was close, how could he feel nothing at all? Even if he sleeps heavily, he will wake up in an instant, because it is a kind of electrocardiogram, which is difficult to describe in language.

So he gently moved his eyes and let the eyelashes tremble.

Coincidentally, Ji Yan did not follow the director's instructions. He just had to stand by the lotus pond and quietly stare at the sleeping Li Xianzhi. When he smiled, he turned around and left. He should not kneel down, and should not pick up his long hair.

The person who can play Li Xianzhi is Xiao Jiashu. How could he be indifferent? What's more, this person still imagines in his mind that if his favorite person is close, he will feel and respond in the first place, the idea is so cute, so pleasant.So Ji Yan couldn't help it any more. He took the long hair picked up and kissed him gently. The love in his eyes became more and more profound. At this moment, Xiao Jiashu twitched his eyelashes and woke up. Ji Yan’s expression was stiff. He threw the long hair away before he blinked completely, and buried his head to make a crouch.

Xiao Jiashu did not know what the quarters had done. I saw that the person I loved was just beside me, and there was no other action. Even the half-filament expression was not there. He unconsciously showed his disappointment, and then reacted and pulled a smile.

He didn't dare to reveal his heart because of ethics, but as long as this person can be with him forever. Thinking of this, his slightly bitter smile instantly became splendid, and his eyes filled with deep affection.

Ji Yan whispered to His Highness, and he saw him for a long time. This was only looked up, but he was photographed by his tender smile. His eyes unconsciously revealed his obsessive look, and his cheeks burned red. The redness quickly spread to the neck and the root of the ear, causing his head to faint, the blood boiling, and almost fell down. Realizing that he was out of order, he suddenly stood up and fled to the place.

Xiao Jiashu was thinking about taking a good look at him, pulling him to talk for a while, but only waiting for him to go back, the smile on his face instantly solidified. After a while, his burning eyes were extinguished, the slightly curled lips were straight, and there was a tear in the darkness. The wind blows his long hair and thin shirt, making him look so lonely...

The director has been staring at the monitor, no words, but the screenwriter has been unable to sit still, and then look at the two people on the field, and look at the script in hand, the mood is like a galloping horse. Lying in the trough, why do she think that the version of Ji and Xiao Jiashu’s performance is more impressive than that she wrote?

Is it true that two people who love but can't love it? Both struggle in pain, and both leave in the lonely, I only dare to stare at your sleeping face, kiss your long hair; you can only watch my back, call my name in my heart...

Good abuse, crying and crying! The play was originally intended to create an awkward atmosphere. Why did the show come to the heart of the show? why? The screenwriter bites his fingernails and sheds tears.

The director shouted a card and said, "How do you both change the show? I am not saying this to you."

"I don't know. After going up, I naturally played it like this." Xiao Jiashu was embarrassed to scratch his nose.

Ji Yan's cheeks are still hot, and the mouth is flooding to try to cool down. He was an extremely restrained person since he was a child. He rarely reacted emotions to the surface, and he did not understand what blush was. But just now, he actually had the feeling of first love, and he was very excited about Xiaoshu.

Undoubtedly, he was once again brought into the play by Xiaoshu. The thoughts inside Xiaoshu are always so cute, and it is easy to defeat all his heart defenses. If he didn't run fast, maybe he would hold the little tree into his arms regardless of his care and kiss him deeply. He thought that Wei Wuzhen in the script should be in the same mood. If he did not escape, he would no longer be able to suppress the love that surged.The director nodded and didn't talk. He watched the replay after five or six times. "Okay, this one is over." The interpretation of the two is more embarrassing and painful than the script. It is simply heartbreaking. Without a full ten life experience, who can change this scene to this? And the two did not discuss it beforehand, just by feeling, this tacit...

The director suddenly turned his head to see Ji Yan and found that his face was still red, and he could not help but smile.

Ji Yan returned to him with a smile.

Fang Kun squeezed the crowd and walked over, whispering, "Jie Ge, your fans are coming to the class. You used to call them."

"Okay," the season licked the head of the lover, and said, "You go to remove the makeup first. I will come over later. There is a long down jacket in the cabinet by the door. You remember to wear it. Today, the temperature is greatly reduced. And."

Xiao Jiashu nodded, then stood still and watched the departure of Ji Ge, his expression was pitiful. In fact, he really wants to accompany the season brother to visit the fans, but he is afraid of the fans. After all, they didn't like his name tied to Ji Ge.

