How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 131 Chapter 130

Chapter 131 Chapter 130

Xiao Jiashu remembers that when he was very young, his father actually loved him very much. He would often take him out to play, and he would hold him in his arms and gently pat him to let him sleep. But all the good memories stopped at the age of ten. When I got home, my father never looked at him. After a while, he sent him abroad.

From then on, there were only mothers and no fathers in his life. All the trivial matters were solved by the assistants, and the assistant would contact him once in a long time, and he did not care about his status quo. He only needs to know that he is still alive.

Later, my brother also sent an assistant, and Xiao Jiashu’s life gradually improved. He began to adapt to everything abroad, thinking that he must study hard, go to the top school, go back to the country, let his father take a good look at him, he can actually be a son who makes him proud.

But what did he get in the end, what did the mother get?

Xiao Jiashu rarely blames a person, but now, he can't suppress his negative feelings. He sent Xiao Dingbang to the door, but he didn't look at Xiao Qijie. "Big brother, you are the eldest brother of my life." He hugged each other hard and his eyes were wet.

"Well," Xiao Dingbang gently stroked his head, his voice was low. "Small tree, take care of yourself. Come back and see your big brother. No matter how many difficult things you have, just come to me and don't be afraid." I have a day with you and Xue Yu, and you will always be my loved one."

Xiao Jiashu nodded again and again, and buried his head on the shoulders of his eldest brother. He sneaked away his tears by his suit jacket.

Xiao Dingbang coveted him and finally smiled briskly. His brother was still so cute. No one knows, when he was born, Xue Yu put him in his arms, his complex mood. For almost a moment, he liked this delicate and incredible child, but he did not dare to approach because of his dead mother. He tried to treat him as a stranger, but he always took a short fat leg and trotting behind his ass, sweetly yelling at his brother with a small voice.

His heart was melted by him, and he wanted to take him up and kiss him, giving him a carefree smile. But he can't, he can't forget the pale face of his mother's death, and he can't forget the eyes that she can't fit anyway. So he almost lost him. When he was sent back by the police in a bruised manner, he only knew what was regretted at that moment. He regretted that it was the most useless thing in the world. If you missed it, you would miss it and never find it.

If time can be reversed, he will grow up with him, pick him up, lick his black hair, kiss his red face and tell him: "Brother is here, brother. love you."Time flies, in the blink of an eye is twenty years, his brother grew up, but no longer need his protection. Xiao Dingbang sometimes even thought, would it be because he and his father were indifferent and absent that he was easily moved to a man? In his life, he needs a role that can both play as a brother and as a father. The reason why he is responsible for this step is not his own indifferent brother and hypocritical father.

Xiao Dingbang regretted and hurt, but he was not qualified to interfere with his brother's life. The younger brother needs such a person to fill the regrets and shortcomings of the past, then fill it up, as long as he feels happy.

"Don't be sad, my brother will come to see you when you have time. Is the pocket money enough? It is not enough for your brother to call you. If you want to shoot something, tell me, I will invest in you, and I can tell you what role I want. I help you with your relationship. Although my brother didn't get involved in the entertainment industry, but my friends are still quite a lot. Otherwise, my brother will help you to open an entertainment company. Are you a boss yourself?" Xiao Dingbang said something, he could not wait. Give the younger brother compensation for the love that has been missing for twenty years.

He hugged him tightly, gently rubbing his hair, and for a long time he did not want to let go. Among all, Xiao Shu is the most innocent, but he has suffered the most unfair treatment. As long as he remembers how he has been through these two decades, Xiao Dingbang is distressed.

Xiao Jiashu snorted as he shook his head. "The pocket money is enough. I live with Ji Ge. All the expenses are from Ji Ge. I have no place to spend money. I didn't give you 50 million last time. When I run out, there are still 40 million left. I shot a small-cost movie. I can't spend a few dollars. After making money, I can pay dividends to my older brother. In fact, Ji Ge is not bad in the entertainment industry. What role do I want to play? Just tell him, just enter the entertainment company is too tired, I am too lazy to manage, Ji Ge also has several entertainment companies, operating very well, I will not grab business with him. Big Brother, you often come to see me is true I usually remember to call me more. When you are abroad, you will come to see me once in two or three months. I will always miss you."

There are nine sentences in the ten sentences of the younger brother who cannot leave the season, so that Xiao Dingbang has a heart. But he can also feel that his brother is very attached to Ji Ji and is very trusting. If you can be a little better to your brother, care more about him and love him, don't always be busy with business, my brother may not be attracted to people like Ji Yan?

The growth of children is closely related to the environment of life. This sentence Xiao Dingbang finally believes. Therefore, he is not qualified to blame his brother, and he is not qualified to blame the season.

