How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 132 Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Chapter 132

After Xiao Qijie left, Xue Yu’s emotions have completely calmed down. It’s just that when he remembers the past, there will still be some heartache, but not for himself, but for the little tree. He should have had a wonderful childhood, a happy family, but it was ruined by her and Xiao Qijie's selfishness.

If she could think more about the small tree at the beginning, it would be great to leave him to take care of him.

The late regret made Xue Yu feel awkward, but also made her value the son's happiness. It is not important that he falls in love with a man or a woman. As long as that person can love him as a tree and can take care of him for a lifetime, that is enough.

"Oh, thank you for your care of the little tree all the time." Seeing Ji Yan coming in, Xue Yuzhen shouted.

"Don't thank, it is okay to take care of the little tree." Ji Yan licked his lover's head.

Xiao Jiashu’s gloomy mood immediately improved, and his face was buried in Ji’s neck and smashed. No matter how bad things are, as long as he is with him, it will make him feel particularly stable.

Reading the heart of the lover, Ji Yan also felt very stable. He couldn't help but laugh with the top of the jaw tree.

Looking at the two people who are like a neck-shoulder, Xue Yu’s mood is extremely complicated. How can she not understand the feelings of Ji Yan to his son, they are so close, so determined, there is no difficulty to beat them, let alone separate them. If these bad things didn't happen, she wouldn't know how deep their feelings were, and wouldn't know that they almost made a more unforgivable mistake after marrying the wrong person.

When I insisted on sending my son to the United States, I now want to break him down with Ji Ji. Xue Yu, Xue Yu, why are you always so embarrassed? Eyes are also awkward! You always think that everything you do is good for your son, but in fact you will only push him farther. How much better than Xiao Qijie’s bastard? When you received the bloody nail box that year, you have not sworn, as long as the son can go home safely, will everything follow him in the future? Why have you forgotten your original intentions only after ten years?

Xue Yu was more and more uncomfortable, and finally his face was silent and weeping. In this world, only one person can completely kill her, that is, a small tree. Xiaoshu never hurts her. He is even more mature than her. She has been protecting her from the age of ten and trying to make her happy.

How did he get through the traumatic sequelae? Xue Yu didn't know. How did he fight claustrophobia? Xue Yu didn't know. When she finally looked at her son, he was already the appearance of this young boy.

Xiaoshu, my mother is sorry for you, my mother is wrong... Xue Yu apologizes over and over again, deep regret and self-blame cut her heart like a knife.

Xiu Changyu stood beside her, her expression both distressed and hesitant.Ji Yan pointed to the mother-in-law, did a patping action, and then pulled the small tree out. No amount of apologies are useless. The child who once smashed his wounds in the corner has grown up. He has his own life and his own family. When he needs guidance and help most, his relatives are all absent, and now he can make up for it, and what can he make up? Today, Ji Yan will take the child to go forward and go to the place where the sun shines.

Xiu Changyu got the support and encouragement of the younger generation, and then he carefully sat down beside Xue Yu, took off his suit jacket and put it on her shoulder, and comforted: "Don't cry, everything is gone."

With a light body jacket, she wrapped Xue Yu, so that she is no longer so cold and lonely. She still squints, but slowly leans back to this friend who has been with her for more than 20 years. He witnessed her most embarrassing side, and stood up when she needed help the most. In front of him, she didn't have to pretend to be strong.

Coveted staring at Xue's dark hair, and looked at it for a while. Shuuyu Yu reached out a hand and slowly and tentatively took her shoulder, then sighed indifferently. If you knew that Xiao Qijie was the kind of person, would he still give in? Right now, why are people who are tortured and resentful?

Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan did not go far after going out, but sat side by side on the steps outside, admiring the Datong Studios standing in the warm sun in autumn. The buildings here are different in style, with old movies of the Republic of China, Nordic style, pavilions and pavilions with ancient charms. Sitting on the heights of the four towers, it seems to have passed through time and space.

Xiao Jiashu knows that somebody is pointing at himself not far away. He should be talking about the black materials on the Internet, but his mood is extremely calm, and even a little warmth and slightness. Because he is finally able to completely get rid of the shadows of the past, and Ji Ge hand in hand to take the next life journey. At this moment, his life seems to have been cut into two paragraphs, one is a lonely past, and the other is a carefree present and future.

When he thought of it, Ji Yan suddenly turned his head and looked at him, his eyes full of deep surprises, and then full of joy. It turns out that they not only always have the same attitude towards feelings, but even the understanding of life is the same. They are destined to walk together, and even if they are not, they will meet in a certain future.