Ji Yan looked back at him and looked sad.

Fang Kun rolled his eyes. "Jie Ge will leave, and he will leave for ten minutes. It is not a matter of death. What is so reluctant."

"You don't understand." Ji Yanchong waved his hand and saw him step by step to the lounge, so he was relieved to leave.

"Yes, I don't understand. My fucking is a single dog. You don't give a reason to abuse the dog. In the end, let's not let people live?" Fang Kun complained endlessly. "I know how much I am afraid when I see you cooperating in filming." You can't wait to engrave three words on each other's heads - I love you! The director just saw it, and more people will see it later. When I think of this, I feel sorry for the staff of the public relations department. There was a giant bombing all the time, and I had to think about how to safely dismantle the bombs during the day and night. This is not a day!"

"You don't have to take bombs, I and Xiaoshu will bear it myself." Ji Yan did not care to wave his hand. He has been recognized and blessed by both parents. He really has nothing to fear.

Fang Kun knew that Ji Yan was not talking about playing, and suddenly disappeared.

The two walked to the entrance of the palace and saw a lot of fans holding banners and flags. They hovered around and asked about Ji Jin’s current situation. Since the event was scheduled and scheduled in advance, the scene was very orderly.

One of the fans squeezed into the quarters to take photos with him. It was probably too exciting. Zhang mouth said: "Mr. Ji, your family Xiao Jiashu? He should also film in this group, have you come today?"The five words "Your Jia Jia Shu" are placed on the top of the fans, letting them collectively silence for a few seconds. Nima! Didn't you say it before you came? When you mention Xiao Jiashu, you must go back and euphemistically try to be natural! If you are good, Zhang mouth asks, and added the word "your home". Is it afraid that the teacher does not know the existence of the crown p? If Ji is a steel straight man, he will definitely be disgusted? Even if you don't alienate Xiao Jiashu now, it will definitely be in the future! You are a dead woman, it is really a failure to do anything!

The promoter of the event secretly glanced at the fan and was trying to remedy it, but he listened to the season and chuckled. "My little tree is removing makeup. Do you want to see him?"

"Think!" The sponsors had no time to stop, and everyone had already opened it in unison. "Mr. Ji, can you please bring Xiao Jiashu over? We like him too!"

Fang Kun helped the forehead. Hey, he felt desperate. He never imagined that p powder had grown to such an extent that even the core fan base was compromised. When I said it right, I just took a look at the season, and then I left after reading it. Now what is the matter? Mention Xiao Jiashu, you two eyes thief bright, more excited than the big prize! In the Datong Studios, people come and go, can you hide it?

However, he also knows that such a request is difficult for some strong people. Even the seasons are unconcealed. Why do you want to cover up the powder? If you can't see the two together, they are equal to one.

Ji Yan smiled more happily. He took out his mobile phone and was about to call Xiaoshu, but he seemed to feel something and looked back. I saw the small tree hiding in the city gate, and I was looking out for half of my head and quietly looking around. I found myself being caught in a hurry and quickly retracted my neck. After a while, I rushed out and trembled. The thief’s head was very funny.

Ji Yan couldn't help but waved at him. "Small tree is coming, my fans want to see you."

"Oh!" Xiao Jiashu’s eyes were round and his eyes were bright, and he immediately ran up, like a little milk dog called by the owner.

The fans who came to visit the class slammed their noses and felt that they were bleeding soon! The live-action version of Xiao Jiashu is even better than the screen, especially the eyes, black and bright, like starry. He wore a white gauze gown, long hair shawl, clothes swaying, riding the wind, feeling very dreamy.

When he walked to the side of the same season dressed in costume, and raised his head to scream at each other, the fans had only one sigh in their hearts - not good, the eyes were bright! What is a face? This is ah!

"Xiao Jiashu, can I take a photo for you?" The former fan was so excited that his ears were red.

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu nodded and was about to walk to her side, but she saw her wave again and again. "No, no, it’s not with me. It’s Teacher Ji. Can you stand together and let me take a picture?" ”

"Of course." Xiao Jiashu is still worried, Ji Yan has already caught his shoulder and smiled.The fans were quiet for a moment, and even when they raised their camera and took photos, they kept talking. "Xiao Jiashu, you don't care about the news before. No matter what your identity background, it doesn't matter to us. You are you." Xiao Jiashu, who is seriously filming, you are a good actor!"