"Well, Big Brother calls you every day, and comes to see you when you have time." He took a picture of his younger brother's head and wiped the tears in his eyes with his fingertips. Xiao Dingbang reluctantly let go of him. Speaking and talking, "Since your affairs have been agreed, I am not qualified to oppose. Xiaoshu is serious about you, what about you?"

"I am naturally serious too." Ji Yan's tone is cautious.

"For the little tree, feelings are a matter of life. If you are with him, just treat him well, otherwise I will not let you go." Xiao Dingbang stared straight at Ji Yan."Big brother, you can rest assured that I am married to Xiaoshu." Ji Yan raised his hand and showed his wedding ring.

Xiao Dingbang stared at the ring, and for a moment he wanted to pick up Ji's hand and feel a little relieved. After a while and a while, he finally nodded slowly. "If you get married, you will live well. You and Xiaoshu are both actors. They often cooperate and take care of him."

"That is of course." Ji Yan looked at Xiaoshu and smiled softly. "Small tree is the most important person in my life. I can't lose him."

Xiao Dingbang stared at him for a while, then he walked toward the younger brother who probed his brain and hugged him. After about a few minutes, he let go of the man and hurried away. Xiao Qijie has been standing in the distance and looking at the three people, but he is afraid of being close to him. He knew that there was no place where he stood.

There were a lot of idlers on the set. I thought I would witness a tornado, but I didn’t expect Xiao Qijie and Xiao Dingbang to go in, but they came out with grief. Xiao Dingbang also embraced Xiao Jiashu for a long time. During the period, he touched his head and took a back. His posture was closer than any brother. How to look at it is not like a relationship break.

"What's wrong with this, don't tear it?" a young actor whispered.

No one answered him. It is best not to pass these things on the set. Otherwise, some people will listen to the big fuss, and they will be miserable.

Liu Wei was not behind him. He carefully observed Xiao Dingbang and Ji Wei, who were standing together and talking, and his expression was somewhat unexpected. He also thought that even if they didn't fight, they would be arrogant, and Xiao Jiashu would certainly be taken away from house arrest. It would be difficult to mix entertainment circles in the future. But now nothing happened. Xiao Dingbang was very friendly to Ji Ji, and even had a little praying in his eyes. What had happened in the lounge just now, otherwise the situation would not be so strange.

Thinking of Liu Wei, I went out and prepared to test the tone of Xiao’s father and son. But when Xiao Qijie saw him, his pale face turned into iron blue, and he left without a cold cold. He didn't want to talk to him at all.

"Dr. Xiao, do you have a meal together after a while?" Liu Wei's expression is slightly embarrassing.

"No time." Xiao Dingbang even looked at him and looked annoyed. He hugged his brother again, and he reluctantly left.

"What happened to Xiao Shushu and Xiao Da Ge?" Liu Wei was puzzled and immediately laughed. "Xiao Jiashu, I have forgotten to tell you that my father was a very good friend with your father during his lifetime. These years depend on Xiao Shushu. And the care of Xiao Xiaoge, my mother and I just came over, thank you very much."

"Is it? I went abroad at the age of ten, and I don't know much about these things." Xiao Jia's bark smiled and smashed him. "But as far as I know, your mom has a better relationship with my dad, right? If you Then I want to be my dad’s son, you go directly to him, what is the black my mother?” The words left Jiuyi and left.

After Liu Hao passed for a while, he responded and immediately called his mother. "Mom, I just told you to disclose Xiao Jiashu's news of homosexuality to Xiao Shu. I didn't let you put the black material. Why do you have to do extra things? Xiao Jiashu and Xue Yu seem to know your relationship with Xiao Shu!"Chen Manni smiled casually. "Do you know what? If the relationship is completely broken, Qi Jie can divorce Xue Yu? I still have to deal with her when to wait? You can rest assured that Xiao will not take care of her broken things. ""

If Xue Yu was stalked from her, she had already married Xiao Qijie. She hated Xue Yu for more than 20 years and had a chance to put her on the sole of her foot and she would easily stop. She originally wanted to sell the news of Xiao Jiashu and Ji Wei to the media, but then she gave up and thought about it. Xiao Jiashu is not the same as Xue Yu. After all, he is a descendant of Xiao family. He made such a ugly thing. Xiao Laozi will not give up on him and he has to say two things, but it is certain that he will press the news and thoroughly investigate the news.

Xiao Jiarong does not have a scandal, but he is even more tolerant of being attacked by outsiders. A large family like them who still retains a strong heritage, is extremely valued for the descendants of the genealogy, and certainly will not say no matter what. Moreover, Liu Wei is still working with Xiao Jiashu in the same crew. There is a competitive relationship. This is also revealed by Chen Tian. The wise man is so smart. Afterwards, I still don’t know who is swearing? She hasn't entered Xiaojiamen yet, and naturally she doesn't dare to sway the children of Xiaojia, and even dare not tarnish the reputation of Xiao.