"It’s so good..." Xiao Jiashu leaned back and supported himself with both hands, smiling to the warm sun. When he met such a terrible thing, he felt very good, as if he was a patient who was exhausted, very comfortable.

"It's good." Ji Yan can understand his feelings, pressing his left hand on the back of his right hand and gently gripping.

Xiao Jiashu suddenly smiled and shook his head and sang a song: "I can't say why, I become very active. If you fall in love with someone, anything will be worth doing. I want to announce loudly, reluctant to you, even the neighbors next door." Guess what I feel now. The wind on the river is blowing his hair, holding your hand, and I’m so touched...”Ji Yan never understands why young people nowadays like this kind of song, and the tone is very detached. It is a bit strange and the lyrics are straightforward and ridiculous. But at this moment, he actually felt that this song particularly touched his heart, and couldn't help but scorn it: "I want to hold your hand and let go of it, love can not be alone for no sorrow... ..."

Yes, he wants to hold the hand of Xiaoshu for a lifetime, and wants him to be purely without sorrow. This is the simplest and most straightforward love.

When the two were immersed in the eternal and beautiful heart, many staff members walked away from the distance intentionally or unintentionally, with a surprised expression on their faces. Xiao Jiashu seems to be very happy, and there is a mood to sing, this is not like the giants abandon the son? What happened in the end?

But soon, the first team of the Chinese paparazzi in the country opened up a large number of fierce materials, leading the paradox of the hottest to a new climax. The team is not known for ghosts, only the stars they don't want to shoot, the black materials they can't get, and each announcement will cause a big shock in the entertainment industry. Six of the top ten scandals in the entertainment industry last year were unveiled by them. The people who eat melons have great confidence in their abilities and hardly any doubts. Of course, except for the fans of the stars they broke the news.

Killing me, I can’t think of the woman in the photo would be Chen Manni! The people who eat melons said that they were scared to lose melons.

But even if they don't believe it, the photos that are clearly identifiable can't be faked, and the timeline is more than 20 years. In the photo, she and Xiao Qijie have been coming together from the youth to the middle age, with the same smile and demeanor. In a few of them, Liu Wei’s figure will appear, showing that their relationship is not staring at the child. However, they rarely meet in China. If they want to meet, they will maintain a certain distance. It seems that they are unfamiliar and will never let others misunderstand.

Most of the backgrounds of the photos are abroad, they traveled almost all over the world, leaving a lot of good memories. If the uninformed people meet, they think they are a loving couple.

On the identity, Xue Yu is a star, the exposure is high, the public knows her very well; and Chen Manni is an internationally renowned artist, who is low-key and modest, and lives abroad for many years. It is very mysterious and its reputation is much higher than Xue Yu. Artists and stars, the two are always different levels.

The number of news that the star is a small three is numerous, and the news of the artist's moral corruption is rarely seen in the media, which can arouse the enthusiasm of the general public. There is a saying like this - the public only believes in the facts they are willing to believe, so even if the evidence is obvious, they do not meet the conclusions of their tastes. They are always excluded. Sometimes they are easily misled, and sometimes they are particularly stubborn.Right now, which one is more attractive than a scandal of an artist? There is no doubt that the scandal of the original unattainable artist is more in line with their curiosity. They almost immediately forgot the character of Xue Yu, and turned to capture Chen Weini's Weibo. Some people even asked Chen Manni whether she was derailed in marriage and pregnant with Xiao Qijie's illegitimate son Liu Wei, or Xiao Qijie could throw Xiao Jiashu abroad for ten years. But to take care of a child of an old person?

Distressed my tree, distressed goddess! The goddess and Chen Manni look as if they have the same temperament. They are such beautiful and unattractive beauty. It can be seen that Xiao Qijie loves this hanging, gets one hand, and wants to dominate another. It is not people! The spearhead of the fans immediately targeted Xiao Qijie, the culprit.

However, shortly afterwards, Xiao’s pharmacy officially produced a DNA identification certificate, which showed that Liu Wei and Xiao Qijie did not have a parent-child relationship.

Hey, isn’t it the illegitimate child of Xiao Qijie? What can this dna prove? Prove that Xiao Qijie and Chen Manni are innocent? Got it, the photos are all kissed, and they also went into the hotel together, staying for two or three days, saying that they are pure chat with a quilt, I am a live broadcast! The people who eat melons are killed and do not want to believe in the clarification of Guan Wei. Now think about Xue Yu is also pitiful, husband slag the original match and slag step wife, but also for the same woman, is this the power of true love? No, no, this is probably the worst of true love.