“Yes, the fans’ demands for idols are not high, and the lows are not low. Sum up a sentence – starting with Yan value, being trapped in talent, loyal to character. You have value, talent, and possession, we I will love you forever."

"Mr. Ji, we also love you! Teacher Ji and Xiao Jiashu really look a lot like them. They are great actors! We will always support you!"

In the face of such enthusiastic and so warm fans, Xiao Jiashu was moved to cry. He folded his hands frequently and sincerely, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for your understanding and support. I will continue to work hard to make more and better movies."

Ji Yan also refused to thank his love lover, and then let Fang Kun take out the prepared hot drink, and he handed it out in a cup.

"When is Ji, Xiao Jiashu, "When is the madness all the way" released? What role do you play in it? We can't wait!" a fan asked loudly.

The official micro of "Running All the Way" has begun to issue stills. The most popular ones are the two sets of contrast photos of Ji Wei and Xiao Jiashu. They resist, contain, but are hot. The emotions expressed in the photos are simply too embarrassing! The powders of the p powder were hard, and this time the planning of the mission was planned.

"Come on, this month will be released at the end of the month." Ji Yan raised his index finger. "As for the role played by me and Xiaoshu, I have to keep it secret for the time being."

The fans suddenly mourned, and they said that they would definitely go to the cinema to join the film. The film co-produced by Ji and Xiao Jiashu never let them down.

Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu once again thanked him. When he was straight up, Ji Yan habitually helped the back of Xiao Xiao, and then the movement was slightly. If you don't care about people around, he directly opens the robe of the small tree, takes out the warm baby that is not too hot, and takes out a new tear from his pocket, carefully attached to the underwear of the small tree. .

His series of movements are very natural, as if he is already used to taking care of Xiao Jiashu. Xiao Jiashu also looked at him with his clothes and turned his head and smiled. He seemed to get used to receiving such care.

Ji Yan confirmed that the warm baby began to heat up before putting the robe down, gently tapping the back of the small tree, and then returning to God to realize that the surrounding is full of fans.

Fang Kun immediately stood up and rescued the field. "Well, Mr. Ji still has a scene to shoot. Everyone is scattered. Have the fans in the field bought the return ticket? If you don't come with me, I will order it for you." Fans who live near here will also register, we will send drivers to drive you home to make sure you are safe."

"Thank you Fang Kun brother!" Everyone smiled and said goodbye to Ji Wei and Xiao Jiashu, and then went to Fang Kun, the expression was normal, but when he turned around, he raised his fist and blocked his mouth, so as not to scream. Ah, ah, the teacher is warm, Xiao Jiashu is so cute! The official candy is sweet!Since then, Ji Wei has got a new nickname in the fan base - sugar professional households. No matter where you go, you don’t forget to make sugar. No more professional than him.

Xiao Jiashu touched the warm baby on the lower back while walking, and the smile was silly. Ji Ge just forgot that there are people around, he is so worried that I am frozen? Oh, no, Ji Ge’s warm baby has been posted for a long time. Why didn’t I think to help him take a look? Xiao Jiashu, you are too unconscion, how can you be worthy of Ji Ge!

His silly smile disappeared instantly, and he circled around the season, and turned his collar and robes all over. He looked at the warm baby and jumped up and down like a monkey.

Ji Yan put him under his arm and strode to the studio. When he met an acquaintance on the road, he greeted him in a generous manner. Everyone did not think about it elsewhere. They thought that the two were playing around and they showed a kind smile.

Xiao Jiashu also squatted at the beginning and tried to struggle to the ground. Later, he was dejected and frustrated. He said: "Jie Ge, you always care about me taking care of me, but I forgot to care for you. Your warm baby is not hot. I have not found it."

"I don't have a huge warm baby on my body?" Ji Yan looked down at him and his expression was pleasant.

Xiao Jiashu’s cheeks quickly rose red, and it took a while to whisper. “Zi Ge, then I will give you a lifetime?”

The season should be low, and then the lover was put down, and he patted his buttocks and strode toward the palace. Xiao Jiashu quickly chased after, and quietly tore off the warm baby on his body and put it behind his back.

Xue Yan stood on the wall and looked at this scene, can't help but smile...

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