After all, she is not the same as Xue Yu. She is an internationally renowned artist. She has a prestigious status and is well-matched with Xiao Qijie. The hope of marrying Xiaojia is great, and Xue Yu is just a play of the next nine streams.

"Can Xiao Dingbang not check the things of the year? If he knows, we will be finished!" Liu Wei always has some concerns.

"No? He hates Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu so much, can you believe their words? Xue Yu is the chief culprit in killing his mother!"

"Oh, self hypnosis for more than 20 years, you have also hypnotized yourself? Are you really thinking that Xue Yu is the third party?" Liu Xiao smiled.

Chen Manni was panicked, but she quickly calmed down. "Son, you can rest assured that I and Xiao Shushu are doing a good job in secret work. They only meet abroad, no one will find out. Even if they want to check, can they still Going abroad to collect evidence? Nothing, don't think about it."

"How can I not think about it? You don't know how much Xiao Dingbang cares about Xiao Jiashu!" Liu Wei was too lazy to talk to her mother and directly smashed her mobile phone. He always thought that Xiao Dingbang didn't care about Xiao Jiashu, so he would throw him abroad for ten years, but just now, he saw that he had embraced Xiao Jiashu three times and four times and couldn't bear to let go of the picture. He suddenly overthrew all the previous ones. guess.

Xiao Dingbang made a few microblogs to support Xiao Jiashu not for the face of Xiao family, but for the love of his younger brother. Otherwise, he will not show the expression of the reluctance, and will not compromise with Ji Yan. If you don't love the ultimate, and only focus on Xiao Jiashu's happiness, can he violate the traditional education that has been accepted for a long time and agree to two men?

Liu Yuyue wants to be more flustered, and always feels that this matter will not be completed as easily. He turned on his mobile phone and found that the water army purchased by his mother had completely brought the rhythm up. Some people continued to break the news, saying that Xiao Qijie and Xiao Dingbang had rushed to Datong Studios to see Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu overnight, which seemed to be ready to tear.Who doesn't love watching the giants? The sensational title of "The Actress steals the net and leaves the house" and "The traitor is married to a child" is precisely what the audience likes most. They can't wait to dig through all the details to satisfy their voyeurism and hatred.

Chen Manni originally wanted to mess with Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu, but now the situation has completely lost control. Almost everyone has fallen into this ethical drama, and every piece of news will attract huge hits. The major news happening at home and abroad can't conceal the heat of these explosions. It can be said that Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu have been pushed to the forefront, and will soon be drowned by the people of the country.

Liu Wei opened the news, and all of the following were insults of Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu's comments, but he did not feel happy at all, but there was some fear. If things reverse, how angry the people will be... He shook his head and didn't dare to think about the consequences.

In the galloping car, Xiao Dingbang said, "I and my grandfather will shoot Chen Manni, you can do it yourself."

"I won't take care of them." Xiao Qijie said in a sigh of relief. "I chose 淼淼 and Xiaoshu this time."

He is wrong, he should choose to guard them from the beginning, not to calm Chen Manni to let her do whatever she wants. But what I love is the special-hearted man who misses the unhappy wife. It is not the real Xiao Qijie. How dare she let her discover her true face? Over the years, he has worked hard to play the man of love, while he is afraid of the back, for fear of revealing a trace of flaws. He likes Dingbang's preference, why is there no such thing as a play? Every time I saw Chen Manni, his heart was like a thorn, but this thorn could not be swayed because there was so much evidence in the other hand. If she is completely removed, he can't guarantee that she will run to say something in front of her.

No one knows how tired he is, and this fatigue reached its peak on the day when the tree was kidnapped. He was attending Chen Manni's concert, the phone was muted, and he was never accepted by Xiao's family. He couldn't grasp the right to speak at all. When the kidnapper ransacked 100 million ransoms from her, she could not find her husband, could not find a stepchild, and could only go to the old house for help.

But the old man hasn't spoken yet, and the few brothers at the bottom are upset because the big house doesn't have so much deposits. The redemption can only be borrowed from other houses or the company's working capital. Who is willing to eat this loss? The quarrel was noisy for hours, and the kidnappers who did not get the response pulled out the ten toenails of the tree and sent them back to the old house.

When he got home, he just saw the faint stunned on the ground, his hand clutching the open, bloody box. He was going crazy at the time, but he couldn't recover anything. His wife and son seemed to be away from him overnight.