After Shaw Pharmaceuticals issued the official micro, Xiao Dingbang soon published a personal microblog, bluntly said: Father and Xue Yu met in June 20xx, half a year after my mother passed away, she was never the so-called junior three in your mouth. No matter whether her marriage with her father persists, she will always be my loved one, and Xiaoshu will always be my brother.

He did not mention Chen Manni half-word in Weibo, and did not seem to be involved in the matter, but the Hong Group immediately followed up with an official document, claiming that all cooperation with Ms. Chen Manni had been cancelled. Hongshi Group has no shortage of financial resources and is committed to the promotion of Chinese culture and sponsors many large-scale art events.

Thanks to the support of the Hongshi Group, Chen Manni was able to board the international stage and gain reputation. In order to pay off her debts as quickly as possible, she is almost desperate to work. There are five to ten piano concerts every two years, and the Hongshi Group is her biggest sponsor.

It is the culprit of the daughter who has been supporting her for many years. Hong’s father is so angry that he vomits blood, and even hates Xiao Qijie who deceives himself and his grandson. The cancellation of Chen Manni’s sponsorship is only the first step, and the account will be counted.

The response of the Hongshi Group is equivalent to acknowledging that Chen Manni is the murderer of Xiao Qi's outstanding track and killing Hong Ying. Her fans have no longer refuted her and it is useless, while the people who eat melons express their love. This scandal is really twisty, bizarre, and shocking. After half a day, Xiao Qijie’s two wives were given scum. The two sons are not comparable to Liu Wei’s surname, and Chen Manni is also powerful!After the reputation fell, Chen Manni’s career also suffered a devastating blow. She is preparing to launch a national tour this year. A total of fifteen piano concerts have been sold. Most of the tickets have been sold, but the Hong Group has withdrawn at this time, what will she do to rent space, recruit people, and build a stage? If she can't find a new sponsor as soon as possible, fifteen recitals will surely be frustrated, then who will bear the loss of the audience?

Chen Manni’s current state can only be described as a slap in the face, and dozens of calls have been made to friends who have worked together, but no one dares to take over her concert. Nonsense, bloody business who will do it? Really think that Chen Manni is still the glamorous artist in the past? The Chinese people now call her "the strongest small three on the surface", killing two main houses in succession, and letting Xiao Qijie see a wild seed as a parent, do you say that she is strong?

Chen Manni is going crazy, and she has to close Weibo after the netizens are getting more and more vicious, and then call Xiao Qijie for help. She thought that Xiao Qijie would not leave himself alone. After more than twenty years of calling him, she seemed to have forgotten how to use those handles to threaten the other party.

Now that the handle is not a handle, will Xiao Qijie still listen to her? Obviously impossible.

After rushing to the old house to explain the original to the father, Xiao Qijie took a sigh of relief and felt that the burden on his body disappeared all of a sudden. If he can also confess to him in the past, how good? Even if she hates him, leaving him is better than now.

He also lost his most beloved son, and he did not know what year and month to get his understanding. Yes, in my selfishness, his favorite child has always been a small tree. How much he loves him, and he has multiple blame and self-blame, so he has not dared to face him for ten years.

But now it will not, he should do something right, let everything return to the original, let everyone get the results they deserve. So he opened the microblog that he had never used after registration, and edited such a paragraph: Here, I would like to express my sincere apologies to my ex-wife Hong Ying, the eldest son Xiao Dingbang, his step wife Xue Yu, and the younger son Xiao Jiashu. For more than two decades, I have never done the responsibility of being a husband, nor have I fulfilled my father’s responsibility, so that they have suffered the pain and suffering that should not be suffered. I am deeply embarrassed! A few days ago, I broke up with Ms. Chen Manni, and they will be safe in the future. Please stop attacking my family and give them the peace they deserve. All responsibility will be borne by me.

This Weibo has just been sent out. Xiao’s Group officially posted Xiao Qijie’s resignation letter, claiming that he has resigned as president and divided the shares in his name into three, which were transferred to his ex-wife Xue Wei and his eldest son Xiao Ding. The state and younger brother Xiao Jiashu can be said to have divided the property in advance and completely retired.

This news caused the public to be upset. There are a lot of slag men derailed, but there are very few who dare to stand up and be honest. They either say that this is a man's nature, can't control it; or push the mistake to the woman's head and say that they deliberately seduce themselves...A man like Xiao Qijie who stood up for an apology and made compensation for the first time could only describe it with "fairy". Public opinion is always more tolerant of men, especially in marriage. A man can be forgiven for derailment. It is an unavoidable reality that a woman should be killed when she derails. Therefore, Xiao Qijie’s apology has won many people’s understanding, and he praises him as having enough men.

His timely accountability minimizes the negative impact on the Shaw Group. A piece of anecdote, and the fact that the person has already resigned and gave up all the shares in the name, what do you want to eat?

The people who eat melons can only retreat and turn to attack Chen Manni. If the Hongshi Group’s withdrawal gave her a fatal blow, then Xiao Qijie’s apology was the last straw to crush the camel. He directly admitted that he and Chen Manni had been in an unfair relationship for more than two decades. This was a fire on her unspeakable reputation, trying to burn her to the shame column.

Chen Manni felt that she was worse than Dou. Yes, she did drag Xiao Qijie for more than 20 years, but since he fell in love with Xue Yu and decided to break up with her, they have never had a physical relationship. Before Xue Yu appeared, they did derail, but after Xue Yu appeared, Xiao Qijie really only treated her as a will, never made an intimate move. He always rushed to and hurriedly, like a thief to prevent her, never eat the food or drink she handed, at most, sitting at the ends of the sofa, not salty and not a few words.

In the face of her, he is always silent and unhappy. Can this be derailed? Can?

But now, in order to thoroughly wash Bai Xue, he did not hesitate to pour dirty water on himself, and recognized this extravagant extramarital affairs, how could Chen Manni suffer? She madly called Xiao Qijie, but she always couldn't get through. In the end, she could only smash her mobile phone and cry. If she knew that Xue Yu could find her on a few vague photos, she would never provoke her. But she is too jealous of her, and she is crazy!

The reversal of the plot made Xue Yu get the most sympathy, but she was not rare sympathy. Upon receiving the share transfer letter from Xiao Qijie’s private lawyer, she immediately refused. At the beginning, she was able to marry Xiao Qijie without any desire, and now she can leave with sorrow.

She sent the property agreement signed in the same year to the Internet, and attached: I thought that I was married to love...

When she saw this Weibo, her fans couldn't help but burst into tears. The original goddess had sacrificed so much for Xiao Qijie. She lost her career and dreams, and gave up the huge amount of property at her fingertips. She wanted nothing but to go to love. Going to happiness. But what did she finally get? The shit steals people and the shit goes out of the house. This is obviously someone who wants to ruin her!Hey, you deserve better! You will definitely get better, trust us! Her fans cried in Weibo, and after turning around, they continued to tear Chen Manni, and even Liu Wei’s popularity was greatly affected. Although this matter has nothing to do with him, he is the son of Chen Manni after all, and he has also taken Xiao Qijie's meticulous care instead of Xiao Jiashu. This is unfair!


After Xue Wei issued the Weibo, he no longer kept the online public opinion. She now only wants to make a good film and realize the dream that was not completed that year.

"What are you doing here?" After she made up her makeup, she walked out of the lounge and looked down at the son and daughter-in-law who sat together. These two people sit side by side on the steps, your left hand covers my right hand, and the backs are connected together, which looks so beautiful. Is this true love?

Thinking of this, Xue Yan couldn’t help but smile, and then he coldly lowered his face and deliberately provoked: "The big thing about getting married, you both secretly went to the field, and a relative didn't give notice. I think about it now. After the film is finished, I will give you a wedding abroad and invite all the family members of the invitation."

She slowly walked down the steps and sighed. "I hope that your marriage will be blessed." So, is the chance of happiness greater?

Xiao Jiashu jumped up in surprise and asked again and again. "Really? Mom, aren't you jealous of me?"

"What are you doing for me? Help me to put the skirt up, so as not to get dirty!" Xue Yu took a wide sleeve and licked the phoenix robe, like a real queen. Even after so many bad things, she can still stand up and regain her pride.

Xiu Changyu stood on the steps and stared at her back, her eyes focused. "Ji Yan, you are a lucky guy! Now you have completely fulfilled it?" The road that should have been so difficult is still the season and the tree. Sticking to it has become a smooth road.

"I also feel very lucky." Ji Yan nodded, adding in his heart: the world is the luckiest...

The author has something to say: The first chapter has a bug that has been changed. Hong Ying was originally the name of Xiao Jia Er, I forgot.

The characters that appear in the plot will be grouped together according to the family. Sometimes I forget the remarks in a hurry. As a result, when I look at the character bar, I am forced. Who are the names of so many female characters?

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