Later, Xiao Shu was rescued by the police and saw him in a bruised manner. He would remember the hours he had disappeared, remembering his heartbroken face and remembering the box full of he was afraid The huge guilt made him dare not look at the child's eyes again, because looking at him, he would think of his own dissatisfaction and default.He sent him away, hoping that he would get better, but he didn't know that it would only push his wife and children farther, far enough to be impossible. Because of this kidnapping, he had another handle on Chen Manni’s hand, so he even dared not leave her easily, so when the tree was not hot, he had to celebrate the birthday of Chen Manni’s son... and then it became There is a handle, and there are countless handles...

He just took a wrong step, but slipped one inch and one inch toward the abyss. The so-called step by step is wrong, is this the case? Thinking of this, Xiao Qijie slowly fell on the back of the chair, and two lines of bitter tears flowed out of his eyes.

Xiao Dingbang just looked at the painful father and did not take care of it. Who has not made a mistake in this world? If you can make a mistake but can't afford it, then you can't be rude.


After sending away his eldest brother and his father, Xiao Jiashu returned to the lounge to continue to comfort his mother. Ji Yan wanted to accompany him well, but received several emails. After reading the various scandals he had done through Liu Wei’s thoughts, Ji Yan immediately asked the genus to check. Time, place, and characters are all clear, just touch the vines to touch the melon, this kind of thing is not too easy for professionals. The black materials they got not only had videos, but also photos, testimonies, recordings, etc., one more than one.

It is determined that Xiaoshu and Xue Yu’s moods are very stable. There are also uncles taking care of them. Ji Yan went to Liu Wei’s conversation.

"I know that there is a black material about Xue Yu on the Internet that you and Chen Manni burst out. I don't intervene in this matter, because Xue Hao can handle it, Xiao Dingbang and Hong Jia will not let you go, I only come. I want to determine one thing," Ji Wei sat down across from Liu Wei and slowly said, "You won't jump under the wall and take a small tree to block the knife."

"Mr. Ji, what are you talking about, how can I not understand?" Liu Wei breathed slightly, but his face was mild. Xue Yu and Xiao Dingbang know it? Even Hong family will also shoot? How can this matter be so big? Damn, who can find him and his mother in such a short time? Normal people who would doubt an artist who had never had a relationship with Xiao Qijie in private?

"You can understand this when you read this." Ji Yan put the phone on the table and clicked on the video. "This is a feast of the sea and land. It was just banned the year before. You should be no stranger."

How can Liu Wei be strange? He will attend this banquet every year after his debut. The swimming pool is being held in the video. Many exposed women are twisting their bodies in front of the camera, and he is sitting closest to the camera, fascinated by drugs. A woman in a bikini rushed to his back, and he turned his head and kissed the man, and his hands skillfully untied the other's belt...

Many people gathered around and applauded and screamed, so he made a madness in the drug rush, and the scene was unsightly.

Liu Wei finally couldn't keep the gentle face, and asked coldly and sweaty, "Mr. Ji, what do you want?" These videos have long been erased by some big people, how can they fall into the hands of Ji Ji? But he didn't have much time to ponder, just wanted to hurry up.Due to policy changes, the high-level supervision of the entertainment industry has become more and more strict, and the slogan of “zero tolerance” has been put forward, and drug abuse is precisely the most. If the video pops out, he will be finished.

“It’s hard to get rid of drug addiction. If I’m not guessing wrong, are you still sucking? If this video bursts out, do you say the police will take you to the urine?” Ji Yu’s tone is idle, just like chatting with Liu Wei. Normally, "Xue Yu will soon respond. You and your mother are afraid to be defeated. I have guessed the relationship with Xiaoshu. If you are forced to desperate, you will probably let me out." The news of the two has shifted the attention of the public. To tell you the truth, I and Xiaoshu have not concealed the idea of ​​a lifetime. They will come out sooner or later, but our relationship can only be announced by ourselves and cannot be used by an outsider. In a worse situation, you should know what to say and what to say?"

One by one, the hammers were dizzy. He licked his lips and groaned. "You said Xue Yu is going to deal with me and my mom, how to deal with it?"

"Your mother and Xiao Qijie, do you think others can't find it?" Ji Yan smiled ironically. "Your scandal is more than this. I still have a lot of black materials in my hand. I want to know how much I can understand." How much do you put it on yourself?" The phone then turned away and turned away.

Liu Yi wanted to catch up and ask clearly. Just out of the lounge, I found that there were a lot of people around me, and I could only stand rigidly. He was in a mess, cold sweat like a waterfall, and he didn’t know what to do at the moment. Online remarks have been sizzled by his mother to the extreme, and once the situation is reversed, the impact on the mother is almost devastating. But he still has room to turn over, as long as the black material in Ji Xian’s hand is not exploded...

In an instant, Liu Wei made the decision to abandon her mother.

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